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Pick Up - Proofreads

Quick Note: As a writer, I strive to keep things short and to-the-point. If your writing appears to be intentionally fluffy, I'll keep to the style and roll with it. Otherwise, it's going to get cut. Thank you.

Original: ...through sites with other neopets images or swf files.
Suggestion: through sites for other neopets images or swf files.
Reason: Incorrect word used here.

Original: I strongly suggest that you pick an image that isn't blurry or too overly detailed.
Suggestion: I strongly suggest that you pick an image that isn't blurry or has a focal point.
Reason: Overly detailed images can have many focal points as well, depending on what it is. As this is a beginner's guide, giving them something simple to work with will be a good starting point.

Original: ...our image is the only thing on the canvas.
Suggestion: ...your image is the only thing on the canvas.
Reason: Careful using "our" in a guide since you're instructing the how-to. "Our" gives the vibe that the reader is using the same image when they might not. "Your", on the other hand, makes it sound that you're independent from the reader.

Original: This leaves us enough space on the remaining left half to add text later
Suggestion: This leaves us enough space to add text later
Reason: Better flow. No need for the extra words since it's intuitive that the text will be beside the focal point rather than on top.

Original: You do not need to use all of these; just mix & match to suit our own vision!
Suggestion: You do not need to use all of these; just mix & match to suit your own vision!
Reason: Missing letter.

Overall Suggestions:

I understood each step along the way. You provided unique tips that I haven't seen in other tutorials and I appreciate you sharing some secrets. I look forward to your future tutorials!

Pick Up - Site Reviews

Nice and simple layout. All the information is easy to read through and the rules are straightforward. I'll suggest adding a link for users to check how many transfers they have along with rule #3.

Nothing wrong with the forms. As for the directory itself, it looks organized and minimalistic - two things I like best for directories. I'll suggest making the Wishes section in each category slightly more noticeable to distinguish them from the rest of the colors, but it's fine as it is. The sidebar navigation is convenient and so are all the links to the different pets. Interesting choice to use the grey pets as the icons.

Just an extra word in the opening paragraph - Doubleth is a a site. Sorry, it's the English major in me.

No major problems spotted and everything looks neat and professional. I'll definitely revisit in the event I need any paintbrush clothing or to list my own!

I'm weak for simple layouts and yours suit the site quite well. For your introduction, I suggest adding a link to your UL so visitors will be able to see your status and if you're still active. In your resources section, I will suggest bolding the bit about crediting since without it, it's easy to skim over the words and dive straight into it.

Usually, button resources include textures, bases, and the like, instead of borders and animations, which are used to showcase what's available. I suggest moving the borders and animations from the resource section to an examples section instead. Others won't be able to benefit from either of them, so having them as examples for what's possible is more logical. However, you can leave the borders in the resource section if you're allowing others to use them.

Fair rules and I like the variety of request options. I would suggest re-wording the Athena request blurb though. I would delete the first part completely and have just the second sentence as it sounds more professional. Trust is needed for all types of graphic-making, whether the requester has partial input or none at all.

As for the buttons themselves, they all look great. All of them use a variety of animations, images, fonts, and borders. Keep it up!

Overall, Goddess is pretty top-notch. The site itself is minimal and having a few more button bases wouldn't hurt. I will also suggest adding a note where old buttons will be (either in the archive or on another page) in case the requester missed the chance to pick it up. To conclude, I will revisit and recommend Goddess to all looking for a button!

Amazing layout. The dark colors match the theme of the directory and the navigation is easily accessible. I can't think of any reason why someone would neomail you if they'd like to open a directory of those colors though. Maybe elaborate why?

I feel like the entirety of the first rule should be bolded instead since it'll be more eye-catching. I will also suggest creating two different rules out of this too. One can be PERMANENT PETS ONLY and the second can be please do not list someone's pet, only your own.

The organization of the pets themselves is phenomenal. I like how each one has their own little blurb and the hover effect makes it even more special. The effect doesn't hinder the layout either, which makes things even better. I can tell a lot of love and dedication has been poured into this directory! I also love how you list adoptables for each color too. It gives the directory a unique touch.

Overall, Little Uglies is a top-notch directory. There isn't much to suggest in terms of advice or changes since you've nailed every aspect a directory needs. Amazing job! I will recommend and revisit Little Uglies any day!

All I can say is that your site and fonts are 10/10, would definitely request (if I had a NB pen).

I've never seen a site with as many picture fonts as you have. They're all beautiful and I love how they can be customized further for a personalized touch. You even have fonts for non-pen users, which is wonderful on so many levels. For your text fonts, I'd suggest having a few pertaining to advertising sites, BC entries, and the like. A possible alteration to your "shook" font is "I'm shook" because I can't be the only one who says that, am I? I also love your AC fonts - simple and unique.

For the font menu, I suggest mentioning that the codes are for requests. When I clicked through the first time, I was confused on what the reference codes were for, but then it clicked with me a minute later. I suggest changing the link name to request reference codes or if you'd like something shorter, simply request codes. "Font menu" gives me the impression that the page contains the types of fonts you have, but they're already mentioned in the premades. Sparkly lines, however, didn't confuse me the first time and can be left as is. They're all magnificent.

I find it unique how you have art trades for fonts - usually it's art for art, but you're able to utilize your strengths for something else. This is the first time I've seen this before, to be honest. Also, your quick tips are secrets I never knew and I'm excited to try them for myself.

Overall, your site is of the highest caliber and I'll never stop revisiting and I'll recommend your site to anyone and everyone. I can't wait to see what you come up with in the future!

My eye immediately flies toward the girl on the left. (I can't remember her name, I'm sorry.) The rest of the layout is beautiful and appealing - easy on the eyes, meticulously designed, and unique. I found a few errors in your opening paragraph:

1. Whether you are searching for premade icons, banners or backgrounds or you can request a custom graphic. - The word "whether" usually suggests there's more, except you have two options instead. I'd then suggest the change: Feel free to browse the premade icons, banners, and backgrounds, or request a custom graphic.

2. Have you fallen in love with one of my premade graphics? I can even add in text so an existing graphic on Ningyo for you. - I believe you're missing a few words here, so it should be: Have you fallen in love with one of my premade graphics? I can even add in text so an existing graphic on Ningyo will be just for you.

It's refreshing to see anime graphics on this site. Before, they were few and far, but now, the whole site is dedicated to it! I've got no qualms with the graphics themselves - I know what you're capable of. I would suggest adding a personalized touch to the icon list, such as starring which series are your favorite or the ones you'd recommend to anyone. What better way to ask which anime to watch next than from someone else's recommendations?

For your banners and backgrounds, I'd like to suggest a hover effect over the images to enlarge them. Yes, dragging and dropping is possible, but to do so with every image can be frustrating, especially if someone is looking for a specific image. The hover effect doesn't have to be special - it could be text saying who the character is. You've got a huge variety so far and I can't wait to see you add more!

As a final suggestion, for the future, I suggest having a layout with a larger content space. It's a bit of a pet peeve of mine for content sites to have small spaces since it results in a ton of scrolling. I do find the small space appealing, so you can consider this for future layouts or not at all.

NIngyo is fabulous. Wonderful content, simplistic requests, and you have an amazing variety thus far. I will revisit an recommend Ningyo any day to anyone.