Hey there,
My name is Makinny and I am a Zafara. So what brings you to my little old webpage guest?

I guess you want to know a bit more about me eh? Well I am 85438 hours old and I am being looked after by my wonderful owner, tekarock. We have a lot of fun together travelling all over the place, just last week I went to Faerieland, that place is cool!

This is a picture of me that tekarock took. They think I look really cute in it, but I don't really like it. My fur looks all messy and I am not even looking at the camera!

Anyway do you know many Zafaras? We are a very special species you know! Not only are we stunningly good looking, amazingly agile and remarkably intelligent (heh ok I'm exagerating a little bit)... but Zafaras also have a wicked sense of adventure.

There are lots of famous Zafaras in Neopia, but possibly the most famous of all is Kayla. It was her potions that helped defeat that evil Darigan guy you know! She really is quite amazing. I only hope I can be as good at making potions as she is.

As a little hobby I like to collect random Kayla goodies, I don't have many right now, but here are a few on my wish list...

  • Kayla Pen
  • Kayla Pencilcase (gotta keep the pen somewhere)
  • Kayla Trading Card (I know there HAS to be one)
  • Kayla Notebook
  • Kayla Lunch Box
  • Kayla's Spell Book
  • Kayla's Cloak
  • Kayla's Magic Hat

Other Zafara Facts

  • Zafaras were the first species to be painted with the Royal Paint Brush, pretty cool eh!
  • The Neopet who runs the help pages is a Zafara called Sarah. (She's very nice too!)
  • Zafaras always have three spikes on their back, no more, no less. Its quite strange, I am not sure why...
  • Zafaras are awesome, especially if they are called Makinny hehe :D

Well, that's about it from me, I did say this was my little page! If you want to find out more about me, why dont you send a message to tekarock? Maybe we could challenge each other in the battledome or something.

Anyway happy adventuring and stay away from the Tax Beast!