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Only take if you received 90-95.

Only take if you received 96-100.


Evaluation is a new review site.

Layout is still under construction!


1. You need to link me, preferably before, during and after the review. You have to, however, at least link me after the review.
2. Use the form situated on the left when requesting for a review.
3. I will neomail you when I'm done reviewing your site, so please be patient and wait.
4. I will review you based on my opinion, it might differ from others, so bear that in mind.
5. I do not review screenie pages.
6. You must not have any stolen contents on your site.
7. I use a Mac, and firefox browser, so I will review you on what I see on my browser.

Marking Scheme

First Impression

How do I feel when I first enter your site? Do I want to stay longer and browse around?


Is your layout easy on the eyes? Do the colours go together? Did you code it by yourself?


How does the contents look? Are they messy and all over the place?

Spelling and grammar

Is the spelling correct, or are you using chat speak in your site?


How often do you update your site? Do you let readers know what's new?


Are all the contents contents jumbled up? Is it easy to browse around to find something I want, or do I have to spend 30 minutes looking for a graphic?


Are the contents original and unique, or will I be able to find them just anywhere?


Are all your links working, or have the sites shut down?

Score Card

First Impression: /20
Layout: /20
Neatness: /10
Spelling and Grammar: /5
Content: /15
Updates: /5
Ease: /5
Originality/Uniqueness: /15
Scraps/Others: /5
Total: /100

Report Card

Jemz's Petpages

Jemz's Premade and Custom Petpages

Reviewed 30th November 08

First Impression 19/20: G-R-E-A-T! I love how everything looks so simple, yet lovely!
Layout 19/20: Once again, simple, yet pretty. However, it's quite visible that the background colour is different than the main content colour. =/
Neatness 10/10: It's really neat, eventhough there's only one content box. Good job!
Spelling and Grammar 5/5: Nothing found.
Content 15/15: A decent quantity of of petpages here! Well done!
Updates 4/5: You've been updating quite frequently, and you update well, too! However, you haven't been updating in more than 2 weeks.
Ease 5/5: Love the navigation! It's very easy to find everything!
Originality/Uniqueness 14/15: Once again, I love your petpages, but some of them have the same "look" to it. That's not a bad thing, though, since it's your signature look!
Scraps/Others 5/5: No other problems I could find!
Extra Comments/Suggestions: Could you please add a tag at the end of your link back codes, if not, it may stuff up the other links! Other than that, everything is awesome! I have nothing much to add! *gasp*
Total: 96/100
Well done! You have won the 96-100 award!

Twilight Graphix

Reviewed 30th November 08

First Impression 18/20: LOVE it! I love the background, and how it has movie stills.
Layout 18/20: Nice layout! It's be a lot nicer if you did center the contents. And under navigation, it'd be great if you could name the navigations instead of numbers.
Neatness 6/10: Try to take the border off any image, especially links at SOTMs/Reviews. When I hover over, the images move, which makes it look a tad messy! Make the font under "Regular Affies" smaller, they look as big as the header!
Spelling and Grammar 5/5: No errors.
Content 11/15: Try to extend the scrolly box of 'blogs'. Also, if you could add thumbnail previews of 'userlookups' that would be a lot easier for readers. Try to have a larger amount of content!
Updates 0/5: Add an updates section, so readers can know what you have added.
Ease 3/5: The content placed in scrolly boxes are too small! It's hard to see. The font placed on the sidebar is too big, make it the same size as the header, or smaller.
Originality/Uniqueness 13/15: It's not very original. You have lots of content unrelated to Twilight. =/
Scraps/Others 5/5: No other problems I could find!
Extra Comments/Suggestions: Get an 88x31 link back button! And add more content!
Total: 79/100

Breezy Nights Screenie Directory

Reviewed 17th November 08

First Impression 18/20: Lovely header, though it's simple. I like how the colours blend together. However, I suggest you center the your content, including the link backs.
Layout 18/20: Simple, nice, easy to browse through, easy on the eyes, too!
Neatness 7/10: Some of the words "pet" are not capitalized, some are not. Some of the words "user" is capitalized, and yet some are not. The words user:(username)pet:(petname) look squashed up together. Some affies have a large spacing in between them, some little, some none!
Spelling and Grammar 5/5: No errors.
Content 14/15: You have a great amount of screenies, but don't stop! Keep adding more and soon you'll have a GREAT site.
Updates 0/5: Add an updates section, so readers can know what you have added.
Ease 4/5: Easy to browse through.
Originality/Uniqueness 13/15: Your site has a good amount of screenie petpages, but it looks a little boring. =/
Scraps/Others 5/5: No other problems I could find!
Comments/Suggestions: Probably try to spice up the contents, adding a button or thumbnail preview will make readers more interested in checking the sites out. Get an 88x31 link back button! :D
Total: 84/100
Keep on trying, you'll have a great site!

Memory Garden

Reviewed 17th November 08

First Impression 19/20: It took quite a while to load the page. However, I like what I see. I like how you have quick links on the header, although they are a bit hard to spot. Well done!
Layout 18/20: I usually don't like un-fixed backgrounds, but I like this! It gives an old antique feel. Green and dark pink don't really go together, especially under Rules.
Neatness 9/10: The affiliates section isn't that neat. But it's easy to find icons,banners etc.
Spelling and Grammar 5/5: Nothing I could find!
Content 15/15: The blends are pretty good, although some kinda hurt my eyes. But I just LOVE all of them. Good job!
Updates 0/5: An update section to let your readers know what's new would be helpful!
Ease 4/5: I like the taxi, it's real easy to browse around. Perhaps move the taxi to the topmost, though, so it's easy to see.
Originality/Uniqueness 14/15: Very unique art you have. Well done!
Scraps/Others 5/5: No other problems I could find!
Comments/Suggestions: Could do with a color change for words. The line above 'The Silver Sound' is not needed. I like the quick links, they look fab!
Total: 92/100
Congratulations, you have won an award!

A for Aisha and Ayph

Reviewed 13th November 08

First Impression 17/20: This is so cute! Is what I think to myself, when I first step into the site. The words totally fit with the baby Aisha, and all the colours blend perfectly!
Layout 18/20: At the top right side of me, I see a yellow border, perhaps your header was not long enough, or your background does not cover it. It looks pretty disturbing, since it doesn't fit in with your calm blue theme.
Neatness 9/10: If you could put reviews to the sidebar, that would be awesome, as the main content doesn't really mix with reviews. This is a neat site, everything in place. However, you introduce a lot on ella, yet so little on agent and juni, it looks messy. Perhaps make it short and sweet?
Spelling and Grammar 5/5: Nothing I could find! Well done, considering you've written tons!
Content 14/15: I love the way you write! You have a lot of content, but adding more will just make Ayph's personality and nature stand ou.
Updates 3/5: The marquee is a bit disturbing to me, as I don't know which is your latest update!! I also see that it is done from oldest to newest update, when it should be the other way round. But well done, you've been updating pretty much everyday, until Nov 8.
Ease 4/5: A navigation on the side would help readers browse easily to sections they are interested in, as there is so much content it's hard to navigate through!
Originality/Uniqueness 14/15: It is pretty well done, I have to say. Good job.
Scraps/Others 3/5: Under links, the links do not look that impressive and it doesn't make me want to click on them. Maybe make little buttons, like your link back button, to show where it will lead you to!
Comments/Suggestions: Perhaps, thumbnail images for family, just like friends, too? Ask for art requests, and put them in this site! Other than that, keep on working on it! I see great potential lying here.
Total: 87/100

Amber's Pixels

Reviewed 13th November 08

First Impression 18/20: Looks really cool! Simple, but nice. Although I'm not sure how a Converse shoe fits into the pixel context.
Layout 18/20: Great colours! Love the layout! Although I took a point off because you didn't make it. Then again, I know coding a good layout is hard. Also, when I hover over "HELLO" it says "Goodbye", but the whole paragraph moves! Is there anyway to just make the "Hello" move?
Neatness 8/10: Under pixels, the headings are centered, but the pixels do not look centered. They look like they've been aligned left, which makes it a bit untidy. The counter is aligned left, too. If you center it, it would look fab! Also, under rules, you should put either "1." or "1)", then again, it's not a big deal.
Spelling and Grammar 5/5: Some sentences seem hard to understand, but I didn't find any major spelling errors!
Content 13/15: A good amount of content! But if you could increase the amount of premades you have, you'll be set to go!
Updates 5/5: You update almost everyday, well done! I have to say I LOVE the blinking star, it isn't nearly that irritating at all!
Ease 4/5: Updates & News are fairly easy to spot, but fun stheff and the famous pixels as headings don't really help me find where the rules/credits/forms are.
Originality/Uniqueness 14/15: I have to say your pixels are really cute! Good job!
Scraps/Others 5/5: No other problems I could seem to find!
Comments/Suggestions: Well done! I love your site! It's really adorable! Keep up the great work!
Total: 90/100
Congratulations, you have won an award!

Angels Dailies

Reviewed 9th November 08

First Impression 18/20: Nothiing very special. But it doesn't put me off, either.
Layout 19/20: Lovely colour blends! Simple, easy on the eyes! Well done!
Neatness 8/10: Very neat! Everything is in its place, but under "about" you have "my news" which is duplicated.
Spelling and Grammar 5/5:
Some sentences have no full stop, but I'm not fussy, so full marks for this!
Content 13/15: Large amount of contents here, quite sure I won't miss a daily. Well done! Perhaps other dailies, like games would help!
Updates 4/5: There are only two updates under "my news", I suggest you have at least 4 or 5.
Ease 4/5: November fun" should be placed on top, as it is a calendar of the month, "other guides" shouldn't be lower than your page stats. "Page stats" should be placed at the most bottom!
Originality/Uniqueness 13/15: Points off because of the custom layout, try to code your own layout! Other than that, your site's good.
Scraps/Others 4/5: This sentence "I guess I used the same coding as JubbyJubJack" does not really make sense. Don't guess, make statement sentences! (Like the other two credits.)
Comments/Suggestions: Get rid of the updates under "about"! That's what "my news" is for. The sidebar "monthly" looks lost! Navigations are jumbled up, page stats should be placed as the last one, calendar on top, etc. Fix those, maybe get your own layout, enroll in page directories, add more affiliates and you're set to go!
Total: 88/100

DX Adoption Agency

Reviewed 8th November 08

First Impression 17/20: A banner would help attract visitors to stay and browse around. But the colour blends well, although the body text looks pretty dim.
Layout 17/20: Put "Mailbag" and "Page navigation" under headers, too! (The headers similar to My Pets, Updates etc.)
Neatness 9/10: I took points off because under affies, some of the afiies had borders around their button, and some didn't. I suggest if you decide to place borders, place borders for all of them, if not, none of them.
Spelling and Grammar 5/5: I found no mistakes.
Content 13/15: You do not have much pets in your agency, but I know, it's hard to manage an agency on your own!
Updates 5/5: You update frequently, from what I see! But I think you should have a few updates in the section, and not clean out all of them at once.
Ease 4/5: Updates were placed under the main content, which is very unusual. I think you should either place it on the sidebar, or the top. It's good you have a navigation, although it does not stand out.
Originality/Uniqueness 13/15: I took points off because of the custom layout. But other than that, you're doing alright.
Scraps/Others 4/5: Mailbag and Page Navigation should have their own headers.
Comments/Suggestions: Put "Mailbag" and "Page navigation" under headers, too! (The headers similar to My Pets, Updates etc.) Place updates on top, so readers can see if you have updated or not. For an agency only run by two people, you're doing awesome!
Total: 87/100

Agb2001's Dailies

Reviewed 8th November 08

First Impression 15/20: Once I step into your site, I'm blinded by the colours. It is extremely bright, and a little hard on the eyes. But the colour combination is still good, all the colours go nicely together! A banner, would greatly help attract visitors, so I suggest you make one.

Layout 17/20: The layout is simple yet I likes how there is a pretty sidebar and main content. However, I took one point off because when I resized my browser window, the main content moved!! Maybe try centering it?

Neatness 9/10: Everything is neat! This is awesome, because I can do my dailies easily!

Spelling and Grammar 5/5: I found no mistakes.

Content 13/15: Everything is great! But I suggest you add more content to Easy Games and Quests.

Updates 5/5: I see you don't really update that often, but I gave you full marks, because for a dailies page that is well written, there's not much you can update about!

Ease 4/5: I suggest you make a sidebar with the title "Navigation" instead of putting them on top of "Free Dailies". I didn't even realize that it was a navigation. I love the little top button at the bottom left!

Originality/Uniqueness 11/15: Although there are tons of dailies pages out there, I can say yours is still nicely done!

Scraps/Others 5/5: Nothing else I could touch on about!

Comments/Suggestions: Go for darker soothing colours as the background colour and main content colour, and get a large catchy banner! Your main content is too long, compared to your sidebar, perhaps try shifting link to us and my other sites to your sidebar, to make everything even out!

Total: 84/100

Yoglorye's Chatspeak Dictionary

Reviewed 8th November 08

First Impression 18/20: Love how everything is constructed, but the green words don't really fit into the "earthy brown" theme. The background is a bright peach, which I find is okay, although can be improved.

Layout 18/20: The layout is really special in a good way, I have to say. However, if you place Updates into a box, like Stuff & Navigation, that'd make it better. The updates section look like it's floating out of no where now.

Neatness 8/10: Quite neat, but I took points off because under "Stuff" everything is in a different size and looks messy. If you could sort it out, and make it in such a way that there is no scrolling left and right, only up and down, that'd be perfect!

Spelling and Grammar 5/5: No mistakes were found!

Content 15/15: Great content! I searched up a few words I haven't been able to understand and they're all here! Well done.

Updates 3/5: I only see two updates, and they are one week apart. I suggest you let updates pile up a little and put them into a neat scrolly box, so readers may know the changes made.

Ease 4/5: Sidebar makes it really easy to browse through, but I took points off because I did not know what is under "Stuff". I suggest you clearly state "affies" instead of "stuff'". But only if you are able to.

Originality/Uniqueness 14/15: Nice page, a first dictionary I've seen, actually.

Scraps/Others 4/5: Under navigation, there's an "edit" which I don't think should be fit in there.

Comments/Suggestions: Combine real terms and general chatspeak, as the RW terms section look really... empty. Place Updates into a neat box like 'stuff' and 'navigation'. Perhaps change the green words into something else that blends in with the layout more! Overall, great site, great content! With a little more alteration, it's going to be perfect!

Total: 89/100

Ashyaruu's Button Tutorial

Reviewed 2nd November 08

First Impression 18/20: I wasn't exactly attracted to the banner, but I like the colours of the site!

Layout 19/20: Interesting colour blend, yet they fit together well! The background is a bit blinding, but overall, I LOVE the layout!

Neatness 10/10: Everything is neat and tidy!

Spelling and Grammar 5/5: No mistakes found!

Content 15/15: There is SO much content, you even included optional steps! Everything is well explained, and each step pointed out, I'm sure everyone would be able to make a button after reading this!

Updates 5/5: You update every single day! Very impressed you let your reader know what's going on! Thumbs up!

Ease 4/5: The sidebar is well sorted, but it's a bit hard to browse through on the main content, perhaps due to the large amount of content.

Originality/Uniqueness 15/15: Very original. To be honest, it's the first button tutorial I've ever seen.

Scraps/Others 3/5: You put the counter under credits, which makes me wonder if the header is suppose to be credits, or not. There's also an icon underneath the counter, which doesn't really fit into the category. And under that there's a link to a screenie directory, which doesn't fit anywhere. Hmm.

Comments/Suggestions: A igation would be good, although not necessary! VERY neat site! Well done!

Total: 94/100

You have won the 90-95 award! Congrats and well done!

Forbidden Fruit

Twilight icons here!

Reviewed 2nd November 08

First Impression 19/20: I just LOVE the header, it looks symbolic, and yet has the old feeling to it. The writing looks like Edward's- yes I read Twilight! 8D

Layout 20/20: Gorgeous layout, made by yourself, what's not to love? *pokes guild icon* The icon is awesome! I wandered into your guild, and started browsing movie pictures etc. Eek.

Neatness 9/10: Quite neat, but there are so many things at the icons part it looks kind of messy.

Spelling and Grammar 5/5: No mistakes found!

Content 15/15: Truckloads of contents I see here! However, why isn't there any pictures of Emmett? D= Or Emmett and Rosalie? (Only a twilight fan like me would notice!)

Updates 0/5: No updates section!

Ease 3/5: There is so much content I need to scroll down for ages to find them, perhaps add a navigation at the sidebar, so I can jump to them and get what fast!

Originality/Uniqueness 15/15: Kudos to you for this! Love the vampire transformations you made, although some of them look rather spooky at the end, like Bella looking pale.

Scraps/Others 5/5: Great site, great effort!

Comments/Suggestions: An updates section and navigation would be make the site absolutely perfect! And user friendly, too! But other than that, there is nothing else I see that needs improvement. Welll done!

Total: 91/100

You are eligible to use the 90-95 award!

Blinking Lookups

Reviewed 2nd November 08

First Impression 18/20: Absolutely love the header! It's so cute! The update header is aligned left, whereas others center, which makes it stand out a little.

Layout 16/20: A cute layout, although the font type is rather plain looking. The past updates section looks rather long, so maybe put it into a little scroll box? And perhaps group update and past updates together, as it looks a teeny bit confusing.

Neatness 9/10: Neat, clean and simple.

Spelling and Grammar 4/5: No big errors, some sentences have no full stop, but no big mistakes I can spot.

Content 13/15: Great layouts there! Although only a handful, your layouts are absolutely fab!

Updates 4/5: You update quite frequently, but the difference can be a day or 17 days difference.

Ease 4/5: A navigation box on the sidebar will let visitors find things easily, especially when your content grows, although your content is already quite well sorted.

Originality/Uniqueness 14/15: Very unique layouts, I must say!

Scraps/Others 5/5: You place credit at the welcome section, which to me, looks kinda in the wrong place. All the font is in black, maybe you should change underlined font to another colour etc.

Comments/Suggestions: Under welcome, you state that requests are open, but under current requests you state the requests are temporarily closed. Perhaps increase the variety of lookups, which I know you are working on now! :D I see a bright future for your site! Keep it up!

Total: 87/100

The Faerie Compass

Reviewed 2nd November 08

First Impression 19/20: I absolutely love how you blend the colours together, and they fit perfectly! However, the banner didn't catch much of my attention.

Layout 19/20: Awesome layout! Speechless. The navigation boxes are outlined with turquoise looking colours, which makes it a bit blinding on the eyes.

Neatness 10/10: Everything is neat and tidy, and I can easily browse through, searching for anything I want. Love the post box, and the navigation boxes are even adorable.

Spelling and Grammar 3/5: Add 2 link" supposed to be added. "I'll probable update" should be probably. "I haven;t" has punctuation error.

Content 14/15: Great content! You have plenty of links in your directory!

Updates 5/5: Although updates aren't that frequent, at least you've told readers what to expect!

Ease 5/5: VERY EASY to browse through, find something I want, and get on with what I wanted to do. Thumbs up!

Originality/Uniqueness 15/15: Unique, original and pretty.

Scraps/Others 5/5: You put a great deal of work into this directory! Well done, and you bet it's one I will look up when I need to find something!

Comments/Suggestions: Perhaps increase links for adoption agencies and font help, since there are only one in each. The aqua/turquoise borders are a bit blinding. Overall, great site!! It's a directory I will look up when I need to find something! Good job!

Total: 95/100

Congratulations! You received the 90-95 award!

A Gift For Life

Reviewed 1st November 08

First Impression 17/20: Although the header did not catch my attention, when I scroll down it's very nice! Once I step into the site, I absolutely want to check it out!! Great job!

Layout 19/20: A unique layout! The colours actually go together too!

Neatness 8/10: Neat, everything is placed properly, has definitions, and even details placed into boxes! However when you introduce affiliated and write a sentence about them, it takes up quite a bit of space.

Content 15/15: Wow, that is a LOT of names! Great job!

Spelling and Grammar 5/5: No errors I could find!

Updates 4/5: Great updates, coming up from the envelope, that looks really cool and catchy! The envelope caught my eye right when I stepped into the site!

Ease 3/5: It is a little hard to browse around, since the content goes down, down and down. I need to scroll down and down and down, but at least there is a navigation! The navigation looks a bit hidden, I actually skipped past it the first time.

Originality/Uniqueness 14/15: Very original, theme, layout, and all. However some of the names especially combinations seem wacky.

Scraps/Others 5/5: No other problems I can find!

Comments/Suggestions: Perhaps a new bigger header? When I maximize my browser, the layout, to me, looks like it's piled up on the left. And empty on the right. If you could maybe center it, or increase the size so it is spread out, that'd be good, but not necessary! If you round the corners of the main content box, it would look nicer. But it's great the way it is anyway! Perhaps making headers for the main titles (Link Button, Welcome) will make it easier to browse through as well!

Total: 90/100

You are eligible to use the 90-95 award! Congrats!

The Screenie Directory

Reviewed 1st November 08

First Impression 14/20: The purple stripes don't really go with the light grey looking purple stripes. However, it looks better when the banner turns up!

Layout 14/20: Linked font is light peach, making it hard to see, especially in the sidebar. Cool layout, the tonu in the bubble is adorable!

Neatness 10/10: Everything is neat and easy to find!

Content 13/15: Quite a variety of sites! Nice!

Spelling and Grammar 5/5: I didn't find any mistakes!

Updates 4/5: Great updates!! I can see you keep your visitors up to date with the site's progress. Well done!

Ease 3/5: Easy to find things, with the navigation on the top. Well done! Again, the navigation are so light in colour they are hard to see!

Originality/Uniqueness 13/15: Very original! Love the layout, also most of the things are by you.

Scraps/Others 3/5: Some of the images have been deleted, showing the photobucket sign, you should update them, or get rid of them. Nice leaving the directory images. Cute!

Total: 79/100

Comments/Suggestions: When I scroll down, there is a chunk of the background that can be seen moving. Get tiled background that tiles seamlessly, so when you scroll down you don't see cut off edges. Change the peach colours into a darker colour, they kinda hurt my eyes. But overall, great site!!