I see you've stumbled across my very faerie page. I'd like to welcome you with a little gift.

Yes, that's for you. Eat up. We wouldn't want you getting hungry during your stay.
Now I think introductions are in order. As you can see, my name is Mahganda. No, it isn't just some random sequence of letters. It actually means something, unlike most names. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. As for my name, you can just call me Maggie. I think you'll find it's easier to say and spell.

Basic information

Name: Mahganda, or Maggie for short
Gender: Female, in case you didn't know.
Age: 33881 hours old.
Level: 9
Intelligence: 194

Before Poogle Day

In Neopia, there are Limited Edition pets. That's just a fancy way of saying we're endangered. We used to not be endangered. We were a popular pet, though. So many adopted poogles.
But since so many people adopted poogles, so many of these people also got frozen, and brought their pets down with them. This affected some pets more than others - and created an endangered species. Now, we are protected with the Limited Edition label.
But Poogles aren't just born on Poogle Day. That's just when Neopia allows us to be given to users.
So what happens to the poogles when it's not poogle day?
They live in Faerie Land, of course! Just like Chombies and Tonus live in Tyrannia, and Cybunnies live on Terror Mountain. I mean, why do you think they have Poogle Races?
Of course, not all poogles go into Poogle Racing. And I was one of those poogles. My parents, who were ready to be "created", sent me to be a librarian in the Faerieland Bookshop.

After a year of hard work in the bookshop, the wonderful Library Faerie asked to keep me on for a little longer, since not many young poogles want to help in the book shop. But I had fun with it. I love books, and since I had access to all the reading material in Faerieland, I was especially happy.

One day changed my young poogle life forever.
Being the Librarian Faerie's assistant, she often sent me to deliver books to Neopets, Neopians, and even other faeries. I was used to it, so when she asked me to deliver the book "Favourite Faerieland Secrets", I was happy to do it. She gave me directions, and I hopped off. I was a very small, green poogle at the time, so going from cloud to cloud was often a difficult task for me. But I had learned, over time, where exactly to put my paws and where to jump.

When I reached the proper cloud, I was shocked to see a quite distressed looking water faerie, dried up in a small puddle of water.
Miss Water Faerie!" I said. I quickly tried to think of what to do. I turned around to see the Healing Springs, a place I often visited to deliver books. I leaped to her cloud.
Miss Nereid!" I said, trying to catch my breath. I was quite shocked. "Your neighbor Water Faerie is hurt!
Nereid, the healing faerie smiled. "Take some of my water," she said, "she'll be fine.
She handed me a bucket, which I filled with the water from the healing springs. "Thank you!" I said, holding the bucket in my mouth, and carefully returning to the Water Faerie's cloud. I poured the water into her puddle, and it immediately filled, as if activated by magic. The distressed Water Faerie immediately dunked herself underwater and smiled. She swam to the edge where I was.
Thank you, little Poogle," she said, "without you, my springs may have never returned to their magical state," she smiled, "I would let you bathe in the water, but the magic has not returned. I requested a special book, but it hasn't arrived yet.
I immediately gave her the book. "Is this the one you're looking for?" She grinned.
Why yes it is!" she said, "you must be the Little Poogle working for the Library Faerie! She asked that I let you have a soak in my water!
I knew I had work to do, but if my employer suggested it, I had no problem with a little swim. She swam to the other edge and put the book with her other things, and I slowly crawled into the water.
Now, Little Poogle," she smiled, "if you could be anything in the world, what would it be?
I thought for a while. That morning, I had overheard the Library Faerie talking to a tall man who said I had to be created the next Poogle day. That they needed one more poogle, and I was the one. But I didn't want to be created. I wanted to stay with the Library Faerie forever.
To be a Faerie," I said. "To stay in Faerie Land.
That's what I thought you'd say," she laughed. "Now close your eyes and think really hard about being a faerie, okay?" I nodded, and squeezed my eyes tight. She dunked my head under the water. I frowned.
What was that for!" I asked loudly. She swam to her stockpile of beautiful items and pulled out a perfectly polished mirror

I looked in the mirror and didn't see my little green poogle self. I saw a beautiful, purple, faerie poogle!
Well?" The water faerie said quietly.
Is that me?" I asked.
It is, my dear," she touched my wings, and I gasped. I had wings! I could fly!
I'm a faerie!" I said.
Indeed you are."

Story of Adoption

I returned to the bookstore on my new wings, immediately getting the hang of flying. It wasn't too difficult, and came naturally. I burst into the shop
Miss Library Faerie, I-
I saw the tall man standing at the counter, who was wearing a neat suit and had his hair slicked back. The Librarian Faerie looked over at me and frowned.
Changing colours isn't going to help," he said, grabbing me by the paw. He put me in a little cage and picked me up. I squeeled, trying to break free. My wings were smooshed and I couldn't move.
Don't hurt her!" The Librarian Faerie shouted. I cried quietly. I didn't want to be "created"! I wanted to stay in faerie world.
But the man brought me to Neopia central anyway. We went to the Rainbow pool and he painted me green, muttering about the waste of a good "FFQ". We went to a small building where many Neopians were lined up, waiting for poogles.
The first in line looked over at me and clapped. "Is that one for me?
Yes it is," He opened my cage on the desk. I frowned. She immediately began filling out a little certificate, giving me a name and everything.
I'll name her Mahganda," she said, "it's the Tagalog word for Beautiful, you know.
Whatever," he pushed me out of the cage and into the arms of the girl. I squirmed, but she held me tight.
My name is Ciara," she said. She snuggled me tight and ran out of the building. "We're going to have so much fun!
She introduced me to some other pets, but I just kept by myself. I didn't like the new world I was thrust into. Neopia Central was nothing like Faerie Land. And I didn't like it.
What's wrong?" she asked.
I hate it here," I said, trying to look as pathetic as possible. "I want to go home.
But you are home!
I sighed. I spent most of my days locked in my room in our NeoHome. Ciara was a wonderful owner, but I couldn't stand being in Neopia Central. It was loud and full of rude pets. There was always something going on. Even in the middle of the night, I'd hear Restockers shouting over morphing potions at Kauvara's. Nothing like that happened in Faerie Land. And if it did, Fyora would put a stop to it immediately.
But I felt bad for being so rude to Ciara. So I decided to try and make the best of it. I'd go with her to boards, fish, and even played hide and seek. But it still wasn't home.

One day, while in the Help Chat, Ciara came across a board offering free banners. She quickly went inside, since she was always looking for new banners. I followed her slowly, trying to keep myself from cringing at all of the trolls and spammers around us. She closed the door to the board, and we saw a small crowd of people. We patiently stood in the back, and waited our turn. When we got to the front, we saw a small woman.
With Wings

I assume you want a banner?
Oh yes!" Ciara spent a while talking to the woman, who nodded politely, occasionally looking down at me and smiling.
I used to have a poogle," she said. "Actually, I had two. Spahki and Frankie," she sighed.
What happened?" Ciara asked. The woman quietly knit the banner.
Scammers," she said. "Took everything I had. I didn't have much, besides Spahki and Frankie.
I'm sorry," Ciara said, sighing. She pet my head quietly. "Well you're a faerie, right?
The woman laughed. "Faerie? Me!?" She laughed harder. "Of course not! I'm much too short! I'm a pixie!" She grinned. "All the magic of a faerie, but in smaller, more colorful packages!
I did notice her skin was bit redder than a normal Neopian - not enough to notice if you weren't paying attention. And her hair was a bright crimson.
Oh," Ciara laughed. "Well okay.
The Pixie finished knitting the banner and gave it to Ciara. "I hope we can stay in touch," she said.
When we got home that evening, Ciara immediately wrote a neomail to the Pixie. They went back and forth for some time, and I had no idea what they were saying.
One day, Ciara gathered everyone up to go to the pound. I assumed she was trading a pet, but she lifted me up onto the counter. A robotic hissi grabbed me and put me in a little cage. I screamed. Why was Ciara leaving me? Didn't she create me.
By Mahganda!" she called. I banged against the walls of the cage, trying to get out. The robot hissi kept a hand on my cage. The door opened, and the hissi rushed to the counter. He took some neopoints and removed me from the cage, setting me on the counter.
Thank you so much!" The Pixie said, picking me up. "Ciara and I decided you might be happier in Faerie Land, with me," she said.
Really?" I asked loudly. The Pixie nodded. "Thank you!
I'm Scarlette, by the way. Fire Pixie, as you can probably tell.
I'm Mahganda," I said, "or Maggie for short.
Nice to meet you," she said.

And since then, I've lived in Faerie Land with Scarlette, and her various other pets. I was painted faerie on June 24th, and now I can fly around the clouds with my delightful owner, and visit all the faeries I used to know.

Likes and Dislikes



Family and Friends


Scarlette is a fire pixie who lives on a small cloud in Faerie Land. She's a tricky thing who loves the colour orange. She also loves poogles - Lucky for me. Mostly she likes to zap pets and find good owners for them. She's awfully nice - and I'm especially glad she doesn't let me get near the lab ray!


May is my little sister, and fellow poogle! When we created her, I knew I'd have to look after her. She may be a little hyperactive, and overly curious, but she's wonderful!


Su is another adopted sister. She is a gloomy, grey eyrie. I thought maybe giving her my old squid hat would cheer her up, but she just sighed. Su may be gloomy, but she is wonderfully nice and sweet. Occasionally, she'll give us a pathetic little half smile!


Halinc is the only pet Scarlette had when I came to live with her. He's quite an interesting character - a Tyrannian Uni cursed to be a Centaur. I feel bad for him, of course. But it was his fault, of course! He ticked off an earth faerie! Probably why we don't get along...


Spiffy is my darling Babyca! She was zapped from an adorable faerie pet, and turned into an even more adorable pet. While Spiffy may not say much, she sure likes to explore!


Hello all! This is a place to put lovely pictures of me, drawn by Scarlette or others.

Scarlette entered this in the Beauty Contest for July 15th. Wish me luck!

This is a cute water colour painting that Scarlette did. Of course, it's not Real water colour. But it's the thought that counts!

An anthro! Please drag it to your URL bar to see the full size image :3, if you'd like! It's by Scarlette :3

This is an awesome drawing by PooHeadKat. Thank you so much!!


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If you liked my page, you can even link to it :3.


If you want to be affiliates with me, please neomail Scarlette

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