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Jessie. Here can enter your own site or another site into the Site of the Month competition(SOTM). You may also enter a hand-made button into our Button of the Month competition (BOTM). Also feel free to check out our archives and extras page where you can find past winners, and a new site of the week page. Thanks for stopping by and have a wondrous day!


June 12th
1 more BOTM entrant.

June 2nd
+ 1 BOTM entrant.

May 31st
Well, we only have two entrants for the SOTM. Please enter, for it is appreciated a lot.
I cleared updates because tomorrow is June!

Entering Rules

You can enter yourself, but you must believe your site is ready.

Please have a button. If it is around 88x31 pixels that would be great.

Your site should be at least two or three weeks old. If you site is a request site you should have done at least 5 requests.

Don't beg people to vote for you. It wouldn't mean you really deserve to win if you beg people to vote for you or do it on your side accounts.

Only enter if entering is open!

Voting Rules

Don't vote for sites because one of your friends owns the site. Vote for a site because it is one you think deserves a vote.

You can vote for three sites a day.

Make sure voting is open.

Poll Rules

You can vote once for each poll!

Only vote for one choice in each poll.

Remember that you can vote in each poll. You do not have to vote for all of them.
When I say you can vote in each poll it doesn't mean in each category. So, you can vote for multiple sites in each category.

Please only vote when voting is open. Vote for a site you think deserves the position.


Entering ends when we have 9 participants!

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Voting Form:

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Jessie's Pick



This section will have content when voting starts.


Deadline is June 16th

This Month's BOTM picture (drag and drop to address bar for full image on both!):


Entering Form

Voting Form:

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Sister Site

This new site is already doing great. It is run by Cass, a magnificent site owner. So, are you looking for a competition site to enter at? Why don't you look at Conquer. Conquer has a nice theme that is shown throughout the ste. I suggest you enter at this site.




Layout from Add a Name Petpages
Pixels, Background, and Neomail me sign from Foomanshu
Entering Open/Closed Signs from The Lunch Box

Monthly Polls

Make sure to read the rules before voting! Also, suggestions are always open to all people. If you win a poll you can collect the Winner at Wondrous award or just state it somewhere on your site. I will not notify you if your site is part of a poll, but if your site wins I will tell you.


What site do you think has the cutest pixels?

A. Sugarrush
B. Waffle
C. Pirouette
D. Flamboyance


What site do you think is the best new competition site?

A. Giant
B. Kaleidoscopic
C. Intricate


Which font site do you think has the best picture fonts?

A. Mint Condition
B. The Treat Box
C. Forever Fonts


Which graphics site has the best resources?

A. Foomanshu
B. The Lunch Box
C. Dark Light


Banner of the Month

Pixel of the Month


Awards are linked for credit

SOTM History

May-end of May

This SOTM winner was Add a Name Petpages! There were two runner ups: Kaleidoscopic and Caro's Bannners! The participants were all high quality sites. You can tell from the comments they got!

April-May 2011


Runner Up:

3rd Place:

Jessie's Pick:


Anonymous, The Workshop: The Workshop's buttons are getting better and better by each day. I think that this site makes really great buttons and banners!

Anonymous, Shock: Shock has really nice petpages.

Anonymous, Shock: Shock has a lot of great details and features; This site is on the way to becoming really popular.

Anonymous, Android Directory: This site is so helpful. I love it!!!

chloecake22, Android Directory: Android Directory already has a lot of sites listed. This site is on the right path.

Baby_balloons, Android Directory: I was looking for a site to get a banner from so I went to here and I found a site to use!

v_bkwrmsrn97, Shock: Shock has risen up to be a really great layout site. I'm always excited to see what she makes next!

Anonymous, Blossoms: Blossoms puts a lot of effort forward!

Anonymous, Android Directory:Android Directory is a great small directory.

Anonymous, Shock: Shock has awesome graphics and layouts!

0r30sr0ck, Shock:my favorite request site EVER!

Anonymous, Coffee Bean: If this site get's a few reviews, and improves, then it can be a really good site.

Anonymous, Blossoms: If this site does some tutorials and practices, and realllly tries, then can be really great!

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