Species: Kyrii
Color: Skunk
Gender: Male
Nickname: None. He doesn't like being nicknamed.
Age: ??? (young adult)
Form: quad, but I might shift to furry anthro if the RP requires it.

Where does he come from is a mystery even to me so far.

In the site terms, I simply found MachV in the pound, few days after I created this account, painted as he is.
I had an idea of a non-neo skunk OC for a while and merged it with some other OCs ideas, making this explosive mix.
No, Mach V is not a nice and jolly character who would like to make friends with everyone.
No, he is not a misunderstood emo who just needs a hug.
No, I don't think even I would ever make friends with him.


MachV is a very vain and self-centered creature. At one hand, you cannot disagree that he does look fine. On the other hand, after a while you come to the point when you would love to wipe that smug smile off his face.
His self-esteem is usually high, but unstable, so Mach V sometimes feels the urge to prove he is better than the rest of the world. Looking at others from above, playing dirty tricks and insulting – that is his way of dealing with things when he feels he is stepping on thin ice. As long as he feels the master of situation he acts almighty and cool, but sensing serious threat he panics and retreats.
If he spots a chance to order someone around, he will take advantage of it and exploit the other person/pet to maximum.
He is not as smart as he thinks he is, but that doesn't stop him cheating and playing mischievous tricks on others. That put together with his special abilities makes a dangerous mix, as he will have no remorse when hurting someone. However, his cruelty has its limits. He simply has very primitive sense of justice: you did something bad to me, you need severe punishment.
It is very hard to define his good traits, if he ever has any. He can be tolerable under some conditions. The right attitude may tame him a bit, but very few hold the key to that secret lock.


You would expect skunk pet to secret a stinky gas. Correct. Mach V can do that too. But only when he gets furious or intends to spoil the atmosphere. He can produce a vast selection of different smells ranging from the scent of blooming flowers and aroma of freshly-baked cookies to the reek of rotting fish or fetor of burned meat. He is somehow immune to his own smells, they're not as intense for him as are for others.

He has several spots on his body which are emitting gas. That's his tail and all his paws (on wrists). His special ability is to use the gas to fly, although it looks more like he was running in the air. This gas is flammable and at high concentration can explode. Mach V can use it to set a trap, but if he does not run fast away, he might be caught by the outburst.


He can lose control of himself and the situation.

As mentioned in the abilities, he can become the victim of his own attack.

He isn't too good at direct physical attack. He has sharp yet very small teeth that are like rows of tiny perfectly shaped triangles. He generally isn't big.

The story of his past

Her hand made the way through thick bush covered with flowers and ran through soft, dark fur.
Found ya!
A purple-white creature jumped out of the bush shaking pink petals off its' fur. It sneezed and frowned.
Don't make that face!" the earth faerie was still giggling "You're good at this game. You smell perfectly like Fancyheart bush… actually whole field of it! Hehe she giggled and poked her nose That gave me a hint. Now, shall we eat some lunch?". The creature's ear perked up, tongue ran over its' nose and it enthusiastically followed the faerie.

Hey, look what you've done, you Filth Faerie! the dark faerie blocked their way in the hall. And tell that dumb pet of yours to wipe its' paws before getting in".
Those are just few petals, don't get so stressed over it and don't call my friend names! Shhh… cool down Maah the earth faerie tried to comfort her companion, that was breathing deeply and trembled a bit. She noticed the fur on his neck rose and he began to show his teeth Maah! Come on boy, we will relax and just forget about it she added with a smile, while passing beside the dark faerie.
Cleaning is something YOU should be doing here. You're so perfect with wiping things… erasing them I would say. The dark faerie smirked.
Is it really about the mess, or you dark faeries simply despise anything that's alive?" the earth faerie said without turning back and walked into another corridor of the Sanctuary shelter.

Can I take Maah with me?
Absolutely not! This is a mission. No distraction, besides, you don't want him to get hurt, right? the other faerie spoke the last sentence kindly.
I must take care of him…
He will be taken care of, like everything in this Sanctuary.
Enough! I don't want to hear any of this. The earthquake that occurred on the South Pane is far more important. We need assistance of Earth faeries to put the area back to shape, before it gets flooded. Be ready in 10 minutes.

He had some fun with other pets during the day, but now looking at the sunset, Maah was beginning to feel sad. He wasn't used to spending time without the earth faerie. She was his best friend. With ears and tail down, he slowly walked to the "shelter" - the building made of stone and giant green vines had many chambers, although the interiors were kept modest. He entered the chamber which he shared with his friend and laid flat on the bed, inhaling her scent that was left on the pillow. He got startled when someone spoke behind him.
Brought you supper, Maah the dark faerie who seemed to be picking on him and his friend put a plate on the edge of the bed Don't give me that look. I'm just taking care of you. You must think I don't like you. But that's not true. I just don't like your friend and her methods of treating you. You are special. And deserve better. But I suppose it's too late to talk and you need some rest: next days won't be easy. Sweet dreams, Mach.she walked away leaving confused Maah staring at the plate. He was hungry, indeed. The food smelled fine. It didn't taste as good as the meals prepared by his friend, but was better than nothing.

The gelert scowled and backed off. A crimson mark was running across his muzzle. Someone shouted and splashed Maah with cold water. Then a water faerie jumped out the pond and attended the wounded gelert. It was a moment to retreat. With wet fur and his pride hurt, Maah ran from the spot and hid between roots of an ancient tree. That stupid mutt was asking for it, he thought. It can't be right to go around, mock others and just be all jolly about it. Acting like nothing happened. Maah thought about it. Was it the first time? He couldn't give a date, as the time in the Sanctuary passed in its' own rhythm, without applying measures to it. He didn't have an image of it happening before. Still, he felt that the gelert was doing it notoriously. But then, there has always been his faerie friend around to aid him… or just pat him on the back and say everything was ok? Wait, she wasn't really defending him… she should have had punished that gelert. Use her powers to tie him with vines or something. That was an idea. Why haven't he got such ideas before?

When he laid on the bed with his muzzle showed in the pillows, the dark faerie walked in again. He didn't bother to raise up. He used not to like her much, but she was kind to him during the past few days and was bringing him food. Couldn't have been that bad, after all, he thought. That's an addiction, you know? Her smell… will be probably hard for you to put that down. But gladly, this seems to be non-addictive substance she showed him a small bottle with green liquid inside. Maah, don't think I want to hurt you. We, dark faeries, have bad reputation. But the facts are that we were created to balance the elements and bring harmony. Hence, we have sense of justice. And that sense tells me you weren't treated fairly from the beginning. The truth is not pleasant, but you deserve to know. And make your own choice.

Working on restoring forest back to shape, as far as it was needed, was exhausting work. Despite that she didn't want to rest after returning to Sanctuary, until she found Maah. She almost bumped into a light faerie who was carrying a jar with water.
Intia! Glad to see you!
Happy to see you back, sister. Must have been harsh…
Yes, but doesn't matter now. Where's Maah?".
I don't know. Intia shrugged her arms Maybe with Dessa?
What? But I thought you were supposed to take care of Maah?!
Me? Oh my, that must have been a misunderstanding. I'm sure Dessa was assigned to that job. Hey, wait! What's wrong? Where are you going…?

He was bathing in the sunlight, a cloud of intense rose scent surrounded him, although there were no blooming flowers around.
She ran to him, kneelt down, reached her hand and touched him, ready to give him the biggest hug he deserved.
But he snarled at her and jumped back. The rose aroma was replaced by smell of ash.
Hey, boy. I know I left you alone for so long. But don't worry, I'll never leave you again! Come on, let just forget about everything and relax.
No. he shook his head.
What? Don't be silly…
I'm not silly! he yelled. It was just a high-pitched cry escaping his throat, but the earth faerie could understand the sense it made. She was shocked. Not anymore. Why? Why you were doing it?
Good question, I would also like to hear the answer, please. Dessa, the dark faerie appeared behind her. She had a bottle of green liquid on her hand.
What? Give that back! earth faerie could not conceal her nervousness.
Sure! she tossed the bottle to her I suggest you should drink some of it, dear earth sister. You seem angry. That's a bad emotion, isn't it? It should be eliminated together with all the bad thoughts. Well, "bad" is subjective term, so maybe just don't think too much at all.
Because everyone has the right to make choices. Good or bad – that's relative. Only time can show the effects of one's choices. And no one is entitled to take that way from them.

He has made his choice. For the last time he looked back at the shelter – a dark silhouette contrasting with the full moon. There was no longer place for him there. They wanted to banish him anyway, if he didn't change his behavior. They all didn't like the fact he began to think. Bunch of liars! He crossed the magical border of the Sanctuary and entered the brave new world that held many mysteries.

The night was warm and the lilacs scent was dense. She inhaled it with every breath. Strong smell of flowers reminded her of Maah. All the wonderful smells he could copy and bring them back on demand, like a gramophone that could record and play the music… At that moment she realized: she didn't even know how HE smelled. If he even had a smell of his own. That and other things she didn't want to know about him.
She closed her eyes, but the tears made their way out, rolling down her cheeks.

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