Our guild, Zenith, was created on October 3rd, 2012. It was founded by Hillary who decided that she wanted to make an account-improvement guild to help fellow Neopians, however, in late April of 2013, the guild leaders decided to switch it up in hopes of expanding further, and we now identify as a block guild! Our ultimate goal is to help members interested in different aspects of Neopia create well-rounded accounts. While account improvement isn't necessary to move up within the guild, we love to help our members improve their accounts to the best of their ability!

We strive to create a positive and chatty atmosphere that is not too over the top, so each member feels included and welcomed. However, we do ask that each member tries their best to stay active, as we do have member sweeps happening on a continuous basis! Each member will receive a warning prior to being deleted, but if they fail to post after being warned, they will unfortunately be deleted. We have a member capacity of seventy-five members who are dedicated and chatty within the guild walls!

Petpage layout made and coded by Sosu (sosunub)

  • No Drama! This rule is listed at number one for a reason. Of course there will always be differing opinions among members, but if things start to get out of hand, you need to take it to neomail and sort out your differences. Drama will not be tolerated under any circumstances, no matter who you are.
  • No spamming! You are in no way allowed to continuously post just to have your post count higher than another members. A higher post count won't get you anything special, especially if you do it by spamming. Please try to reply to more than one message in a post IF possible, and try not to post more than 3 messages in a row. One word posts, or posts with just smiley faces will not be allowed. We ask that each of your posts contains at least three words!
  • Be mature! Try your best to be/act mature. Although we do prefer everyone to be 18+, Neopians of all ages are welcome as long as they are able to stay semi-literate and maintain a mature, sophisticated mindset. This doesn't mean you cannot laugh and have fun on the boards, but you should know when you're crossing lines.
  • Keep your ego in check! DO NOT under any circumstances ever act like you are better than somebody else, especially other guild members. It is extremely disrespectful and flat out rude. There will be without a doubt parts of the site that you are better at than other people, but you do not need to throw it in their face, brag, and make them feel bad.
  • Stay active. In Zenith we have continuous member sweeps. If you do not post in two weeks or longer you will be eligible for deletion from the guild. :( You will always receive a mail first letting you know you're eligible to be swept. If by chance, you have collected 2 inactive warnings, you will be swept on your third eligible time without warning!
  • Respect your council. While causing drama and being rude to any member is not okay, being disrespectful to the guild council members is crossing the line. It is a council member's duty to issue warnings, suspensions, and enforce the rules. If you don't want to receive a warning or be suspended, all you need to do is follow our rules as well as neopets rules.
  • Include everyone. It is never fun to be left out of a conversation. Please try your best to acknowledge everyone posting on the guild message boards and invite them into any conversations being had. If you are blatantly ignoring someone, you will be warned.
  • HAVE FUN! On top of everything, we want you to enjoy yourself in the guild, to participate in activities, to make new friends, chat with old friends, and improve your account every month!

  • First broken rule: Your first warning will be issued through neomail.

    Second broken rule: If you so happen to break two rules, you will be suspended from the boards ranging from 1 to 5 days, depending on the severity of your actions.

    Third broken rule: If you break three rules, you will be deleted and banned from the guild.

    The guild council reserves the right to skip steps in the list outlined above depending on the severity of your actions.

    Because our guild loves to help improve accounts and our main advertising base is the Avatar Chat, we would like our members to follow our guidelines to ensure that they have a nice starting base for their account. To begin, we ask that all members meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 130+ Avatars
  • 1 game trophy & 1 site event trophy
  • At least semi-literate
  • Nice/Readable font
  • Meet at least one of the following blocks!

  • Avatar Block
  • 250+ avatars

  • Battledomers Block
  • 1,000+ battledome wins
  • 600+ HSD pet
  • 7m+ battle set

  • Collectors Block
  • Size 40 themed, filled gallery OR Smaller gallery that is 95% completed
  • 200+ stamps
  • 100+ Neodeck cards

  • Neocash Block
  • 10+ pages in Neocash album
  • All pets nicely dressed

  • Gamer Block
  • 300 games played
  • 3+ completed rows of game trophies
  • 6+ site event trophies

  • Creativity Block
    Meet at least two of the following requirements.
  • 2+ Neopian Times entries published
  • 2+ Beauty Contest Trophies
  • Poetry Competition Trophy
  • Storytelling Competition Trophy
  • Neopian Adventure Generator Trophy
  • Random Contest Trophy
  • Accepted into Art Gallery
  • Site spotlight/UL spotlight winner
  • Graphic + Coding examples approved by council

  • Addict Block
    Meet at least 2 of the following requirements
  • Pet with 800+ intelligence
  • 15+ unbuyables restocked (screenie proof)
  • Premium member
  • 6+ year main account
  • UC neopet
  • 75+ Kads fed
  • 300+ games of keyquest played
  • Level 50 Habitarium
  • 12+ site event trophies

  • If you meet the base requirements as well as one of the blocks outlined above, please don't hesitate to ask any member for an invitation. If you'd like to join but don't quite meet the requirements, please proceed to fill out the following form and post it on a guild recruiting board or you may send it to Hillary!

    Block met/Block trying for: (If Miscellaneous, please tell which requirements you meet) Main goals on neopets:
    Why you would like to join Zenith:
    Interesting fact about yourself:

    We allow up to 10 exceptions at one time! Exception Status: 5/10, open!

    If you're interested in becoming an exception but the apps are closed, don't hesitate to send in an app and we'll add you to a waiting list, if we're impressed, and will send you an invite as soon as a position opens up! :D

  • Pluto: Welcome to Zenith! As soon as you join the guild you will have the rank of the long lost planet, Pluto.
  • Mars: Your post count is getting larger, and so is your planet! To leave Pluto and head on over to Mars, we ask that you achieve 500+ posts on the guild message boards and gather up at least 3 guild badges.
  • Neptune: When you make your way to Neptune, you're right in the middle of the guild members! To get this rank you are required to post 1500 messages on the guild message boards and have achieved at least 6 guild badges.
  • Saturn: To fly way over to the fairly large planet of Saturn, you will need a fairly large post count! A whopping 3000+ messages on the guild boards and earning 12 different guild badges will qualify you to set up camp on Saturn!
  • Jupiter: The largest of the large. This special planet rank is reserved for the best of the best. Council members will promote members as they feel they are deemed worthy OR have special application periods where you can tell the council why you deserve to be the highest rank of the guild. You must be active, participate in the guild activities, be friendly, and helpful. Reaching this rank may also gain you a few admin powers, depending on why you achieved the rank!

  • Becoming a council member in Zenith is more than just a prestigious rank. Being apart of the council in Zenith means you have to enforce the rules, be dedicated, creative, and work hard towards expanding Zenith and what we offer. For every council position, we have set out exactly what we are looking for and we won't settle for anything less than perfection! Keep in mind, if you do gain a council spot, you may lose it if you don't fulfill your duties, such as recruiting, creating graphics, updating pages, staying active, or bringing new ideas to the table. In Zenith, we want our council members to go above and beyond to create one of Neopia's best guilds, so we may change positions around from time to time to ensure we have the right people for the jobs.

  • I. Hello there! My name is Hillary and I am the owner/creator of Zenith. I am 23 years old and currently live in Wisconsin. Some of my biggest interests on neopets include avatar collecting, trophy collecting, and earning neopoints to watch my bank interest grow. In Zenith, I am considered the creative coordinator and content planner! Some of my responsibilities include: creating guild content, coming up with ideas for activities, planning events, motivating members to achieve their goals, making sure council is doing their jobs correctly, hosting game nights, and the dreaded task of issuing guild warnings, suspensions, and member sweeping.
  • II. Hey Zenithians, I'm Kari and I'm here to help out with the guild activities and recruiting (:. I joined Hilly's guild in 2013 and fell in love with it! It's actually the most fitting guild that I've come across in my ten years on Neo. Right now I fit into the Avatar, Collector, and Addict Blocks. So I'm personally working on meeting the rest as well.
  • III. The content for this position is currently being revised! Stay tuned. :D

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  • Members: 60
  • Messages: 225619
  • Founded: 10/03/2012
  • Last Updated: 4/16/2014

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    Please make sure you have guild mailers turned on in your account preferences!

    Guild Updates
    4.09.2014Congratulations to Kari for stepping up to the plate as Zenith's new co-owner! I'm so excited to work with someone that's been so dedicated and helpful through every bump in the road!

    3.19.2014 Some big changes are beginning to take effect. Please bare with us as we go through a bit of a revamp with some of the current situations. We are hoping to thrive through this time and come back bigger and better than ever!

    2.06.2014 Due to a large member sweep we have lots of room to welcome some new members into our family! Keep an eye out for our recruiting boards!

    1.21.2014 We are consistently hovering right around our member capacity, so it's likely our doors will be closed for a couple weeks at a time while we do inactive member sweeps and push the exceptions to meet a block until a slot for a new member is available! :)

    1.02.2014 Happy new year to all of Neopia! We're starting out the new year with a giant game day lasting the entirety of the day at random times when there an abundance of people on! We also cleansed our member count and got rid of the inactives opening up plenty of space for some new members to join our family!

    12.03.2013 Our birthday event has come to an end which means all of our regular activities are back in full swing! We're closing in on our member capacity pretty quickly so our doors will be shut soon! We just have a couple spots to fill up due to frozen accounts that are waiting on answers to their tickets!

    10.20.2013 Member sweeps are underway so we have more positions opening for both regular members AND exceptions. :)

    10.08.2013 We are in the process of celebrating our very first birthday with a huuuge survivor event! We're so happy and proud to have lasted this long and look forward to many more years of Zenith!

    8.26.2013 A big member sweep has taken over Zenith! We've got lots of open spaces now for new active members and are hoping to get a grip on a new co-owner and a new graphics guru!

    8.20.2013 The application process for the second and third position has been revamped and opened! We're looking to fill both positions in due time, but currently have no set deadline! If you're interested in applying please check out the regulations and application process found on this page!

    8.12.2013 Zenith is gearing up and planning for an end of the summer event! In spirits of this, we're opening our guild to the public for just three days! We're still asking that NO side accounts join!

    7.27.2013 Things are moving along steadily. Still seeking the perfect co-owner and running those trials to find our third council member. :*

    7.16.2013 Our first third council trial has ended and Casey did a wonderful job! The position for co-owner will be taking applications very soon!

    6.24.2013 Our third council trials are going to start up soon! We're also closing in our member capacity quite rapidly! :)

    6.03.2013 Apps are still open for third council! We'll be discussing each of the current apps more thoroughly in the upcoming days!

    5.27.2013 We're closing in on our member capacity and hope to be picking our third council member very soon. ;)

    5.20.2013 Our guild revamp has so far been very successful! We're still looking for some new faces to add to our family! We're also still on the prowl for the perfect applicant for the third council position!

    5.6.2013 Guild revamp launched! We're ready to start recruiting again and are excited to add new members to our guild family!

    5.2.2013 New website, portal, artbox, and various other pages due to a complete guild revamp!

    3.27.2013 We've installed a new website, portal, and artbox layout! New activities are taking off quite well and we have over 65 active members!

    12.27.2012 We're back to recruiting... and have a brand new website to kick things off! Woohoo!

    11.28.2012 We've added some new activities and have been holding our guild game nights on a regular basis. Everything is going so well and we are so proud to be a part of Zenith!

    10.31.2012 Our activities are going exceedingly well and we're continuing on to launch more to motivate account building! We have over 50 wonderful, chatty, and energetic members! Member sweeps have started, happening on a regular basis as needed.

    10.6.2012 Finishing touches and the much anticipated opening of the guild!

    10.5.2012 Guild layout and webbie layout installed! Tons of new content added!

    10.3.2012 Guild created. :D

    You may be interested in knowing a bit more about what we have to offer in Zenith! Besides a collaborative and helpful environment to assist in account improvement and other neo-related topics we offer:

  • An exclusive member portal
  • Avatar item & pet lending
  • Monthly Focuses
  • Special guild badges
  • Fun, member scavenger hunts
  • A chatty message board
  • One neopoint auctions
  • Open council positions
  • Guild game nights
  • Keyquest events
  • Guild wishing star
  • Customization Challenges
  • Advice and help on anything you may need!

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