So Moo's now a boat.

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LOOK! There are people on boat Moo.

This is Mynavy riding in boat Moo.

This is Kiyasu riding in boat Moo:

This is Dyy riding in boat Moo.

This is Buzz(with a lot of numbers I don't remember) riding in boat Moo.

This is Derpula riding in boat Moo:

This is Oktopus riding in boat Moo:

This is Zargot riding in boat Moo:

This is an unnamed kougra riding in boat Moo:

This is Tarzuh riding in boat Moo:

This is Scarekro riding in boat Moo:

This is Fortial riding in boat Moo:

This is Sharklerm riding in boat Moo:

This is Mirp riding in boat Moo:

This is squished_jello riding in boat Moo:

This is Daviat riding in boat Moo:

This is S1l3NT_K1ll3R riding in boat Moo:

This is Meradyth riding in boat Moo:

This is Sharkoth riding in boat Moo:

This is Aladika riding in boat Moo:

This is Fhynn riding in boat Moo:

This is Ganil riding in boat Moo:

This is Vailko riding in boat Moo:

This is Milezor riding in boat Moo:

This is dr34m_br34k3r riding in boat Moo:

This is Airstarz riding in boat Moo:

This is Raeylan riding in boat Moo:

This is DC1993 riding in boat Moo:

This is Dynaldo riding in boat Moo:

This is Ophelias riding in boat Moo:

This is Nalba riding in boat Moo:

This is Vandole riding in boat Moo:

This is Tenuihomo riding in boat Moo:

This is Werfie riding in boat Moo:

This is Cyoran riding in boat Moo:

This is Lorkhan riding in boat Moo:

This is Ylvar riding in boat Moo:

This is Ydr riding in boat Moo:

This is Singygirl riding in boat Moo:

This is Nighttime riding in boat Moo:

This is Angrynegg riding in boat Moo:

This is Kiikiw riding in boat Moo:

This is Wickedry riding in boat Moo:

This is Si_mi riding in boat Moo:

This is Psychedelics riding in boat Moo:

These are people who tried their luck with boat Moo.

Kiyasu waltzes onto boat Moo with a delicate smile dazzling the onlookers_ Gently placing her plate of sandwiches by her feet, she crosses her legs, waves to the crowd, and waits for boat Moo to move. And boat Moo moves alright. He moves so fast, he causes Kiyasu to accidently kick the plate of sandwiches over. After recovering, she finds herself in Oklahoma.

Don't ask how she got there when Oklahoma is land-locked.


At least you find yourself a pan (cuz Oklahoma totally looks like one).

Myraleena floats down from the cloud dappled sky, causing the crowd to gasp in awe. Landing gracefully on boat Moo, she in undisturbed when boat Moo jets off at the speed of a falling star. For hours she sails on boat Moo until he comes to a stop in the middle of the ocean. A giant squid swims up and the squid and boat Moo start having a dance off. Myraleena struggles to keep aboard but it is too much. She falls overboard into the water.


At least you can fly yourself back home.

Alaexinae* stumbles through the crowd up to boat Moo. Carefully climbing in, he sits down on one of the seats and waits.

And waits.

And waits.

Until he figures out that he doesn't actually exist and this is a reality inside of a reality. That's his last thought before the world is overrun with elephants.


At least you get an elephant.

*His owner mistyped his name on accident. Actual pet name is Alaxinae.

Belle bounds up to the magical boat Moo to test her luck. Jumping in, she settles down, awaiting her adventure. Boat Moo sails slowly away but gradually picks up speed until they're slicing through the water. Boat Moo keeps going until land is no longer in sight. Then he stops and capsizes, spilling Belle out into open water and then speeding away.

Looks like he didn't like being called a Moo Boat.


At least you've got plenty of fish to eat.

The crowd parted as a scary looking lupe crept up to boat Moo. Climbing in, Trubbish tried to look as menacingly scary as he could at the crowd. They shrank in fear and quickly dispersed. With the dock quiet, Trubbish settled back and waited for boat Moo to sail away.

Only he didn't. It looks like in the process of scaring the crowd away, Trubbish also scared boat Moo stiff.

And it doesn't look like he'll be moving anytime soon.


At least you scared some neopets.

Atut casually slid his sunglasses on as he approached boat Moo. He made sure all eyes were on him as he climbed into the boat and sat down. He could feel the planks of boat Moo beneath him fill with awe of his coolness. Yes, this was the life. Boat Moo sailed off, making sure not to jostle him in any way because everyone knows you never jostle cool kids.

The minutes slipped by as Atut lounged on boat Moo until he came to a stop in front of a candy store.

A candy store in the middle ocean?

Don't ask.


At least you got some candy.

Riyia weaved through the crowd while constantly keeping an eye behind her to make sure her guardian Estivea wasn't following her. She would definitely not approve of this. As she climbed into boat Moo and heaved a sigh of relief, boat Moo took off.

They traveled along until boat Moo came to a stop. Peering over the edge of boat Moo to see what adventure awaited her, Riyia was aghast when she saw that she was in front of the bad guy lair whose name this narrator does not know. Boat Moo dumped her in front of it and sailed quickly away.

Guess you shouldn't ditch your super awesome guardian ever.


At least you have a ray gun.


Boat Moo shouts because apparently he can talk even though he's a boat. Although, he /is/ a magical boat.

Boat Moo puffs himself up as Derpula graces his presences and steps into boat Moo. He whisks her away as fast as he can without throwing her overboard. Derpula is stunned by how much of a fan girl boat Moo is. She didn't even know she had such fans. Boat Moo slows to a halt in front of the Neopian hall of fame. Is this a sign???


At least you get a shiny (kind of...) trophy.

Abaih jiggles her way over to boat Moo with a plate of jello as a peace offering. Boat Moo graciously accepts her as a passenger but passes on the jello since it wouldn't be very good for his digestive system.

After Abaih settles down on a bench, they sail off. Moving at immeasurable speed, boat Moo stops in front of Jelly wo-


Jelly world doesn't exist.


At least you get some jelly.

〝Ambrose? AMBROSE?!? The Ambrose I know is a little devious wizard who thinks he can buy everything he needs with gold. Okay... maybe he can... but still. A very devious wizard is he.〞

Boat Moo rants at the kougra cowering in front of him. Angry boats aren't a very pretty sight.

〝But I do say... I have a soft spot for that Ambrose. He's a character and he always comes out on bottom anyway.〞

At this, the kougra (whose name was also Ambrose) can't decide whether he should be thoroughly insulted or not. But then what the heck. Boats aren't supposed to go ranting anyway so Ambrose just shrugs it off and climbs in. Boat Moo swiftly embarks and drops him off in the middle of Atlantis before he could even blink.

So much for the city of Atlantis being lost.


At least you get a treasure chest for finding Atlantis.

Retnu approaches boat Moo with courage in his eyes. He was ready to test his luck against the infamous boat Moo. Bravely climbing in, Retnu braced himself. To his surprise, boat Moo set off at quite a slow pace. Boat Moo goes once around the harbor before easing back into the very spot he was originally. Retnu rages off, shouting a string of obscenities at boat Moo. He was surely not going to go that sissy boat ride ever again.


Oops you got arrested for being mean.

Auwelia scrambles up the side of boat Moo. It's a bit hard since she's so small but she eventually makes it. She barely makes it in before boat Moo goes zooming off. Left and right, up and down, boat Moo makes so many turns and back turns and sideways turns that Auwelia can barely hold on, let alone process what's happening. Finally, boat Moo stops only to dump her on top of a mountain.

Looks like boat Moo was still upset with Retnu.


At least you get oxygen so you don't suffocate.

Duke walks up to boat Moo with all the swag he can muster. Flipping back his hood, he swings into the boat all cool like, causing all the fangirl gelerts to faint. Boat Moo peels out into the open sea and chugs along silently as Duke leans back against one of the benches on boat Moo.

Seconds slip into minutes which slip into hours as the soothing rocking puts Duke to sleep. Suddenly Duke is jarred awake and he opens his eyes to the bone-chilling cold of Antartica.

Looks like boat Moo thought Duke was cool like Antarctica.

Lol, boat Moo is punny.


At least you have a jacket.

Boat Moo gallantly bows to Lespera's presence, hoping to make up for the humiliating mistake he made earlier. Boat Moo rolls out the red carpet and invites Lespera on for a ride. Lespera looks incredulously at boat Moo. Who could blame him? Boats don't usually have red carpets let alone bow to chombys.

But shrugging aside any judgment or worries, Lespera walks up the carpet and hops into boat Moo. Boat Moo whisks him off across the sea until they're flying. Literally.

Lespera stares wide eyed as he flies on boat Moo with the sea gulls and other sea birds. It's a dream come true for a land locked neopet and it ends all too soon as boat Moo comes back to the dock.


At least you get a cloud.

Alcair bounds up to boat Moo with a wild grin on his face. Word had spread wide and far of a magical boat that took people on adventures, and fate would have it that he happen upon the town that boat Moo was currently at.

However, before Alcair could even place a fingernail on boat Moo, a UFO comes and zaps him up.

Oops. Guess fate would have it that he doesn't get to ride on boat Moo.


At least you met an alien.

Mr_Jew pushes through the crowd to get his ride with boat Moo. He did demand it after all.

As he climbs in, boat Moo quickly sails away from the pier. Once they're out in the middle of the ocean, boat Moo twirls around until all that Mr_Jew can see are stars. When Mr_Jew's head stops spinning, he finds himself in a salon with boat Moo.

〝I demand you do my nails,〞 boat Moo demands.

Because after all, boat Moo does all the demanding.


At least you get nail polish.

Cylinniaa wanders over to boat Moo. It's quite late so the crowd is lying asleep in their cozy beds. Boat Moo looks a bit sleepy, too, but curiosity overruns politeness and so she climbs in.

Boat Moo slowly stirs to a more awake state and sluggishly sails away. However, he soon drifts to sleep and runs into some rocks.

Uhm. You're going to have to pay for that.


At least you get a wrench in case you don't want to pay.

Rynchu crawls up to boat Moo and looks at the large looming boat ahead of him. How on Neopia is he supposed to climb this? For Fyora's sake! Rynchu is only 18 days old. Putting on his serious face, he starts to scramble up the side. But alas! It is not enough and he keeps slipping down *tear* Close to tears, he suddenly finds himself in candy land (you know, like the board game). He can hardly his dream of going to candy land is coming true, until he wakes up that is.

Looks like it was just a dream after all.


At least you get a candy cane.

Aliexei marches up to boat Moo and starts speaking rapid Russian. Nodding in agreement, boat Moo lets Aliexei aboard and sails off. After several hours, boat Moo arrives at Baskin Robbins. Aliexei shakes his head furiously and speaks a few words in Russian. Boat Moo rocks back and forth obviously confused. Boat Moo was confident that he knew Russian but guess not...


At least you get some ice cream.

Oktopus stands gallantly in front of boat Moo, quietly laughing to herself as she sees the crowd cower in her presence. Boat Moo, however, does not even give off the slightest rock. Oktopus is a bit disappointed but that doesn't deter her from climbing into boat Moo. Boat Moo sails away through the waves. He sails for quite some time before randomly stopping. Oktopus waits impatiently for boat Moo to move but he doesn't budge. Instead, she notices something move in the water. It almost looks like a....

Her thought cannot be completed and a giant octopus reaches out its tentacles and snatches her up. Boat Moo looks dismayed (if a boat can manage to look dismayed) at the event unfolding. Boat Moo thought Oktopus and giant octopus would be best of friends. Looks like he didn't quite grasp the concept that Oktopus wasn't actually an octopus.

Oh dear.


At least you get some octopus.

Arogancki glides down from the clouds lazily floating in the sky onto the pier where boat Moo is docked. Flipping her golden locks, she strikes a few model poses before strutting up to boat Moo and climbing in. The crowd stares in amazement as she sits with a posture that told them she was the one who ruled over all. With her snout in the air, boat Moo cast off.

Boat Moo hugs the shoreline as the crowd follows, curious as to why boat Moo wasn't sailing farther from shore. Arogancki doesn't mind it at all since it just means more attention on her beautiful self. Out of the blue, boat Moo dumps Arogancki into the water. Coming up sputtering, Arogancki starts screaming at boat Moo. However, the screaming just makes the stunned crowd laugh. It even seems like boat Moo is laughing along with them.


At least you get some laughs.

Squeeshes tentatively walks up to boat Moo. As she approaches, she has the distinct feeling that boat Moo is watching her, and that if he had eyes, he would be looking at her like this: 8D

It's unnerving, yet she puts on her brave face and creeps closer. Just as she is about to climb in, boat Moo yells, 〝SQUISHY PLUSHIE!!〞

Boat Moo leaps out of the water towards Squeehes. Squealing, Squeeshes jumps out of the way and stumbles into a run. Alas, she is no match for boat Moo the magnificent. When boat Moo catches up, Squeeshes can only endure as boat Moo pokes her and shouts, 〝SQUISHY!〞



At least you get a poking finger. Not that it's a good thing.

Fortial dragged himself over to boat Moo as his rain cloud followed him. Ever since he was born, a grey rain cloud had become his second shadow. No matter where he went, it always came with him. The worst part was that it wasn't just a rain cloud that never showered him but it always rained. He didn't even know where all the rain came from.

He slowly climbed into boat Moo and slumped into a seat. Boat Moo took off with the rain cloud following closely behind and sailed quickly into open water. Boat Moo sailed until he reached a town by the ocean where he dropped Fortial at a rain coat shop.

Fortial looked at the shop and then back at boat Moo and then up at his rain cloud.

〝So not funny...〞


At least you get a rain coat.

Renovare skips up to boat Moo with a silly smile on her face. Finally today it the day she gets to ride on boat Moo! Lightly jumping into boat Moo, she settles down for the ride.

Boat Moo sails off at a steady pace and he keeps going for hours and hours and hours and hours. In fact, he goes on for so long, Renovare starts to get impatient, like really impatient. She gets /so/ impatient that she starts sitting on her head like she usually does and spinning around like a drill.

She spins so fast that boat Moo sprouts a leak. Water quickly fills the boat and they start sinking. Luckily, the loch ness monster comes and saves them. But then they aren't really saved since right after the loch ness monster eats them.


At least you have a new skeleton friend.

Sailboat sails up to boat Moo and tries to get in. When he finally succeeds (which is very difficult, mind you), it's very uncomfortable and he hopes that the ride won't take too long.

Boat Moo sits around for a while, and Sailboat starts to wonder if boat Moo is going to even /go/ anywhere. That is until boat Moo turns into a dinosaur, turns around, and says:

〝A BOAT CAN'T RIDE A BOAT! What is this madness!?!〞


At least you get a dino.

Spin spins his way over to boat Moo and hops on in. He keeps on spinning even after boat Moo takes off. Boat Moo gets a bit dizzy by looking at him and keeps on taking wrong turns but Spin doesn't notice and keeps on spinning. Boat Moo gets so confused that he takes an extremely wrong turn.

He doesn't realize his mistake until he floats into Hogwarts.


At least you get a flying car. Kind of.

Vamarii can barely make it safely into boat Moo before boat Moo sails off quickly. Flying over the waves, boat Moo travels miles and miles. Vamarii enjoys the breeze on his fur and leans back to enjoy himself. Night and day boat Moo continues on without stopping until Vamarri starts wondering if boat Moo will ever stop.

His worries are soon soothed as boat Moo comes to a stop. Unfortunately, they arise once again once boat Moo plunges down into the cold ocean water. Further and further down he goes with Vamarii barely holding on. Finally, boat Moo comes to a halt on the bottom of the ocean floor.

There is a ring of statues holding hands. In the middle of the circle is a sign that says: Touch and be vaporized.

Guess this is a no touch exhibit.


At least you get a postcard.

Squii + Daviat go2 boat Moo cuz th3y w@nt 2 r1d3 0n boat Moo. Squii g03s 0n 1st th3n Daviat c0m3$. Th3y s1t d0wn + th3y l@ugh 2g3th3r. Boat Moos h3@d hurts fr0m th1$ n00b sp3@k + hes m@d cuz 2 p33ps g0t 0n @ teh s@m3 t1m3. Boat Moo buck$ b0th 0f th3m 0ff + g03s hom3 cry1ng 2 his m0mmy.

Squiis + Daviats h3@d$ @ls0 hurt + th3y grumpy cuz th3y R w3t.


0h n03s. It s33ms lyk u f33l lyk u h@v3 a n33dle stuck in ur br@in cuz th1$ ch@t t@1k hurt$ s0 much.

Niranni wiggles through the crowd, making sure to not topple the stack of cupcakes she's carrying, and she sighs in relief when she and her cupcakes make it safely to the front of the crowd where boat Moo waits.

She tries to climb in but boat Moo quickly moves away from the dock so she falls into the water.

He catches the cupcakes though. But then he takes them all and eats them and leaves Niranni in the water.


At least you get a soggy cookie.

Far and wide people have whispered of the fabled boat Moo, and Zionus was going to try his luck at finding him. Low and high he searched, struggling through the brutal, non-forgiving waves of the ocean in search of the magical boat. But alas, every night he went home dejected.

Then one day through pure luck, he stumbled upon boat Moo. But just when he was about ready to climb in, his mother called, 〝DINNER TIME, ZIONUS.〞

And we all know we have to go to our mothers when called.


At least you get dinner.

Shyina shimmies through the crowd so she can have her turn in boat Moo. As she climbs in, the crowd cheers for her and for good luck. Because, you know, boat Moo is known to be fickle.

Anyway, Shyina waits patiently as boat Moo starts moving through the waves and admires the pretty blue sky.

Then boat Moo drops her off at a graveyard in Wyoming.

I wouldn't try to take that too symbolically.


At least you get a tombstone.

Niaza struts up to boat Moo, making sure everyone can see her model walk. Fluffing up her hair, she starts to daintily get into boat Moo only to realize, to her horror, that boat Moo wasn't pink.

〝I cannot get on this disgrace of a boat!〞 She squeals. Luckily, she carries around a can of pink paint wherever she goes so she paints him pink.

Boat Moo doesn't like it too much because he ends up painting her brown in return.


At least you get a brown draik.

Ahvira poofs herself into boat Moo with her magical powers.

〝A SORCERESS?〞 Boat Moo squeaks. 〝This calls for a magic war 〞

Going full throttle, boat Moo zips through the water and makes water spurt out of the ocean to form a tunnel that he goes through. He then makes the color change into pretty colors.

Then he summons a giant pony that sings classical music because that's totally possible.

When he looks to see Ahvira, he is dismayed to see that she is not there.

Looks like boat Moo just got pwned.


At least you get an angry boat.

Lightningbolt52 prowls up to boat Moo. It's a full moon tonight so the usual crowd is tucked away safely in their beds for fear of werelupes. Only the scratching of nail on wood can be heard in the night.

Carefully climbing into boat Moo, Lightningbolt52 awaits his adventure.

However, at the sight of the scary werelupe, boat Moo faints.


At least you get a MOOn.

Siezu waddles up to boat Moo and hops in. As boat Moo sails away, Siezu starts singing Rock-A-Bye Baby at the top of his lungs.


Boat Moo joins in during the second line. Then he drops Seizu off in a forest and the world explodes from all the awesomeness.


At least you get a baby.

Lihllea gallops all queen-like over to boat Moo. And orders her servants to put a spotlight in her. She puffs up when everyone ooohs and awees at her as she gets into boat Moo.

Boat Moo seems to be pretty impressed too, because he starts to inflate like a balloon. Soon boat Moo and Lihllea are flying over the ocean.

That is until a bird flies into boat Moo and he pops. Then they get wet.


At least you get a balloon.

Jurrad growls as his owner pushes him into boat Moo. Demons were /not/ meant to be riding in boats. Ears laid flat back on his head, he sends a vicious glare back at his owner who is happily waving at him from the dock.

Boat Moo notices his grumpy attitude so he takes him to Disneyland so he can be happy. Cuz we all know that Disneyland solves all of our problems.


At least you get a Donald Duck.

ShadowFireWings climbs into boat Moo, tripping over her own wires and stuff. Not as graceful as other people who have ridden in boat Moo, but at least didn't fall into the water before she even got on.

Anyway, ShadowFireWings settles down on one of the benches boat Moo has and stares wide-eyed as boat Moo starts to sing opera.

Then boat Moo takes her to the land of spoons.


At least you get a spoon.

Ophesa rides down to boat Moo on her faerie cybunny and swings her staff around to sprinkle faerie dust on everyone. Boat Moo, impressed by Ophesa's entrance, turns the faerie dust into pixie dust with his magical boat powers. Now everyone can fly 8D

Boat Moo joins Ophesa on her faerie cybunny and Boat Moo, Ophesa, and all the other people who got sprinkled with faerie dust that got turned into pixie dust fly into the sunset.


At least you get a faerie.

Toophpaste crawls over to boat Moo and looks up at the huge boat (to her at least) looming in front of her. A bit intimidated, she makes the climb up the side of boat Moo and gets in. Boat Moo doesn't wait even a second before zooming off through the waves. Poor Toophpaste holds onto her dear life as she's flung left and right and up and down.

Then all of a sudden she's on a giant toothbrush.

Cuz ya know. Toophpaste needs to be on a toothbrush. Ya.


At least you get a smile.

Sucking on her pacifier, Sabreni hops into boat Moo, settles down comfortably, and waits. Boat Moo slowly chugs away from the dock and doesn't speed up like he usually does with other passengers. Curious, Sabreni pokes boat Moo and asks if he can go any faster in baby talk.

Apparently boat Moo doesn't speak baby talk because he comes to a standstill. Sabreni starts crying cuz that's what babies do when they don't get their way, but then a giant pacifier falls out of the sky and lands on Sabreni.


At least you get a pacifier.

CheshireJr barely wiggles into boat Moo before boat Moo sails away. Landing with a thud, CheshireJr scrambles onto one of the seats. However, boat Moo suddenly stops and says:


A wave of babies then falls from the sky and takes over the world with all of their cuteness.


At least you get a baby bottle.

Aoluta skips up to boat Moo and jumps in, but he gets ejected (kinda like how the airplanes eject the seats) right away. Puzzled, he tries again but the same thing happens. Aoluta tries one more time only to see the same result. At this, he starts screaming at boat Moo and crying.

Boat Moo then eats him.

Guess he's getting tired of babies.


At least you get a cr@cker. Boat Moo likes cr@ckers.

Herred tentatively approaches boat Moo. Rumors had been spreading of the vicious way boat Moo was acting towards babies recently and so he had a right to be kinda scared. All's well as Herred carefully gets into boat Moo and sits as boat Moo sails off.

Days pass without any sign of land nor of boat Moo stopping. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. Soon Herred is reduced to a skeleton.

Oh dear =(


At least you get a bone.

Cyoran waltzes past the crowd and stands triumphantly in front of boat Moo. She had traveled all the way from a far off planet called Mars to ride on boat Moo and she was savoring every second of it.

She jumps in and waits for boat Moo to take off, taking care not to scorch boat Moo with her flames. He sails a few feet from the dock then he shouts something like gibberish and a giant bucket appears over their heads and dumps water onto them.


At least you get a bucket of water.

Zezim get on boat Moo cuz she feels like it. It is a nice day after all and boat Moo is known for giving good adventures on nice days.

However, as boat Moo zooms away, Zezim strangely has a sinking feeling in her stomach. It's almost like a blatant, non-subtle, totally obvious foreshadowing of what was coming her way.

She was right to have the feeling because a minute after she felt that way, boat Moo ate her after yelling at her for interrupting him cuz we all know that all must listen to boat Moo with their utmost attention or else he gets cranky.


At least you get, well, you get nothing.

YDR gallops through the crowd as if she was galloping through a field of tootsy rolls. When she reaches boat Moo, she bows down low to the ground to his highness before climbing in.

Boat Moo sails along and YDR enjoys the totally bland scenery of the ocean cuz even though it's bland to everyone else, but she is a robot and never goes near water for obvious reasons.

Just as boat Moo nears shore once again, he dumps YDR overboard and YDR electrocutes the whole ocean and all of the sea creatures.

Why did boat Moo do this? Did he have some sort of grudge against YDR or the sea creatures? Well, my young friend, he simply did this because he wanted to see what happens when you dump a robot in water.


At least you get some fried fish.

So thePC decided to take a spin on boat Moo one day so she cruised on down to the dock and pushed past the crowd, well, more like everyone fainted in awe of such a famous person so she stepped over everyone. Anyway, she got to boat Moo and got in. Away boat Moo went to explore the deep seas with thePC.

BUT THEN! A major plot twist happened and thePC started acting all rude and flaming boat Moo and trolling him and making boat Moo cry in a corner and feel terrible about himself. In fact, boat Moo cried so much, he made the whole world flood.


At least you got some tears.

Arceus does the valiant slow-like movie-walk as he heads over to boat Moo. Everyone turns their head to look at the pokegod as he passes by. A few fangirls go up to him and ask for his autograph but of course he has to decline and act off cool-like and flip his non-existent hair.

Doing a magnificent flying summersault into boat Moo, he settles down for the ride. Boat Moo sails off with the poke-prodigy.

Of course boat Moo is jealous of this super slick guy so he tries to do all of these different tricks but none of them worked cuz Arceus would always just fly away.

Even boat Moo loses sometimes =(

Though when he loses, he rage quits.

So yeah.


At least you get a sad boat.

Auliziana tentatively steps into boat Moo. She had heard rumors about boat Moo and some of them *covers boat Moo's ears* weren't very pretty *uncovers boat Moo's ears*. Nonetheless, she decided to take her chances. She wasn't disappointed, too. Boat Moo took her past Middle Earth and Hogwarts and Canada, too. While they were there, they even got Canadian bacon but Auli was kinda upset when she found out it really was just ham.

However, before boat Moo takes her home he turns Auli into a zombie cuz everyone knows he hates babies.


At least you get canadian bacon.

Boomy padded towards boat Moo with his tongue hanging out. His tail wagged happily as he bounded into boat Moo and circled a few times before settling down in a comfortable position. Starting off, boat Moo sliced through the waves as he sped through the water. The ocean spray spotted Boomy's fur forming patches of salt that clung to him. He howled with the wind and let it rush past his ears, adding another harmony to the crashing of the waves.

He opened his mouth to let out another wild whoop but shut it in surprise finding a candy can sitting on his tongue. But he was even more surprised to see that he was stranded in the middle of a huge snow drift. In the distance he could hear a light, cheerful ring of sleigh bells.



At least you get a lot of toys.

Kiikiw scrambled into boat Moo and awaited his journey, slightly uneasy as boat Moo rocked in the waves. It had been a long time since he had been anywhere other than his home, a forest about fifteen miles away. Water was no stranger to him, but so much- His thoughts were interrupted as boat Moo raced away, which forced him to concentrate soley on gripping onto the side so he wouldn't fall off.

Kiikiw's stomach dropped as boat Moo suddenly lept into the air and they began flying. They passed over France, Germany, Canada, and countless more countries before Kiikiw found himself back in his forest home with an igloo in front of him and out of the igloo poured millions of meepits waving spoons around.


At least you get a lot of spoons.

Once upon a time, there was a magical, beautiful, majestic, awesome boat named boat Moo. He was an arroga- I mean a regal boat who had such a large, kind heart.

One day, a plushie krawk decided to seek out this awe-inspring role model. He approached the gleaming vessel, glittering in the sunlight, and said:

〝I want to ride the boat.〞

After this declaration, he stepped gingerly on the well-sanded boards and settled in the fluffy seats filled with down-

〝I just want ride the boat. I don't need the narration.

Wait where are you going, boat?


Go back!

Watch out!



At least you get a soggy plushie.

The water glows bright on the sea tonight
Not a bird to be seen
A kingdom of isolation
And it looks like Moo's the king

Olaf's howling for more of summer life
Couldn't keep it in, heavens know he tried

Blue waves so high, sea salt in the air
Feeling the wind and living without a care
Reveal and feel, please let them know
Boat Moo doesn't go slow!

Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
The sun never bothered him anyway.


At least you get a puddle.

〝Oh look, Blum! That's boat Moo over there!〞 Volts chirped as she spotted boat Moo bobbing in the waves a few yards off shore. Volts rolled up her pants and whisked Blum up before carrying her over to boat Moo and setting her in.

〝Please let Blum ride, boat Moo. I'd very much appreciate it!〞 Volt asked before stepping back. Boat Moo was still for a few moments before setting off in the direction of the horizon. He went faster and faster until he was just a blur.

Blum sat wide-eyed as boat Moo gained speed and lept up into the air. As they gained altitude, Blum's gears whisked and whirled, adjusting to the drastic changes in air pressure and eventually to the lack of atmosphere.

There were stars.

Thousands, millions, billions of them.

Blum was breathless (pun maybe intended).

But then boat Moo just dumped her on the moon and left.


At least you get some moon rocks.

Jaoce crouched low to the ground as he weaved in and out of the maze of boxes in the harbor. Avoiding the moonlight, he stayed in the shadows until he reached the edge of the dock. He was just about to relax when a shrill call rang out:

〝Where are you my pretty hunter? I know you couldn't have gone far.〞

The voice was close, way too close. Without even a glance, Jaoce grabbed the edge of the dock and swung down, landing in a boat.

He was a bit surprised but didn't waste any time ducking under one of the seats and laid still. After a while of hearing water lap against the side of the boat, he peaked his head out and was met with endless miles of sea on all sides.


Formidable waves started rising on both sides of the boat and Jaoce rose to meet them.

〝This is witch craft!〞 He shouted as he whipped out a lighter, lit it and dropped it.

Only fire in the middle of the ocean doesn't last very long and Jaoce soon found himself stranded in the middle of the ocean with boat Moo long gone.


At least you get a floaty.

Oh the all-merciful boat.

A single floating boat waits by the dock
*Enter Bloppyditto from stage left*

Bloppyditto: Eeee! Is boot Moo!
*Jumps into boat Moo. He's too short to be seen from shore*
Bloppyditto: Go! Go! Go! Whee!
*Hops up and down in the boat so that his head keeps popping out all the while chanting. After several hops, Bloppyditto lands and doesn't reappear. The chanting stops. A few seconds pass.*

Boat Moo: *burp*


At least you get silence.

He appeared out of nowhere. One moment Noryan had the pleasure of viewing the sun dipping below the horizon and the next he was admiring some very arro-(coughs) magnificent wood. Slightly irritated by the interruption, Noryan decided to get on the boat and sail out on the water so he could at least use the interruption to get a better view. He reached up to climb over the side of the boat when the boat disappeared right before him and Noryan instead had the pleasure of falling into the water.


At least you get to view the sunset while wet?

Babe was sitting on a bench on the dock, passively watching people walk past oblivious to everything and everyone around them. She watched as a young eyrie excitedly grabbed an ice cream her mother bought her before turning her back on her daughter, taking out her phone and intently staring at it and typing furiously. The kid didn't mind at all and instead leaned in to take a large bite when someone bumped into her from behind. The ice cream went flying out of her hand onto the ground. The eyrie tried to get the attention of her mother but her mother just waved her away telling her one more second. Babe frowned and got up from her position, walking over to the ice cream stand. She bought another ice cream and handed it to the girl. The young eyrie's eyes instantly brightened and she smiled, saying thank you. Babe smiled herself before turning to return to her seat. WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN BOAT MOO SWOOPED IN AND GRABBED HER. BOAT MOO THEN TOOK HER ON A MAGICAL RIDE TO A RAINBOW WHICH HE FOLLOWED UNTIL THE END AND FOUND A POT OF..... BANDAIDS!!!! =O =O

Boat Moo halted then and waited for Babe to step out. He then presented the pot of bandaids to her and said:



At least you get a bandage.

Baeleen stepped up to the beast of a boat in front of him. The legendary, the magnificent, the only. BOAT MOO. Letting out a cackle, Baeleen jumped in. She was the best captain in all the seven seas. She would best the best boat in all the universes and go down in history. She pointed her sword towards the sea and shouted:


And boy did they go. Baeleen's laughs got lost in the wind as boat Moo flew across the water. She could already hear the songs they would sing about her...

getting completely pwned by boat Moo.

Before she knew it, Baeleen was in a galaxy far far away stranded on a tiny rock with nothing but empty sea surrounding her.


At least you get a rock.

Myles scampered up to the boat before him. He had always wanted to go on a boat and go sailing and all. He hopped in boat Moo almost biting his tongue, which was flying to and fro to the beat of his excitement. Jumping onto his hind legs and placing his front paws on the side of the boat, he howled out to the sea as boat Moo zipped off, going faster and faster. And faster and faster until they were going at the speed of light. Everything was a blue blur until boat Moo started to slow down. Myles' ears dropped when he saw what was before him. It was the First Order. Boat Moo tipped him out and sped away. And that is the story of how Myles turned to the dark side.


At least you get a cookie.

These are boat Moo's minions fans.

Boat Moo is all powerful. Oh yeah.

What. Just what. o.o *faints*

WRAFFLE. I heart puns~


Questions you may or may not have

Who is boat Moo?

He's a magical boat of course.

Why is boat Moo a boat?

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Amy, and one night, she was sitting at her desk staring at the screen in front of her. Suddenly, she got the sudden urge to draw a boat. She just happened, this particular moment, to be on this site called Neopets and looking at her own pets. A sad little baby kau drew her attention. This kau, whose name is Moo, had been neglected lately since Amy had been stumped with his character. That was then it clicked. She would make him a boat.

And that was how boat Moo was born.

Can my pet have a ride?

Boat Moo only takes passengers when Amy makes a board.

When will you make a board?

Whenever boat Moo forces me to. His moods are quite unpredictable so I apologize that I can't give a definite answer.

How many pets will boat Moo take each board?

He'll take as many pets as he feels like at the time. Maybe one, two, three, or he may just eat everyone.

Why does boat Moo hate babies so much?

Originally, he was totally cool with them- even found them cute. Then babies kept asking for rides and he got fed up. Now he hates them. Please don't take offense if he eats your baby.

How come boat Moo eats pets?

He has anger mangement issues.

Do you have permission to post all of these pets' names?

I make a statement on the boards that whoever posts their pets' names awknowledges they are ok with me naming their pet on this page. If I forgot to do so or you suddenly don't want your pet here anymore, please neomail me and I'll take the story/drawing/screenie out.

I have another question. What do I do?

You ask me o_o

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