The Hermit

Welcome ↚ I don't know much about your life beyond these walls ↛

Welcome Audrey and anyone else who has stumbled onto my application for the beautiful Pauciello! My name is Molly, and I am super happy to have been able to apply for Pauciello. I had a great time creating a character for this application, and have the intention of keeping her as a permanent pet of mine. As a note, I will be referring to Pauciello as Aislinn Pauciello throughout the application. She is the Seer of the world of Onus, also known as the Hermit to the council. It is her curse to see all the bad in the country's future, be it incoming threats or natural disaster.

I hope you enjoy reading my application and exploring the world I have built!

NOTE: I was not forced to create this application by anyone and have done this of my own free will!

About Aislinn ↚ The fleeting sense of love within these God-forsaken halls ↛

Aislinn is a Raum Daemon (pronounced Day-mon), one of the many species that inhabit the Daemon World: Onus. She is able to see the future, cursed for her lifespan to foresee all that is bad in the world. Aislinn holds a spot on the council of Senior Elders of the Authority, and is known as the Hermit. She spends most of her time in Triptyna, the Western mountain region of Onus.


Name: Aislinn Pauciello
Codename: The Hermit
Gender: Female
Age: 100 (appears to be 25)
Birthday: Dec 31
Star Sign: Capricorn
Species: Raum Daemon
Abilities: Able to see the the future
Residency: Triptyna
Job: Warn the council of incoming threats, make decisions as part of the Senior Elder Council of the Authority
Likes:the stars | cool water | biolumescence | silver | inner strength
Dislikes:asparagus | hate | storms | fake people | growls


Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue, blind in her left eye, sees visions through her left
Height: 5'7
Build: Petite/frail
Features:Her wings are oversized for her body as all Raum Daemons are, they drag on the ground, weighing her down. As such she is not readily able to exercise correctly leading to her frail figure.



Gentle:Aislinn is a gentle soul. She doesn't like the violence she sees in her visions, and has vowed because of this to be a lover not a fighter. She has a calming aura about her, making others in the room feel more at ease.
Independent: From a young age, Aislinn has learned to be independent of everyone. Her family growing up was very impersonal, imbuing beliefs that one only should trust in oneself because you know your own limits and beliefs. They raised her to be self sufficient in all ways, knowing that her path in life as a Raum would be a hard one to walk, since her heightened powers singled her out for potential corruption.
Protective: Aislinn is fiercely protective of her close friends and her country. She is one of the first lines of defence for her state, since she sees them coming first, and without her protective streak Onus would fall to ruin. Since assuming the role of The Hermit, her protective instincts have increased tenfold.


Fickle: Aislinn can be helpful... When she wants to be. You will rarely catch her in a good mood, those are few and far between. But when she is she gets things done. But even if you can't notice it, Aislinn's small actions will help you in some ways. She is always helpful in subtle ways that one can never quite figure out.


Cynical: Aislinn is very cynical about everything. Because of her powers as a Raum, she has grown up seeing the dark side of life. Seeing tragedy has made her bitter and sullen. She criticizes everything to the umpteenth degree because she knows that there will always be something wrong. There will always be a flaw that will lead to a bad situation and break up a happy thing. Rarely does she think on the bright side of life.
Cold: Also a byproduct of her upbringing, Aislinn rarely outwardly or inwardly experiences emotions. Being cold is safe, being without emotions helps be impartial. Impartiality is what is needed to keep the balance and protect Onus from threats. No one can use her emotions against her if she doesn't have any.

Nepthitus and its Realms ↚ And I can hear it in her voice, in every call ↛

Nepthitus is a technologically advanced world that is comprised of hundreds of dimensions overlayed on top of each other. All dimensions, or realms, share the same ground, but contain different people, technology, flora and fauna. Each is on a different plane of existence, unable to see or hear the others. These realms have developed completely separate from each other for thousands of years, each developing their own culture. The two main realms of Nepthitus are the Friedlan and Onus Realms. Friedlan is populated with a humanoid species called the Landed as well as some Daemon, while Onus is populated with the Daemon species, which have two forms: humanoid and true.

Within the past 100 years inhabitants of Onus have discovered portals, gateways between Friedlan and Onus. Portals are constantly fluctuating and moving around, but the Daemon population learned how to track these movements. They built settlements and camps around portals, such as the infamous Night Circus.

Daemons have slowly been able to creep into the Landed's realm and integrate themselves into their society without the Landed's realizing, since only Landed children can see a Daemons true form. This is due to the fact that Landed's lost their ability to see and use magic long ago, while Daemons retained this knowledge. Landed children have an innate ability to sense this magic before they grow old and forget how to use their ability. Daemons control the government of Friedlan under the Landed's noses. No Landed's live in Onus.

Regions of the Realms

Eryptia- Desert Region
Triptyna-Western Mountain Region
Neghara-Southern Wastes
Frailheim-Northern Lakes

Erifa-The Desert
Terralithian-Western Mountians
Lishharn-The Lake District
Refallo-Tundral Plain

The Authority

What: The governing body of Onus
Structure: The Authority is structured using the Tarot deck. There are 22 Major Arcana, which are the main council of decision makers. Ten of the 22 major arcana are elevated to senior elders, which have more power than the other 12. These senior elders make up the true 'Authority' as they head the major divisions of the government and have most of the power. The other 12 are minor positions that still have voting power.
The Minor Arcana are assigned under different Majors for certain jobs. You must be a senior agent of the government to obtain Minor Arcana status. This status is granted after much effort and dedication to the Authority.
Their Rule: The populous of daemons are split between accepting and dissenting against the Authority. They rule with an iron fist and punishment is swift and absolute. Many think that the Authority abuses their power and hurts the lower economic class. There has been some speculation that key members of the senior elders are corrupt.

The Daemon

The Daemon are a race of magical beings that inhabits the Onus Realm of Nepthitus. There are many species of Daemon, though there are ten species that are more prominent population wise. Each species has a different ability that is innate to them, whether it be forming binding contracts or seeing the future. Each ability has tremendous power, but also has a built in drawback to curb its use. Each Daemon species abilities lend themselves to certain professions more, but there is no true trend of job classification based on species. The Daemon species trait is familial, species being passed down from parent to child. If two species intermarry, there is a 50/50 chance of getting one species or the other. Sometimes more prominent species have a speceist view on lesser known species.

Each Daemon has two forms: humanoid and true. The true form of a Daemon is an animal, and this animal depends on what species you are. The true form of a Daemon has all key defining features of their humanoid form. A Daemon's humanoid form look like the Landed populus of Friedlan, with the defining features of their species. Daemons can switch between these two forms at will, and Daemon culture has no preference to either.

↚ Raum Daemons ↛

Raum Daemons are a rare species of daemon that are able to see the future. Be happy that a Raum cannot see your future, as all they can see are the bad things coming toward you. These visions happen at random times and have random lengths. A normal, run of the mill Raum will have visions of specific events in a person's life, be it tripping and breaking their nose or getting hit by vehicle. More powerful Raum daemons will have visions of whole groups of people and what will befall them.

All Raum daemons are blind in one or both of their eyes. The eye becomes blind after they have their first vision. There have been no findings on the pattern for which eye the blindness will take. During visions, a Raum's blind eye will glow, seeing the vision through that eye. Raum can tell when a vision is coming when they get an eye ache. It is common for Raum to pass out during a vision, due to the strain it puts on the body and mental faculties. Depending on the severity and duration of the vision, it can take from hours to days to wake up.

Each Raum has a precious stone embedded on their person as a rite of passage when they turn 20 years old. It is used to focus their powers and channel them. It is placed in their center of power, which is unique for all individuals. They all have a set of wings that range in size depending on the strength of their power. Raum feathers are often sold on the black market because they are said to have medicinal properties. They have extended lifespans of up to 400 years.

Story ↚ This girl who's slept a hundred years has something after all ↛

Cold hands gripped the back of her neck as she struggled against them. No matter which way she twisted and turned, punched and kicked, bit and screamed, she could not get free. The more she struggled the tighter the cold, wratihlike hands became. A thick substance began to immobilize her body, creating a vice that she couldn't break. She was hit with a cold wave of eternal despair and madness, feeling it in her bones. The vice came around her mouth so she could no longer scream and bite. It trapped her arms and legs so she could no longer punch and kick. It covered her eyes and she was plunged into darkness. She then felt rasping breath hit her cheek, as if someone was leaning into her.
There is no hope for you or your petty little land" the thing spoke, sounding as if it had one thousand voices rasping together as one. You can do nothing to stop us, and you will watch as your world burns before your eyes." A cold wave of dread hit her as her eyes suddenly were freed.

And all she could see was fire.

Aislinn sat up with a bloodcurdling scream. Cold sweat poured down her body, dampening the sheets. Her breath came in ragged gasps, tearing through the air around her. Aislinn could still feel the cold hands grip her neck and the heat from the raging inferno of the once green land. She shuddered and kicked off her sheets.
Placing her head in her hands she thought about the vision she had seen. This is why Aislinn hated her powers. All the negative, never the positive. As long as there was tragedy, she would see it coming first. This was her curse. Other daemons celebrated their powers, she loathed them.
She needed to find out what that thing from her dream was. It seemed as if the voice was immense, timeless, and filled with thousands. Aislinn shuddered at the thought. What was her land going to have to face. She saw the water hit her clothes before she registered she was crying.

Future Plans ↚ And though I know, since you've awakened her again ↛


Currently this is the customization I have planned for Aislinn. I tried to match the customization to the character I tried to create. I tried to incorporate the forest in Triptyna where she lives, as well as well as the stars (since she likes to stare up at them after a vision to calm herself.) I used the Clear Forest Sky Background and the Glowing Mushrooms.Currently I have neither of these items, but if chosen I have a wealth of NC items to trade to obtain these.

As for petpet, I have decided to give Aislinn a Faerie Kazeriu. I chose a Kazeriu because its lithe body has the ability to wrap itself around things. Aislinn often needs physical comfort after a vision, and so her petpet will be able to wrap itself around her body to bring that needed comfort.

If chose as Aislinn's new owner, she woudl reside on my main account, molly8972. I have one other side account, lil_loveable_devil, but I have not been able to access it since I came back from hiatus. I stupidly, as a child, put in a fake birthday when creating the account. Since the long period of inactivity, when I tried to sign in recently it prompted me for the birthday I did not know. I have contacted TNT and opened a support ticket and am waiting on a response.

Character Development

I want to delve more into Aislinn's history, where she grew up and how she came into her position in the Authority. I also want to expand more on her overarching role in the Authority as a whole and where she could take this role in the future.

World Development

Onus is huge, and combined with Friedlan, the world is even bigger. I have only loosely defined the regions and what they are, and so with more time I will be able to expand on each region and look at their state. I also want to create more governing bodies and interweave them with the Authority to see the network I can create. Finally I want to delve into the inner workings of Friedlan, and how the Authority has unseen power there. Ideally in the future a map will be created to showcase the regions and where they are placed.

Story Development

There is an overarching story arc that is currently in the works for Onus and Friedlan. It involves the corruption of the upper level of the Authority's power and the rise to power of the dark threat, the Reiopt. The vision that Aislinn had in the story I wrote above is the main spark at the beginning of the storyline, where she sees the Reiopt. The major plot will bring all characters I have created for this universe together in one mashup of epic proportions. Through this storyline Aislinn's story will unfurl and her journey towards her end will begin. I want Aislinn to interact with others on her journey and this is how I will do it.


I have always loved adoptables. I created a few previous sets in the past, but lost the original files and was unable to correctly recreate them. In the future I hope to create a set of adopts for Aislinn and trade with other owners to build a library of art.

About Me ↚ She depends on you, she depends on you ↛

As I have said before, my name is Molly! I am a senior in college, studying biomedical engineering. My hope is to break into the biotech field after graduation and work with stem cells. I spend too much of my time dancing, playing Overwatch, and balancing org duties to actually sleep. Some of my biggest passions are reading and drawing. My favorite books are the Lunar Chronicles, Graceling, and the Mediator Series by Meg Cabot. I have recently gotten into the Game of Thrones books as well after watching the series.

I am also a big fan of world building! This summer my friend and I embarked on a journey to build a world from scratch, that consisted of 5 planets all with different cultures and their relations with each other. The story we ended up outlining followed two boys and their relationship spanning 8 years. Needless to say 56 pages later, she and I were amazed at what we came up with!

Online I lurk a lot on the PC, BC, and NC boards. I have recently come back after a hiatus of about a year, as junior year was too hectic to devote the time and effort neopets took without compromising my studies. I love to chat and get feedback from fellow applicants on app chat boards. I am researching and participating in the food club. I hope to one day be able to design my own bets to my liking and earn money through calculation! Such an engineering thing to say right?

My Pets

Why Aislinn ↚ I'll go alone, and never speak of you again ↛

I have had thoughts of this design for a little seven years now when I applied for a different UC. Aislinn was my first true OC, developing her own thoughts in my head as cliche as that sounds. I have redesigned her multiple times, and I have brought her with me to many a site. As I began to flush out Onus and its world, I knew Aislinn had to play an integral part in it. I slowly interwove the world around her to create Onus as it stands today. When I saw that Pauciello was UFA, I knew that I had found the neopet that would embody Aislinn perfectly and decided to apply. Aislinn's character has grown so much since beginning Onus and I felt that it was finally time for her to have her own embodiment. I hope that you are able to see through this application why I love Aislinn so much!

Thanks↚ We depend on you ↛

Thank you so much for reading my application! I want to thank Audrey for putting the beautiful Pauciello UFA so I have a chance at attaining my dreams. This experience has been wonderful, and I have grown as a person and as a creator because of it. If you have any questions about the application or universe do not hesitate to nm me!

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