They say that there is an ancient force that surpasses all. It makes mountains quake. Seas roil. Storms brew. This ancient force has strength that is stronger than any pitiful human. This force has the most cunning and sharp mind of all humanity. It has speed that surpasses the cheetah. It whips through the air with the grace of a swan. This force can make volcanoes erupt from it's mouth. It gives the world life. Many people have tried to take this power for themselves. They have also tried to destroy it. But the force always prevails. This force is timeless, ageless in a world where time moves so quickly. This force is a deity

    This force is me.


    Hello molly8972, Cathy, or whomever there is left ( maybe that ancient force eh?) you have just read the introductory paragraph to this wonderful application for Vuudou!! I give thanks to Cathy who graciously put Vuu up for adoption. So start reading and I promise you will not be sorry!



About Quetzalcoatl


Name: Quetzalcoatl

Nickname: Vuu( called that affectionately, don't publicly call him that or be prepared to die)

His Royal Highness (called that by his "subjects")

Quetz/Cota (called that by close friends or relatives)

Un-changed name: Vuudou

Gender: Male

Age: timeless

Birthday: too old to remember, the day the Earth was born

Star Sign: does not concern self with something so trivial

Birthstone: though not into this, the blood red ruby is the prettiest so that will suffice

Species: Serpent God

Residency: The ruins of Sitauchotl in the mountains of Titautaxhan

Personality: selfish, self-centered,cruel,shameless,egotistic,jaunty(when happy),boastful, can actually be sympathetic (you will find out more about him as the story unfolds)

Bio: Quetz is a really standoffish and flamboyant character. He likes to make a show and leave everyone in awe. He loves when people wait on him but that is kind of hard to do when you live in the ruins of a city. He can get really emotional and can have mental breakdowns. Anything that reminds him of his mother or the God Massacre can set him off instantaneously. When having a breakdown, he kicks up a storm that.... well let's just say you do NOT want to be near him when he starts a storm. But usually he is very peaceful. He enjoys flying gracefully through the sky with his subreata. He plays with the clouds and the animals around them. He is a vegetarian for the most part because he gave up eating meat after the Massacre. But sometimes he gets wild cravings that he must sate.

Likes and Dislikes

-food: spicy chocolate from my close friend
-color: blood
-flower: bleh, can't stand the infernal things
-other random things:


• Water

• Locks and keys

• Screams

-color: PINK, and all other colors like it
-flower: ALL OF THEM
-other random things:


•kilts *shudder*




For Vuu's petpet I have chosen a kazeriu. This petpet will fit him very nicely. A kazeriu is looks like a gentle ribbon in the air, just like Vuudou. It can fly through the air as his companion, sharing in the joys of flight. She will be named Asrata after Vuu's mother. His mother died in a fight when he was born and he wanted to honor her by letting her fly with him all the time. After I save enough money I will be painting this kazeriu faerie. The faerie version of a kazeriu suits Vuu's personality much better. I am also formulating a species that Asrata will be a part of. They will be called Subreatas. This species is a companion species to the gods. A subreata will choose it's master, not the other way around. Once the subreata has chosen it will stay with it's master forever until killed or released. Asrata, being Vuudou's subreata will bond with him during his story.


For Vuu's customization I was thinking of incorporating the city as well as his beloved ruins into one background. This way I feel that the New Years Mystery Island Background would be perfect. I am currently searching for one on the nc mall boards. If I am chosen to be Vuudou's owner I will strive to have this background within the month. I have already found several people willing to trade but I must see what they are asking. I have chosen the pile of glowing skulls as a suitable accessory. It brings in the ruin element again with the skulls that the gods had.

I also have another alternative to this. It includes the Geraptiku background instead of the Mystery Island background. If you have any preference whatsoever you can nm me.


Chapter 1

The harsh noise bounces off the walls of the canyon and down to the ears of a little boy. Upon hearing the sound he looked uncertainly toward the mountain and then took off running. He ran through a village that consisted of ramshackle shacks and dilapidated stores. The signs were crooked but welcoming. Goats and dogs ran around the street while their owners leaned back in chairs taking it easy. It was just your ordinary rural town.

The little boy ran out of town and up to a house on a hill. It was nicer than the rest, crafted from smooth stone and roofed with tile. He quickly threw open the door and called out.


Yes sweet?" Came from a room in the house.

I have something to yell you." said the little boy slightly breathless.

Well then come here child."

The little boy walked through the house until he spotted his grandmother in her rocking chair by the -blocked- The woman had a slightly round back with wiry gray hair. Her eyes were strikingly blue, but they were heavy with experience and sorrow. The little boy walked into the room and stood in front of her.

Gramma I heard a screech coming from the mountains. It scared all the sheep."

The woman's eyes lit up at this statement.

Ahhhh... that must have been Quetzalcoatl."

Quetzmawhatza?" said the boy confusion on his face.

Quetzalcoatl boy. He is the fabled serpent god that lives in those mountains. he lives in the ruins of a great city which he claims as his palace. If you look closely you can sometimes see him gently gliding through the air in the mountains."

Gramma I wanna hear more about Quetzamaol or whatever. Do you know the legend?" the boy asked curiously, eagerly awaiting one of his grandmother's famous stories. He sat down in front of her getting comfortable.

Why it just so happens I do." said the old woman. " How does it start again? Oh yes I remember now. It all darted 1000 years ago on a dark, stormy night......"

Chapter 2

The wind raged through the city as the storm raged. Xipe, the supreme god had just found that his wife had been unfaithful. He had called upon a brutal storm to seek out the mother and child. The torrents of rain fell upon the citizens of the town. The storm spit out hail and snow from it's raging maw.The wind ripped through the alleyways and streets searching.

A dark clad figure hid in the shadows. She ducked into a doorway as the wind passed. Once gone she ran. The torrents beat down on her back. She cringed trying to keep the bundle she was holding warm. The woman ran across the street and made it under the archway of the High Temple just as a flash of lightning lit up the sky, showing a form wheeling just above the city. She crept slowly into the temple heading toward the altar. The high arching ceiling and the many candles cast an eery glow around the temple as another flash of lighting sounded. As she reached the altar she unwrapped her bundle.

There within the folds of the blanket was a child. The child had a shock of auburn hair with hints of blonde. He was sleeping peacefully, unaware of his surroundings. The woman knew that those eyes he was hiding were just like her fathers. The markings on his face were characteristic of his father. His face had defined planes even as a child. She knew that this child would grow up to be the most powerful god that has ever lived. She kissed him on the forehead setting him down on the altar. She could not allow her baby to die. Rem if she had to the child mist live. The woman tool a last glance at the child sleeping peacefully.

Be good my little Quetzalcoatl" she whispered.

Then she walked out into the storm.

The scream that was uttered can be heard ringing through the mountains to this day.

Chapter 3

What happened to the momma Grammy?"

She went to a better place honny. Now shush so I can tell the story."

Time passed. Qutzalcoatl grew up strong and healthy under the watchful eye of the High Priest. He knew of Quetzalcoatl's heritage and made sure that he was adequately disguised or hidden when a god came.

Quetzalcoatl was put through extensive training to tone his muscles and he dabbled in magic pursuing his heritage. He felt more empowered that ever.

One day the High Priest took him from where he was training.

Come little one. I must take you somewhere."

Quetzalcoatl followed along complacently. He was dry intrigued by this prospect. His daily routine was always the same except for the occasional god visit. The Priest had told him a couple years ago of the origins of his birth. He now more diligently hid from the gods, afraid that they would take him away from his blissful life.

They approached an ornate gate. It was unscripted with runes and symbols. They had walked down a secluded path out of the city into a dark forest. It was dank and dark but slowly lit up as if lit by some mysterious fore. He occasionally caught a glimpse of a small animal like creature flitting through the trees but other than that, nothing. Once thy reached the gate the Priest said,

I cannot pass any farther but go in and you will know what to do."

Quetzalcoatl hesitated but with urging passed through the gate. He didn't feel anything strange. He hesitantly touched something. Maybe there was a trap? Nothing. Nothing happened. Quetzalcoatl smirked and leaned back. This place didn't scare him.

Then there was a burst of light. He saw tons of glowing creatures flying about. There were big ones, small ones, fat ones, skinny ones, black ones, blue ones, every kind under the sun. They barely noticed him, minding their own business. He was so dazed that he did not see one approaching him. It glided around him languidly inspecting him.

She must have liked him because she took a long like of his face and wrapped herself around his neck. Quetzalcoatl was grossed out and amazed at the same time. He liked this little creature. She had a furry personality and decided, if she would let him, to keep her. He walked out of the gate to to where the High priest was standing.

Looks like I have a stowaway now" Quetzalcoatl laughed.

About Me

This is that forever boring about me section, so welcome!


I lurk a lot on the pound, BC, and NC mall boards. I love the aspect of customization, though I haven't realized my full potential for it yet. I love to be on the app chat boards and following the conversation. I used to be more talkative and still am when people I know are on. But if they are not I am hard pressed to join in the chat. I like looking at what people are offering on which pet so I have a good idea about the current value of certain pets. I am also part of an art guild called Artacular. It is a fun conglomeration of artists that can talk about almost anything. I enjoy their company. But other than that I have a relatively normal neo life. I have one other account, lil_loveable_devil. Vuudou will be living on this side.


Off neopets, I live the quintessential life of a college student (aka sleep deprived and living off of crappy food.) I am going to be a sophomore next year, studying biomedical engineering while balancing hobbies like dancing, swimming and community service. I also love drawing and reading. I usually do NOT like drawing on the computer but I am currently trying to learn how to do it. My favorite author as of yet would have to be Kristin Cashore, author of Graceling while Cassandra Clare, Meg Cabot, and Sophie Kinsella come in close on her heels.

The Why's

Why me

Better start with the hardest question first. I really never know what to say at this point. I mean there is always that customary( if not annoying) " I'll feed and love my pets!!" as if we users don't do that already. So I really don't know what to say that will make you choose me. It's sort of intuition ya know? But I do have one thing to say. If you choose me then I will definitely try and accomplish all my goals as timely as possible. I will also make sure that I keep adding to Vuu's story ( feel free to hunt me down if I don't.) I hope that have seen my dedication and sincere intentions through this app.

Why Vuu

This is a nice question to ask. I will say that he has been my dreamie forever. At first when I got on neopets they had the old style. I had always admired all the royals and draiks but what really caught my eye were the plushies. Not just any plush either. The plushie hissi was the first plushie that I had ever fallen in love with. Sure the wocky comes next, then the ixi, but the first one is what counts right? I even remember one instance where I went through a database of neopets and found all the plushie hissis and looked to see if they were even UFT. I was willing to waste all my money to get a plushie hissi. But I persevered, never lost the dream, and now here I am!!

Why the design

This question is probably the easiest of the three why questions. I'll tell you why I chose this design. I have always been fascinated by Aztec and Mayan culture since I played a Carmen Sandiego video game where you had to travel back in time to meet the people to solve a mystery. I love their architectural style and their gods are fascinating to learn about. Quetzalcoatl is actually the ruler over all the gods in their mythology. He is part snake( thus a hissi! I am a genius aren't I?) and he wears feathers and jewels. I based Vuu's character off of the prestigious Quetzalcoatl to pay tribute to my love of ancient culture and to pay tribute to the awesomeness status of a plushie hissi.


1. Zapping or trading?
Never! I am obsessed with Vuu's story and concept as well as his paint job. He makes me fall in love with him every time I look at him. And zapping? Preposterous idea.
2. Drawing
I know there is not alot of art from me up for Vuu. I know its sad. But I am a hand drawer and I also have school so it is kinda hard to get art up. But I promise that if I am chosen there will be at least 3 pieces more than the current amount up within the first month of me having him. I will try my hardest.
3. Beauty Contest
I have never entered the beauty contest, but have been meaning to for a while. I just feel that my art is not at a good enough stage yet to put something up for the general public, though since I am learning to draw on the computer, entering may start sooner rather than later..
4. Petpage
With the adoption of Vuudou I would make the petpage that everyone envies! I am working on my coding and I will work as hard as I can to make it to the best of my abilities.
5. Battledome
I have recently become obsessed with the idea of the battledome. Since its revamp, as it has become more interactive and easier to use, I have begun to train some pets to compete. I am nowhere near being close
6. Adoptables
I have an old set of adoptables that are so bad I have decided to not even put them up. I am also currently working on to sets, an anthro and a quad set. So pretty soon there should be some adoptables up for Vuudou.


 photo Quetz_zpsd9fd66c6.jpg


Well that is my application! I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading about Quetz ( I am sure that he was happy!) thanks again to Cathy for putting Vuudou up for application. This was a very fun and enlightening experience for me. I feel very privileged that I got to apply for a dreamie of mine. Thanks for reading! Oh and pandas and doughnuts are supreme!

Template from That Kills Me. PNG from Details. Background from Silent Serenity.

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