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Analytical cubism was a movement started by such artists as Picasso and Braque in the early twentieth century. The fundamental theory behind it is that the eye is NOT at all like the roll of film in the back of the camera; it is constantly moving, changing position as it and the brain work to "take in" information. The analytical cubists deliberately toned down on colour in order to focus on the forms... and they tried to show multiple viewpoints in their work, flattening out the forms into basic shapes as well as expressing empty space as a solid form. In short, cubism is a rejection of linear perspective - a rejection of, in their opinion, the mindless and tedious exact-recording that is realism, the concepts and techniques developed during the renaissance.

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October 8, 2007

The Birds and the Bees
And the Piano Keys...

Abstract, because I was kind of uninspired otherwise. These holidays were boring. Might have had something to do with my Viola being at the repairs and the Piano-tuner (long overdue for a visit) not coming until the week after school starts.

I still can't decide whether realism is holding me back... or if it's my greatest skill. Perhaps both. BUt after visiting the Guggenheim exhibition on modern art, I got all inspireded'd, and abstract is real fun too.

I wanted it to look a little calmer than this, but as I spent a lot of time drawing it while watching a DVD of "Snakes on a Plane" (terrible movie, don't watch it, it isn't really very good at being scary in any subtle way) or else watching Dad play BioShock (great game, it's got a wonderfully eerie atmosphere), I suppose a bit of the fear crept in to it, or something along the lines.

September 9, 2007

HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY MS JOHNSTON!! *grins maniacally*

Myes. This 10 x 12 inch canvas was a birthday present for my orchestral teacher, Ms Johnston, who rocks. And is a catlover. I'm pleased to say she really, really liked it.

And the gloss varnish I put on it makes it look all dark and vivid and shiny and although it was only painted in acrylics it looks almost like an oil painting with the slick shininess. Lol, I'm glad I got it finished on time, though; I only started it in work experience week so I had about four weeks to get it done, in between practising for my music exams. I think I did well.

The violin was probably quite a bit harder than the cheetah. Even now the strings don't quite match up. But that would have taken ages to do properly... and at a glance they look all right, right?

The scroll (somewhat decorative part of the violin where the pegs go) was pretty tough too. But I'm glad I didn't need to use any photo references for it; I just copied from my own viola's scroll. And speaking of violas... Heh, this violin looks pretty big in comparison to the cat, kinda bigger than yer average violin should be. Oh well. Ms Johnston plays viola as well as violin, so it's all good.

The most fun part might have been adding the finishing touches to the face... playing around with scratchy, whiskery textures on a canvas is great fun; I got my coarse goat-hair brush and went nuts. It all looks way better in real life though - then you can see the texture of the paint itself too. And the red in the background does NOT look like blood and gore in real life the way it does in this here photo, lol.

June 28, 2007

Jack West and his faithful falcon Horus. Done w/ tablet in PSP7.

This weekend I went to an exhibition of Australian Impressionism, and I got inspired'd to draw a human subject once more.

Just because most people here wouldn't have read Matthew Reilly books... Jack West is an Aussie who leads a team of small nations to basically save the world, yo. The book's called Seven Ancient Wonders, and the team of ten people have like a week to find all seven pieces of the Golden Capstone (which are left in the remains of the Seven Ancient Wonders protected by like a million million traps), while at the same time the big bad countries like America are on their tails and picking off their puny ten-man team one by one. Oh and the big countries have heaps bigger budgets too.

This was meant to be a quick thing... but then I hit difficulty with the background and had to spend much longer than I thought on it. The bg was originally going to be a stormy haze with debris blowing about in the wind, but now it's like a cave or something. And there's nothing like a change of background to change the lighting of one's subjects. Which is in any case very confused in this picture. Arrgh.

But lookit the pretty bird! I'm so chicken when it comes to drawing faces. I didn't /really/ intend the falcon to go up in front of West's face, but it just happened. *cough*.

As for Jack West himself - when his hair was described, they didn't actually say his hair was black. It was dark. Which is totally different cause it means like dark brown, but not quite black. But not quite brown either. sorta inbetween. Ok shaddup, I just like drawing brown hair better than black. And my hair's brown too. Brown hair RULES.

That prosthetic limb was hard to render... silver and black and white with pipes and things here and there =/ (oh yeah, forgot to mention in my summary, Westie lost half his left arm because it went through molten lava ten years prior to the story)

June 27, 2007

Demonstrated the use of layers to my aunties and uncles. This was meant to be really cruddy, just for use in showing them how layers work, but it actually didn't turn out half bad. So after they were gone I opened it up again and finished it off.

Demi-wolf" is a term I got from Shakespeare's Macbeth... it's basically a dog that's got one wolf parent, making it half a wolf. I say this because this scrappy drawing needs an excuse not to be called the proper depiction of a proper wolf, lol.

All textures from my own stock. I resent having to use other peoples' stuff in my work... just makes it seem less... well-earned? Meh.

June 25, 2007

Done almost completely in MS paint, animated by animation shop. A tiny forerunner to a much bigger project on my "to do before you die" list, which is: animate Tchaikovsky.

June 11, 2007

My illustration... all right, fanart... of the scene at the end of the book Ice Station by Matthew Reilly. In it, the "alien space ship" *coughfighterjetprototypefrompreviousdeca descough* called The Silhouette bursts through the top of a newly-formed Antarctic iceberg with Lieutenant "Scarecrow" Schofield driving at the helm.

Hopefully I haven't spoiled you too much... you gotta go read that book if you haven't. I gave it a eleven thousand out of ten. I never knew a place so desolate as Antarctica could be made to host such an awesome action-packed thriller - though the line, "he was dead before he hit the ground", was pretty cheesy in that it got repeated like three times.

Well, I took a few liberties with the scene here. I'm not used to drawing machines or planes and stuff, but it sure was fun for a first time. The Silhouette is meant to look like a praying mantis by virtue of its hooked, concord-esque nose - but I also added the clawlike forelimbs as its machine-guns, else it would have just looked like a wierd flying goose or something. The southern lights (Aurora Australis) were another addition of mine... they weren't mentioned in the book but they're a pretty common sight in Antarctica's period of perpetual twilight.

If you look carefully, you'll probably be able to find the only constellation I really know by heart - the southern cross! (the equivalent of the North Star, but for navigators in the Southern Hemisphere. Also features on the Australian and New Zealand flags). Should be pretty easy to find there...

May 27, 2007

The title was after the scientific name of the Arctic Fox, "Alopex Lagopus", which happens to mean "hare-footed fox".

First of me friend at school, Lydia's, requests. Done with coloured pencils on coloured (grey) paper, but the real thing looks a lot better. I'd been collecting reference pictures of red and arctic foxes for quite a while, but then on Friday I thought that it was high time I actually started drawing it. And so it got finished all right.

Hmm, looks a bit gloomy.. yeah, as a skiing enthusiast, muddy snow is probably the saddest sight I've seen. Because it either means that the snow's melting into the ground or else that someone's dog has decided to take a dump on that patch of otherwise pristine, sparkling pure whiteness. Eh, in this case, it's the former. I hope. But the contrast with patches of snow and fuzzy bits of dark grass sticking out was fun - a bit like the spots on a dalmation, almost.

The other request Lydia made was a red fox, which'll be done on ochrey-orangey coloured paper.

May 19, 2007

Piggybacks rule. I could never get tired of 'em.

More Harry Potter fanart!

So, one day, Prongs is like, "Hey kid, you can keep my secret, right?", and Harry's like, "*incomprehensible babble*", and Prongs is like *shrug*... *transform*

Yays for symbolism. The window with the curtains pulled back = revelation of something (Prongs' animagus form). Then because the composition required it, I added a spindly-legged table, which I just stole from Dumbledore's office. But the flowers in the vase are meant to be lilies, and the jar itself has a water-lily painted on it (or supposed to be... I stuffed). A clock for how temporary all this stuff at Godric's Hollow is... and that's about it.

It gave me a headache trying to draw those antlers, trying to grapple with the unusual angle while still trying to make them look grand, so I just made them in the stages when they're half-developed and covered in velvet. Heh. So when Jame's has finished growing his antlers, they'd be about a million times nicer than this.

And this is what I imagined Prongs to look like, and it's funny how much the physical description matches a stag.

- long, thin face
- scrawny legs with knobbly knees
- dark hair that sticks up at the back (red deer can have manes... shaggy ones at that)
- his spectacle markings fit so easily with the normal stag markings of white circle patches around the eyes

In addition, Harry, who doubtless inherited some of James' traits, has a tendency to "jump" when startled, and stags can be powerful enough to leap almost two metres in the air. He's also fast at sprinting, even with a fractured leg (!!).

And yerse. In the wizard universe, even infants have hoods attached to their clothing. Why? Because they can.

I'm loving this biro. I must have forgotten just how fun it is to work with this kind of medium. It's so fun because you can render really minute detail... and I'm a sucker for minute detail. It's just bad that you can't really erase biro though... so if you go too dark in some places you can't correct that mistake.

May 1, 2007

As I've mentioned many, many times before... I don't like drawing human faces at all. So this is practise to make it all less painful.

Lily Potter, fleeing Voldemort while (why not?) riding James "Prongs" Potter. I really wanted to see why it would be important that James could turn into a stag... it's not like James in that stag form has been used much at all in the series, and this is what I thought could make it useful.

Lily must be injured in the legs or something... and in an un-apparatable area... and in a place where it wouldn't leak out that her husband is an illegal animagus... but not injured enough to stop her twisting around in the saddle and aiming hexes at the pursuer... nyeah.

April 22, 2007

Buckbeak the Hippogriff and Sirius ('s hands), and the extra-bright star in the sky is a Sirius too :P or meant to be. I'm not an astrologer... I can't determine the exact positioning of star constellations and such, obviously.

Yah, yah, I know the composition is really plain and the side profile view is so totally overused, but still, I'm pretty proud of the result :o Basically at the end of the third book, Harry travels back in time three hours to rescue Buckbeak from his beheading and hand him to Sirius as a means of escape. I found it interesting the first time I read it that Harry tied the rope buckbeak was tethered with around on the other side of his collar like reins... I dunno why I did, just did.

Uh-huh, and the collar looks more like a belt. Shaddup.

I'm particularly proud of those hands - sorry Sirius, no manacures in Azkaban. Drawing people isn't my strong point, so I used my power of laziness to have most of him off-screen. Take that, human anatomy. But I think the hands are a bit too small anyway... bah, just pretend they aren't, and it'll all be right and well. Peaceful.

That rope in Beaky's mouth really bothered me, and the fact that Hippogriffs don't have lips and that the rope didn't come with a bit attached, didn't help. Eh... I still don't think it's quite right. But at least it looks kinda fantasy-y if things don't look quite right. *cough*

I think I overdid my shading of that orange eye, making it stand out just a bit too much... but other than that, I really like how the eye turned out. Really.

And one last thing -- those ears are like horse ears with feathers covering them. Buckbeak just didn't look like what I'd imagined if I didn't put pointed ears of some sort on it, but no eagle photo I could find actually had them, so I used a pony's (after all, according to legend a hippogriff is what you get when griffins are mated with horses). I've just noticed that a lot of people put long pointed ears more on the sides of a griffin/hippogriff's head, and that's fine, I'm just telling you so you can't tell me off for my ones being anatomically incorrect (which, on second thoughts, is crazy because legendary animals have no fixed right and wrong in anatomy anyway. Uh-huh.).

March 30, 2007

Synaesthesia: in short, a crossing over of the senses. I knew someone who had the sensation of seeing a colour when she heard chords being played... more info here:


(I wanted the Viola to produce images as well as sound... because now I can describe the sound with images, rather than words)

(and if you're interested, yeah that background really did come from old Viola music - four movements by Henry Eccles)

He plays the Viola because I play the Viola and I like the Viola and I think the Viola totally rawks the much-too-overrated Violin. For those who don't know, Violas are very similar to Violins except they're about two inches bigger, and are tuned a fifth lower (they have a C string at the bottom rather than an E string at the top, so the strings go C-G-D-A rather than G-D-A-E for the Violin). It's also slightly physically harder to play than the Violin due to the increased size... vibrato needs to be more agressive, fingers are spaced slightly further apart, and so on. Oh, and it's one of the few instruments that use the Alto Clef :D

March 25, 2007

Yup, more HP fan art. But it's more of a landscapey painting... so I put it in that category. I wanted the cliff and the trees behind to be huge and imposing, making the fox look insignificant by comparison. And easily overlooked. He (or she)'s been silhouetted for a dramatic and somewhat cliche "mysterious" effect.

I've been pretty excited about a clue that there'll be a fox animagus coming in the next - and final - Harry Potter book. Bellatrix Lestrange kills a fox at the start of HBP, then comments that she had "thought [it was] perhaps an Auror", which would either mean that Bellatrix is blind and can't tell the difference between a fox and a human, OR Bellatrix knows there is an auror out there who can turn into a fox!

It's great. Fox would be an awesome creature to turn into and animagus forms always say something about the witch or wizard's personality. So now I'm just narrowing down the suspects list to who this could be...

Short version: Williamson is the most likely.

Long version:


Here's a list of the Aurors we've met so far:

- Dawlish
- Alastor "Mad-eye" Moody
- Kingsley Shacklebolt
- Nymphadora Tonks
- Williamson, AKA "the scarlet robed wizard with a long ponytail"
- Unnamed witch with an eyepatch

This much we know:

1. Bellatrix had to walk up to and nudge the dead fox with her foot in order to see that it was just a fox. Therefore, it's unlikely that it'll be someone who's missing limbs or eyes or has anything else especially distinctive about them... so that rules out Mad-eye moody and (to a lesser extent) the witch with an eyepatch.

2. Can't be Tonks because she's only been an auror for like a year or so, which doesn't give much time for learning to be an animagus. Though, I admit it would be cute that she'd adopt a canine form and accompany Lupin on a stroll around the full moon... but it just doesn't seem likely given the puny amount of time she has to spare

3. Kinglsey Shacklebolt is continually described as slow and calm, and has never been given any characteristics that could resemble a fox's. And neither is Dawlish; he's come across as a bit thick when it comes to decision-making. So that's them off the list.

So all we're left with is... Williamson! :D He saw Voldemort in person on the night the prophecy smashed, and his description does vaguely fit the picture.

Williamson was last seen heading to the department of mysteries with Dawlish, to collect the trapped Death Eaters for Fudge. And the next time we hear of Dawlish, he's in the Order of the Phoenix! He might even have become a member that same night, when he was in a room with about five order members, five kids from the DA and nine subdued Death Eaters. If so, then it follows that Williamson might be a member of the Order of the Phoenix too.

And now this is stretching it just a tad, but at the start of HBP, Tonks gives us three names of people who were helping guard Hogwarts; "Proudfoot, Savage and Dawlish". What struck me the first time was how much Proudfoot sounded like Padfoot... and whether it could be a nickname used for similar purposes. By another canine animagus.


Back to the painting itself... it almost became a study on trees. I think I made the forest too lush... looks almost tropical, but for the pine trees. Ooohh and I just realised, it almost looks like there's a huge shadow of a fox inbetween the trees when I zoom out - purely coincidental, but still cool :D

Probably the saddest thing about this piece though was that it took over an hour just to add a border and think of a name for it. lol. Maybe my creativity ran out at the end of it.

March 10, 2007

Yeah... I know there are already about 879982435698498 images of wolves on the internet. But I'm starting to really like canine anatomy... and it's the first time I used my tablet to do really detailed fur (something I've been dying to try out for a long time now).

Marcius Prachemande might just be my first character that I actually draw more than once... he's been really prolific in the margins of my maths exercise book as of late. Prache is a performer in the opera (which one is unspecified... lets just say all of them), and he is prone to overreacting. Very prone. And melodramatic. Well, that's what made him such a strong performer I guess xD

Those markings on his face look messy because they are... they're just face-paint, based on beijing opera masks, which he changes from performance to performance. And the blood splatter on his tail is just tomato sauce x) He spilled some on his shiny blue vest too if you look closely... I guess Prachemande's mama's not going to be pleased...

March 6, 2007

Done in about... an hour? Two? The sky was black by the time I finished it.

Yup, this is what the sunset looks like from my bedroom -blocked- After three spectacular sunsets that I could barely get an adequate photo of, due to the sunset ending just before I can locate the camera in amongst the other stuff in my cupboard, I just shrugged and did a speed painting today. Kinda scrappy, but hey, pretty colours.

The most annoying thing was that computer screens do not seem to possess the right shade of luminous, salmony orange. I mean honestly... I could see all the available shades of orange on my screen, then I'd look over my shoulder and try to match one with the spectacular hue drifting through my window, and it just wasn't there. Bah!

February 2, 2007

Grumpyface! :D A doodle done in under two hours, the reason why it's so scrappy on the details :P but I like the way it looks zoomed out... oh and those dark shapes near the bottom are supposed to be buildings.

December 27, 2006

Boo yah! This new tablet is /awesome/. It would have taken over a week with a mouse, but it only took some 6 1/2 hours and it was loads of fun.

Each aboriginal tribe has a completely different name for the rainbow serpent, but the community that lived in the Katherine Gorges called their ancestral monster Bolung. From the few stories I've heard, he doesn't sound like a very nice guy. He has a tendency to go on massacres if he gets woken up by a loud noise, such as when babies cry too loudly or someone cooks their food in the improper way (with the fire making explosive popping sounds).

Well, I loved the Katherine Gorges - probably my favourite part of my school camp. AND I'll take any excuse to shade sandstone, it's one of the few rock types that I can actually draw properly xP The triple rainbow was fun too (and yes, it is possible for three rainbows to appear in the sky at once, it's just that the one on top and the one on the bottom will be much, much fainter than the main rainbow and they're usually not noticed. Oh, and they're inverted too.)

December 21, 2006

My first ever comission :D Squee!!

About five birds or more donated their anatomy to this emerald phoenix :3 The long tail feathers came from the superb lyrebird as well as the usual peacock for the ends. Theres also the bird of paradise's tail fluffiness and the orby-looking things come from swans. Wing shape from the pheasant, and the overall body shape just came from more modernish phoenixes.

The only thing she said was that she wanted it colourful, and when asked to elaborate, she said she wanted something with green. Heh, well, I hope it isn't too black :P My original plan had a more... eyeblinding background.

Took about 2 1/2 weeks, Acrylic paints on an 18" x 14" canvas

June 1, 2006

Zmey Gorynych, Slovenian dragon.
It was a request from a friend at school :D It's really grubby because I did it during English on the back of one of my Maths sheets.

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