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These screenies mostly capture unusual happenings around Neopia, starting from around 2004! Get comfy, and enjoy the oldness and weirdness. Screenies are in chronological order, with newest screenies appearing at the bottom. Have fun!

Last Update - April 15, 2018

Why, I'd take a Green Apple over a Mootix anytime!

So tiny...

Yay for filters!
Seriously, anything like this is a scam. Don't be tricked!

For Cee. x3

They were all the same. o_O

Something funky?

Silver Dice-A-Roo? Looks more like a broken image to me.


I was over a month late. xD

Nothing has happened!

Okay, blank 'Something has happened!'s are one thing.. but this?

LyK3 H0w do u gET TH47 avap0Tat0mato3?!1

Nuuu!! I didn't know that could happen. o.O

Uhh ... what?

The backslash in the corner... It bothered me. o.o

What's the difference between 1 year and 12 months?

Eep. o_O

I don't quite remember putting that in my shop...

Why are you so sad to see me?

Well.. what is it?

That doesn't look like 'none' to me.

Username glitch of DOOM.

Dupe Day. July 25th, 2005.
Various expensive items were illegally duplicated and given away to users. Lots of chaos. But that's all fixed now.

I'd love to. I never liked my fear, anyway.

Oh! I know! It's a broken image!

Gah! No more Half Eaten Glowing Jellies for you!

What happened to my post? o_O

I don't blame you, Stardust. I really don't. xD

Do these count toward the packrat avatar? o.O

Slorgs have feelings too! .. And they smile when they growl.

No such thing?! This really is ending in tears!

Whoa, what happened to that board?

So, just what happened to that last mystery pic? o.O

Do you see something wrong with this?
(It turns out I just forgot to end my image tag xD)

Two Ghost Snowbunny TCG Cards. One broken image.

Jelly? Looks like it's Glowing to me ... Glowing Jelly, perhaps? o_O

The chia is always greener on the other side... of the lab ray.

The same person bought from my shop four months later! o:

I put a "feeze" on Kasuki Lu? I wonder what that feels like.

Grundos now come in an unknown color. How... mysterious~

Pound surfing from the future!

... And then? Oh, the suspense! D:

A truly invisible pet.

Well, if he says he's a Uni...

Why is there an "s" at the end of my pet's name?

Lab ray, staaahp...

Hmm... There's something not quite right about that high score.

And... there's also something not quite right about my score.

Step aside, unknown grundos. Petpets now come in FOUR unknown colors!

Yes, let me go and admire my nothings~

This springy draik has no type!

Same with this springy kacheek! What is it about these springy toys?

Invisible food is pretty tasty!

I am okay with this.

Nooo! Not a The Pant Devil!

The return of none!

Well... fine! 3:


Does this make up for those nothings I won earlier?

That is beyond sold out.

But the red one is SPECIAL!

I don't think that's what that is. Even in German.

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by! :3
You can link to me, if you want. xD


Thank you so much! ^^

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