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Tap tap tap.

After a few short moments of standing at the door, it swings open almost silently. Startled, you jump a little, surprised to have been met at the door by what seems to be a middle-aged man with dark grey hair and piercing pink eyes. You attempt a smile, and the man at the door smiles warmly back at you, his eyes curious.

Ah - oh - I'm here - here to see Mrs. Powell?

Of course you are. She's not here right now, but she should be home soon. Would you like to come in?

This is your first hint that something about this man is not quite right. His lips didn't move once as he said that, but you quite clearly heard his voice in your head. As he steps back from the door, opening it wider and gesturing inside, you hesitate. Again, he smiles warmly, reassuringly.

It's okay, I don't bite. Would you like some tea, or a coffee? I just brewed some fresh filter coffee.

Oh, it can't hurt to step inside, can it? You take a step into the house, and are immediately engulfed in warmth: you hadn't realised just how cold it was outside, and suddenly your big coat is unnecessary.

Let me take that for you.

Oh - you don't have to - I'm only here for a short while - it's okay -

No, no, I insist. The living room is through there, please make yourself comfortable. You haven't said if you'd like tea or coffee?

And he still hasn't moved his lips!I - ah - coffee sounds wonderful.

You do as he says, meandering into the living room and picking a comfortable arm chair to sit in. There are three sofas as well as another two arm chairs, not to mention two coffee tables and a massive piano in the corner. This house is certainly a lot more grand than it appeared from the outside. There are paintings on the wall, although some of them look like they've been done by younger children; perhaps that would account for the sheer size of this living room, which opens onto the kitchen behind you. You can hear the man moving mugs and coffee pots about, running water and gathering sugar and milk; what is he, the butler? You find your hands are restless and you fidget a little, sitting forward in your seat as the man comes through, placing a tray of mugs and a pot on the coffee table nearest.

How do you take your coffee? I apologise that Exha isn't here right now. She usually finishes work at around five, but sometimes she's a little later. And - you'll have to forgive me, the children will be home soon. He offers an apologetic smile as he pours a cup of coffee for you, offering a spoon and gesturing to the sugar and milk.It gets a lot louder around here when the children are home... Don't say I didn't warn you.

He settles back with his own drink, seemingly content with silence between them, and holds it to his chest, obviously savouring the warmth feeding through his hands. For a moment, you stay quiet too, but soon enough the curiousity burns right into your brain and you burst out -I'm sorry, I'm garinawk, what's your name?

Lunuhr Powell, he smiles, leaning forward to offer a hand. You take it; so this is Exha's husband?It's a pleasure to meet you.

You - you're -

Yes, I'm Exha's husband. Am I not what you expected? He chuckles a little.Nobody ever expects her to have married someone like me. Even I didn't, to be honest. But I'm rabbitting on about nothing - you probably don't want to know about silly old me.

Actually - well, you said - Mrs. Powell's not going to be home until five thirty or so? I didn't realise she'd be back so late. Why don't you tell me more about you whilst I'm waiting?

Oh, he moans lightly, feigning pain,You've twisted my arm. Very well, what would you like to know?

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Full Name: Lunuhr Powell
Gender: Male
Age: Around 850 years old
Appears: About 6 (canine) or 45 (human)
Birthdate: August 7th

Species: Lupe
Painted: Grey
Homeland: He can't remember
Current home: New York City
Secondary home: Shukumei

Stature: Tall, lanky, very slim
Appearance: Scruffy and unkempt
Personality: Quiet, solitary, family-driven

Siblings: Lunuhris
Love: Exha
Children: Lurenuu, Tanginello, Mortivern, Moravera, Mokhee, Kiohmo, Lexuna and Ruexo
Miscellaneous: Lunuhr is ageless, but not immortal. He speaks using mind-speech: he communicates by placing his thoughts into other peoples' minds, except on rare occasions when he speaks normally. He has an English accent, even when speaking using his thoughts.

Lunuhr also has power over mist. In his canine form, mist emanates from his paws wherever he places them on the ground, and he can use his mind to create and evaporate mist whenever and wherever he pleases. In his human form, he can still do this but to a lesser extent; there is too much pollution in the city. Mist does not emanate from his hands or feet when he is in his human form, either.

Physical Appearance

For the most part, Lunuhr's human and canine forms have overlapping appearance values. In each form, he is extraordinarily tall - standing at about 6'3" in his human form, and 37" in his canine form - and also very slim, almost to the point where he appears malnourished. Don't let this fool you, however: he is extremely strong, although he doesn't display it often. He has had cause to pull Mortivern out of fights before, and often does this by grabbing him around the waist and lifting him off the other person, much to the amusement of others watching.

As a canine, Lunuhr always appears submissive: his ears lay almost flat on his head, he carries his head low and often has a hunched back with his tail either low or between his legs. He has very scruffy, often matted fur as a result of not keeping it clean and groomed, and an apologetic look on his face at all times. For the most part, he is just dark grey, but under his right eye is a blue triangle, which glows softly at night. The moon has an interesting affect on the marking; as the moon becomes fuller, the mark glows more, but nobody has ever seen any other difference in his personality or abilities that are tied to the moon.

Lunuhr's human shoulders are broader than you might expect for such an underweight man. He keeps himself clean-shaven (which you might find odd, considering he doesn't keep his canine form well groomed) but the hair on his head - again, dark grey - is always scruffy, as though he doesn't ever bother to run a comb through it. This can irritate Exha, and she makes attempts to tame it, but somehow it remains as scruffy as it ever was. His fingers are unusually long, and he claims that it's this feature that has allowed Vera to excel at the piano (obviously his genes played a part in that). Otherwise, however, Lunuhr appears to be in perfect proportion for a man of his size, albeit a very slim man. Under his right eye is a faint blue triangle, barely visible except in some lights. This glows as the moon grows, too, but nowhere near as much as the one he has in his canine form.

In both forms, Lunuhr's eyes are a bright, piercing pink. It's especially noticeable in his canine form how bright they are when they are offset by the dark grey of his fur. They appear apologetic to go with the rest of his appearance in his canine form, but always bright and alert. More than the rest of his appearance, Lunuhr's eyes betray his emotions, making the phrase "I can read you like a book" seem more applicable than usual.

Personality Description

As a background to Lunuhr's character, you should know that he is one of a pair: his sister, Lunuhris, is more than just a sister, she is his twin and one half of his existence. For eight hundred years they only had each other for company, and are closer than you could imagine. But there is one defining difference: Lunuhris is an immortal and will never die unless killed by another immortal, whilst Lunuhr will, one day, die a natural death.

You might think, therefore, that he has a happy-go-lucky, enjoy life whilst you have it type of attitude. But he loves his sister so dearly that it thoroughly depresses him to think that she will, one day, have to live on without him. Couple that with the fact that Lunuhr is ageless and could potentially live for thousands more years but his family will not - this is a reality that he must face every day, that one day his family will be gone and he will be left - Lunuhr's life is ruled by the idea that one day, everything he ever held dear will be gone. It's a huge burden to have on his shoulders and sometimes it becomes too much for him, and he withdraws into himself for days on end, speaking to no-one.

Despite this, though, Lunuhr is a true family man. He loves Exha and their children more than anything else in the world - even more than Lunuhris, if at all possible. Whilst Exha goes out to work every day, he stays at home with the children and the house, working as the quintessential new-age man. He has never held a job in his life - it would probably be quite awkward for him to get one, in fact, as he doesn't have any sort of official documentation, and it would be difficult for him to try to explain he's over eight hundred years old. But that's okay for him.

Lunuhr enjoys cooking for his family, and each evening he prepares a meal for everyone. He uses this time to catch up with them all, talking about their days, what happened at school and work and so on, and has oddly appropriate responses regardless of what he hears. Unlike his headstrong wife, Lunuhr is a lot more calm with the children, and acts as the voice of reason: where Exha fires up and can be wont to losing her temper, Lunuhr takes a step back and reasons with the children, trying to work through it with them. He appreciates that each child has a different path to pursue in life and wholeheartedly supports them, even if he doesn't agree with their chosen way of life. Thanks to this, Lunuhr has often been the parent that the children go to with their admissions of wrongdoing. Whilst he scolds them, and sometimes passes them on to Exha if it is appropriate, Lunuhr is a lot more forgiving than his wife.

Although he shouldn't have favourites, it would be hard for Lunuhr to deny that he loves his daughters more than his sons. Whilst he is particularly fond of Lurenu, Lunuhr has always been partial to the girls, and often spoils them without realising, letting them off the hook more easily than the boys. Not that he doesn't treat them equally, generally: each of them receives individual treatment, it's just that the girls can twist his arm a lot more easily than the boys.

Despite this, he will always back Exha up in front of the children. Exha doesn't necessarily agree with some of their lifestyles - for example, she wishes that Mokhee appeared more feminine - and when together, Lunuhr will murmur agreement. In private, though, he is liable to disagree, conceding again that it's up to Mo whether she wants to wear dresses like her sisters or not. This isn't always the case - sometimes Lunuhr does agree wholeheartedly with Exha - but he never presents that when standing next to her, partly because he wants the children to see their parents as being a unified front and - as ashamed as he is to admit this - partly to avoid arguments. He is not an argumentative sort and whilst he doesn't like stepping in to break one up, he will do it if others in the room are becoming restless. And thanks to Lunuhr's calm voice, people tend to listen when he tries to calm them down. Luckily, that works very well in his and Exha's relationship, and they seldom argue.

Likes and Dislikes


» Fresh filter coffee
» Black tea
» Cooking
» Spending time with his family
» Night time and dawn, especially birdsong
» Nature, fields, forests...
» Reading
» Music

» The city
» Milk and sugar in his drinks
» Cereal and other forms of cold breakfast
» Television
» Uncomfortable silences
» Being alone/without his family/friends
» Foul language
» Cigarettes

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Lunuhr was created with his twin sister Lunuhris around eight hundred and fifty years ago. Neither remembers when, exactly, and neither remembers where. Fortunately, accuracy is not necessary in this story, so those small pieces of information can be overlooked without regret.

As soon as they were created, Lunuhris was assigned a "guardian" by the name of Durnfall. From their birth until now, he has looked after and taught Lunuhris, with little regard for Lunuhr. He raised them as children, when they grew naturally from puppies to adults, not telling them who or what they were.

At the age of six years, he escorted the twins to the Elders - the select few Greater Immortals who made up the Council in place of the gods whom had deserted them so many thousands of years before. There, Lunuhr and Lunuhris were told of their purpose. Lunuhris had been created as the last Lesser Immortal, to help protect the world in the absence of the gods; Lunuhr had been created alongside her as a mortal to show her that life is not permanent. She would go on to learn under the guidance of Durnfall (much to his dismay), whilst Lunuhr would grow old and die.

Through protest, Lunuhris convinced the Elders that Lunuhr should not be left a complete mortal, that he should be able to live alongside her forever. However, they were not so keen to appease her in this manner, and so compromised: he would be given the gift of agelessness. Lunuhr would live until he was killed; he would not be immortal. Although this wasn't the result that the twins would have wanted, it was the best they could do; Durnfall guided them away, and Lunuhris' training commenced the next day.

Lunuhr, of course, was shaken to his core by how he had all but been given a death sentence. Whilst his sister saw it as a victory - yes! They got to stay together! - he saw it as a defeat; he had always assumed that he and Lunuhris would be together for always, but now they learned that they wouldn't?

In fact, so distraught was he that Lunuhr made himself sick with worry and grief, and for a long time he didn't speak. In her desire to understand what Lunuhr was going through, Lunuhris taught him to communicate through his mind, throwing his jumbled thoughts and emotions into her mind so she could sympathise and understand and, above all, help him.

Lunuhr took to this way of communication in a way that his sister couldn't have imagined. He all but stopped talking, retreating into himself and talking to Lunuhris with his mind, which proved to be easier for them when she was away being taught by Durnfall. Oddly, though, Lunuhris' time away helped him to recuperate - in his own time, Lunuhr came to terms with the fact that he would not live forever like she did, and began to socialize more, coming out of his shell once again.

The two often travelled, mostly to spite Durnfall because Lunuhris resented her lessons with him. From vast jungles to beaches to mountain ranges, they travelled the world for hundreds of years. By far and away, England was Lunuhr's favourite place to stay, and without realising it he picked up their language and accent - an accent which he still retains to this day.

After centuries of running from Durnfall, Lunuhris eventually resigned herself to lessons, and they all but settled in a vast land called Shukumei. She began to take her lessons again and whilst she was occupied, Lunuhr took to wandering the grasslands, finally socializing with other people instead of just his sister.

It was in Shukumei that he first met Exha, when the heavens opened and she ran under the tree he had used for shelter. Although they didn't get along at first, Lunuhr's calm demeanour slowly wore Exha down, and the two became firm friends - and, as they say, the rest of that story is history.

As Exha's lifestyle led her to spend more and more time in New York, however, Lunuhr had to make a choice: stay in Shukumei with his sister, or move to New York, where he knew that Exha felt more free and able to do the work she had to do. It was a tough choice to make, but not long before Lurenu was born, they made a permanent move to New York, where Exha had bought a small house in the centre of the city. As much as he misses the freedom of Shukumei, Lunuhr loves that he lives with Exha and their children, and wouldn't have it any other way.

For the last twenty or so years, he has stayed at home, tending to the house and the children as Exha goes out to work. To some people, this arrangement may seem odd; but in their relationship, it works, and it works well.

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I never really believed in the idea of "true love". Certainly I pushed any ideas of having a family towards the back of my mind, as I knew I would live for an eternity and my family would fade away over time. Even so, everywhere we looked, Lunuhris and I found evidence of love - it is an age-old emotion and one that cannot be escaped or refused if the time is right.

When I first met Exha, I knew that she was different - somehow, different. We would spend hours on end talking, enjoying life together; we would travel in a way that Lunuhris and I had never been able to; she showed me her world and I showed her mine. There was nothing I held back from Exha and I like to think there's nothing she held back from me, either. But for the longest time, I thought that the affection we shared was just ... just friendship.

One night, I had a dream, and in that dream I loved and lost Exha. I think that was what made me realise that true love isn't just a fantasy - it's reality, and that's how I felt about Exha. Despite my hesitation to admit to her that I felt that way - what if she scorned me? - I soon found out that she shared my feelings, and I can't say I've looked back since.

Exha - she completes me. It's difficult to describe the flutter I feel even now, despite all of our ups and downs. I am not a naturally active person: my favourite way to spend an afternoon is lazing around, with a book and music in the background. Exha lifts me up off my feet and takes me on a whirlwind adventure that I would never have been on otherwise. She sees me as her moment of calm in the evening, but to me she is excitement, she is movement and life. It's wonderful to reach a happy medium with her, to spend the afternoon walking or shopping or - dare I say it - at the gym. To be doing something. And that is something that I never would have said before I met Exha.

With her I have eight beautiful children, a wonderful house and an amazing life. You might think of us as a backwards family: she works all day whilst I tend to the children. After Lurenu's birth, Exha almost panicked about leaving him alone with me, and for a few weeks entertained the idea of leaving Pulse and staying at home; but without even suggesting it, we agreed that was nonsense and that I would stay at home with him, whilst she worked. I don't think Exha would have fared well, taking care of the children. Whilst she would have appreciated the exercise - toddlers can be very demanding - I think we would have been reduced to ready meals, and she would have ended up hiring a nanny to help her out, I think. As much as I love her, I don't think we could have reversed our roles. For us, working backwards just works.

Exha is the light of my life, almost what I would call my sole star in the sky. Every day I wake up next to her, I thank the gods that I found her, and that she chose me. I honestly, truly believe that I am the luckiest man out there, and will happily wave off any other man who tries to take that title from me.

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Ah... how can I describe Lunuhris? They say that twins are always close, but in this case I think we're even closer. She was all I had for over eight hundred years (well, she and Durnfall, but he hardly counts). Through my ups and downs, my trials and tribulations, Lunuhris was there to comfort and support me, and somehow always knew the right thing to say. Despite her outwardly happy-go-lucky nature, Lunuhris is a very thoughtful and sensitive individual, and always sticks up for me when I need defending. It seems that my life is dominated by strong-willed women and Lunuhris is no exception to that: I am her brother and I should be protecting her, but somehow it ended up the other way around. Perhaps it's because of her unnatural abilities - well, are they unnatural? To us they've always been second nature. As she developed her powers she would sometimes test them on me, such as the mind reading trick - you might have expected that to push us apart in some way or another, but to be perfectly honest with you it only brought us closer, because I knew she trusted me and I trusted her in return. I love my sister in a way that is difficult to describe to someone who isn't one of a pair, and often find myself communicating with her even without realising it.

Not long after we moved to New York, Exha had our first child, Lurenu. To start with, she coddled him a little, because he was our first and she didn't want to leave him. There were a few occasions when she would leave me alone with him only to rush into the house again twenty minutes later, panicking that he wasn't alright; but eventually she relented, and I finally got to spend some time with my first-born son.
They say that fathers develop a special bond with their first-born sons, and I would quite happily agree to that. To watch Lurenu grow up was fascinating, terrifying and so, so upsetting all at once. His adoration of the world around him coupled with his keen exploration was beautiful to watch, but it was heart wrenching to watch him grow up. I took him to school, I encouraged him to work well and then he would help me to cook dinner at night; even when Tango and Mort were born, Lurenu - barely six years old when Mort was born - insisted on helping me to look after them, to help with dinner and to look after the house. He was always a hugely responsible child from a very young age and seemed to step up to the role of being the eldest son marvelously, and I don't think I could have asked for a better experience with a child. Perhaps one of the nicest things was that we could sit in silence for hours on end, just moving to make fresh coffee, but be completely relaxed and comfortable with each others' presence - even when he was still in elementary school.
As Lurenu grew older, he and I remained as close as ever. He would come to me with problems, when he had his first crush and when he ran over a neighbour's cat. When he graduated first from high school and then from college, I don't think there was a prouder father at either ceremony. We may have just hugged in public, but I couldn't help but shed a tear when in private because I was so proud of Lurenu, my Lurenu.
Now he lives away from home, but he comes round to visit us often. Even though we insist he doesn't work, he brushes both Exha and me off and helps out with cooking for ten people (and sometimes more!). It's truly a joy to have him around.

Lurenu was only a couple of years old when we had our second child, Tanginello. Unlike him, Tango was mischevious and often escaped the notice of both Exha and I, although we'd never find her far from where we left her - usually chasing butterflies in the garden, or watching TV, or curled up with a book that was almost as big as her.
When she was around three - not too long before Mort was born - something about Tango seemed to change, and neither Exha nor I ever managed to put our fingers on it. She seemed to start to grow up, and very quickly. The poor girl never made many friends at school, retreating into herself in a way in which Lurenuu never did. When she was twelve, instead of going into a normal high school life (like Lurenuu), Tango begged us for ballet lessons. We always wanted to do right by our children: this seemed to be the right way to go. So she enlisted at the American School of Ballet, and there she began to dance.
I am ashamed to say that I always preferred music over dance, which is why I in particular encouraged each of our children to pick up an instrument; and that at first, I was reluctant to go to any of Tango's recitals. But it was clear, from the way she shone on stage to the way she glowed after every performance, that this was what she wanted to do. I couldn't have been more thrilled, or more proud, of my daughter. From a gangly twelve-year-old to a beautiful seventeen-year-old, Tango grew in more ways than one, until she announced that she didn't want to follow in the footsteps of her older brother. She didn't want to go to college: she wanted to join the New York City Ballet.
It was a shock, I won't deny it; especially when she told us one year that she had to travel abroad to Europe. I think it's rather telling of how her personality had developed in the time she had been at the dance school: to start with she would phone each week; then she wrote only once or twice a month; and eventually communications just... stopped.
None of us have seen Tango for a few years. We know she's somewhere in Europe, but not where exactly. I can only hope that she is well, although I know in my heart that she is just fine. I'm sure she has her reasons.

The first child who ever showed a hint of being a problem was Mortivern. I think it started with his colic - he screamed all day and all night for a few months after he was born, and on more than one occasion I had to take him out for midnight strolls, just so that Exha could get some rest. He wore us out during the night, but despite this he was as energetic as a collie dog during the day - the boy couldn't sit still! Exha often says he proved to us that the "terrible twos and threes" are a real thing rather than some fantasy that distressed mothers make up, and I am quite happy to agree. On more than one occasion, Mortivern tested my patience - yes, my patience! - and whilst the other two would sit quietly reading and playing, he would tear about the house, knocking things over and causing a mess. There had never been a naughty step in the house before Mort was born!
His restlessness continued all throughout his school life. We were called in to see the Principal on more than one occasion, leaving us shamefaced and even more angry at him; but it wasn't his fault. Mortivern would look up at us with bright, innocent eyes and you couldn't help but forgive him.
Thank goodness he mellowed out a little as he grew older! As he entered high school he became a lot more laid back - but unfortunately his grades suffered because he didn't want to do his homework now. After all, we had two smart kids already, why did we need a third? By now we had the triplets and Lexuna to worry about and we stopped paying so much attention to him; his grades slid further, he picked up some nasty habits and before we knew it, Mort had all but dropped out of high school.
I think it was Vera who convinced him to stay in school, actually, whilst we weren't looking. Somehow he managed to drag his GPA up from a 1.4 to a respectable 3.2 and graduated high school, much to everyone's surprise. Unlike his older brother, Mortivern never went to college, but rather chose to go into some sort of chemical experimentation that he doesn't like to talk about. I'm not sure what it entails, but he tells us that he does extremely important work for extremely important people and that we shouldn't worry about him. I might not be as close to Mort as I am to the other children, but him telling us not to worry only makes me worry more. Exha tells me that's a normal father thing to do, and that she feels it too, but that does little to reassure me. Hmm.

When Moravera was a child, she was a true delight. She was always happy, bright and into everything - especially the piano - although from a very early age I could tell she had Exha's stubborn streak. I never thought it would become a problem, though. If she couldn't get to a piano then she would become restless, and that's when she started picking on the others.
Vera really was lovely, although a little distant from her siblings; but it wasn't until Mokhee started to report that Vera was picking on Kiohmo that we started to pay more attention to her, and realised that she had more than just a stubborn streak - it was a mean streak and by goodness it was a mile wide.
When Exha and I tried to discourage that attitude, Vera instead turned to chasing boys. I don't know what it was: as though someone had flicked a switch, Vera grew up overnight. All of a sudden she was into money, clothes and boys, leaving her younger sisters - and even Tango, her older sister - trailing by miles. And yet, inexplicably, her grades didn't slip once! We started receiving reports that she had skipped classes and had been found doing inappropriate things with boys far too old for her - but she didn't let her grades slide and she was always on time for her piano lessons. Vera even insisted on taking Lexi to school when she was just starting up. It's strange how her nice side still shone through, despite her changing attitude.
And she just got worse and worse throughout high school. As she entered her junior year, Vera stopped coming home at night and would stay out partying instead. Oh, if only she realised the amount of stress she put her already frayed mother under! It still pains me to think about it. It almost seemed like she had done the same as Mort, though, and mellowed out: she was accepted into Juillard to study composition, and began playing at a casino in her spare time. She's even composed some tracks for various bands. But alas: the next thing we knew, she had started up an illicit relationship with Exha's financial advisor, Leon Walters. Whilst she believed he should have known better - he is, after all, twelve years Vera's senior - I get the feeling that she played an equal part in it, and could well have led him on from the start...
I used to be so proud of Vera for her dedication to things that would have daunted others: the piano, her pet Lady, studying whilst taking on so many extra responsibilities... but over the last few years I can't help but become more and more disappointed by her. She could do so many great things but it's almost as though she's throwing her entire life away without even realising. I just hope she picks up soon.

Vera was the oldest in a set of triplets, with Mokhee sitting in the middle. It's strange: from a very young age, Mokhee seemed to be in the middle of a lot of things. She was the middle height of the three triplets; middle in personality; middle in education; middle of a fight - yep, Mokhee was our third problem child in a row. As lovely as she was - well, is - Mokhee was the biggest tomboy I have ever laid eyes on, even when she was only a toddler. She loved nothing more than scrapping with Mort, who would sometimes let her win out of mercy (although I get the impression that if they tussled today, it would be a tough call who would win). But unlike Vera, she turned her efforts to "protecting" the others. Once, on the way home from school, some bullies stole Kiohmo's lunchbox - and Mokhee leapt straight in and punched one of them to stop them from picking on her sister. How's that!
Of course, we didn't condone the attitude, and as she grew older she became better able to control her temper - although she did turn up at the dinner table with hands wrapped in bandages from time to time. From early on, I learned to avoid her when she had a temper. If only the same could be said of the boys on the receiving end of her fist!
Mokhee's grades were average, but towards her final years of high school she pushed to achieve the necessary grades to become a police officer. Yes - you heard me right: Mokhee is now a fully-fledged police officer for the NYPD. She turned her frustration and need to protect others to a good cause, and now spends her time "fighting crime and saving the day", as she puts it. I don't think I could have been more proud when she received her badge, but I think Exha was a little more upset: she burst into tears right there when she was centre stage! I fully support Mokhee's life choice, I think it is an excellent career path for her, but she doesn't half make her mother worry.
Unfortunately, one thing that never got rerouted as Mokhee grew older was her volume control: she still communicates by yelling, even when you're right next to her. And if you decide to buy doughnuts for dessert, buy two packets: one entirely for her. It's a wonder she's still slim! But she's moved out and is living in a small apartment of her own now. I make sure to have some fresh pastries stocked up at all times in case she decides to swing by unannounced, though.

I never thought I'd meet a kinder soul than Tango, but then Kiohmo came along. The youngest of the triplets, Kiohmo never seemed to grow out of her shy toddler stage. Until she was about eight, Kio was dragging her Teddy around with her and treating it like a real person; unfortunately, her placid nature and insistence on playing with the toy at school meant she was bullied an awful lot, which never helped her at all. Luckily she had Mo to keep an eye out for her when we couldn't.
Oddly enough, despite her lack of confidence Kio always had big dreams. From a young age she wanted to be successful like her mother and would ask to go to work with her. Poor Exha never had the heart to tell her that she couldn't ever be a party planner like her: Kio lacked the necessary, ah, backbone for the job. At least her other dreams are attainable: to marry happily, have a family, have a nice house and a good job. She just needs to learn how to stand up for herself! I think Mokhee has been trying to teach her how to defend herself, and there have been times when I've heard Kio shrill at Vera - yes, Vera! - but I don't think the lessons are getting anywhere, because she is still as placid as ever when talking to other people.
Kiohmo never wanted a fight, never wanted to go against the grain and always wanted an "easy" life, bless her. Despite all the work she put in Kio was never that good at school, and graduated with fairly average grades; I think that's what made her mind up about not going to college, that and the fact she didn't know what she would do if she went. Instead, after a failed attempt at working with her mother, she managed to get a job with Leon in the finance department of Exha's business. It's not a very well-paying job, but it gets her out of the house and socializing and working, and that's more than nothing.
Recently, Kiohmo met Ronehl, and they seem to have hit it off quite nicely. For once, she has a friend - and not just a friend, but a best friend. The two are very happy around each other, and they've helped to bring each other out of their respective shells. I'm just happy that Kio has finally found a real friend.

Well now, if I thought we were done with really intelligent children, I obviously hadn't anticipated Lexunas birth. She is truly one of the happiest, brightest and most inquisitive people I've met and from a very early age she was giving Tango a run for her money. Lexi never read as much as Tango, I'll give her that, but she was always fascinated by everything around her. She was always picking things up and examining them before leaving them in an obscure place (the number of times we lost the television remote because she couldn't remember where she'd left it - honestly!). For every birthday, Lexi asked for new volumes of encyclopaedias on every subject from history to etymology to space and back again. The girl has a thirst for knowledge that I've never seen matched!
And she was so happy to meet new people and make new friends. It seemed that Lexi had a never-ending amount of people in her class at elementary school: she would come home with a new friend every week, and they would race around our house yelling at the top of their voices and exploring nooks and crannies everywhere. I swear, Mort was hard to keep track of but Lexi was just a blur racing around the house and I don't think she ever really grew out of that.
At middle school, she thankfully refocused her energy into running for the team, and she's already on the backup team at high school. Lexi seems to run her frustration out, which really helps her to maintain her happy, bubbly personality. She's looking into colleges right now, although she's not sure if she wants to go for sports or something else - to be honest, her grades are good enough to get her into anything she wants! But she needs to be careful to pick something that will keep her inspired, unlike half of the hobbies she picked up throughout her youth...

I didn't think I'd be closer to any of my sons than I am with Lurenu, but then our last child, Ruexo, was born. Because he was the youngest, and because he was born not long before Lexi started at school, I got to spend a lot of time together with him at a very young age. Almost straight away it was apparent how quiet he was going to grow up to be, and I think that has in part to do with his blind eye. Rue finds it a little hard to socialize sometimes, but I get the feeling that's just personal preference, not awkwardness in social situations like Kiohmo.
Perhaps it was because we were on our own so much when the others were at school, then college or trips and so on, but Rue has actually turned out a bit like me. We often just sit together sharing cups of tea and enjoying each others' presence, talking about our days and our problems - even though he's the youngest, Rue has always been surprisingly mature, and oddly enough I find it almost as easy to talk to him about things as I do to Exha. And yet, he still acted as the youngest when he was little - he'd listen to Vera playing the piano with nothing less than adoration on his face, and he was always keen to hear a bedtime story from Lexi.
Ruexo never really picked up an instrument, but instead went straight into writing snippets of songs or poetry. Despite my encouragement, he never wanted to pick up singing lessons, either - he just wanted to write and write. As he got older, he began to save the snippets in a little journal, which he showed me once - and boy, he could give Vera a run for her money! I think the two could easily team up and become a great songwriting duo, Vera with her appreciation for melody and Rue with his appreciation for lyrics. But it's not surprising that he's so good, really, when you consider he's been reading advanced poetry since he was in late elementary school.
He's only halfway through his high school career at the moment, but I can tell Rue is going to make some excellent decisions in the years to come. I will most definitely miss him if - no, when he goes to college, but I know it'll be the best decision he's ever made.

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One of my oldest and most trusted companions, Durnfall has been around since Lunuhris and I were first created. Even though he's technically my sister's guardian rather than mine, he has always seemed to look out for me too, despite how difficult Lunuhris could be. Somehow he always treated us equally and with respect, even though he is about twenty thousand years our senior, very wise and can be extremely short tempered. Really, from the way we acted we never deserved any of the respect he offers - to be honest, it just made me respect him all the more as I started to mature a little. I believe his favourite activity is chasing the sunset, something I would love to do with him as it sounds fascinating. In fact, a lot of the things he talks about sound fascinating - from harnessing immortal powers to the warmth of the sunset over the ocean, Durnfall seems to have experienced everything and anything you could ever imagine a creature could.

When we first moved to New York, the only real friend we - or should I say, Exha - had was Rauline. For the longest time I am ashamed to say I avoided her, and boy was it easy to do just that: you could hear her coming from a mile away, so you had plenty of time to hide. I almost dreaded her visiting the house, especially when Lurenu was a newborn, because she was just so loud and always yammering on and you could guarantee that as soon as I'd laid Lurenu to sleep, she would visit and wake him up again. But soon enough, she was calling round when Exha was at work, so I couldn't help but socialize with her - and after a cup of tea (although she would bring her own bubble tea things), I found her to be quite pleasant company, although a little hard to shut up sometimes. Despite her outward ditzy nature, I discovered Rauline is actually hugely intelligent, and her work is truly fascinating - and you can tell she's enthusiastic about it, too, because she just doesn't shut up about it. When Mokhee was only a toddler she offered to change the colour of her odd eye - but we had some stern words, and as far as I know, she's never said anything to or about the children since.

Perhaps the most unfortunate thing about being married to an immensely successful party planner is that you have to attend all sorts of parties. From opening ceremonies to book releases to VIP parties, I was often dragged along in a suit and my best tie to meet and greet and share in Exha's glory. It doesn't embarrass me to admit that I felt extremely out of place at these events, especially when we had only just moved to the city. At one such event, however, Rauline dragged her cousin Ruefayel over to say hello. For some reason he irritated me to start with but Exha assured me that I would grow to love him. As the evening progressed and I retreated to a far corner he struck up a conversation with me, and I came to learn that he was a lot like me, albeit a more successful, professional me. As housewifey as it sounds, he and I were soon exchanging recipes over afternoon tea - when he wasn't busy at shoots for work. At parties we would seek each other out and slowly he introduced me to others, so I didn't feel quite as left out as I had done previously. Now that the children are older, I often feel that Rue spoils them more than I do, what with the designer castoffs he gives them. I'm surprised I found such an unlikely friend in him, but at the same time, I'm glad I did - and I'm almost glad that Exha proved me wrong, too.

I actually know Rhist through my sister, Lunuhris. As I understand it, the two are very close friends, and although I've only met Rhist a few times I can see why - they get on extremely well with each other, and they seem to have similar personalities, too. Although they don't visit us in New York very often, it's always a pleasure when they do. She always offers to cook dinner when they do come around, despite our protests that she's the guest and we should cook for her - but she seems to really enjoy cooking for large groups of people, and our children are always happy to finish off second and third helpings of her delicious mushroom soup. She's given me a number of recipes - stuffed mushrooms, mushroom omelette, mushroom and leek soup - but she refuses to give me the recipe for her signature mushroom soup, even though I've been asking for months. Some day I intend to visit her in Shukumei and prepare a delicious meal for her in return for the favours she's racked up from us.

Obzkur is one of the few people I met and befriended in Shukumei. He is a fairly solitary creature, but after a few months he warmed up enough to let me get to know him better. As I understand it, he's had rather a troubled life: he's ageless, like me, but has lost a number from his family over the last few years, something which is my greatest fear. Because I understand why this depresses him I feel it's helped our relationship - I can offer him support and sympathy, and a shoulder to lean on. Unfortunately, he began to withdraw further into himself just as I thought I was getting through to him, and I haven't seen him as much since I moved to New York. I hope he's doing well, I sincerely do, and every time I go to Shukumei I seek him out; but as yet, I've been unable to find him.

It's a long time since I last saw Entropa. She and I met in the forests in Shukumei, where she was speaking a foreign language and I happened upon her. To this day I think she is a little wary of the fact that I communicate through my thoughts rather than out loud, as she is so interested in languages. Entropa also seems oddly interested in the fact that I can control mist, and has on occasion asked if I will teach her how; she doesn't seem to accept - or perhaps understand - that I can't teach her, because it was a burden given to me by the Greater Immortals as payment for accepting a gift of agelessness. She is a highly intellectual individual and is always asking about my history, but I have to admit that I am reluctant to share sometimes: it's just not in my nature. As with Kur, it's a long time since I last saw Entropa, but I trust she is doing well regardless.

A little before the triplets were due to graduate high school, Exha made a huge decision regarding her career. For years she had been all but carrying Pulse as the most requested planner, and after a bit of research she discovered she'd be liable to earn a lot more money if she started her own business. In order to do that, though, she had to reach out for financial aid - and that's where Leon Walters first came in. He and Exha struck up a business deal and he became her financial advisor and overseer, and as time progressed she hired some more accountants to work under him. However, a year or two later we discovered - much to our surprise and Exha's horror - that he and Vera had been having an illicit relationship behind our backs. Needless to say, Exha was furious, especially when she found out that he was pretty much the sole reason for Vera's lifestyle choices. Leon's name became dirt in our household, and for a long time Exha refused to let him anywhere near her - and I think she would have grounded Vera, too, if she still lived at home, but by then she was at college. To be honest with you, as much as he and my daughter disappointed me, I can't say it surprises me much: she has always been particularly open about her intentions, and he is a young lad who never grew up. On the rare occasion I see him, I take the time to treat him like a human again: I think it's only fair that he isn't shunned by every person in my family. If she could have, though, I think Exha would have fired him, and then we would have had nothing more to do with him. Shame, he's not a totally bad guy.

Perhaps it's strange to class the friend of one of your children as a friend of your own, but I would quite happily say that Ronehl is one of mine. When Kiohmo first brought him around to our house - not long after they first met, I believe - he was a bumbling, awkward mess of a nineteen-year-old boy. I've known him for a couple of years now, and I can safely say that college has done him wonders: he has become a lot more confident (although I can't say he's as confident as Mokhee is), he doesn't stumble over his words as much, and he's really come into his own as a man. He even stands taller now, and doesn't flinch when you address him directly! Ronehl owns his own little soda shop and it's truly a delightful little shop to visit, although Exha and I have only been once or twice, much to Mo's chagrin - everyone refuses to tell her where it is! But more than any of that, Ronehl seems to make Kiohmo happy. She never really had close friends, but now she has him, and I don't think I've ever seen her happier or more relaxed. I can see them having a beautiful, healthy relationship in the future, but each time I mention it to Exha, she blushes and slaps my wrist, warning me I can't marry my daughter off. Is it my fault that he's a perfect match for her?

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If there was one place that I could call home, I would pick Shukumei. As much as I love living with my family in New York, I don't feel completely comfortable in my human form - and I don't much like the city, either. I live for wide open spaces and fresh air, and you don't get either in the city.

So Shukumei would be my residence of choice. It's where my sister lives, and it's where I first met Exha; there are a lot of great memories associated with the place. From the vast mountains of Yamanami to the plains of Noharu, I loves the freedom of the lands, even though there are some areas that I try to avoid at all costs, like the Gorge.

When the city becomes too much for me, I bid goodbye to my family and move to Shukumei for a while, to recuperate. I've sometimes spent up to three or four weeks in Shukumei, regaining my confidence and enjoying my canine form, socializing with friends that I wouldn't otherwise be able to talk to as they don't venture into the human world very much.

One thing that confuses me is that people seem to think Shukumei is full of posh, elitist people who don't want anything to do with the outside world. Personally, I think that these people just aren't educated about the place, and that they should find out more before they start calling names.

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New York City

If it weren't for Exha, I would never have left Shukumei and moved to New York. In its own right, it is a beautiful place: I love the museums and galleries, and I would take the children there when they were younger to educate them about the world. I love the vibrance, the fact that the city is alive and always moving, but at the same time I hate how close everything is, how big it all seems and how rude everyone can be.

In the city, I take on my human form permanently, although my sleeping habits are sometimes a little irregular as a result of this - the city is wont to making me fidgety, and my human form can be uncomfortable. More often than not I find myself awake at two, three or even four in the morning, which some of the children take advantage of: they know I'll be awake, so they don't bother keeping quiet when they come home, although I do try my best to keep them quiet so they don't wake their mother.

But I knows that the city is where my family belongs. All of my children prefer their human forms, and they have lives, friends and opportunities in New York that they wouldn't have elsewhere. I also know that Exha wouldn't be able to live and work in Shukumei, away from her business and her associates and friends. It's for this reason that I take short breaks when I feel the need to recuperate a little, rather than pressing the family to move back.

In its own way, New York is special to me, and I would miss it if I never went back - but I would never admit that to anyone.

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When I first arrived in Shukumei, my sister and I were lucky enough to run into a girl called Tawreh, who took us both under her wing and allowed us to stay with her whilst we became accustomed to our surroundings. It soon became apparent, however, that I was becoming more and more withdrawn as Lunuhris left the house without me. I refused to leave the house and moped because I was alone, and it wasn't long before Tawreh decided she had to do something about it.

She tells me that she worked out that the most likely reason I was moping was because I was lonely and pined for company - so one day, on a trip to the shops of Neopia, she searched for a pet of some sort to keep me company, and hopefully to cheer me up a bit.

The way she tells it, she searched for hours to find a pet that I would deem "acceptable". She felt that fierce, loyal Gruslens wouldn't be appropriate, nor would quiet, graceful Setis. Eventually she happened upon a rather unique pet, though, and bought it within an instant.

Tawreh bought me a Droolik, with droopy ears and a long tonuge and big dark eyes. I'm sure you can imagine how reluctant I was to socialize with it to start with - after all, it almost scared me - and she began to wonder if she had made the right choice, or if she should have told me that she was going to get me a pet, and let me choose. But as the days passed, I became accustomed to the presence of the Droolik - whom I named Tazz, after a while - and Tawreh was surprised to come downstairs one day to find us curled up on the sofa sleeping together.

As time passed, we became more and more attached to each other. The wonder of Tazz was that he increased my confidence and kept me company when Lunuhris was away. When Tawreh had bought Akari for Lunuhris, I had known that she would serve as a protector when I couldn't; but Tazz was just company, and great company at that.

Unfortunately, as I grew more confident, I ventured out into the lands of Shukumei more and more often. From the start, Tazz showed discomfort at being outside, and thus never left the house. Sadly, he was left behind, but would always greet me enthusiastically when I returned home.

When the time came for me to leave Shukumei and start afresh with Exha in New York, I knew I would have a tough choice to make: either I leave Tazz behind, or I convince him to brave the world and travel to New York with me. With the help of Exha's own Zomutt, Imogen, I was lucky enough to convince Tazz to leave the safety of Tawreh's home and travel with me.

Now, twenty years on - and well past the estimated life span for the average Droolik - Tazz serves as a protector for the children and their own pets, alongside Imogen. Of course he still refuses to leave the house, but now I seldom leave it, either, so we have plenty of time to play still. We are as close as we ever were, and our relationship has inspired our children, who all have their own pets now - although I think some of them are a little scared of Tazz, but he would never hurt them.

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I think it was Tawreh who first introduced me to music. I hadn't really heard an awful lot before I came to Shukumei, but when we stayed with her, she had music playing all of the time. And when I say all of - for the first few years she would leave it playing even as she fell asleep at night, which I found to be a little bizarre. She couldn't hear it in her sleep, could she?

And her tastes were so expansive. From what she called "soft rock" like The Goo Goo Dolls to "Britpop" like Oasis, I was introduced to all sorts of music - and for the most part, I loved it all.

I had a particular affinity for the softer rock, instrumental and classical pieces she played, although I did enjoy the older tracks - Frank Sinatra, for example - although I was wont to leave the "metal" and "screamo" well alone. Marilyn Manson's music, for example, all but scared me to the bone.

I found myself humming and singing the music I heard on my ventures out of the house, and subconsciously serenading others with appropriate songs. Without realising I picked up new music from others, and when Tawreh was away I would visit her computer and go through her music, playing songs I liked the most over and over again.

I believe it was my taste in music that sparked the relationship I have with Exha. When she was angry at the heavens for raining on her beautiful hair, I sang a sweet song to her; and although it still took her a moment to warm to me, we still stayed up until dawn, talking and getting to know each other.

Both of us love music, and we passed on our love for it to our children. All of them play an instrument, most of them sing (although with varying degrees of ability) and Vera has even gone on to Juillard to study composition. There's nothing that warms my heart more than everyone gathering around the piano to sing together - few things make me happier.

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To Summarise

Lunuhr leans back, an easy grin on his face. Now you're starting to relax, too, and with a jolt you realise you've already had two cups of coffee. It's surprisingly good.

Just as you reach forward for another cup, a clattering at the door startles you and you almost drop the china mug. Two small children race in and leap on Lunuhr, who laughs - out loud - and lifts the smaller, a boy, onto his lap, whilst the girl clambers onto the sofa next to him. Another, older girl comes into the room after them, slinging her bag on the floor by the piano and smiling at her father.

Ah - I'm sorry - I warned you it would get hectic when the children came home, Lunuhr laughs at you as he stands, the small boy still in his arms.You're welcome to stay and wait for Exha, but she may be a while yet. I need to go and make these terrors - he punctuates this by nuzzling the boy's nose- a drink.

No, no, it's fine, you apologise, replacing your cup and standing stiffly. Has it really been that long? You make your way to the hallway, where there are two more teenage girls, arguing about hair or makeup or something you can't quite make out.I can call back another time, it's not a big deal.

Well, if you're sure. It was a pleasure having you, garinawk. You're welcome to stop by again any time you wish.

As you bow your way out of the front door, you hide a smile. Such a backwards man, but a true pleasure to talk to.

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