Hey there!

My name is Lunaviel the Peophin and this is my little space on the web. Feel free to look around at your leisure, if you have any questions, why not drop a neomail to my owner dimmu_borgir_1?


So, I guess you want to know a little bit about me eh?

Well I am 78801 hours old and I enjoy collecting plushies (especially Peophin plushies hehe), playing games and hunting for that elusive Pirate Paint Brush. Being a pirate would be so cool, dimmu_borgir_1 has promised me when she saves up enough Neopoints she will buy me a Pirate Paint Brush. I jut wish they were a little better at winning games heh :p

When I am not searching for new plushies to add to my collection, I also enjoy reading. I am a member of the Book Club and know that one day I will win that lovely shiny trophy.

Talking of shiny, dimmu_borgir_1 thinks it is very important that I look my best at all times (which can get a little annoying). I have my own special shampoo that will not tangle my mane, and this super bubbly bubble bath that makes my skin all silk and smooth.


I bet you think I am a bit of a sissy now, well that is not true at all! Even though many people do not realise it, Peophins can be quite intimidating in the Battledome.

Just wait till you see me all dressed up in my best equipment!


Well that's all from me. dimmu_borgir_1 has just arrived and we are going to go somewhere new today (I hope its Krawk Island :D).

See you around