You are walking out of a NYC Library and onto the sidewalk. Something makes you stop as soon as you leave the doorway of the library. It is still early in the morning in summer. You turn around and see a worn book right in front of the library entrance with a unique cover with clocks, music notes, words, and colors on it. A breeze goes by and you almost think you hear a girl's voice whisper, "tick tock". For some peculiar reason you pick up the book and head over to the park to sit on a bench and discover what it contains.


1. DO NOT steal my work. I will report if you do.

2. You may use these poems BUT you must leave credit.

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4. Enjoy!


You're sitting at the park in your neighborhood in New York City now. Children are playing by the playground nearby and kids playing basket ball at the court in the distance. Laughter and conversation surrounds you. The ice cream truck tune plays around the streets you call home. It's getting hotter as the day progresses, but you want to stay out and explore what this odd book contains. You flip the pages in the book just to get an idea of what it is. You notice on page 42 in huge letters it says "LOVE" and on page 7 in the same handwriting and letters it says "Luck". Very strange.... You go to the last page and see a drawing of a clock and the words "tick tock". You know this must mean something. You begin to read from the front of the book. As you read on you realize this book contains little words, poems, telling the story of a girl's life. Questions soar through your mind, who is this girl? Is she alive? etc. Some part of you feels if you read the book you might find out. And you sit there reading as time goes by, tick tock. And again the girl's voice you heard earlier whispers almost in song. In the warm breeze you hear, "Tick tock goes my clock" with wind chimes even though there are none nearby. You keep wondering if the voice is all in your head. It should be making you question your sanity, but it calms you instead. It intrigues you. You are compelled to read on and discover the meaning of this mystery.

Frustrated| I Ask |His Gifts|Balancing|

Love Balloon|Jealousy|Obstacles| My Heart|Summer Rain|Temptation|Home|


I look up at the ceiling, then at the floor
I want to escape right out this very door
I feel hate and I feel love
I look for answers from up above
They never seem to appear
It is this endless circle I fear
I want, I need,
I don't want, I try to be freed.
Will it end?
Will I finally stop all this pretend?
I'm tired and confused
Feeling a little bit used
I think again and no he isn't the enemy
I am the only cause of my bitter sweet insanity
I lie awake at night
Holding unto the covers, they are all I have to hold on tight
The dark room and cold dead silence
Along with my racing thoughts make the best human destructing alliance
Seeking countless answers, this is what I hope to find
I tell myself "One day I'll find peace in my mind.
I repeat it over and over
Calling this hopeless wish closer and closer
I say "One day I'll find peace in my heart
One day you'll just be the end to the start
I will look back and say
Oh how cliche!
I was such a silly girl, I was so juvenile."
One day I'll say this happily, but that won't be for quite a while.

I want to say thank you very very much for this trophy I received from CT for "Frustrated". I can't believe I was awarded it because I recently joined and well yeah I just didn't think I'd get it for this poem or at all.... (:


I Ask

I ask in this downpour of nothingness
or perhaps somethingness
That you be my warm, strong shield
to protect me from this forever changing battle field
Be the thing that won't change
Please stay the same, let nothing rearrange
I ask you to rid me from the whispers of hate and wrong
To gear me away from their evil little song
You know best
You take me as I am, a crazy pest
You've walked the earth for some time
You know how everything should ring and chime
You will not always be here
This will make me shed more than a tear
That, I can bare
Since I know you will always care
You are here, here and now
So please help me through life somehow
And lastly I ask Him , after you have gone I will grow
into everything you are and be left with everything you know

*For my Nana


His Gifts

Was she brave
Because she did not hide under a crumbling cave?
Was she too proud
To ever say how scared she was aloud?
Was she naive
To think her flesh and blood would not be forced to leave
Was she ignorant?
Too young to realize this was more than a little predicament
Or was it great faith
That gave her subconscious knowledge that her sister would not become a wraith?
Yes I believe it was that
She knew this was only the first strike her sister made at bat
She was not perfect
She can hardly believe He thought her worth it
He gave her confidence and strength
To know this hard time would not have too much length
He gave her a safe feeling in a time when she shouldn't have had one
And another gift, the battle her sister won, something no one thought could be done.



I have been fighting this battle within for so long
That all my so called options seem wrong
I realized I am better balancing here
Since I fall down in either option in which I steer
I'll go down
Cry, sink, and drown
And one day come up for air, stop this ache
Why go down any faster than I can take?


Love Balloon

How can love disappear into thin air?
How come someone grabbed the curtain to reveal we aren't a perfect pair?
How come suddenly my eyes were opened?
A child holds it in his hand
She holds it by a flimsy string
In the background the ice cream truck song sings
Lack of a tight grip
As she crosses the street she begins to trip
She lets go
Where does love go?
One second you feel it
The next you don't
Do I have yet to know what love truly is?
Can I not feel or understand its basis?
Is love a lie?
Does it make you temporarily blind?
You take someone you think you know
Put all your energy and heart in them and hope to see it grow
Only then to realize it's not what you want or need
Not what they want or need
Where does love go?
Does that love balloon flow off into someone else's heart?
Only to be ripped out of theirs and left to fall apart
Eventually it reaches another hopeless soul
Where does love go?
Is anyone ever really "in love"?
If so do they ever see a white dove
Oh love balloon you hit me
Then left me to be something I forgot how to be
I'm not sad, not happy, just worn
Extremely tired of being so torn
Please don't come back unless it is real
How's that, a fair deal?
Where are you?
Do you really exist?
Oh love balloon
You floated and put me to sleep
You woke me up, you weren't something I could keep
I delicately hold the little pieces left to show
Where did all my love go?



Beautiful, long, blonde, straight hair
It is sickening seeing them as a pair
Light eyes and pale, flawless skin
My feelings for her are a sin
Tall and perfect she stands
I hate to hear that they walked holding hands
The talk that they kissed
It makes me glad it was something I missed
I felt the typical feeling that I knew him more
I was the first to see him, so ha, I score
She's so clueless and innocent
I wonder if she knows he has no affection left for her,that is what he said
It made me so pleased to hear
Finally my chance is near
I know I sound bitter
But if you could see her
If you felt the way I did and see what I've seen
Then you wound't take me for being mean
Can't help but intensely dislike that girl
All of a sudden I'm confused, the room spins and twirls
Everything goes black
I slowly wake and I think as I come back
I make my own wounds with jealousy
I am filled with poisoning envy
I am my worst enemy
I didn't mean it
This is my fault, I'm sorry



The universe makes it hard for us to be
Yet they put us together and happiest in each others company
Back and forth we rise and fall
I am sick and tired of it all
Something always slowing us down, always in the way
I don't want to let this get away
But I'm afraid to jump off the edge
I might feel regret, pain, or sick but for my sake I need to jump off this ledge
Someone not approving and revenge and anger has us distracting
And someone else we find to be attracting
I'm scared of this notion
I need this emotion
Without it ,it all seems like a dream
I hope and want for too much, see I want to shine and beam
I let this go once already
I don't want to make that mistake again and feel unsteady
It is crazy that we should be together
But also insane to keep us apart as if its better
I am willing to have to have cope
If I can want and hope
The world can try to keep us apart
On the surface they may succeed but there will always be a secret in our hearts


My Heart

My heart
Warm, beating, and red
New, whole, and naive
Someone here pulls the strings on my heart
All it sees is hope, desire, and wonder
More than one person can make this heart strong
More than one person can tear it apart
So slowly they do
My heart
Pushed, pulled, tugged, and burned
Angry, happy, miserable
My Heart
Can only take so much
Stepped on and a little hurt
Punched and a little bruised
Held so much weight from the people in its life and lack of them
Now it is cut and crying
Bleeding cold blood, it is dying
My heart used to beat at a steady, healthy pace
One point it beat wildly and so in love it beat fast, it was in a race
Now it thumps slowly, the slowest
It screams out for help
Only silence arrives
It used to be strong and flames of love used to run through it
Deep red and pumping warm blood
Now it is purple and stone cold and still
Left to die and decay
Silently and slowly
It no longer calls out, it just wants to be left alone
Oh my heart
Just can't find peace
It is frozen like ice
A passer by steps on it
It breaks
Another makes it shatter
Th pieces left there, what's next?
Fear consumes my heart
Make me whole again
It once knew something sweet and kind
My heart knew love
Why had it all changed
Bring me home
Where my heart belongs
Poor damaged heart
There is no fixing this
I can't glue these pieces together and let it heal
And then sew the wounds together
Not on my own
Good bye, my heart
It no longer with me, I am nothing
I need it back
Give me my heart


Summer Rain

Summer rain
The sky comes alive with thunder and lightning
Rain beats against my window,it is comforting
They say the rain are the angel's tears
And they must be because it is the first time I have found peace in years
Rain, rain don't go away
Come here everyday
Thunder and lightning that is empowering
When I'm out there I hear and see it up close and rain touches my skin
I feel my heart race, blood pumping, the burst of the adrenaline
Summer rain
You wash away all my fear and pain
Summer rain
Keep me sane
I was hopeless, I did not think this is what I would have found
Its been a long time coming but I feel safe and sound



Autumn is my favorite season
And for only one silly reason
Oh for that sweet delicious, pumpkin pie
It is so mouth watering it makes me want to die
Mother said we must eat Thanksgiving dinner first
I want it so badly, I'm about to burst
It puts me under a spell
If I will eat it, only time will tell
I cut myself a small slice
Once it reaches my taste buds it will be so nice
I stare at it and think of what it contains
Where it lays it must remain
It beams of a light orange and tempts me with a curvy crust
Why had I cut it? There is too much distrust
Topped with fluffy, white whipped cream
Eating it would be like walking into my sweetest dream
I stare at it intensely. What did it matter if it was something I must lack?
The pumpkin pie just smiles and stares at me right back
I can imagine the cinnamon like taste and the feeling of the soft custard
I hate that this pie could get me so tempted and flustered
At the thought, like a child, on the table, I bang my fist
In my mind I curse whoever made this pie come to exist
I can't help it, I cannot resist
It is everything I suspected and more
I'm so happy, my heart and mind soar
I had satisfied my appetite indeed
But, boy, would I be in trouble when mother discovers my wicked deed

Note: This poem was made because someone requested a poem about my favorite kind of pie on 5/29/12. I created the icon, by the way. (: The poem is supposed to be a little silly and exaggerated. But, if you look at it from a less literal view it can mean something else entirely to you.



Always one step behind
Or two steps forward
Never fitting in fine
Feeling like an outsider and awkward
I try, I try but it's wrong
What's the point when you know you don't belong
Took a trip not too far away
I heard a special tune
He sang those songs that day
Walked those little streets at noon
On my way back on the ferry in the dark night
I look at the sea and know that place was just right
Now I'm getting ready to feel alone but at least I know
I found my home



7/20/12- Like I said in my last update I have an idea for a poem and I am going to write a haiku soon. The poem is going to have a scary/mysterious vibe. I'm not so sure about the haiku, but it will something deep and meaningful. Then, I came up with another idea for a poem, it is going to be kind of sad. Then I thought of another, a kind of happy poem. And then again I thought of another idea, haha! It will be short, cutesy yet serious, and rhyme. So they should be up sometime next week! (: I'm not back just yet but just thought I'd let my viewers (if I have any xD)know a little about what's to come.

7/23/12- Okay I'm back! (: I do not have any new poems done at the moment. (Some are in the process) But, in a few days there should be at least one new one up. In the mean time you can go here to check out some of my writing. They are short pieces you might be interested in reading until I get new poems up. Alright, bye.

7/25/12 - Today I got listed at Scamander Directory and Little Words got a new button made by Fangs at Seasonal. Thanks guys. (:

8/01/12- I apologize for the lack of new poems. I actually wrote a few, but I am having a hard time getting them up on the layout properly. So technical difficulties that should be solved soon. I went away for a day and in general life has been a bit crazy so I haven't had a lot of time to deal with it. But, I got 1 new poem up called Home. I might edit it, I'm not sure yet. Let me know what you think? I also can't get the icon I picked out for it up so urgh! *pulls hair out* I'll figure it out.....

8/11/12- Still having a coding issue. I think it is time for a new layout. Tomorrow I should have another poem up. (: Today I got listed at Masked. Also, I thought about it and I will not be getting Little Words reviewed. I want to run this site the way I want to. I have nothing against review sites, they can be very helpful. But, it's not for me. And.... I will not be updating regularly for a few weeks because I have school work to attend to. Sorry.

About Little Words

Q:What is Little Words exactly?
A:This is my poetry site. I write poems and put them here. I also take requests. Read more about it in the requests section. But, it also serves as a portfolio for my guild, Creative Therapy.

Q:Oh you are in a guild. What is it about?
A:Check us out. CT Web

Q:Why did you choose NYC to be the setting?
A: Simple. I love that city and I feel it presents the mood I want to convey.

Q:What is the meaning behind "tick tock"?
A: Hmm... this will be discovered as the site lives on.

Q:Wondering why my site/portfolio is called Little Words?
A: It is called Little Words because to some all these words on this page could be meaningless, weak, and little. To others they can be be little, but precious. Yes, they are just words, but I believe words are powerful no matter what people say.

If you have any other questions about the site, neomail me.

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CT Works


I never could imagine such a thing
Always had her on my wing
He was always there at my side
I took him for granted, he was taken by the tide
Lonely and hurt cannot describe what I feel
The moment it hit me,it still felt unreal
Mother isn't doing well
I'm the biggest mess even if no one can tell
They're gone, she's gone
I'm gone

Creative Therapy
White and plain stands my canvas
What should I make of this
I brush my hand against the emptiness
With simple strokes it is no longer meaningless
Color bursts out creating wild
Making this world into my own style
I make a creation that is abstract
So every time it makes a different impact
Shapes, sizes, and colors
Every second creating wonders
When I have finished
A barrier I have now diminished

When my little girl smiles at me
Everything isn't as bad as it seems
When I am playfully chasing after my daughter, niece, and sister
I wonder if life could get any sweeter
It probably could
Everything, though, is as it should
I've loved, lost, and learned
Been broken, shattered, and burned
Art is my pill to take away the pain
I'm healing everyday and have everything I was meant to gain

A Break
The old fashioned music plays
An early warm summer breeze kind of day
Walking and eating cotton candy
Laughing and smiling, isn't this dandy?
All my friends and family walking side by side
I love the thrill of each ride
The roller coaster goes up and down
The ferris wheel goes round and round
Someone won me a teddy bear prize
A simple day like this makes me feel alive
It may seem childish
But sweet little things are what I cherish
Everyday we carry our weight
Either it be responsibility, hurt, or hate
When the fair closed and the day was done
I wished I had one more moment of fun


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My Favorite Quotes

If you're brave to say "good bye", life will reward you with a new "hello".

Sometimes running is the only way to fight fears.

Close your eyes and it will be alright.

God doesn't give you the people you want, he gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you, and to make you the person you were meant to be.

Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead
-Louisa May Alcott

Don't tell me that the sky is the limit when there are footsteps on the moon.



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