Mollie's Screenies. x

Hey there! I'm Mollie (Rainbow_long_socks) 14 year old tea drinker and day dreamer from England.
This is my little screenie page that I made to share my and my pet's adventures around Neopia, I hope you enjoy your stay, and if you like what you see, please check back if you can as I'll be updating my page as often as school work will allow me!

The pets

From left to right
_Tree_Hugging_Hippy_, Lummock, BlueTeacakes.

And I'll be the big haired red head who pops up now and then. (:

The Screenies

I had to find Caramel dipped Skeith wings as part of a snow faerie quest. Don't worry, we decided against the idea of making some from scratch!

I was so excited about that Bubble Bath. I'd even started to plan what I'd do with my profit after selling it in the split second it took me to realize what it really was.

I think I read too far deep into these descriptions.

I don't think Lovely was quite the right word to describe an Undead Cybunny...

Yep, I'm Still stuck on this step a month later...

Teacakes has no manners...

This is part of one of the little animations you get if you score a goal while playing in the Altador cup. It took many attempts to press print screen in exactly the right place to get this frame!

Don't worry, he was fine!

Typical Lummock, thinking of his stomach!

Only Teacakes could look this cute after being pelted at with snowballs.

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