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I just read something disturbing on the boards. No one wants their account(s) frozen, my family and myself included. Like a lot of other people, we have played at Neopets almost from the beginning. The youngest family member is happy to finally be old enough to understand the games. There are 6 of us now and we all take care of our own accounts. One person not following the rules can affect us all. Rules change all the time, when was the last time you read the Terms and Conditions?

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Booklists of all the book title names available in Neopia

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The Booktastic Book Award

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  1. Meteor Shower Protection Identifing Meteorites
  2. Grundo Beauty Book R88/?
  3. Do The Moon Bounce/180k
  4. Laser Energy R91
  5. Get Organised Stay Organised/2 mil
  6. Kreludan Home Decorating/800k
  7. The Moon Pop-Up Book/3mil
  8. Kreludan Cookie Cookbook/5-10mil
  9. It Came From Kreludor/?
  10. Guide to the Neocola Machine/?
  11. Alien Aisha Invasion/2-4mil
  12. Interplanetary Communications/?
  13. Kreludor Mining Corridor Maps R??
  14. Beam Me Aboard/rare
  15. Advanced Kreludan Physics/rare
  16. Kreludan Engineering/rare
  17. Know Your Robot Petpet/rare
  18. The Green Grundo Invasion/rare
  19. Kreludor Versus Neopia/rare
  20. Scenic Kreludan Views/rare
  21. How Purples Got Their Spots/rare
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Oxygen and You R68 & Spyders R66 just read them on december first!
Regular Book List/Not Read Yet
  1. Mysterious Book
  2. Mote Magic/?
  3. Caring For Your NeoPet 1/95k
  4. Caring For Your NeoPet 2
  5. Caring For Your NeoPet 3
  6. Caring For Your NeoPet 4
  7. Caring For Your NeoPet 5
  8. All about Dark Faeries/?
  9. NeoFashion/?
  10. Ancient Book/?
  11. Bitten Book/?
  12. Book of Bones
  13. Golden Shoyru Book
  14. Book of Vision
  15. Nimmo Joe Book/97k
  16. Book of Sea Spells
  17. Popular Neopian Stories
  18. Book of Bizarre Tales
  19. Battledome Guide
  20. Cooking Neggs Book
  21. Know Your Neggs Book
  22. Mystic Neggs Book/88k
  23. Theories of Physics
  24. Where Neggs Grow
  25. Fountain of Youth/?
  26. When All Else Fails...
  27. Pteri Pop-Up Book
  28. History of the Ski Lodge v3
  29. History of the Ski Lodge v2
  30. History of the Ski Lodge v1
  31. Nimmo Battle Cry
  32. I Love Moo-cee
  33. Secrets of the Desert Paint brush
  34. The Legendary Sutek Scroll
  35. Beginners Curses
  36. Intermediate Curses
  37. Advanced Curses
  38. Professional Curses
  39. Caring For Shoyrus
  40. The Cowardly Tuskaninny
  41. Im Not Angry
  42. Kikos Darkside Once Upon A Chia
  43. A Chia Story
  44. A History of Chias
  45. A Chia Halloween
  46. Training Your Flotsam
  47. Flotsam Food
  48. A Flotsam Christmas
  49. Scary Peophin Tales
  50. The Shadow Usul
  51. Inside the Mind of Bob
  52. Meercas In Love
  53. Beating Sloth
  54. Witch Hunting Techniques
  55. Pteri Battle Manual
  56. Pteri Games
  57. Tree Magic
  58. Snowager Saga
  59. Quest Spells
  60. Gebmids
  61. Raising Baby Grundo
  62. Gathering Food Effectively
  63. Bananas the Mynci Way
  64. M*YNCI Fan Book
  65. Battledome Techniques
  66. A Warm Christmas
  67. My Neohome
  68. The Magic Staff
  69. Best Friends
  70. Cures for Bad Breath
  71. Nuts, A Love Story
  72. Naughty or Nice
  73. Buzz Acrobatic Stunts
  74. Aerial Shots of Neopia
  75. Defence in the Battledome
  76. Bruces Guide to Combat Eating
  77. Wocky Magic
  78. 2 Much 2 Soon/?
  79. Uni Myths/?
  80. The Bad Skeith/?
  81. The Voodoo Techo/?
  82. Chocolate Chia Cookbook/?
  83. Buzz for Infants
  84. Buzz Boxing Basics
  85. Buzz How To Fly
  86. Buzz Guide to Magics
  87. The Happy Buzz
  88. Calculus Basics
  89. Extinct Neopian Languages
  90. Trigonometry Hyperbolics
  91. Experimental Physics
  92. Princess Vyssas Diary
  93. Shadow Usul Stories
  94. Brain Trees Brainiac
  95. Petfolio
  96. Mutations in Kacheeks
  97. Kacheeks Are Cool
  98. Kacheek Exercise
  99. Kacheek Magic
  100. Cave Kacheek
  101. Kacheek Week
  102. Hubrids Book of Death
  103. Zafara Lore
  104. Olde Zafara/?
  105. Forbidden Zafara/?
  106. Zafara Mystery Collection
  107. Zafara War
  108. Pox Curse
  109. Being Faerie Queen
  110. Vile Curse of Pestilence
  111. A Plague Upon You!
  112. You Will Get Verrucas!
  113. Curse of Ultimate Malison
  114. Youve Been Hexed!
  115. Malediction for Beginners
  116. Lenny Cookbook
  117. My Life As A Lenny
  118. Lenny Witchcraft
  119. Chianatomy
  120. Chia Quotes
  121. A Chias Choice
  122. Chia Art History
  123. Glowing Book/85k
  124. Book of Scarabs
  125. Forgotten Tome/80k
  126. Book of Flames
  127. 12 Angry Myncis
  128. Mynci Book of World Records
  129. The Confused Mynci
  130. When Gelerts Go Bad
  131. Sick of Spots
  132. Long Neck Lucy
  133. Chomby Mysteries
  134. The Chomby Secret
  135. Space and Magic
  136. Conquer the Dark
  137. Neopias Past
  138. Faerie Secrets
  139. Purple Chia Book/?
  140. Super Lupe Comics/?
  141. Modern Lupe Magazine/?
  142. Lupe Digest/?
  143. The Lost Kau
  144. Caring For Your Ill Kau
  145. Disco Kau
  146. The Abandoned Acara
  147. Wheres My Mummy
  148. Acara Gormball Tips
  149. Flotsam Wok Recipes
  150. Flotsam Legend
  151. The Spotted Flotsam
  152. Flotsam Arts
  153. Noil Colouring Book
  154. Doglefox Colouring Book
  155. Kiko Treasure Island
  156. Illusens Scroll
  157. Hold Your Breath
  158. Peophin Power!
  159. Learn to Swim
  160. Magic for Beginners
  161. 1002 Spells For You
  162. Advanced Magic
  163. Lost Spells of Neopia
  164. The Angry Grundo
  165. Moehawk History Book
  166. Raising Grundos
  167. The Lost Grundo
  168. The Royal Treasure Collection
  169. The History Of Meridell
  170. Medieval Petpets
  171. Tis Be Harvesting Time
  172. Laws of the Land
  173. Baby Blumaroos
  174. Captain Meerca
  175. Meerca Fashion Season 2
  176. Meerca Paint Guide
  177. Basic Healing For Kyriis
  178. The Way of the Draik
  179. Draik Tales
  180. Draik Magic
  181. The Draik
  182. Techo Secret Journal
  183. Techo Style
  184. The Techo Cookbook
  185. The Great Vacation
  186. The Techos Echo
  187. Poogle Profile
  188. Daffodil Diary
  189. Enchanted Butterfly Book
  190. Faerie Berry Recipes
  191. Tropical Flora and Fauna
  192. Growling For Beginners
  193. Cooking With Petpets
  194. King Skarl the I
  195. Malkus Vile Book
  196. Rare and Retired Items
  197. Encyclopedia Neopia
  198. Which Brush?
  199. Plushie Collector
  200. Neopia In Under 18NP A Day
  201. Antique Furniture
  202. Maths Nightmare Tips
  203. Finding That Bargain
  204. Common Cures 74k
  205. Rare Stamps 43k
  206. Wings Over the World 26k
  207. Talons and Tails
  208. Skyward an Eyries Guide to Flying
  209. What Me Cheat
  210. Evil Spells
  211. Spooky Stories
  212. Hanging Out
  213. Skies Above Tyrannia
  214. Legendary Pteri
  215. Ruffled Feathers
  216. Spotting Seaweed 95k
  217. The Spectre Legacy
  218. How To Be A Gormball Champ
  219. Super Fashion Playmate Handbook
  220. Secret Bruce Journal
  221. The Bruce Book
  222. A Special Christmas
  223. Happy Wocky Tails
  224. Cloudy Wocky Days
  225. The Complete History of Wockies
  226. The Secret Journal of Agent A
  227. Baby Buzz Manual
  228. The Love Buzz
  229. The Nose Knows
  230. Elegant Elephante
  231. Curing Kacheeks
  232. Kacheek Secrets
  233. Desert Days
  234. The Little Kacheek Book
  235. Lucky Stars
  236. Zafara Detective
  237. Zafara Art
  238. Lennies Who Lie
  239. Secret Lenny Book
  240. My Weekend With Lennies
  241. My First Chia Book
  242. Chomby Carnival
  243. Faerie Chombies
  244. Chomby Diary
  245. Chomby Dental Care
  246. The Beautiful Shoyru
  247. The Shoy
  248. Shoyru Mysteries
  249. Angry Shoyru Friends
  250. Krawks I Have Known
  251. Dusty Harmless Looking Scroll
  252. Curse of Foul Odour //
  253. Vengeful Scroll /?
  254. Vile Scroll of Possession /?
  255. Cloud Usul Book /?
  256. Cotton Tales /?
  257. Full Moon Fever /?
  258. Nimmo Faerie Tales/ ?
  259. Tail Tales
  260. Day in the Life of King Roo
  261. Blumaroo Fashion
  262. Pteri Poetry
  263. Forbidden Pteri Tales
  264. Pteri Feather Book
  265. Pteri Bust Out
  266. Babaa Care
  267. Babaa Tales
  268. The Luckiest Babaa
  269. My First Babaa
  270. Hocus Focus
  271. Attack Of The Meercabots
  272. Grundo Cafe Recipes
  273. Better Than You 30k
  274. Cheat By Capara /?
  275. Kyrii Tales
  276. Taming The Hair
  277. History Of The Lost Desert
  278. Petpet Biology
  279. Speak Tyrannian
  280. Basic Spelling Songs
  281. Escape From Meridell Castle
  282. Draik Secrets
  283. Defending The Castle
  284. Techo Mountain
  285. Little Techo Book
  286. Techo Battle Tactics
  287. Neggery Notes
  288. A Day At The Races
  289. Painting Poogles
  290. Poogle Paw Prints
  291. Skeith Flying
  292. Scents Of The Skeith
  293. Skeith Prints
  294. Skeith Tails
  295. Chef Grarrl
  296. Eye Of The Grarrl
  297. Great Grarrl Adventures
  298. The Hungry Grarrl
  299. Little Book Of Big Volcanos
  300. Life In the Citadel
  301. How I Lost Me Leg
  302. Jetsam Tall Tails
  303. Feeding Frenzy
  304. Jetsam Teeth Maintenance
  305. Jetsam Style
  306. Barallus The Brave
  307. The Korbat From Krawk Island
  308. Meruth The True Story
  309. Spooky Usul Stories
  310. Usul Investigations
  311. The Grand Usul Adventure
  312. The Little Book Of Bruce
  313. When Bruces Fly
  314. Tying Your Bow
  315. A Tale of Three Bruces
  316. The Red Wocky Cook Book
  317. Wocky Cookies
  318. Wocky Hide and Seek Book
  319. Wocky Tails
  320. Its Aisha Time 18k
  321. Lisha Of Meridell
  322. The Curse Of The Pirate Aisha 7k
  323. The Giggling Quiggle
  324. The Evil Slorg
  325. Behind Brexis
  326. Collecting Buzz Plushies
  327. The Elephante Encyclopedia
  328. Striped Elephante Popup Book
  329. Favourite Elephante Recipes
  330. One Step Forward
  331. How To Play Zurroball
  332. Cenanit Ragamans
  333. Trectse fo Thade
  334. 105 Castle Toilets
  335. The Island Of Kacheeks
  336. Kacheek Horror
  337. Baby Kacheeks
  338. Kacheek History
  339. Cooking With A Bomberry
  340. The Secret Of Tagobo
  341. Famous Lennies
  342. Confusing Conundrums
  343. Lenny Adventures
  344. Learning To Sing Notes
  345. Hilarious Chia Jokes
  346. Chia Ghost Stories
  347. Famous Chias
  348. Tonu Tails
  349. Tonu Steps
  350. Tonu Tusk Polishing
  351. Famous Tonu Ghosts
  352. Mynci Horror
  353. Baking For Myncis
  354. Banana Wars
  355. Uni Days
  356. On The Trot
  357. Gelert Anatomy
  358. Gelert A to Z
  359. Baby Gelert Pop-Up Book
  360. Gardening For Gelerts
  361. Caring For Your Spardel
  362. My First Mazzew
  363. Mazzew Grooming
  364. The Littlest Mazzew
  365. Scorchio Defence
  366. The Hot Scorchio Cook Book
  367. Scorch E O
  368. A Faerie Beautiful Day
  369. Finding Illusen
  370. Illusions Illusion
  371. Illusens Journey
  372. The Zombie Chomby
  373. Chomby Poems
  374. On Tour with Chomby and the Fungus Balls
  375. The Chomby Champion
  376. A Shoyrus Guide To Neopia On A Budget
  377. Shoyru Summer
  378. Every Shoyrus Handbook
  379. The Fire Shoyru
  380. Gruslens Galore
  381. The Grizzly Gruslen
  382. Gruslen Grooming
  383. Gruslen Pop-Up Book
  384. Bumper Cars Guide Book
  385. 300m Peanut Dash Guide Book
  386. Advert Attack Guide Book
  387. Krawk Pot Recipes
  388. Empower Your Tail
  389. A Tail Of Two Krawks
  390. Unhappy Tails
  391. Harris Tales
  392. Maraquan Bed Time Stories
  393. The Great Cybunny Theft
  394. Gourmet Bowl Tips
  395. Becoming A Spy
  396. Lupe Legends
  397. Purple Lupe Photo Album
  398. Unleashed - The Great Lupe Escape
  399. Cooking With Your Wock(y)
  400. Deciphering Your Dreams
  401. The Midnight Moehog
  402. Moehog Decorating Tips
  403. Moehog Masterpieces
  404. Cooking With Peas
  405. The Pea From Outer Space
  406. Book Of Peas
  407. A Seasonal Pea
  408. Koi Scales
  409. The Missing Koi
  410. Yurble Tales
  411. Yurble Adventures
  412. Yurble Manual
  413. The Yurble Spy
  414. Mystery Island Tour Guide
  415. JubJub Day Ideas
  416. The Quiggle Knight
  417. Quiggle Classics
  418. Legend Of The Quiggle Runner
  419. The Nimmo Ranger
  420. Jungle Survival Tips
  421. Nimmo Explorations
  422. Making Kau Plushies
  423. A Kau Summer
  424. Faerie Kau Handbook
  425. Hidden Tower Secrets
  426. Ruling Faerieland
  427. Acara Magic
  428. Acara Nightmare
  429. Acara Anatomy Book
  430. Acara Acrostics
  431. Jazzmosis Biography
  432. Smooth Jazz Tunes
  433. Famous Flotsams
  434. The Flotsam Raiders
  435. Faellie Tales
  436. Faellie Handbook
  437. Grooming Your Faellie
  438. The Ixi Book
  439. Ixi A-Z
  440. Little Timmys Story
  441. Tuskaninny Grooming
  442. Tuskaninny Treasure
  443. Ruling The Universe
  444. Peopatras Petpets
  445. Peopatras Story
  446. Basic Potion Brewing
  447. Knights Of Meridell
  448. Jeran My Hero
  449. A Squires Life
  450. Court Jester Jokes
  451. Dicearoo for Beginners
  452. Ruki Legends
  453. The Lone Ruki
  454. Ruki Adventures
  455. Star Gazing
  456. Undiscovered Treasure
  457. Unofficial Usukicon Y6 Guide Book
  458. History of the Meerca Boomerang
  459. Meerca Day Recipes
  460. Official Usukicon Y6 Guide Book
  461. Repairing your Petpets
  462. Visiting Kreludor
  463. Cooking With Gargarox
  464. The Grundo Pirate 10k
  465. Usul Bedtime Stories
  466. Healthy Kyrii Treats
  467. Kyrii Shopping Guide
  468. Kyrii Country
  469. Kyrii Hair Styles
  470. Draik Legends
  471. More Than Carrot Cake
  472. Picking The Perfect Carrot
  473. Carrot Sculpture
  474. Carrot Growing
  475. Daring Draiks
  476. Popular Draik Names
  477. Fishing For Techos
  478. The Techo Adept
  479. Techo Master Tactics
  480. Poogle Plushie Catalogue
  481. Poogle Day Ideas
  482. Osiris Pottery Catalogue
  483. The Healing Springs
  484. Jhudoras Quests
  485. Toast Tasting
  486. Gallery Of Toast
  487. Toast Treats
  488. The Wonder Of Toast
  489. The Eyrie Guard
  490. Flying For Eyries
  491. An Eyrie Evening
  492. Kitchen Quest Cookbook
  493. Life After Cheat
  494. Claw Of The Bori
  495. Caring For Bori
  496. The Bori Hand Book
  497. The Korbat Researcher
  498. Baking Chocolate Korbats
  499. Spooky Korbat Stories
  500. Koya Korbat Huntress
  501. A book entitled The Founder
  502. Brain Tree Solutions
  503. Wings of Steel
  504. A Starry Pteri Night
  505. Heroic Pteri Tales
  506. Life of a Clone
  507. Book of Evil Schemes
  508. Never Ending Faerie Tales
  509. Fantastic Jhudora Stories
  510. Morguss Spell Book
  511. A Tricky Tale
  512. Scratchcard Secrets
  513. Aisha Secrets 17k
  514. The Thief Handbook
  515. The Tooth Story
  516. Best Tooth Catalogue
  517. Neopian Structural Engineering
  518. How To Cheat At Bagatelle
  519. Unusual Buzz Recipes
  520. Buzz Modern Art
  521. Buzz Flights
  522. Taelias Tips
  523. Scroll of the Ancients
  524. Mummified Scroll
  525. Scroll of the Warrior
  526. Scroll of Hunger
  527. Dr Sloth Collectables
  528. Rules to Rule By
  529. Sloth Hair Tips
  530. The Missing King
  531. Bagatelle Joke Book
  532. The Life of a Double Crosser
  533. Being a Princess
  534. Zafara Keep Fit
  535. Fishing For Zafaras
  536. Difficult Equations
  537. Lenny Microbiology
  538. Advanced Thermodynamics
  539. Tyrannian Adventure
  540. The Chocolate Chia Book
  541. Tonu Comic Annual
  542. Cooking With Chef Boulgar
  543. Baby Tonu Book
  544. Mynci Defence
  545. Curses From The Deep
  546. Chia Bomber Game Guide
  547. Castle Battles Game Guide
  548. The Rich Gelert
  549. Gelert Day Party Ideas
  550. Silver Horn
  551. The Uni That Couldnt Fly
  552. Classic Uni Jokes
  553. Shell Hunters Guide Book
  554. Viras Revenge
  555. Slugawoo Adventures
  556. Caring For Your Slugawoo
  557. Slugawoo Art
  558. Royal Scorchios
  559. Dance Moves For Scorchios
  560. Baby Scorchio Nursery Rhymes
  561. The Mystery Of The Shy Shoyru
  562. The Little Blue Shoyru
  563. Shoyru Secrets
  564. Tales From the Deep
  565. A History of Krawks
  566. Maraquan Kougra Stories
  567. Kougra Plushie Catalogue
  568. Kougras of Tyrannia
  569. The Life of Cylara
  570. Ghost Lupe Spooky Stories
  571. Garon the Great
  572. Annoying Chias
  573. Maraquan Kau Poetry
  574. Attack of the Revenge Game Guide
  575. On Gelert Pond
  576. My Life As A Sponge
  577. Growing Exotic Plants
  578. Photo Collage Making
  579. Secrets of Maraqua
  580. Rare Treasure Maps
  581. Famous Kois
  582. The Great Koi Caper
  583. Spooky Buzz Tales
  584. A Buzz Faerie Tale
  585. Buzz Colouring Book
  586. Buzz Speech 101
  587. Bring Back The Book
  588. Round About Yurbles
  589. Pretty Pink Yurble
  590. Tell Me Why
  591. A Furry Tale
  592. Clay JubJub Fun
  593. Quivering Quiggles
  594. Kau Battle Tactics
  595. How Now Brown Kau
  596. Joy of Jelly Kaus
  597. Gormball Heroes Annual
  598. Hooked on Fishing
  599. Gone Fishing
  600. An Acara Named Whirr
  601. Flotsams in Rock
  602. Flotsam Style
  603. Flotsam Colour Time
  604. My Life At Sea
  605. Tuskaninny Bedtime Stories
  606. The Secret of Treasure Island
  607. Lutari Battle Strategies
  608. Water Faerie Wishes
  609. Hula De Ruki
  610. Twisted Tales Of The Mutant Ruki
  611. Mummified Ruki History
  612. Awesome Blumaroo Battles
  613. King Roos Dice
  614. Bouncing Blumaroos
  615. Y is for Yurble
  616. Yurble Skirmishes 9k
  617. A Yurbles True Story
  618. Maraquan Skeith Book
  619. Geraptiku Digging Sites
  620. Meercas On Parade
  621. The Meerca Encylopedia
  622. Usukicon Y7 Guide Book
  623. Angelic Usukis
  624. Usuki Doll Disco
  625. Green Grundo Gallery
  626. Lunch Box Collector Book
  627. Dark Kyrii Tales
  628. Jungle Kyrii Tales
  629. Kyrii Magic Tricks
  630. Pyramid Painting Vol. 7: Faux Finishes
  631. Guide To Your Health
  632. Avatar Collector Guide
  633. Techo Cooking Recipes
  634. Techo Fun Art
  635. Ghost Techo Tales
  636. Spying The Dark Faerie Way
  637. Fire Faerie Magic 9k
  638. Spooky Skeith Adventures
  639. Skeith Inspired Treasure Maps
  640. Underwater Tour
  641. Snot My Fault
  642. The Pteri Champion
  643. The Meridellian Pteri
  644. Untold Pteri Tales
  645. Qasalan Healing Techniques
  646. Who Is The Nightsteed
  647. Xweetok Heads Up
  648. Time For Xweetok Talk
  649. Brucey B Biography
  650. Brucicles
  651. Life Is Good
  652. The Annals of Insanity
  653. Secrets of Dirigible Construction
  654. How to Play the Viola
  655. Snarkie Answers to Stupid Questions
  656. Anubis Toxicology Reports (Abridged)
  657. A Snowbunny Tail
  658. The Velveteen Draik
  659. 1052 Sakhmetian Tales
  660. Gnorbu Explorers
  661. An Ogrins Wild Life
  662. Ogrin Survivor
  663. The Ogrin Hunter
  664. Dark Eyes the Aisha 15k
  665. Plushie Adventures
  666. Glurp
  667. Zap The Robot Aisha 77k
  668. Buzz Gourmet
  669. The Loneliest Xweetok
  670. Xweetok Happy Times 6k
  671. Adventure Bound Xweetok
  672. Love, Laughs, Xweetoks
  673. Eliv Thade Peek a Boo Book
  674. The Guide to Tonu Armour
  675. Tonu Battle Tips
  676. Big Book of Myncis
  677. An Usul Autumn
  678. Winter Usul Wear
  679. Fancy Free Uni
  680. Training School Myths
  681. The Hidden Temple
  682. Tombola Tips
  683. The Rock Pool and You: Your guide to Mystery Island Petpets
  684. Bruce Carols
  685. Super Secret Guide to the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters
  686. Defenders of Neopia Fun Book
  687. Iron Skeith
  688. Quiggle Bedtime Stories
  689. A Quiggles Life
  690. Quiggle Swimming Guide
  691. Jimmi
  692. Guide to Maraquan Krawks
  693. Scorchio ABCs
  694. Desert Scorchio Care Guide
  695. A Camouflage Scorchios Journal
  696. ARRRR! A Scorchio pirates Tale
  697. Illusens Book of Charm
  698. 101 Leafy Uses
  699. Growing a Vine Yard
  700. Illusens Diary
  701. Atlas of Neopia
  702. Neopian Postcards
  703. A Magazine I
  704. Cybunny Baby Book
  705. The Lucky Paw
  706. Sunny Faerie Days
  707. Faerieland Clouds
  708. Faerie Fire
  709. The Magic of The Healing Springs
  710. Intro To Altadorian Verbage
  711. Ye Old Meridellian Vocabulary Workbook
  712. Esophagor Pop-Up Book
  713. Tale of Woe
  714. Shadow Tome
  715. Burnt Desert Recipes ***
  716. How To Tie A Scroll Using Some Rope And Other Handy Tips
  717. The Story of the Cloud Acara
  718. Tips for the Beginning Acara Battler
  719. Spooking the Competition
  720. The Underdog Story
  721. 1,001 Yooyuball Tips
  722. Making the Finals: Darigan Citadel
  723. Quiggle Health and Fitness
  724. Run
  725. Usukicon Y8 Guide Book
  726. Usukicon Y8 Colouring Book
  727. Altadorian Defenses
  728. The Yooyu
  729. Altadorian Archives
  730. Kite Races
  731. Kite Care
  732. Go Fly A Kite!
  733. Do-It-Youself Kites
  734. Hobans Map Book
  735. Lost Desert Colouring Book
  736. Terror Mountain Colouring Book
  737. Maraqua Colouring Book
  738. Faerieland Colouring Book
  739. Neopian Music
  740. Guitarists Guide
  741. Monstrous Makeovers
  742. History of the Strength Potion
  743. Book of Bruno
  744. Sophie, A Biography
  745. Battledome Digest
  746. Mystery Island Monthy
  747. Game Guide: Volcano Run
  748. Game Guide: Jubble Bubble
  749. Game Guide: : Tubular Kiko Racing
  750. How To Draw Flip Book
  751. Volsan, A Biography
  752. Royal Qasalan Scroll
  753. Sweetheart Scroll 50k
  754. Moon Dust Scroll
  755. Tale of Woe: The Untold Story - by Reginald (Autographed Copy)
  756. Damp Cave Feng Shui
  757. Behind the Rusted Door: The True Story of the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium
  758. Neovian Genealogy
  759. Krawk Island Chronicles
  760. The Lost Desert Expose
  761. shenkuu Bulletin
  762. Knock on Wood
  763. Four Leaf Clovers - Fact or Fiction
  764. Defenders Stand for Justice
  765. Defenders Of Neopia Battle Log
  766. Neopian Heroes
  767. Hagans Secrets
  768. Your Organic Garden
  769. Cloud Racer Mechanic R101
  770. The Pyramid Tablets R99
  771. Tablet of The Mummy R98
  772. Tablet of Jazan R97
  773. Scarab Tablet R96
  774. Kiko Lake Happenings R82
  775. Meridell Herald R83
  776. Roo Island Magazine R84
  777. Standard Meridell Farmers Contract R86
  778. Brightvale the Novel R87
  779. Lutari Photography R88
  780. Dirty Jokes R74
  781. Shock Humour R76
  782. When you are Blue R77
  783. Defeating the Master R101
  784. Gallion Colouring Book R76
  785. Gallant Gallions Comic R77
  786. The Gorgeous Gallion R78
  787. Avoiding Writers Block R88
  788. Unabridged Dictionary R96
  789. Grammar On The Go 20k
  790. Writers Tips R92
  791. Hissi Stories **R79
  792. The Hissi Stare **R80
  793. Altador Cup Rule Book
  794. Altador Cup Magazine
  795. Maraqua Altador Cup Media Book
  796. Mystery Island Altador Cup Media Book
  797. White Kougra Diary
  798. Notable Nimmos 20k
  799. Nimmo Genealogy
  800. Nimmo - Now and Zen 14k
  801. Neogarden Nimmo 12k
  802. Archeology - Discovering the World
  803. Petpetpet Growth Patterns
  804. Golden Scamander Scroll R99
  805. Mummy Bone Scroll R97
  806. Buried Scroll R95
  807. Lost Desert Map Scroll R93
  808. Slushie Slinging for Novices (R180)
  809. Sore Throat Remedies (R101)
  810. Roo Island Altador Cup Media Book
  811. Krawk Island Altador Cup Media Book
  812. Kiko Lake Altador Cup Media Book
  813. Darigan Citadel Altador Cup Media Book
  814. Unique Style
  815. Guide to Tuskaninny Plushies
  816. Usukicon Y9 Comic Sampler (R101)
  817. Usukicon Y9 Guide (R101)
  818. Terror Mountain Altador Cup Media Book
  819. Lost Desert Altador Cup Media Book
  820. Haunted Woods Altador Cup Media Book
  821. Altador Altador Cup Media Book
  822. Tyrannia Altador Cup Media Book
  823. Virtupets Altador Cup Media Book
  824. Krawk Island Altador Cup Play Book
  825. Shenkuu Altador Cup Media Book
  826. Meridell Altador Cup Media Book
  827. Brightvale Altador Cup Media Book
  828. Faerieland Altador Cup Media Book
  829. Mortog Music
  830. All About Plushie Acaras (R101)
  831. 101 Beverage Recipes
  832. Riding Rivers
  833. Zombie Legends R92
  834. Zombie Handbook R90
  835. Zombie Grave Book R88
  836. Webs of Death R86
  837. Whirlpool Colouring Book R87
  838. Book of Clams R88
  839. Maraquan Pop Up Book R90
  840. History of Whirlpools R89
  841. The Plushie Coffee Table Book R85
  842. The Plushie Coffee Table Book R85
  843. Do It Yourself Bobbleheads R93
  844. Collectors Guide to Bobbleheads R89
  845. Bobbleheads and Neopian Cultures R85
  846. How to make Origami Creatures R90
  847. Budget Shopping Guide R74 *
  848. Fireplace Tales R72 *
  849. How to Make Stationery R67 *
  850. A Gnorbu Novel R88 *
  851. All About Ogrins R78 *
  852. Chocolate Ogrin Cookbook R82 *
  853. Ogrin Grooming R80 *
  854. Ogrin Mountain Climber R88*
  855. Princess Amiras Journal R101
  856. The Brown Uni R101
  857. In The Clouds R101
  858. The Golden Aisha R101
  859. Golden Eye R101
  860. Golden Wing R101
  861. Tales of Soft Foot The Plushie JubJub R101
  862. A Plush Life R101
  863. The Tale of a Plushie Wocky R101
  864. Scorchio Talk R101
  865. Speckled Acara Diary R101
  866. Seeing Stars R101
  867. A tale of Stripes R101
  868. Mystery Island Dot to Dot R101
  869. The Hot Dog Book R101
  870. Ketchup Cookbook R86
  871. Hot Dog Recipes R91
  872. The Life of a Hot Dog R95
  873. Mathmatical Cooking R76
  874. Large Book of Geometry R81
  875. Word Problems R85
  876. Musical Math R89
  877. Snow Architecture R88
  878. Rainy Day Activities R66
  879. Candy Making R69
  880. Guide to House Cleaning R72
  881. How to Knit R75
  882. Grarrl Power R45
  883. Dancing Wockys R50
  884. Sand Castles R56
  885. Candle Making R67
  886. The Cooty Avenger
  887. When Gummy Dice Attack
  888. Guide for Stowaways
  889. How to Break Codes and Influence Plot Events
  890. The Art of Grundo Diplomacy
  891. Sightseeing on the Virtupets Space Station
    Last book read on list
    Garoo Elite Patrol Handbook

    Start 1179 as of June 3rd, 2007.
    19 books added as of July 14th, 2007.
    34 books added as of March 2, 2008.
    10 books added as of May 5th, 2008.

    1026 left as of November 30th, 2007.
    958 left as of June 7th, 2008.
    If this page helped you in any way...
    ...please throw the book at me!
    I mean it, any old cheap book that you don't want. I and Lucky would greatly appreciate all the help we can get!!
    Cheapo Booktastic Award for the pet whose owner was too cheap (or too smart) to get us to the Honorary Badge level
This Page Made July 2006, Whew!
Tumbles the Psimouse, my petpet. He loves to read and is incredibly fast. You would be fast too, if you had 3 eyes. I hope he never gets cross-eyed from watching tv and reading at the same time!

This is the Pack Rat Avatar, and you know you want it. This is what the whole cheap list is about! Do you want to get the Pack Rat Avatar?
Natural Pack Rats had an easy time getting this avatar. For the rest of Neopia, I have a plan. Start by collecting something you want to keep and show off later in your very own gallery, neohome, neogarden, or battle gear? There is also Stamps, Seashells and Neodeck cards to give you some ideas. Maybe a theme like Starry, Fire, Island items, or even your favorite color or food. I problably should not even mention books or plushies! Word of warning: Books are like food items, they dissapear as soon as you read them to your pet. Read them after your have your Packrat Avvi.
1. Begin with a single pet. Its harder to feed more than one and even tougher if more than one gets sick. Don't worry if you already have more than 1, keep them. You can always make or adopt more pets and petspets later. Adoption is cheaper, but the pets come with a name and an attitude.
2. Open a bank account at the Neopian National Bank. The bank is a safe place to keep your np safe from the Tax Beast and collect interest.
3.Once you have opened a bank account, you get a FREE Safety Deposit Box. Now you have a safe place to keep your growing collection. Use this, many monsters have taken my items!
4. Open a shop. It will only hold 5 items unless you spend np to make it bigger. If you just want to trade your items, you can skip this step.
5. Start cheap item shopping! Omelettes, jellies and gross foods are a good beginning. This way you get a lot of items for a few np. This list is to help you find some of the cheapest items in neopia. *Hint: Always pay attention to the price of the item your buying.
6. Keep all the free things you are given. You didn't have to pay for them and every little bit helps.
Did you get your monthly freebies?

7. Doubles or more of any single item are only counted as 1 item. Example: 5 Plain Omelettes still count as 1 because they are all the same item. You could feed the cheap copies of foods to your neopet, and sell the expensive items in your shop, or trade to earn extra np.
8. Play games. Sound easy? I am terrible at games but still earn 3000np + a day. Always play the Featured Game for double np. Want to get to your favorite games faster? Save them to your My Favorite Games Page. When you are on the page where you see Click to Play, look to your left and click on the words Add to Favourites. To get to your favorites page from the games room, look at the bottom of the page.
9. Copy and paste the list to wordpad. You can erase items you purchase or win, as you put them into your safebox. This will help you keep track of what you have already bought, without printing. For those of you that can, go ahead and print this page.

Updated 08/01/07

Everything on this list is 1 to 45np! Anything over that amount, please neomail me. I tried to find over 1000 cheap items, but they kept getting more and more expensive. I have seen other Packrat Avatar Lists. Yes, they list 1000 items, and some are 100np or less!!
The whole point of my The Cheap Items List was to make it easy, cheap...
...and let YOU choose what you want to spend your hard earned np on!
(Oh, and get the avatar in 30 days or less!)

Lets do the math, shall we?
You play games and make 5000np+ a day.
Say my list was 500 items.
(its not, but work with me)
The most expensive items are 35np each.
500 items x 35np = 17500np!
Most of the items listed are less than 10np.
So take off 500, Now it costs 17k!
In less than a week, you earn enough to complete my cheap list and start collecting items YOU want!!

Updated 9/16/06
The size of your Safety Deposit Box is endless, there is no limit at this time. Like your Bank Account...
...its a bottomless pit and you can throw in as much as you want!

I hope this makes it easier to enjoy Neopets!

Coments or questions?
Please neomail Michianadolls, Thanx!

Plain Omelette
1/3 Plain Omelette
2/3 Plain Omelette
Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette
2/3 Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette
1/3 Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette
Sausage Omelette
2/3 Sausage Omelette
1/3 Sausage Omelette
Carrot and Pea Omelette
2/3 Carrot and Pea Omelette
1/3 Carrot and Pea Omelette
Green Pepper Omelette
2/3 Green Pepper Omelette
1/3 Green Pepper Omelette
Bacon and Broccoli Omelette
2/3 Bacon and Broccoli Omelette
1/3 Bacon and Broccoli Omelette
Bacon Omelette
2/3 Bacon Omelette
1/3 Bacon Omelette
BBQ Sauce Omelette
2/3 BBQ Sauce Omelette
1/3 BBQ Sauce Omelette
Rotten Omelette
bitten rotten omelette?

~Other Cheap Breakfast Items~
Jellied Eggs
Box of Wheat Flakes
Scotch Egg
Burnt Red Eye Egg
Homemade Marmalade
Homemade Gooseberry Jam
Tuna Porridge

Poisonous Jelly
Half Strawberry Jelly
Strawberry Jelly
Lime Jelly
Half Lime Jelly
Lemon Jelly
Half Lemon Jelly
Glowing Jelly
Half Eaten Glowing Jelly
Poisonous Jelly
Half Eaten Poisonous Jelly
Cornupepper Jelly
Half Eaten Cornupepper Jelly
Dung Jelly
Half Eaten Dung Jelly
Jellied Eyeballs
Tuna Porridge

Brightvale Berry
Half-eaten Berry
Nutritional Blockberry
Purple Felberry
Rotten Berry

Asparagus Yoghurt
Black Widow Truffle
Dried Apricots
Dried Prunes
Dung Cream Sandwich
Cheese Covered Caramel Apple
Fantastic Fly Pie
Fresh Seaweed Pie
Iced Fish Cake
Illusens Cream Cookie
Ketchup Ice Cream
Meat Cake
Minced Beef Pretzel
Mummified Ice Cream
Mustard Ice Cream
Neoflakes Cake
Onion Sorbet
Plain Faerie Cake
Poisonous Lollypop
Scab Cake
Scorched Pyramicake
Slime Sundae
Sludge Pie
Spooky Gooplecream
Spring Onion Ice Cream
Sutek Muffin

~Edible Fishing Stuff~
Diseased Mechafish
Giant Giant Squid
Large Giant Squid
Lesser Spotted Fish
Small Giant Squid
Tyrannian Mechafish

~Fish Pops Stuff~
Blueberry Fish Pop
Cheese and Eel Burger
Chocolate Coated Fish Pop
Chocolate Fish Pop Milkshake
Lemon and Lime Fish Pop
Strawberry and Cream Fish Pop

~Gross Foods~
Ant Eaten Ham
Baked Beans
Blueberry Beetle Cracker
Bluehamberry Burger
Can of Prune Juice
Cheops Plant
Coconut Cream Steak
Cucumber Eye Cream
Dirt Pie
Eyeball Sushi
Finger Crisps
Fresh Clam Jam
Geraptiku Burger
Geraptiku Punch
Glaring Eye Wrap
Grackle Bug on a Stick
Grackle-Stuffed Turkey
Hot Worm Hot Dog
Icky Fruit
Infested Peach
Lice Rice
Ma ggot Stew
Mashed Potato with Strawberry Sauce
Mangled Geopeppers
Meatballs and Worms
Meridell Gravy
Mucus Soup
Mud n Mayo Dip
Mummified Pepper
Musho Mushy Peas
Noxious Nectar
Old Croutons
Pasta And Eyes
Pickled Leeches
Pickled Olives
Puntec Fruit
Rancid Old Meat
Raw Potato
Roast Tentacle
Rock Sprouts
Rotten Puntec Fruit
Rotten Wormy Apple
Ruined Ptolymelon
Salmon Mousse Tea
Scorched Cheops Plant
Scorched Grackle-Stuffed Turkey
Scorched Sutek Beans
Scorched Tut Trout
Snail Sub
Sphinx Links
Spoiled Sphinx Links
Spongy Mound
Squashed Tchea Fruit
Squished Tomato
Strawberry Artichoke
Stuffed Frog
Sun Dried Techo Claw
Sweetcorn with Tomato Sauce
Tasty Turnip Tartar
Tchea Fruit
Tin of Olives
Tin of Sardines
Toasted Pyramibread
Tongue with Veggies
Toe Nail Soup
Very Rotten Tomato
Woo Woo Grub
Worm Nugget
Yellow Growth
Zeenana Peel

Healing Potion I
Healing Potion II
Healing Potion IV
Healing Potion V
Healing Potion VI
Healing Potion VII
Healing Potion VIII
Healing Potion IX
Healing Potion XI
Illusens Potion
Juicy Elixir
Lime Elixir
Pale Elixir
Ubikiberry Elixir

Illusens Comb
Jhudoras Brush

00 Hog Battlecard
Capara Battlecard
Chuffer Bob Battlecard
Branston Battlecard
Brucey B Battlecard
Fernypoo Battlecard
Kalora Battlecard
Little Timmy Battlecard

~Band Souvenirs~
2 Gallon Hatz Cap
Blue Kacheek Group Cap
Chomby and the Fungus Balls Cap
Chomby and the Fungus Balls Jacket
Jazzmosis Hat
Jazzmosis T-Shirt
M*YNCI Shirt
M*YNCI Jacket
Sticks N Stones Jacket
Twisted Roses Santa Hat

~Cheap Fishing Stuff~
Cinder Block Sea Fungus
Cubical Sea Fungus
Giant Green Kelp
Rusty Old Can
Broken Fishing Pole
Bucket of Sludge
Dull Grey Pearl
Giant Bath Plug
Mossy Rock
Mouldy Petpet Bed
Old Rotten Left Boot
Old Rotten Right Boot
Old Rotten Left Shoe
Old Rotten Right Shoe
Old Rotten Left Sandal
Old Rotten Right Sandal
Petrified Bone
Rotting Driftwood
Rusty Old Can
Giant Brown Kelp
Cinder Block Sea Fungus
Cubical Sea Fungus
Giant Green Kelp
Giant Red Kelp
Grey Sea Fern
Spongy Algae

Blue Grundo Keyring
Coconut Keyring
Red Wocky Keyring
Surfboard Keyring
Tiki Tack Keyring
Tombola Keyring

~Sandy Stuff~
Bottle Of Orange Sand
Glowing Sand
Invisible Sand
Reject Star Shaped Sand
Reject Flower Shaped Sand
Reject Ornate Rainbow Sand
Reject Curly Shaped Sand

Evil Snowball
Peach Snowball
Poison Snowball
Wet Snowball

Toy Sail Boat
Super Toy Sail Boat
Broken Toy Sailboat
Blue Ixi Plushie
Usulbat Plushie
Von Kougra Plushie
Headless Von Roo Plushie
Red Kazoo
Potgatkerchi Plushie
Wind Up Potgatkerchi Toy
Geraptiku Snowglobe
Coconut Shy Kit
Springy Cobrall In A Box

~Non-edible Stuff~
Bucket of Fake Snow
Bit of Barbed Wire
Coltzans Gem
Cheery Plant
Colourful Bruce Scarf
Free the Darkest Faerie T-shirt
Half Coconut Shell
Jhudora T-Shirt
Lucky Bone Necklace
Mistletoe Headband
New Year Calendar
Old Boot
Packet of Gravel
Palm Fan
Piece of Wool
Pile of Dung
Pile of Sludge
Plastic Butter Knife
Serf Lens
Spicy Meowclops Whiskers
Stone Shield
Tatty Pencil
Tombola Pencil Sharpener
Tombola T-shirt
Tombola Visor
Unlabelled Tin Can
Void Plant
Volcanic Rock
Wooden Blocking Shield
You Did It Card
Updated 12/21/06
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