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Welcome, I'm Smeak. I've decided to once again create a site that is meant help others adopt amazing pets. The other I had was sadly messed up and I couldn't recover everything to keep it going. Now, I'll just be extra careful to not let that happen again. Anyways, this site will be run personally by me. I will be zapping pets and adopt them out. Make sure you check back because you never know if a pet you'd like might be up for adoption.

Zapping: 2 | Up For Adoption: 0 | Adopted: 7

  • Corpseful has been adopted. Sadly, I have no had any luck with other pets for zaps. :(
  • Still having no luck with zaps. :(
  • Zapping Arust - Risnen
  • I believe that I will be pounding pets that don't get much attention once they get a color change.
  • Cleared Updated box. Brooklan has been adopted.
  • Site Opened On: 9/26/2015
  • Site Created On: 9/24/2015





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None at the moment.

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