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16 March 2014 Black Pteri avatar and Battle Faerie avatar achieved! Working on SF.

About Me

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Hello there! You've stumbled upon the corner of Neopets that about me and my adventures on Neopets. This is my agenda. Here I track all of my current neopian excursions, goals, and achievements, as well as plan and organize my future endeavors. You can learn all about who I am as a neopian and as a person, what I hope to do, and who I hope to become. I will update this page as regularly as I can. Feel free to poke around, and thanks for stopping by!

And of course, my neomail is always open if you'd like to contact me about anything you read here.


Monthly Goals
Rubbish avatar - 7000 junk items
30 Seasonal Cupcakes total
Earn 500K
Buy at least 10 junk items
Invest 15 np stock
Food Club bets
Enseoul - petpage
Luttosa - paint white
Wearing - trade?
Update Financial Aid page
Work on KQ Class Tournament
Class President?


08 Mar 2014 Interview for Ashe:

1. All of the Cupcakes is all about...Cupcakes! Is there a reason why you chose cupcakes in particular for your adoptable theme?
I LOVE cupcakes! I love making them in real life, and I thought it would be fun to make them in digital art form! Cupcakes are a really great base for an adoptable, because you can have all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes, and decorations. I wanted to make adoptables that would lend myself some creative freedom, but also gives others the opportunity to customize them and make them unique. It's really exciting for me to make cupcake adoptables, because even though they are all cupcake-shaped, I never really know what each one will look like until it's finished.

2. Your site was opened all the way back in 2012! Have your cupcakes or thoughts about anything changed since then?
My cupcakes have definitely changed since 2012! I started out with a simple concept that I would only change colors and sprinkles. That idea quickly grew into creating new decorations and playing around with a wide variety of colors and gradients. Turnip requested a cupcake from me early on, and her request really pushed me to try new things and draw with more detail, and everything escalated from there.

My thoughts about the community have also changed. When I first opened AotC, I thought the site community would be a tough group to break into and that I would be judged quite a bit. I was completely wrong! Every site owner I know is extremely kind, friendly, and encouraging. It's really fascinating and motivating to see the creativity of the community grow over time. I've become a lot more adventurous and open to trying new things. Overall, making cupcakes has made me a better artist.

3. Currently, All of the Cupcakes offers a variety of premades; Seasonal, Paintbrushes, and Altador themed! Do you think there will be more sections of cupcakes in the future?
I would love to add more cupcakes in the future! I have so many ideas I'd like to try, the foremost being: mini petpet and P3-themes, and pop culture themes. I think for now I want to complete my paint brush cupcakes first. I'm a little embarrassed I haven't finished them yet, but I am trying!

4. I'm sure All of the Cupcakes has been a huge inspiration to many out there who have wanted to create an adoptable site (including myself). Do you have any advice for those who want to create an adoptable site?
I am inspired by so many talented artists in this site community. My best advice to any site owner would be: make something you love and have fun doing it. Having a site should be enjoyable! And to any new site owner: don't be afraid to NM other site owners in the community. Everyone is very sweet and supportive!

About Maryann

At A Glance

  • Name: Maryann
  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: June 16
  • Timezone: Eastern Time (NST +3)
  • Location: New York

About Me

I'm Maryann and I live in the US. I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Adolescent Education (Grade 7-12) Earth Science to fulfill my dream of becoming a science teacher. I am a self-proclaimed Dr. Who obsessive, Harry Potter fanatic, and MLP Brony. When I stress, I tend to drink too much coffee or tea and play the piano. I live with my three cats. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I tend to obsess over it. I collect coffee mugs and scarves. I love food.


  • Hobbies: Piano, cooking, baking, exploring caves, getting lost in books, drawing, stargazing,
  • Books: Harry Potter, Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Wanderer, Looking for Alaska, The Book Thief
  • TV: Criminal Minds, NCIS, Top Gear UK, New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who
  • Music: Sara Bareilles, Greg Laswell, Jillette Johnson


The color green, tea, sweaters, sheet music, cupcakes, cats, autumn, craft stores, paintings of oceans, caves, thunderstorms, cooking, scented candles, Christmas, reading, scarves, coffee mugs.


Bad science, poor grammar, sad movies, ignorance, asparagus, missing common sense, greed, durian, heavy metal music, poor drivers, disorder, large crowds, tardiness

About seoulful

In General

I like to chat on the PC, AC, and lurk the GC and NC boards. My favorite Neopets game is Meepit v. Feepit, but I'm best at Volcano Run II when I have the patience to play. I have a few Neo-obsessions, which include: plumpy, meepits, slorgs, candychan, isca, and of course cupcakes. I like to reminisce about old Neo and customize my pets. When I have time, I like to create characters for my pets.

Main: seoulful

Seoulful is my main account. I am online almost daily. My permanent pets on this account are Loveish, Maryanne_ and Parola. I plan to move Enseoul to this account. I play games and earn trophies, collect avatars, work on my gallery, invest in the stock market, and occasionally restock (albeit badly). On this account is my cupcake adoptables site, All of the Cupcakes and my cupcake gallery. I am part of the goal-oriented guild Ambition.

All of the Cupcakes

All of the Cupcakes is my first and only site. I make custom cupcakes for requesters and premade cupcakes adoptables in my spare time. I love making digital cupcakes because it is relaxing, allows me to be creative, and they make people happy. AotC has been open since late April of 2012, and I'm thrilled to say the site has done nothing but grow. I am honored to be a part of the site community. AotC inspired my cupcake gallery.

Side Accounts

My side accounts are: constancyx0x, emaysee, and sushirolling. These accounts house my other permanent pets: Fancify, Fyotus, Enseoul, Wheniski, Luttosa, and Swel. constancyx0x used my be my old main account from 7 years ago.

The Most Beautiful of Friends

Kate - Kate is a bundle of fun, love, motivation and energy. She always knows the right things to say and she can always make me laugh. Kate is simply incredible. What I admire most about her is her drive to be amazing at everything. Not only is she magical at game trophies, she is also immensely talented at graphics, CSS, story-telling, and button-making. I just love this girl.
Anh - I secretly admired Anh from afar for the longest time. Anh is witty and creative, and she is the most amazing graphics/layout creator I had met to date. She is very easy to talk to, extremely generous and sweet, and she makes every conversation enjoyable. The best way I can describe her is classy. Anh gives very sound advice and always seems to remain calm. She is the greatest and I love her dearly!
Sarah - I first met Sarah when I joined The Neo Project, and she was one of the members I talked to first (and stalked first) on the guild boards. She's absolutely charming and very kind. Her exceptional thoughtfulness is her most admirable quality. Sarah inspires me to work hard, never give up, and try new things. I love Sarah and I always look forward to talking with her.
Nina - I met Nina recently, but I can't remember my time on Neo without her. Nina is a bundle of joy and love and beauty and spirit. She is hilarious and I love her simple, down-to-earth, tell it like it is style. I always walk away from our conversations crying with laughter. I love how we can always pick up where we left off. She is super talented at making graphics. Nina is just a fantastic person to talk to.
Space - Space is my greatest late-night buddy to talk to when I can't sleep. Her opposite timezone makes her the best companion and she somehow tolerates my exhaustion, my rants, and my bursts of crazy. The best thing about Space is that our minds are in sync. She always seems to know what I'm thinking and says it out loud. In fact, she just always knows what to say. I trust her with everything.
Rico - Rico is my go-to when I need a smile or a pick-me-up. As a fellow site-owner, he is endlessly supportive and caring. He's really the kindest guy I've met on the site. I love talking to him. His buttons are truly gorgeous and inspire me to be more creative. I love his positive attitude, and his willingness to tolerate my rants when I need to talk.
Cam - Cam and I were meant to be together as a classy duo. My favorite part about Cam is his sass and his big heart. Cam never fails to be exuberant and enthusiastic about everything around him. He is a mind-blowing graphic designer with a distinct modern style. I literally cannot talk to Cam without smiling or laughing. He is simply perfect.


Below are lists of general goals I am currently working towards completing. These goals are updated monthly as more and more are completed.

Currently Working On

Monthly Goals

  • Have 30 Seasonal Cupcakes
  • Buy 7000 junk items for Rubbish Avatar
  • Reach 312 avatars
  • Re-make all pet lookups

Pet Goals

  • Train Enseoul to even 80s
  • Work on Enseoul's petpage layout
  • Paint Luttosa White
  • Downsize by 2 pets
  • Move Malio to emaysee account

Neopoint Goals

  • Reach 3 million neopoints
  • Buy stock at 15 np daily
  • Have 1+ mil invested in stocks
  • Finish selling SDB items for profit
  • Play FC

Avatar Goals

  • Kadoatery - Mew! • Guide
  • Neopian Times
  • Chocolate!
  • Rubbish
  • Finish pet avatars

Trophy Goals

  • A trophy in every avatar game
  • Kadoatery
  • Spinacles
  • S.M.E.L.T.
  • Wrath of the Snowager

Ultimate Goals

  • Go Pink! (Earn the Kadoatie avatar)
  • Earn the Neopian Times Star avatar
  • Complete cupcake gallery
  • Own a UC Darigan Jubjub
  • Own a UC Grey Peophin
  • Earn 50 game trophies


Below are lists of pet goals for each of my permanent pets. My hope is that each pet has a clear character and role in my Neo Family. My end goal is to someday downsize my accounts to only host my permanent pets.

Currently Working On


Name: Parola Tristezza
Species: Kacheek
Color: White
Occupation: Former Hostess
Role: The Manic Twin
Pet Goal To-Do:
 ☑ Petpet
 ☐ P3
 ☑ Customization
 ☑ Design/Art
 ☑ Story
 ☑ Petpage
Character: She was once a kind hospitable kacheek who cared for lost and wandering of the Haunted Woods. One night, an unknown krawk arrived at her doorstep, asking for shelter. That night her daughter died. She never recovered, and now sits alone in her mansion, devastated, vengeful and unbalanced. She waits every day for the krawk to return, a dagger in one hand and her daughter's photo in the other. She barely acknowledges her siblings, unwilling to love anyone anymore.

Likes: Silence, isolation, darkness, full moons, gowns, tea, sweet pea
Dislikes: Visitors, noise, children, summer, coffee, birds

Visit Parola: Lookup | Petpage


Name: Fancify (Fee) Tristezza
Species: Kacheek
Color: Christmas
Occupation: Hostess
Role: The Caring Twin
Pet Goal To-Do:
 ☑ Petpet
 ☐ P3
 ☑ Customization
 ☑ Design/Art
 ☐ Story
 ☐ Petpage
Character: She is as hospitable as her sister is not. She is a homemaker by instinct and she takes care of the home the shares with her siblings. Her closest companions call her 'Fee' and love to help her prepare for her enormous annual Christmas celebrations. Fee is most anxious over the mental state of her twin sister, but is often too preoccupied with her bed and breakfast duties to fret. Her smile is bright, but almost too bright, as if her sister's haunted past also affects her in the deepest way possible.

Likes: Visitors, holidays, music, cookies, candles
Dislikes: Sharp objects, yelling, silence, photographs

Visit Fancify: Lookup


Name: Maryanne
Species: Usul
Color: Green
Occupation: Baker
Role: The Homemaker Sibling
Pet Goal To-Do:
 ☑ Petpet
 ☐ P3
 ☑ Customization
 ☐ Design/Art
 ☐ Story
 ☐ Petpage
Character: No one is ever hungry in her home, and no one is ever a stranger in her heart. Her big heart and big dreams make up for her tiny outer shell. Don't let her proper demeanor fool you; she loves to have fun as much as anyone! As long as cupcakes are involved, of course. Maryanne is my sort of mini-me. She was adopted from the pound two years ago and given to me by my best friend.

Likes: Cupcakes, frosting, sprinkles, sugar, friendship, parties, wrapping gifts
Dislikes: Vegetables, sad occasions, being alone, school

Visit Maryanne: Lookup


Name: Loveish
Species: Aisha
Color: Halloween
Occupation: Homemaker
Role: The Loving Mother
Pet Goal To-Do:
 ☑ Petpet
 ☐ P3
 ☑ Customization
 ☐ Design/Art
 ☐ Story
 ☐ Petpage
Character: Loveish is the silent head of her neofamily and the motherly figure for her siblings. She is strong, protective, and unconditionally loyal to the ones she loves. She is fluent in all unspoken emotions, seemingly able to empathize without ever asking how someone feels. She lives in a silent reverie. Her thoughts change with the same patience as the autumn leaf colors.

Likes: Family, Autumn, hugs, arts and crafts, literature
Dislikes: Fighting, anger, chaos, humidity, being late

Visit Loveish: Lookup


These are the accomplishments over years 4 years on my main account in which I take great pride. Many of these would not have been possible if not for the wonderful goal-oriented guilds I have joined, including The Neo Project, Brutal, and Ambition.

Account Stats

  • Account Age: 56 Months
  • Secret Avatars: 314
  • Gallery Size: 40
  • Habitarium Level: 50
  • Game Trophies: 41
  • Stamps: 73
  • Neodeck Cards: 69

Accepted Art Gallery Entries

All-Time Proudest Achievements


What is Ambition?

Ambition (/amˈbiSHən/) noun - a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

Ambition is a goal-oriented, school-themed guild that focuses on helping its pupils achieve success, meanwhile building enduring relationships with their peers and the community. - {from webbie} Ambition turns activity into achievement, classroom into community, and friendship into family. Ambition is a place I can go to chat with friends, work on goals, and be myself. I can teach, learn and grow. I can try new things and make discoveries. For me, Ambition is not just a guild, but a home.

My Positions

Director of Financial Aid - My main duty is to update, maintain and organize the Financial Aid page that hosts the wishes of Ambition's members. New month gifting tallies begin on the 1st of each month and end on the 2nd to last day of each month. On the last day of each month, a Top Donor for the month is announced. The page should be updated at least 4 times a month with bi-weekly reminders on the GB to update wishlists and gifts.

Academic Advisor - I market Ambition and send invitations to accepted applicants. Marketing Ambition involves creating and posting on recruitment boards at the Guild Chat, answering any applicant questions and helping each applicant with their agenda creation. I also help run the events of Orientation Week after recruit season.

Teacher - I am the host or teacher of the Key Quest Class. I keep track of the marks of students who join the class and organize Key Quest tournaments for the guild. I also manage a Key Quest FAQ and answer any incoming questions about the game from Ambition members.

Ambition Report Card

Report Card Stickers

Plaque Cabinet

Ambition Classes

Art Class

Total Marks: 0 Work on art portfolio!

Avatar Class

Total Marks: 334
  • + 314; avatars
  • + 3; avatar wishlist
  • + 2; font storage
  • + 9; design a font x9
  • + 6; design a guild font x3

Customization Class

Total Marks: 92
  • + 5; create a look book
  • + 26; add a look to your look book x 26
  • + 20; trade NC with a guildmate x 4
  • + 8; Add an item to your closet x 8
  • + 15; Submit an entry to a competition x 3
  • + 4; Vote in a competition x 2
  • + 15; Win a monthly competition

Key Quest Class

Total Marks: 20
  • + 20; Earn a Gold Key x 5

Pet Improvement Class

Total Marks: 40
  • + 15; Choose ultimate petpet for any pet of yours
  • + 25; Attach ultimate petpet for any pet of yours

Writers Class

Total Marks: 19
  • + 3; submit to the Neopian Times
  • + 6; submit to the Poetry Contest x 2
  • + 5; accepted to the Neopian Times
  • + 5; accepted to the Poetry Contest

Miscellaneous Ambition


Total: 2.0
  • + 0.50; Feb. Monthly Event
  • + 0.25; Art Class
  • + 0.25; Avatar Class
  • + 0.25; Customization Class
  • + 0.25; Key Quest Class
  • + 0.25; Pet Improvement Class
  • + 0.25; Writers Class

FC Club

Total: (started January 2014)
  • Bets Placed: 80
  • Bet Total: 216,420
  • Win Total: 495,272
  • Net Difference: 278,852

Financial Aid

Total Gifts Given: 40
Monthly Gifts Given: 10
  • Codestone x 7
  • Red Codestone
  • Dubloon x 2

Class Submissions

Ambition Monthly Event


Learning Objective: Earn 800K - FC, RSing, Games, KQ
Small Assignment: Earn 310 avatars
Small Assignment: Cellblock Avatar
Small Assignment: Enter Poetry Contest twice

Point Tracker

Total Points: 116
  • 25; +25 Complete your learning objective
  • 10; +10 Tutor another member
  • 0; +10 Set a common goal with another member and complete it
  • 10; +5 Complete a personal assignment
  • 0; +5 Suggest a new class or activity
  • 50; +5 Give financial aid to another member
  • 15; +5 Create an Ambition related font
  • 0; +2 Sign up for a class event
  • 6; +2 Earn a new sticker

Assignment Tracker

Earn 800K 821,550/800,000
Earn 310 avatars 310/310
Cellblock Avatar 1/1
Enter Poetry Contest twice 2/2



Below are some incredible gifts and adoptables from some incredible, talented friends. All of these are so special, and I couldn't be more appreciative for the people who took the time to make them. You are all wonderful!

My art

coming soon

Adoptables and Gifts

Amy Amy Anh & Kate Ashe Gabby
Kate Kiwi Lola Lore Meghan
Meghan Zenny


All font were made by me for my use only unless otherwise stated.


All of the Cupcakes




Link Back?

Agendas and Portfolios

Below are links to the agendas and portfolios of my friends and guildmates.


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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
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