Name: Lornea
Age: Between sweet 16 and mature 18 ;)
Place of origin: Kreludor
Current location: Mystery Island
Colour: Fuchsia
Food: Strawberry Milkshake and Tropical Fruit Pizza
Book: The Lonely Grundo
Sport: Volleyball
Neopian bands: Gruundo and The Hikalakas
Would like to spend holidays…: Altador or Terror Mountain (winter sports!)
If participating in a Beauty Contest, she would wish for…: Neopia's peace and a new dress.
Dislikes: Garlic, Spyders, bossy pets.

Yup! It's all true. And it's me- Lornea speaking to you. You can tell, because of this green text color. Shall we carry on?

Her soundtrack

Cindy Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon (bossa nova ver.)
The Bangles - Manic Monday
Daft Punk - Digital Love
CherryBlossom - Dive to World
ABBA - Super Trouper
The Archies - Sugar Sugar
Mulan OST - Reflection
Emmelie de Forest - Rainmaker
Pollaponk - No Prejudice
Jump5 - We Are family
Jump5 - Beautiful To Me
An Cafe - S*B*Y
Roxette - June Afternoon

Some facts she would rather hide from you:

Lornea can find the courage to defend her friends but she has trouble talking back if someone is mean to Her. No one taught her how to do so and now she's suffering the consequences.

She really wanted to get a part-time job at a Café. She even got a chance, after being rejected many times just for her looks, but it turned out she's an elephant in a porcelain shop. She didn't earn anything and had to pay for the broken glass.

She is very good at drawing… blobs… that resemble neopets… somehow. Ok, one artist in the house is enough. And that artist is NOT Lornea.

Once she paid ridiculously high for a Gruundo poster with an autograph. Fortunately she quickly realized it was the most stupid thing to do, since those money were needed for other, more important aims, so she re-sold the poster. That's one of the most stupid things she has ever done and she keeps it a secret.

Her Story

~ "He is ready", reported one of the guards saluting to his superior. Count von Krokov pushed the door and entered the interrogation room. The grundo in a tattered laboratory coat lifted his eyes and he knew that it was the "boss" who came in. Krokov sat on the opposite side of the table and went straight to the point: "Doctor, you shall be glad, as I give you the chance to further conduct your studies. Under my command. I do believe that with some encouragement, you can do wonders." "I feel honored to hear those compliments, but still I am just a humble servant and I'm not sure I can copy my master's success.", the grundo knew he has to be very weary when it came to words in this room. "First, Sloth is gone. As long as he decides to return and take his humble servant back, you are under my command. I think you understand it. Second, I wouldn't leave place for a doubt." "Or else you'll send me right to the Resistance Movement's Court, right?" "To explain them how and why you got here in the first place? Oh Doctor, the journey must have tired you... " an unpleasant grim crawled onto Krokov's face "Don't worry. You'll have some time to rest and all the equipment you need. Together with your knowledge and experience as one of Sloth's leading scientists you can do it. Oh, I almost forgot: I will provide you with the test subjects as well." The scientist understood that in his situation he has to cooperate. He an-alyzed the situation and came to the conclusion he is not in the worst situation after all. The Resistance MIGHT have milder methods of treating their prisoners, but they would never let him continue his research. And the day Dr. Sloth returns, then he will find him worthy, he will be proud of his loyal servant and show his gratitude by freeing him and erasing that smile from Von Krokov's face once and for all... "Sir, I already conducted tests on living organisms. For my current research I need young organisms – the younger, the better. This is my current limit. I want you to be aware of that." "I am." Krokov handed a file folder to the scientist "Have some rest and read through it. This is your new identity from now on."


~ "I Think the roses need some micro biotic fertilizer, they don't look quite healthy to me" said the Countess after taking a sip of breakfast tea. "If you say so my dear. I'll reprimand the gardener" answered the Count without averting his eyes from the papers he was reading while chewing on a toast. "You don't really care what I say!" the Countess tried to show her irritation, but in fact, she was more sad than angry. "But of course I care, my jewel! And because I care about you I have a surprise." The Count put away the papers he was reading and swallowed last bit of toast "I have hired a doctor to look after you." "...what about dr. Kerno?" "He's fine to wrap a bandage around a wound, but you need a special care now. That's why I have brought here dr. Selien. You will meet him soon –I've invited him to eat dinner with us." "I'm eager to meet him" "He is very eager to meet you too, believe me."

Several months later

~ "Can I see her?" she said in a weak voice. "In a moment. Dr. Selien took her for examination. He will just check whether she's healthy and all right." The Count was vividly nervous, which was strange of him. Yes, he could get mad and shout at his poor subjects, but never seemed so stressed. "Oh that crooked doc!" moaned the Countess. "What? He was treating you good, didn't he?" "I suppose... but he is weird." "Weird? He is a doctor, you know that men of science have their little oddities we have to bear with." "Yes, but... and those mixtures I had to drink – they tasted horrible!" "But it was all for your good. The bitter medicine helps the best."

Few years later

~ "Now look at you! What have I told you?" the Countess looked accusingly at the green grundo girl who was on the verge of bursting in tears. "But... I didn't want to tear it! I didn't! I just wanted to jump over there and and..." "Hush, hush." The Countess pet the girl on the head "Really you're like a small hurricane, Lornea. I know you like to run and jump but I asked you to be still just for a while. Eh... we better change that dress now. Blue one?". "But it's too small" replied the girl whose eyes were fixed on the torn fabric of her dress. She really didn't want it to happen, it was a nice dress. "Oh, you're right" the Countess saddened, "I forget how fast you grow.". It was something that worried her. She should have been happy that Lornea was such a strong, big girl already. Just maybe too strong and too big for her age. Doctor Selien said that it's the effect of the nutritious diet and the child couldn't develop any better. A doctor should know better, after all. Countess was suppressing all her worries with the rational explanation of the Count and Doctor. But those worries were leaking when the reason left guard and brought terrible nightmares which haunted her at nights heavy with rose scent. She sighed again. "It's not so big after all... that torn part. I'll ask the maid to sew it when we return, for now a ribbon shall do the trick." and she pinned a red silk ribbon to patch the dress. "It's pretty!" the grundo girl was excited again "Will Siergiej show me how to play the piano?" "He just started playing it, he needs more practice..." "But just a bit?" "Fine, just behave like a little lady and I think he will show you what he has learnt so far. Your cousin is a young gentleman."

And then, one night...

~ "Fools!" Count von Krokov took up a glass and threw it on the wall. "Where's the leak?!" "We're searching for it, Sir!" the senior guard avoided looking into Count's mad face, his eyes fixed on the shattered glass for a moment, but that too wasn't pleasant sight – not only glass will get smashed soon. "And where is doctor? Just don't tell me you're searching. I've heard that too many times! What are you, a pack of gelerts who pry over a doglefox's den or soldiers, eh? Fools! Cadgers! Trash!" now the table got kicked with such force it flew several centimeters into the air before collapsing. The senior guard felt he was sweating and the fact he could not control it, made him feel just more incompetent. After a moment of silence the count spoke again, although it wasn't sure whether he was addressing his inferior : "Before the Space Police and Resistance Troops arrive, all evidence should be removed. All of them." ~~

To say that her past was a blur was not accurate. Lornea could remember some things vividly, although those were single scraps that formed a messy picture. Especially that night when the scream woke her up. "No!" It was just a single word, but it was full of sorrow and despair that dwelled up over many years. After that the feeling of being scared inside ship and the safety of the warm arms wrapped around her at once. Countess strived to be strong, but physically she was very weak. She was healthy and full of vital energy, Lornea heard once. But in her memory, Countess was always delicate and easily tired. She felt it had some connection with her... Then they no longer lived in a palace full of servants, the Countess sold all her shiny jewels, but it was her smile that shone brightly during those gloom days, although not as often as it used to. It was good as long as they were together. However, the doctors told that the Countess (although, no one referred to her like that at that time anymore) needed more rest and shall move to sanatorium. Lornea could come to visit once in a while, but there was no place for her to live there. Oh, those doctors who always think they know better! She didn't trust them, even if she was unsure why she distrusted them so much. She was lonely and not even all her height and steel muscles could make up for that feeling of being feeble and fragile inside. She sometimes hated that overgrown body so much... Hatred, pain, loneliness, resignation. It could have ended for her really bad if she didn't run into some curious individual who was a misfit miracle. But that's a different story.


Now I live in a cosy island cottage. It's actualyl spacious enough for everyone to have their own room. Seriously, Theo and Arti can be strange sometimes... all the time. But I still love them
I will tell you few things about my family now.

This is Artisaki and he is an artist. Awesome, I know. He paints lovely pictures full of colors. But to tell the truth I can hardly tell what they're supposed to depict. Artists are just this way, I think. He also composes music. Sometimes it's hard to stand those noises he tests out, but he makes some catchy tunes too that are just perfect for the dance floor. He is more fun than Theo, although, he sometimes just startles me with some odd costumes or generally acting weird. I just don't understand him sometimes. Still, he was the first person so nice to me when I was alone. I think that inside that shell he hides a heart of gold.

Meet my little... oops! I wanted to say "my little step brother", but I forget he is actually older than me. Don't mention it to him, he gets irritated when I call him like that, but can't help it. The whole story is twisted, I suppose things like this just happen in Neopia. He stayed with us, since his relatives were gone... So we have more things in common, eh... What else you wish to know about him? He doesn't like to get out often, he can act really grumpy at times, so there are moments I feel like his actual age is seventy instead of seventeen. He adores bugs, that includes some scary-looking scarabs too, which gives me creeps. And he can yell at me at times. But since Arti doesn't speak at all I think it's good to have at lest Theo around to talk to. And of course he will be always my "little" brother whether he likes that or not. Te-he ;-p

With great pride and honour I announce sir Siergiej von... *snort* Hehehe, sorry, I can't play this with a straight face. This is Siergiej, my cousin. And I find it ridiculous how much he strives to act as a noble. Well, his heritage is aristocratic... too. ... Ekhm, he may not look similar, but we really are family. As I mentioned, he is crazy over manners and order. He is older and more mature than me, I must admit it. He currently lives in Haunted Woods and when I met his housemates I was glad I live with Arti and Theo. Hey, I know best that the first impression may be wrong. They are kind of scary, can't deny it, but are really nice and I think Siergiej enjoys their company too ,even if he yells at them so much. Yes, he is a bit similar to Theovius in that matter. But nowhere as shy. He likes to show his best side when he has guests. From all that showing off I totally adore the dishes he prepares, especially the muffins. But I mostly envy how he can play the piano. Shame he doesn't get with Artisaki too well, otherwise they could perform as a duo maybe?


Isn't he just gorgeous? Liquorice is a cute little fellow. Some pets ask me whether that is his real skull or a skull mask. Well... beats me. Don't think bad of me, as if I were an owner who desn't care about her petpet. It's just that whenever I tried to figure it out, Liquorice did not like it. I'm tolerant. I'll let my petpet have it his own way... But I'm still soooo curious too!


Oh yes, I'm entering BC very often. It's not only about the look, you know? You must put some effort and most importantly - let others see your true self. Of course, all these dresses, costumes, a tint of makeup and posing is essential. All my clothes are custom made since it's very hard to get something nice in my size.
So here, standing beside my bed (oh, cliche - I know!) are my precious trophies.


Note: If I find you stealing my art, that is using it without my permission on any place on neopets, entering into contest or using for NT entry, then you're in BIG trouble. This is reportable and may lead to freezing your account.

My very first picture with which I won gold in BC :)

The "Digital Love" was really an inspiration for this picture. Lyrics&song belong to Daft Punk.

*blushes* But I really enjoyed being an oriental dancer for a day.

A trip to Tyrannia. I think I'm born to be wild ;)

*No Grarrls were harmed when making this picture.

Did I mention I like sport?

Kreludor Power - Make Up!

The pretty warrior is a sailor suit, Sailor Kreludor will punish all evil doers and mutant haters alike.

I borrowed my owner's top liked jumper for this shot. Without asking. She got angry at me for outstretching it. I hope she'll forgive me this.


Wanna play with me?

I wish the Fashion Faerie did really exist - I would complete every quest she would give me!

Fan Art

This cute animated pixel Lornea was created by Bitter. Perfect way to celebrate the release of the mutant dress me and Lornea were waiting for all those years :)
Check out Bitter's pixel adoptables here.

Human Lornea! Pia is the the sorceress behind this magic! :)

Lornea in her cosy rainbow jumper. Thank you for the custom adoptable, Marina!

It's a really lovely dress, Svana!

Thank you, Foster!

The Sad Facts About Mutants

1. Mutants are considered cheap colour, which decreases their popularity.
2. Freshly released mutants are being sought after only because they're "new". When the fad is over, they no longer are considered "cool" by the majority.
3. Since you can obtain an avatar by using a transmogrification potion, many mutants are created only for that purpose and then pounded.
4. To Lornea's despair, mutants are left behind in customisation, limited to mostly backgrounds and trinkets (there are very few mutant wearables, they're mostly NC and none of them is really cuteand girly).
5. Mutants are often wrongly judged due to their look as mischevious/evil/slow-thinking/aggresive etc.
6. Besides beings considered "ugly" some are also thought to be dirty pets. That's not true (at least not for all mutants), many mutants loves grooming as much as other pets or even more!
7. Many of them, due to some people's ignorance, are treated like "one gender pet". Often when people see a mutant pet they often say "he" even if the pet has a feminine name and is clearly a female. That's one way to make Lornea angry or upset. Female mutants are charming creatures and would show it off, if they were given a chance.

Stories By Others

Wait, do people tell stories about me? I hope they are the nice kind of tales.

Yes and yes. Here you can look at Lornea and her character through others' eyes. Since these are not written by me, not everything is canon, but nevertheless these are delightful to read and see Lornea in new situations. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have :)

Fearless Friendship

By Malisha

A sunny morning greeted Lornea as she and her siblings made their way to school through the tropical pathways laid out on Mystery Island. Her footsteps made distinct shapes in the sand while walking passed the beach, greeting several of her classmates along the way but none of them responded to her. Much time has passed since her arrival at the school and yet every pet was still frightened of her. Lornea could cope with that but she couldn't help but wish for a friend.

Her siblings said good-bye to her as they reached the schoolyard. Various pets of all species and colors were running rampant in the yard, waiting for the bell to ring so class could begin. Once Lornea entered the yard, all eyes were focused on her. She was out of place, being as large as a Mutant Grundo was, but she simply swept the crowd with a friendly smile. Good morning, she said to them. The pets began to slowly move away from her and resumed their usual chatter, leaving a clear path for her to the doorway of the school. This was a regular routine for her so she walked toward it, ready for what the day will bring.

Before she could open the door, a shove unbalanced her but she caught herself in time to see Danny the Yellow Grarrl standing behind her. She was taller than him so his intimidating gaze didn't faze her at all- in fact, he had to look up to meet her. Lornea picked up the book that fell from her paws, politely saying to Danny, Good morning.

Shouldn't you be in Kreludor by now? Isn't Dr. Sloth waiting for you to obey him? a taunt was in Danny's voice. This was a regular routine too. No one asked you to be here, big guy.

Lornea shrugged. I live here with my family. We like it here. If you don't mind, Danny, I'm trying to get to class.

I know that. Danny sounded bored. But I wanted to bother you, you know? I just wanted to say how big you were and that you barely fit through the doorway that your brothers had to push you through-

Danny- Lornea was cut off. Since she was tall, she had a clear view of the entire schoolyard and she could clearly see a Brown Ogrin- a short one, to be honest- and Danny's friends, Buzz, who was a Blue Buzz, and Blue, an Orange Lenny. The Ogrin was new to Lornea, which meant he was new to the school and apparently, he was being picked on. She brushed past Danny to approach them.

I bet he'd need help trying to get cookies from the cookie jar, Lornea could hear Buzz's teasing voice clearly as she walked nearer. He's too short to even reach it.

Blue was laughing. It's probably true, isn't it, shorty?

The Ogrin opened his mouth to reply but Lornea cut him off. She stood up straight and halted beside him, glaring at Buzz and Blue. You two shouldn't tease someone who is new, she said sternly. Go away. Picking on other pets won't help anyone.

Before either of them could reply, the bell rang, signaling the beginning of the school day. Buzz glared at Lornea. You got lucky this time but don't think this is the end of this. He and Blue began to walk away, joining Danny on the way into the school.

The Ogrin avoided her eye when Lornea looked down at him. He was really short- shorter than Ogrin standards. She pushed aside his height and gently asked, Are you okay?

He looked up at her somewhat fearfully. W-why w-would you say that? A-aren't you going to e-eat me?

Lornea had received this type of reaction before. She was unfazed by it. I know I look scary because I'm big- a big Mutant Grundo, but I really mean it. Those pets- they bully me all the time.

Really? the Orgin's shoulders began to relax slightly.

Really. But I ignore them and move on. Lornea shrugged. Pets should never get picked on but those bullies don't know any better and it won't do anything if we fight back. All we can do is work together. Don't you think so?

Y-yes. I think so. The Ogrin let out a breath. I got bullied a lot too at my old school because I'm short, so I guess we have something in common.

Lornea smiled. We do. What's your name?

Oh! I'm Wyatt. He stuck out his paw and tilted his head back to look at her. I hope we can be friends. We can show those bullies they don't own us.

I couldn't agree more, Wyatt. Lornea wrapped her paw around his and shook it twice. I couldn't agree more. Walking side by side, they entered the school building. One was a tall, huge Mutant Grundo and the other was a timid and short Ogrin. It would be an interesting friendship, Lornea reflected, but a friendship regardless. That was all that mattered.


Toy Shelf

I love adoptables. Especially the makeables, which you can paint and dress as you wish. (Click on adoptable to visit creator's page).


Other stuff



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