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Good day.

Standard Grundo look up, MORTorized

My name is Lord_Grundomort and I am a Hissi disgiused as a Grundo. Actually I'm a wizard: disguised as a Hissi: disguised as a Grundo: . Shh. Don't tell. (These pictures have no subtlety. I can't wait for peeves386 to add her own pictures)

As you may know Grundos have a very interesting history (though not NEARLYas interesting as mine) as they aren't originally from Neopia. They were brought here by Dr. Sloth who enslaved them and made them work for him on his Space Station. Anyway its old, old news but basically a whole army of Neopians rescued them bla la bla and foiled the clever and evil Dr. Sloth's plot. But that will not happen to me. I'm far too clever and far too strong.

I was too busy with important things back then to have been bothered, but my "owner,"