About Me

Hai der. I am Cookies. I am a girl living in the U.S in the best state ever. I seriously love my home because it could not be perfecter. Is that even a word? What ever. I'm a teenager. I have brown hair. I want a pink streak. I used to have hazel colored eyes but they turned brown. O.o Those rainbow eyes should come in contacts. Those are seriously awesome. I am not a girly girl, but I am not a Tom boy either. I'm a girlie boy(lol :P). I love pink, purple, and sunshine, but I hate barbie clothes. Ruffles and lace are gross to. I hate olive green clothes. Out of all the colors in the world you choose OLIVE to be the color you wear. -.- Seriously, come on. Converse are my shoe-mate. They are the perfect pacakage. Love me some of those red ones. I love gladiators and tall boots. I don't know how I would LIVE without them! I love music. Everything mainstream and common is a must have. My radio is on 60% of the day. 0.0 I wear glasses. I am blind without them so wearing them is a must. I even have a tan line from my glasses. ;-; Now onto what I do.

I go to school. I have the craziest friends ever and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I am an A student who sometimes gets B's. I get made when I get a C. I am ashamed when i get a D. I am not the mad when I get an F because usually the rest of the class got one to. :D I can speak 2 languages, and read one. Weird, I know. I want to learn how to speak french and can say a couple of things. I am a Jack of all trades. I have tried gymnastics(loved this sport. It is so amazing and beautiful!), karate(yeah, yeah, big difference, but if you don't lend me MSPP, I'll go purple belt on ya!), soccer(I was goalie), and in my spare time I do a little volleyball(I have a killer wrist), and some tennis(my sister plays). My grandma and her brother were actually Malaysian Tennis champs. ;D My other hobbies include art, computars(mainly photoshop), scrap booking(I take my camera everywhere me and my friends go *-*), SHOPPING, playing on my kindle fire, chatting with my cousin, listening to music, creating fonts, doing flips, jumping on a trampoline, swimming, baking/cooking, watching people bake/cook, chatting, writing(as you can see), reading, eating, spying(stalker, I know. :P), collecting stuffed animals, doing my hair, giving speeches, watching comedies, making video's.....the list could go on, but I will spare you. :) Your welcome. Just some random pictures I have. :)

Super Important Dailies

Cookies Top List

My top songs, movies, and t.v. shows.

(I can be a real kid when it comes to the last 2)

Music: K-Actors turned into singers * ONE DIRECTION * Katy Perry * Edward Sheeran * Little Mix! * My friends like ptv and omam so I guess they are okay ;D

MOVIES: The Hunger Games * Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban * MIB 3 * She's the Man * You Again * Pitch Perfect (auca- you know it) * Mean Girls

T.V. ugh i give up im to lazy to even use commas!

Avatars to Attempt For

Cookies' song of the week

So come on, spin me around

I don't wanna go home

Cause when you hold me like this

You know my heart skip, skips a beat

I know I should but I can't leave it alone

And when you hold me like this, you know my heart skip skips a beat.

-Olly Murs



  • Double Rainbow Background wanted for my gallery
  • Rainbow Apple wanted as a snack- er, I mean for my gallery
  • Rainbow Chomby Cupcake wanted for my gallery
  • Rainbow Felly D'awwwww...
  • Rainbow Negg Plushie gallery could use some more content!
  • Rainbow Ice Cream my 3 favorite words...
  • Baby Paintbrush my sister will kill me if I don't give her one. *=*
  • Baby Summer Wings. Ma beebee needs to be decked out.
  • Usuki Baby Cupcake nom nom
  • Faerie Draik Morphing Potion I know it's a bit far fetched.
  • Water burger why not?
  • Water Painbrush Have you SEEN water uni's?
  • Kacheek Fruit Salad Sandwhich I am addicted to kacheek food items...
  • Disco Key Quest Token Poogles bore me
  • Baby Capsule more clothes!!!
  • pres-pres sometimes I want a gift....random.... (: