Welcome, guest! I see that you have found your way to my little pixel field. Have a look at my pixels, and perhaps bring one or two with you :) I'll just tell you a little more before you start to look around. This pixel site was launched in 8 May, 2009 by hestansy. It's best viewed in Google Chrome.


11/07/10 - +1 review score
07/07/10 - Entered Cream Sweets contest, please vote! :3
25/06/10 - +1 pixel




1. ALWAYS leave the link on! However, if you want to link the pixel to another site, you may take off the link, but you have to give credit to me SOMEWHERE on your site.

2. DO NOT claim my pixels as your own!

3. DO NOT steal my ideas!

4. I always have the right to say no to a request.

5. Don't request just because it's fun. It takes a lot of time and hard work to make these tiny images, so when I make you something, use it.

6. You are allowed to put my pixels on buttons or button bases, but not signs, other resources or adoptables. And you have to link back for doing that.


Copy and paste the codes to your shop, gallery, pet page, pet lookup, user lookup or on your guild! They'll brighten up the page.

Suggestions for what to pixel are always open since I'm always in need of pixel ideas. :)

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Cute fruits

Sanrio characters

Ice creams

Faerie Sundaes

The REAL pixel field :D

Milk bottles

The Neggery



Isometric Building Pixels
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Rating Stars

Heart Bullets


The smiley is to my fellow hypers. Enjoy! ;D

Don't forget the rules

Open/Closed signs

Updated signs


Read the rules first!

Requests are currently . Nothing hard please! I simply don't have the patience and time to do a whole fairytale world with waterfalls and castles and fountains.


If you want to request for a pixel, send me a neomail with a filled form.

Hi Hestansy! I'd like to request for a pixel!
What I want you to pixel for me:
My site link:
My name (or nickname):
How big (approximately) should the pixel be?:


For Tialia24

For cheeky_woman

For grundo_x_girl

For xoxohorsies
Doll base from deviantart

For neesci

For disastra

For groovychick705

Gifts to friends

To zwchinaxm:




These are my korbat pixels. :P Well, I hope you like them. :) And remember, KEEP LINKS ON!!!!

Basic colors

Other original colors


Toy Box

I didn't make the pixels, but they look nice & cute, don't they? I took one from each of my affiliates. Nice job!

BlueIpod the Malt Shop!

Themed toy box

This week's toy box theme is candies!


These are my clubs, I'd love it if you adopt!

Jar of dreams

the link to Jar of dreams

collected jars

Hand-Sewn Pixels!

Charm Bracelets

the link to Charm Braclets

Collected bracelets


I'd like to give out a few tips for making pixels, since a lot of people has been asking. So...enjoy! xP I hope you'll be able to make better pixels after reading this.

1. Make the pixels totally by yourself. Do not copy other's styles. Especially when it comes to neopets items, never resize the neopets image and draw on top of it.

2. Always make small and clear shadows. The shadows make your pixel look 3D-like.

3. Keep the outline thin and smooth, and keep it 1 pixel sized. Make sure there are only 2 pixels connected every time. If you don't understand what I mean, see the screenshot below.

Before After

Noticed the difference?

4. Try avoid pixelling boring things, such as circles and squares.

5. Come up with your own ideas. It's frustrating to see paint brushes and donuts everywhere.

6. Try and keep the edges round. That makes your pixel look cute. :3

7. Take your time making the pixels. Try to set in a LOT of details and use a lot of efforts. I usually use more than 4 different colors when shading... nowadays, lol.

See how many colors I used to shade a simple white thingy? :P One more thing--do not use pillow shading. The light resource never comes in the middle of a flat surface. So make your pixels pop out!. (:

8. I know pixels differs on their creators, some like them big and others like them small; But I do strongly suggest that your pixels should be big enough for people to see what they are, not just a tiny colored shape resembling something you claim they are.

I hope these helped, and if you did find this helpful, I would appreciate it if you link back and let more people know how to make pretty pixels!

Awards & Reviews

So these are the awards I've won, and my site reviewed by other people. THANKS ALL OF YOU AWESOME PEOPLE WHO GAVE ME AWARDS!


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The Rainbow Cloud Award- for all who have worked hard on their petpages! Clicky here to get your own! XD


You sweet people you have no idea how your mails made my day!


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I got reviewed at...

Amazing Alpine -- Pending

Fire and Ice -- Pending

Rainy Ending --- 90/100

Imperfect Perfection -- 86.5/100

Velvet Rose -- 82/100

Luv Fashion Reviews --- 90/100

twisted dreams Reviews --- 91,5 (11,5 points more) / 100

Snowglobe Reviews --- 65 / 80

Aecrodynamic---90/100 (something like 6% more)

Weewoo Reviews---97 / 100

Extravagance (former Precious Reviews)---53/50*

Paint it lovely---8,5/10


Kingdom reviews---101/100

Overlooked---100/100 or A+

Jackiee's reviews---90/100

About Hestansy

I'm a 13 years old girl who likes different things from time to time. :D This site is actually my first site ever, it's done a while back when I was 11 years old. The first layout I created for the site was horrible--it was a really ugly picture of a "field" with a rather low quality as a background. Since then, the pixel field has gone under tons of revamps and has changed into how it looks now.

Random facts about me

I tend to fool around a lot and have a habit of laughing at stupid jokes.
I play the violin.
I have astrophobia.
I could speak 3 different languages fluently.
I started coding when I was 10 years old. :P
I am tickly everywhere.
I have over 300 pixels that I made in my computer. I hate the uploading and coding part, though. :S.


Drawing Avril Lavigne Guitars Nirvana Violins Kawaii Coca Cola Diaries Red Hot Chili Peppers Linkin Park Color Pencils Designing Literature Reading Pianos Muse Green Day Snow Patrol Kesha Sketch books Pizza Sunshine Smileys Lilies Journals P!nk Harry Potter Lollies Honest Original Creative =


Arrogant Spiders Slimes Cleaning Pessimists Sarcasm Over Sweet Slow Ignorant Yelling Loud noises War Awkwardness Haters Broken things Hot Pink Sad memories Leek Garlic Hard questions Coding Mistakes Stuck inside Losing things

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Buttons link back to their creators :) You can also hover to see who made it.

Affiliates and Link Exchanges

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Pixel sites

Requests are


The pixel bee quilt

To join this you need a 32 x 32 px sized button.

Non-pixel sites / Link exchanges

Requests are

Since my site was inactive for a long time, all of my affies either deleted me, or are closed. So now I'm searching for new ones! Apply?


The Pageant




Complete site by hestansy. I made the layout totally by myself. Background from hushstar(dot)net
Thanks Amber for teaching me how to make a transparent animation, and also for teaching me how to get rid of the ugly neopets banner.
Big claps to DA for the awesome pixel tutorial.
And finally...thanks to guest for visiting! :)

Hatching Pound

These pixel eggs will eventually hatch into a cute pixel!. You'll have to adopt them first, though. There will be a pet profile that's kept on my site, but you can always link back to my site and check it.

If I spot anyone adopting my eggs while hanging around in Neopia, then I'll set the hatching date of that egg. You can also send me a neomail if you saw anyone adopting my egg, or if it was you.

The eggs

Hatched into a pretty rainbow!. Hatched into a rainy cloud! Hatched into a cute flame!. Hatched into a cute pixel plant! :3

Hatched into a star. Hatched into a purple ribbon.

If for some reason, the egg didn't hatch on the expected date, please do not NM me asking "WHY DIDN'T THE EGG HATCH?!?", because it might be that I couldn't come online on that particular date, and so I can't hatch the egg. Yes, the eggs are hatched by me. (:

I'll always make more! (:


June 2, 2010

Just one more final exam left and there're gonna be two weeks of pure paradise! Woohoo. I made a new layout celebrating June, a warm season. I'm really tired of the weather in Norway--it's warm for one day and gets your hopes up, then the next day it's snowing. Ugh..

May 30, 2010

I'm so lazy these days that when I finish a pixel request I realize that I didn't even tell the requester that he/she is up in the waiting list, I didn't make a waiting list at all. I'm overwhelmed with requests at Aneo, and plus I have 3 final exams these week. You gotta wish me luck. I bought myself a few bottles of nail polish, heehee. It's okay to be ultra girlish at times. I'm having fun giving every one of my nails a different design. x3

May 25, 2010

I haven't updated this site in a long time! That's because I'm occupied with my button site, Aneo. This site is more like a lovable site that I could update whenever I want to, when there aren't any requests.

I'm so into heavy music these days. Not the type that people plays in haunted houses, or those that gives you deaf ears or heart attacks. It's just...screamos. Okay, maybe there aren't much difference.

Goodies for you

Yay, welcome to the portal. ;D



Hatching Pound


Toy Box


Premade Layouts


Tips in making pixels



Link-back buttons

Affiliates and Link Exchanges

Awards and Reviews


Thanks and credits


I'm getting very frustrated with answering all the questions. So here I am, making a F.A.Q, make sure to read it before you ask me anything! :P

How am I supposed to adopt an egg?
Just copy the code below the egg, and paste it to the descriptions section of anything. Shop description, gallery..so on.

ZOMG can you make me a pixel? Pleeeeeaaaaase?
Sure, just go to For you, then click on Requests. Check if requests are open. If they are, then send me a neomail with a filled form.

How do you make your pixels?
I usually use Paint(dot)net to make my pixels. I enlarge the screen, sketch, smooth, fill it with color, shadow it, zoom out. Easy, huh?

How do you hatch the eggs?
By warming them up. xD

Where did you learn to code all these stuff? O_o
Well, I was just very interested in coding, and I started checking the source of the site whenever I see a nice one. I copied the code -*blush*- ,did some changes with it, and tried it out on a spare petpage. In that way I learned how each of the codes work, so now I have the pixel field!

Ugh! Why can't I make a nice layout?
Practice! You have noooo idea how horrible the Pixel Field looked when it first started. *shiver* You can also get yourself reviewed at some nice sites, such as Twisted Dreams Reviews, which will give you a lot of useful and honest suggestions, comments and tips for your site. Be prepared, though, you might not get a satisfying score the first time, but as time pass and your site improves, you will!

Can you make me a custom petpage?
Nope, sorry. Learn to make one yourself.

Can I use your site's CSS? I'll do some changes to it, but it will be sort of the base coding.
Sorry, nope. But I do have some premades, though. Go to the "you" section then premades.

Why didn't you answer my mail?!
Oh, I'm so sorry! Sometimes I don't have enough time on neopets, so I only have time for reading the mail, but not replying one...since I won't get more mails when there are over 100 in my inbox, I have to empty the inbox once in a while, and then I might accidentally delete a mail that I read, but did not reply..if I didn't reply your mail in longer than a week, just re-send your mail again. :/


About Hestansy



Neomail me to request an icon!

Kawaii 100x100

Bands 100x100

More coming!

Premade layouts

Fairy Love
Note! Due to the new Neopets filter, you have to copy & paste the code into Notepad, then replace [ ] with .

Anna's Pixels
July 6, 2010