About Me!

My name is Kaitlyn and I'm a 22 year old college student majoring in mechanical engineering and pre-med. I enjoy science a lot, especially stuff like human anatomy and physiology, astronomy, psychology and forensic science. :D I've spent a good 90% of my life born and raised in Texas! I enjoy playing video games when I'm not hanging out with friends or playing basketball. My time on Neopets will reduce dramatically when school starts back up at the end of August, but I'll definitely be on daily to do dailies, chat with guildies and earn some NP. :)

On Neopets I go through phases a lot with what I'm focused on at the moment. I spend varying degrees of times between restocking, collections, chatting (primarily lurking), gaming and avatar collecting. Typically I earn money from stocks, my Habitarium and Food Club betting; I am terrible at restocking unless it's at the book store, and even then my items are only like 300np profit. It's a start, right? Same thing with Kad feeding: I'm horrible at it and only attempt to feed during off-peak hours. Granted, this means staying up later or waking up earlier, but dang it I'm going to at least get the avatar. :P
I absolutely love books and definitely stamps released during site events, especially the Altador Cup and the advent calendar. :3 I really like collecting them. I have a bad habit of hording them in my SDB "until they inflate," but I'm attached and can never get myself to sell anything. XD I think my instinct would be to immediately buy back whatever I had sold to fill the void in my heart SBD. ^_^
My gallery right now is an Advent Calendar themed one, (eventually) filled with all the prizes given out since 2002 (Y4 is the first year that prizes were made specifically for the advent calendar). I intially wanted to include the gifts handed out in 2000 and 2001, but because my gallery isn't large enough to fit 2002-present presents, I'm holding off on those 2 years. I'm still working on it (mostly investing the NP to increase my gallery size).

NC Trade/Wishlists: www.neopets.com/~aowes

Current Progress
NeoQuest I - Location: Dank Cave || Next boss: Xantan the Foul || InSaNe!
NeoQuest II - InSaNe! completed!!!

Counter started: 6/30/13


Lockiei the Royal Kougra

Lockiei is very dear to me, being my first pet on this account. I've trained her a bunch and am considering trying to get an honorable mention for the Neopian book award for her as well. I've put so much time into her I don't think I'll ever consider trading her. She's my little baby. She's very competitive and athletic, always looking to play a game outside.

Awareful the Yellow Cybunny

My first cybunny ever! I haven't thought about painting her anything since her customization right now looks good. She's fairly quiet and enjoys doing arts and crafts, especially painting and making things out of fabric.

Clandestinity the Stealthy Krawk

Coming soon.

Questopher the Blue Bori

My little lab rat. :3

Automatics the Snow Chia

Another lab rat awaiting the day he gets a robot color. ^_^

Aowes the Biscuit Gelert

Adopted from the pound in April 2013, Aowes immediately became the family... er... watch dog, in a sense. He's protective of his siblings, but tends to wander off outdoors with his Niptor Chomper, looking for adventures.

Rayinee the Blue Gelert

Coming soon.

Boxxi the Red Elephante

Coming soon.

Funx the Blue Eyrie

Coming soon.

Marzey the Blue Cybunny

Coming soon.

Farrine the Yellow Kacheek

Coming soon.

Mirsong the Blue Peophin

Coming soon.

Dream Pets

Haven't given much thought to obtaining any of these yet. Just playing around with the pets I do have and doing other things. :3


  • To complete all of the Defenders of Neopia
  • Earn 25 game trophies (2/1/14)
  • Earn 30 game trophies
  • 300 Avatars (2/4/2014)
  • 310 Avatars
  • Have 350 stamps in my album
  • Complete the Snowy Valley stamp album
  • Complete the Faerieland stamp album
  • Complete NeoQuest I on InSaNe!
  • A Booktastic book award for Lockiei
  • A Neopian book award for Lockiei
  • Have 5 submissions published in the Neopian Times
  • Have one short story or series published in the Neopian Times

Older accomplished goals

  • 225 Avatars (4/15/2013)
  • 250 Avatars (5/27/2013)
  • 275 Avatars (7/29/2013)
  • 290 Avatars (9/6/2013)
  • Lockiei have Str, Def and HP over 200 (5/19/13)
  • Lockiei to be level 250 (7/29/2013)
  • Complete both NeoQuest I & II on HARD (5/24/13)
  • Complete NeoQuest II on InSaNe! (8/14/2013)
  • Have 100 stamps in my album (6/17/2013)
  • Have 200 stamps in my album (6/26/2013)
  • Have 250 stamps in my album (7/9/2013)
  • Have 300 stamps in my album (8/4/2013)
  • Earn 10 game trophies (7/14/2013)
  • Earn 15 game trophies (8/14/2013)
  • Earn 20 game trophies (10/1/2013)
  • To have something written in the Neopian Times (9/6/2013)
  • Feed 75 Kadoatie (10/20/2013)


  • Green Kougra Wig ♥
  • Candychan Stamp ♥
  • Ghostkerbomb
  • Candy Cane Chocolate Advent Calendar
  • Holiday Bell Chocolate Advent Calendar
  • Negg Faerie Stamp
  • Ski Lodge Stamp
  • Snowbunny Stamp
  • Sticky Snowflake Stamp
  • Captain of Fyoras Guards Stamp
  • Destruction of Faerieland Stamp
  • Faerie Furniture Shopkeeper Stamp
  • Hubrid Nox Commemorative Stamp
  • Fyora Faerie Doll Stamp
  • Dark Faerie Stamp
  • Faerie Slorg Stamp
  • Fyoras Castle Stamp
  • Aethia Stamp ♥
  • Wheel of Excitement Stamp
  • Faerie Caverns Stamp
  • Jhudoras Cloud Stamp
  • Queen Fyora Stamp


I got my 300th avatar today for Jhudora's day! :D Still NO luck getting the stupid Drackonack avatar, but oh well. I did get the bronze trophy for Jhudora's quest on reset day, but there was a mishap during one of the quests on the second day when I had more than 50 items in my inventory so my score was lower than it could have been, so I'm still working on getting gold, although I fear my timing now might be off and I won't be able to catch up.


Yay, my second article was published! :D I'm slightly bummed that I realized I forgot to re-format my miscellaneous section after copying+pasting my article into the submission form, but it turned out well otherwise. :D It was even one of the two submissions to be mentioned in the News! ^_^

The newest issue of the Neopian Times has been released! Keep your eyes open for great stories and adventures like Fountain Faerie Quest: Increasing Your Chances and Sophie in the Sewers.

Fountain Faerie Quest: Increasing Your Chances

Tomorrow's reset day, so that means I want to try for some trophies. I'll give an obligatory attempt at EFMC, but I'm definitely focused on getting Jhudora's Quest trophy.


Got my NM from TNT today saying that my article will be published this week in the NT. ^_^ I'm excited to have another submission in. I feel like writing articles is the best way to go if you're just going to throw something together to submit: praise positive qualities of Neopets + offer a few unique points of view and/or tips for the site + some omniscient "do whatever makes YOU happy!" = NT article gold. Well, at least that's how I view these last two articles. Haha!

The 23rd was my 22nd birthday, so I had lots of fun, even though I wasn't able to spend any time on Neo to enjoy the benefits like the site theme and increased chance of random events. However, I did go two-stepping that night after my night class and had a blast! :D I was also able to have an actual birthday dinner with my close friends that weekend so yay! ^_^

I haven't been on much at all lately, sort of like I was last school year. I try to come on once to buy stocks and collect bank interest, but I'm even falling behind on my daily FC bets and not doing a lot of my dailies. Ever since school started I've been focused on my, well, school work. When I DO have free time, I'm spending it playing a PC game or watching internet videos/movies. :3 The sad part is that I definitely feel like some of my neofriendships have weakened and maybe even died in a few cases, which isn't a good feeling. :( That's what happens when you don't talk. Heck, I don't even talk that much in my guild anymore, just because I don't get on often at all and there are so many new people that I feel weird trying to insert myself into their conversation, although that's all anyone can do on an internet message board, am I right?


Checking back in! I've been busy with school so didn't have much interest in continuing to blog, especially when there was nothing to report. :P Since my last post I won the caption contest a few times (albeit silver, no gold yet), and today I made it into the poetry spotlight for Elephante Day! :D

I also got a letter from TNT that another article I wrote for the NT is being held over, so I'm hoping it will eventually get published, maybe even this week! ^_^ With regards to MQ, I definitely got bored shortly after my last post, so no need to try and be friends on there. Haha!

No big accomplishments besides that, really. I'm at 299 avatars, which is SUCH a big tease. I'm trying to get that stupid *insert some not-ladylike language* Drakonack avatar but they won't (I have 2 in my inventory -_-) eat any of the cheese, no matter how many times I refresh. ;_;


A few days ago I started playing MonkeyQuest, and it's actually pretty fun! I got a one-month membership, but I'm not sure if I'll continue to pay for it after the one month special expires. Like, it's really fun (I love RPGs and have played a couple of MMORPGs in the past), but I can see how it could get boring after a while. I think if I had friends to play with it would be much better. =P I have received 25NC from playing already, so that's a nice little bonus. My name is Kiki Frostaura.


So I had a pretty successful reset day last week: got a bronze trophy in EFMC, Mynci volleyball and Geos! I could have received the maths nightmare avatar had I stayed up until 2am (midnight NST) to submit my score, instead of submitting it around 6am. Alas, I needed my sleep, and it was a school night. :P

I've been trying to Kad more, since my guild's team challenge for the month is to feed the most kads, essentially. I'm actually pretty decent, I've found out. I just need to pay attention to when mains go, as well as have a balance between kadding and school work. As of today I've fed 51, and I believe I started with 39 fed before the 6th, so not bad at all! :D I'll definitely go pink before the end of the month.

I haven't been keeping up with my habitarium, playing games or placing my FC bets, so I have zero income right now besides what I get through dailies. D: Thankfully I don't plan on going on a huge spending spree anytime soon, so I'll still be able to build my stock portfolio so whenever a stock does decide to shoot up past 60 I'll have a decent amount to sell. ^_^


You have won 860 Neopoints!
Your total score has been updated to 131,640!
You have played 1188 games, and you have won 50 times.
Your current win streak is 2 games.
You have received a Gold Trophy for winning two in a row!!!

OH MY GOODNESS I FINALLY WON TWO IN A ROW AND HAVE MY GOLD TROPHY THAT WAS WAAAYYY TOO MUCH SOLITAIRE!!! @_@ Now off to try pyramids and eventually use that stupid stubbornness to play bilge dice for lucky streak. :P

I'm actually really happy this happened, not only because I've been working at it for a long time now, but because I only got 1.5 hours of sleep last night working on school stuff as well as walked to my car after class to find a parking ticket on my windshield for something really stupid (I parked a Jeep in a compact car spot, even though my car was perfectly straight and within the lines *with clearance.*) There's more to my frustration with that, including the fact that parking on campus is horrendous and almost half of the spots in the garage I park in are marked as "compact car." The ticket person was also a little smart-alec in the comments... so I haven't been too chipper today. But yay!!! I got it! :D

With my lack of sleep, it's going to be hard for me to want to attempt for any trophies tonight since it's reset. I'd like to go for math's nightmare avatar since it is on a weeknight, but merrrrr, I'm schweepy. Where there's a will, though, there's a way. ;) School's been busy, so definitely haven't been on too much. Just about enough to do my dailies.


Today my article was published! ^_^ It was pretty awesome to see it all formatted all official and stuff. :P I would really like to write a story or series soon, but I shouldn't get too hasty. XD I did try to write a habitarium based story last night and I got pretty far... only to realize there's currently a habi series being published right now. Talk about timing. xD

How to Neopet More Efficiently!

In other exciting news HOLY COW I HAVE INTERNET AT MY APARTMENT NOW FINALLY!!! :D I'm incredibly happy to be able to come on Neopets, along with acessing things for school and work, while I'm not at my school library. I also got my 290th avatar today with my final pet avatar. :D Thanks, Pamela! School is keeping me really busy so far, since it's my senior year and my capstone course/project for engineering is going to consume my life. I want to write more, but I realize I'm probably not making as much sense as I would like and it's not organized, just streams of consciousness. :P


Dear Kaitlyn,
Thank you for submitting to the Neopian Times. Currently your submission (How to Neopet More Efficiently!) is being held over and may be considered for future publication in the Neopian Times. There is no need to submit your submission again, as it is saved by the editor.
Yours Sincerely,
The Neopets Team

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really excited about this!!! :D My first submission! I have like 5 3-lined drafts of different articles and stories I'd like to write eventually, but this one I just kinda wrote on a whim in one sitting. :3 I hope it is used at some point, especially soon. ^_^


School has started. D: I mean, I'm excited about seeing people and not living at my parent's house anymore, but it's been a little stressful. I started yesterday... and it was the same day I moved into my new apartment. -_- The only piece of furnature we have so far is just my bed, so my roommate and I have been eating Ramen on the floor of our "dining room" and getting all cozy in my bed. ANNND we don't have internet or cable yet, so I'm only able to get snippets of internet while at school. I'm totally living the college life, right? Well, obviously, I have had incredibly little time for Neopets, but sacrifices must be made for real life, y'know. Affording food is more important than dailies right now. :S


Today I started NQI InSaNe! since I was tired of trying to win sahkmet solitaire twice in a row. I threw in a couple of games of Bilge Dice, but my current win streak is only 3. I also essentially completed my gallery today! :D I mean, I have a few christmassy NC items that I'll need to ask around for, but all of the NP prizes have been accounted for. I have the items from 2000 and 2001 in my SDB, but it costs a lot to expand my gallery so I'm not in any real rush. :P I made some buttons for the links to the different catagories, so that was fun. I still need to get a layout made, but I figure I have a little bit more time before winter approaches.

Ok, I'm about to rant about something real quick. I've been using the charter quest help board for my daily faerie quests since I know I'm getting the best deal. However, it surprises me the amount of people who will ask for an item but not offer help to someone who just asked, or more specifically, the quest helper right after. I'll admit I can be bad at checking the board before accepting my cookie quest during the day/"peak" hours, but I will check before accepting when I remember, or when I know the board is slow. Yes, I realize random faerie quests happen, because, y'know, that's how it's supposed to be done. It baffles me that so many people don't return the favor. I mean, I also have a deeply rooted sense of reciprocity, so I feel really bad if I'm not able to help out. I know the regular quest helpers deal with this more so, and that makes me even more sad. :( Now, a majority of the time quests will be responded to within a normal amount of time and I never see any issues; everyone's happy. This morning, though I helped 2 people, asked for help with my quest, and 20 minutes + 3 people asking for help passed before someone, not one of the two I helped, began helping us. I don't like ranting, but this slightly irritates me. D: Merrr, that is all.


Yay! This morning I got Bruno's Breakaway trophy, making my 15th one. This evening I also finally completed NQII InSaNe!!! ^_^ I got the Wand of Destiny, so I'm super excited about that. I've earned a few easy game avatars the past few days, like Meepit vs. Feepit, Dice Escape and Magax: Destroyer. This week's Better Than You was really easy, so I was able to get that for the first time, earning me a bronze trophy and the avatar (I forgot about that, so seeing my count increase made me happy! ^_^). Still no luck with my gold solitaire trophy; I've played 565 games with only 18 wins, none have been back to back. :( I think my next goal is to improve my Go! Go! Go! and Cheat trophies from bronze to gold, or at least silver for now.

School's starting soon, so that's a little nerve-wracking. D: I'm hoping that it doesn't mean my involvement with guild activites and site events is going to drastically decrease, although with this being my senior year of undergraduate work and having a yearlong capstone engineering project and working part time, it might be for the best if I do reduce my playing time by a lot. I plan on getting dailies done, hopefully talking with my guildies for a bit and keeping current with site stuff. Like I said in a post a long time ago, I hate my site event trophies because they all show I've put in minimal effort. I want to change that. D: But real life is more important than Neopets, I think we should all remember.

I should definitely work on my gallery. It's not hard, it's just expanding it costs a lot and it's rather annoying when I'm SSW banned when I'm in the zone buying things. I'm a little sad thinking about getting the NC advent items, not because I think it's going to be hard (duh. Everyone got them.) but the hassle of trading a cap or whatever... I guess not hassle, but I don't like the idea of using a cap to get an advent calendar prize. D:

Also, I've decided that I do NOT like my pets' customizations. Have I done anything to change them? Heck no. Well, I'm OK with Aowes's and Harboro's (Harboro is my lab rat, so I can't expect a masterpiece. :P), but Awareful and Lockiei are just... blegh. I can't think of anything!!! I don't know how to go looking for different items, or more accurate, I don't want to look through every single person's customizations hoping to find something I like and then figure out what it is (or ask. I don't like doing that for some reason). Merrr, that's what I get. I think I would like to get a draik some day, although that's like the most popular pet to customize, or the most sought after on the PC.


Trying to save up more money now, so no expensive wheels for now or other extravagant purchases. With my guild we're having a team challenge activity and one of the games we had to play was Neopian Battlefield Legends. Well, Oblivion had a little 20 person takeover of the HST at one point so ultimately a few days later some of us were bumped up into trophy positions -- I GOT GOLD! ^_^ It was completely luck based that I got it, but yay! I also worked on some of the non-flash game trophies like Sakhmet Solitare, Snow Wars (bumped from bronze to gold) and Cheat. I've currently played 200 games of Solitare and have won only 6 times. -_- I just want to win twice in a row for the gold trophy, but obviously that's not going to happen with my luck.

I'm also trying to feed Lockiei 100 gourmet foods by the end of the month for a guild milestone, but she hasn't been fed in probably close to a week and she's still not starving or dying! D: At least I got a few avatars in the past few days, including Deadly Dice, Master Vex, Forever Orange, Fire Blumaroo, Space Faerie and the Jester one from King Skarl. :D About the fire blumaroo, though, I have to admit I fudged things up with the chain lend. I sent a neomail to the next person but I never saw a reply. I mailed her again the next day, but they didn't respond the day of. Right when I contacted the person after her I saw further down in my inbox that the original person had responded with a pleasant "Yes, I'm still interested, thanks for neomailing me! :D" type message. Thankfully I got it sent to her just in time and mailed the other guy that I had messed up, but I kinda threw a wrench in the chain since she wasn't able to accept the transfer until after her assigned day and I feel bad about it. D: I seriously don't think I ever opened that neomail, but apparently I did. Maybe it was a bug. I don't know, but man did that stink. The list wasn't full, so there's at least room for the error. :(


I started trying for the WoExtravagance avatar. T_T I don't know if I want to if I'm going to get 3 NOTHINGS in a row! On the other, nearly unrelated hand, I got the cellblock avatar + gold trophy today. :D I'm really, really, really happy with my first flash game trophy (Dubloon Disaster) ever. ^_^


Happy trophy hunting day! I don't believe I'll be one of the people getting a trophy this evening since I haven't put in a lot of effort. I did, however, spend 43 nerkmids of ranging rarity. Highest score was 26,721NP, which put me in 16th place at the time (3pm NST) so I doubt I'll make it to get a trophy. Out of the total of 50 nerkmids put in (that includes the ones that dropped from the machine from previous nerkmids) I got a total of 168,658NP, 40 gross foods, 1 faded bottle faerie, 1 spotted petpet paintbrush, and... I couldn't believe it... A LUTARI PAINT BRUSH!!! :o Not sure if I plan to do anything with it yet (aka, sell) but I'm glad I got something rare. :D

A few hours later...
So I WILL be getting a trophy tonight! :D I decided to play Dubloon Disaster since I've played well at that game, as long as I'm having some patience and luck (like the Buzzer Game, except not as painful). Luck was definitely there since I got a few golden dubloons throughout my gameplay and less frequent whirlpools than what I've had in the past. I don't know how long my game ended up being, but it had to have been around 40 minutes or so, if I had to guess based on the TV show I was watching. Granted, my score is being reviewed right now, but hopefully it will be reviewed before 11:50 tonight. ^_^


For the first time ever I got my wish from the wishing well! :D Yay, for my Snowager Stamp! ^_^ I also got Lockiei to level 250 yesterday with a little help from my first space faerie quest! It has been AMAZING having only 4hr classes again and not having to gather 8 codestones at once. x_x Ok, so it wasn't too bad since I get a few codestones from the battledome and KQ, but it's sad when you go to get some codestones out of your SBD and you find you're out of the kind the school asks for. ;_;


So I have finally decided that I am tired of Aowes' and Awareful's customizations. Since I haven't ever really looked at outfits or items, I have no idea what I want to do. xD This also brings into question what colors I should paint them -- I've even considered changing Aowes' species! I also repainted Lockiei striped so that I could equip her lovely shield... and now I'm like "well, poop, how do I proceed?" I know I want to paint her royal, which I plan on doing the next HT discount day, as well as hopefully get a Green Kougra Wig at some point in the future. I haven't found a wig that I like on a Kougra, except the Altador Cup Wig, but I don't want to use blue hair for her battle faerie-esqe customization. I should really look at more pets for ideas and such, including pretty paint colors. xD

I'm really close to Lockiei being at level 250! :D Then onto the secret ninja school to train strength and HP so I can beat the space faerie! ^_^


So for the first time ever I traded NC items. I was so afraid I was going to have to look for a long time and pay a bunch for an Aethias Collectors Shield for Lockiei, but neither happened (I'm pretty sure). Posted on the charter NC mall boards - nothing in over 24 hours. Posted on the regular NCC, got an instant response asking for one GBC and a BDC. I figure since it was buyable for so long and everyone who's wanted the bonus item had it that it shouldn't have been too much (which this wasn't), so I shouldn't have been so surprised. It was really easy and quick. ^_^ I'd like to get into trading more, but I don't know exactly what I want to trade for. I try and look at other people's WL for inspiration, but nothing catches my eye immediately. It will happen, eventually. For now, my meager TL and WL will remain open here.


OH MY GOODNESS I FINALLY GOT A FFQ!!!! ^_^ She asked for a Rainbow Cybunny Plushie, so it was relatively cheap (50k)! I was planning on using it to paint Lockiei royal, but alas the fountain faerie can't do that. D: Since my sides aren't 4 months old yet I wouldn't have been able to send any pets over to their accounts and paint one of the ones over there, or else I probably would have painted Clandestinity stealth (teehee, get it?). I wasn't particularly interested in painting Aowes or Awareful right now, so I found a stuck buzz in the pound and painted her from red to Maraquan and put her back in. I posted it on the charter stuck pet board, so I'm hoping someone there got her. :) I guess this means I'm going to have to save up to buy a royal pb for my kougra. At least I can keep using the baby sun dress I just got from the NC mall. :D

I purchased a few stamps yesterday, so I'm inching closer and closer to 300. I think all of the ones I need now are 50k+, so there are still quite a few buyables, just I don't want to spend that much on a single stamp right now, unless I'm particularly fond of a specific stamp, like the Altador Cup V Commemorative Stamp. I didn't realize it was worth over 1m right now. D: That, and the Candychan stamp are my top 2 stamp priorities at the moment. I've been using the wishing well everyday, initially wishing for a Hubrid Nox Commemorative Stamp, but instead I'm wishing for a Snowager Stamp for the snowy valley album. I realize I could probably ask for a Bag of Peanuts like everyone else and use the profit from that to buy the stamp, but I like to see people who have asked for a rare item that they actually want get it. =)

Still no luck with FC bets. I'm using my own bets today, with barely any rhyme or reason except avoid putting a bunch of 12:1 and 13:1 bets together. xD I didn't go risky, since I need a morale boost and want to see me actually *win* something.

A few hours later...
So I did win 12:10 on FC, but I've heard quite a few people say how they won, like, 60:10, but I figure that's what I get for not using someone else's bets that actually have a strategy and such. :3 I also bought a bunch of Neocards today; I decided I want to start collecting those, too, especially since if somehow I get enough to earn a trophy I can sell them and get the NP back. However, I think I might keep my cards at that point if I worked that hard to get them in the first place. :3


There hasn't really been anything new since my last post. I've failed miserably at Food Club in the last few days now, so that's a little disappointing. A new avatar was released today for Spacerocked!, but I wasn't lucky enough with the amount of patience I had to get it today. :P Since it was the hidden tower discount day, I went ahead and got the Grimoire of Prosperity for the 2nd out of those 3 avatars.

I realized today that I enjoy making fonts. o_O Well, I didn't really ever change my font (I had my Skeith - Snargan avatar/font forever) However, I've been interested in sporting some of the lesser seen avatars. I haven't made a font for one of the default avatars yet, but I've done a few clickables and the really easy petpets and other avatars. I've had about 2-3 separate occasions where I just start making a font. Thankfully I have all of them saved in a notepad document so I can always copy/paste them whenever I want to switch back. :D I'm pretty sure my neofriends are getting tired of seeing me with a different avatar every week or so, mistaking me for someone else or not recognizing me at first. xD Of course, I'm torn between using these "easier" avatars most Neopians have, vs. using a more prestigious or rare avatar, like my MSPP or BGC ones I just got (and still am super stoked about). Granted, seeing 20% of charter at the moment sporting MSPP makes my decision to postpone using that avatar a bit easier. I may make a page with premade fonts if this habit continues, but I'm happy to have some really nifty looking fonts for the rare times I actually post something. :P

Avatars I have made fonts for already :3

I am feeling better moodwise today. :D Hopefully whatever made me blue stays away, and thankfully this episode was short lived.


So I haven't been feeling too well, like feeling sad. :( Not much done today or yesterday. Played some KQ today, but only got a few neggs and one codestone. I did give someone looking for a SF code one I had extra earlier and they were really happy. :) I hope they pass along the kindness. Haven't been in the mood to talk in my guild or do much on Neo, so haven't been online too much.

A few hours later...
I played a few games of Go! Go! Go! and I got through round 2, meaning I got a bronze trophy! I can't wait to get it replaced with silver and then gold! *_* I'm feeling a little better right now after driving around a bit, but I can tell whatever's making me sad isn't gone yet. Hopefully it's just one of those moods, and I'll be better tomorrow, since I can't figure out what's wrong. o_O


I got my Werelupe avatar today, thanks to Pamula's pet lending website, which I'll link to in this post. I'm expecing to get my mummy ruki avatar in a few days, and then in August, get my Orange Grundo and my Coconut Jubjub avatars! :D I'm really excited to get these pet lends, since I was expecting to need to get each pet myself.

Calling all pet/petpet/P3 avatar seekers! :D

Speaking of avatars, good thing I got my BGC when I did; Harboro got zapped into a green kougra yesterday. xD And speaking of zapped, I think Boochi heard me complain about how I don't know how to dress Lockiei/kougras, because he zapped Lockiei into a baby... AGAIN! I think I'll keep her baby for a while, perhaps until I get enough for a royal paint brush or finally get a FFQ.

No other big updates. I ordered a set of Neopets cards from a popular online website that should be in any day now. I'm hoping that these will have warehouse codes in them so I can get the Space Faerie. ^_^ If not, well, that stinks. I'll have to find some Neomerchandise some other way. How *do* people get the Space Faerie as a challenger nowadays? Is it more rare than I think? Where can you get merchandise other than private sellers on auction/marketplace websites? I'm curious now. : I took a look on the merchandise neoboard yesterday... was probably the first human hit of traffic that page has had in at least a week. xD I remember the plushies and notepads as Claire's. That place was awesome, especially after my best friend and I got our ears pierced. Earrings and neopets, both made that place my first stop at the mall in my early years. xD Wait -- where did they sell the plushies for the KQ tokens?? How long ago did they do that? I've played off and on at random times it doesn't even make sense. Like, I remember when KQ was in beta, and then when it live. I didn't play too much Neopets before taking another small break and coming back. I remember having missed the Tyrannian army plot, but being here at the start of the Meridell vs. Darigan war. I think I was frozen around that time maybe. I also remember the mystery island plot. Man, if only I knew that I would be playing now, and if I had kept my very first account. D: I wish I would have participated in more plots, since I always regret putting a minimal amount of effort. Like the oblisk war? I paid no attention to it. Granted, I was busy with school and not yet coming on daily yet, but I look at my trophy and am like "Well poop, I could have done SO much more. And now I'm stuck with a reminder of how little I cared/tried." Well, that trophy plus most of my other site event trophies. That's partly why my all-star trophy from this past AC means a lot to me, since I put time and effort into it and I'm proud of what I accomplished. While I like the way multiple trophies look, I feel like people think less of me because when they click they go "Oh, she only played 10 battles. n00b." You know what really stinks? I missed a lot of plots, and I'm sad about that. But the ones that I only have a few battles? While a few might be because I only came on one or two days, I guarantee there's a few that only had a few when I could have done more. I participated very lukewarmly, then decided "Nah, not worth it." Of course I never think about how much I feel bad about not participating enough later on.

... O_O' /endrant

I had this notebook!!!


I GOT LENT BGC!!!!! :D Another person was lending on the charter boards. They asked for some collat, but it wasn't outrageous like what it could have been going through the avatar/neosignature board. Yay!!! Now I won't be sad when Harboro changes species. xD Now the last of the big three is left for me to get: SuAP! I just need to get lucky to get a pea chia somehow, perhaps the lab will feel nice and turn Automatics pea, instead of the like 30 other colors it could turn him.

I should really make my userlookup pretty at some point. I'm a little sad that I know random lurkers who click on my name just see a bunch of white blahness, and a link here. Then again, my kitty gif is arguably sufficient enough. :P Well, if I did make it pretty I'd prefer it to be unique, but I don't know how to code well, and more importantly make something pretty. xD The best art program I have on the computer is MS Paint and... well... there's not a whole lot that a layman can do with that. :3 Maybe I'll invest in photoshop eventually, but it's pretty expensive for a casual user. D: But then I could make pretty graphics and stuff. Oh well.

More exciting news is that I got over 250 stamps now in my album. :D I just decided to buy a bunch of the buyable stamps I still needed and drained a couple hundred thousand on stamps. Well... now I don't have that NP anymore. Oh well. ^_^ I think it will be fantastic when/if I ever get 300 stamps.

I made it to tournament 4 on Cellblock. Just a little each day and I'll get there. ;D Plus, it's nice having a little mental stimulation after 8 hours of literally copying information from a website and pasting it into a company's database. @_@


OK, so because of the holiday weekend the neomails for the random contest came out super late: good news is that I was one of the 125 third place winners, so I got my avatar and a trophy! :D Yay! I'm glad I won something. ^_^ My next goal is to change it to a gold trophy, but I'm happy with bronze + avatar.


I FINALLY GOT THE EDNA AVATAR!!!! It took 253 quests to finally get it! I'm really happy I can start doing daily kitchen quests now and I don't have to get a cartload of spooky foods everyday. :P Other than that, I played some more Cellblock and got to tournament 3, so yay. I also got to round 2 of Go! Go! Go!, but I played like 6-7 games after that and could not win. I'm not the best at card games of any kind. xD Eventually I'll have to get lucky, right?


Spent the majority of the day finishing Puzzle Adventure. Overall, I liked it. It was more than I was expecting (though my expectations were low to begin with). The dialogue was funny, the story was interesting and I liked seeing my character run through the familiar areas of Neopia. :) Really late in the game I finally found a strategy that helped me win a lot more easily and was less of a headache than before. :3 I wish I had gotten less garlands and more books, but perhaps that will come if and when I am ever able to play the game on a different computer. For the $1 I paid for it (+$3.99 S&H, of course) I definitely got my money's worth. Not one I would have purchased without virtual codes, though, since I'm not a fan of primarily puzzle games. The site theme is awesome though, more than I was expecting from the screenshots I had glanced over.

Yellow Kacheek Character GarlandLost Desert Pyramid PancakesBlue Playing Token GarlandLost Desert Mystery BeverageStories from Inside the Lost Desert PyramidsThe Great Tiki Attack!Yellow Usul Character GarlandMystery Island Fizzy Tiki DrinkLost Desert Game Board Background
To the victor go the spoils!

Since I was, however, in a puzzle solving mindset, I decided to play a bit of Cellblock, and got the bronze trophy really easily. I forgot that there's an avatar for it, so I should play a little bit each day until I get it. Apparently it will take a while to get up to avatar territory, along with the silver and gold trophies. :P I did play a little bit of NQ2 earlier today, but just enough to level up and move along the map closer to the next boss. Playing on InSaNe mode stinks when you start freaking out anytime you see red health bars. xD Poor Mipsy... silly clothie, y u no carry shield?? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Hopefully I won't die and I'll get my golden NQ2 trophy -- and nifty expensive BD weapon. :3 I know I want to get NQ1 done on InSaNe at some point, but erghhh.


Well, I got some really exciting news: I got the internship I was going for! The 7th is the last day I have to work in fast food before I go in to an actual office building to do data entry stuff the next morning. xD While this means I'll have regular hours, and evenings and weekends free, I won't be coming home at 12:30am anymore and have an easier chance at feeding Kads! Oh well, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. :D

I also got Neopets Puzzle Adventure in the mail today and played about 15-20 minutes of it earlier, and I must say I like it. Well, I haven't gone really far into the story line because it's actually harder than I thought. D: Then again, I was expecting the difficulty found in preschool learning games. I have the tendency to quit sessions quickly when it's difficult, unfortunately, but I'll play it a little later this evening some.

Since Harboro was zapped into a grarrl yesterday I started a very relaxed search for a BGC lend on the charter board today. Not sure how successful that will be (I'm thinking more pessimistically) but it's worth a shot. I could get really lucky like I have been the last few weeks with really kind people. :D

A few hours later...
OK, so the Puzzle Adventure isn't as hard as I thought. It gets *really* repetitive after a while, but at least the dialogue between the characters is entertaining. So far I've unlocked 3/10 codes, so woot. :3

A Gamers Guide To Puzzle AdventureShenkuu Rice ball YoyoAncient Tales of ShenkuuSpam Shenkuu Sushi
Rewards after a long days work


Just a quick update on my going-ons. First, after over two months I got my habitarium unlocked! Yay!!! :D Had to send in a second ticket after I realized my first ticket was ignored, since a later ticket over a different issue was answered after a few days, so I placed a new one and got it unlocked two days ago! I'm excited to get a big source of income back. ^_^ Second, my guild is awesome. I'm really happy to have joined it, as I've started to meet more and more people there, and talk to the people I have met more and it's just awesome. So fun.

I did try for the Maths Nightmare avatar, but 40 minutes until the reset my score got pushed down to #52, so that was sad; I'll try again next month. Who knows? Maybe I'll learn how to do Brain Tree division in my head quickly before then. xD Other meh attempts at trophies didn't work too well, unfortunately.

A dear friend of mine yesterday gifted me a Floating Battle Faerie Doll and I was uber stoked!!!! Thank you, Babs! ^_^ You're incredibly too awesome for words!!!!

On a related note: I can't customize Lockiei. Like, she's my favorite pet but I can't ever find a look I like. Aowes and Awareful were both just clothed in whatever I had in my closet and I love their looks. Even Harboro who has just junk thrown on him(/her) as to not look plain while being zapped has a decent look, but poor Lockiei. Maybe it's because I don't like the way some clothes look on Kougras? I don't know. It's sad, since I painted her striped from baby just to be able to customize her. I'll find something someday. :D

I'm a little bummed today, though. I didn't get anything for my random contest entry since I wasn't in the top 175 picked. D: At least I tried, though. Someone else in my guild got 2nd place, so I'm excited for her! Not quite sure if I'll participate in this round. I'm not too good with pinwheels. o_O

Too evil for TNT, perhaps?


Holy kau!!!!!! Another AWESOME charter moment happened to me today! So I saw a board earlier today about someone lending MSPP -- for free. Like, the person was really awesome. Unfortunately for me, they had already closed the board about an hour after I saw it, so I was like "Aww man. Oh well." BUT THEN!!!! Literally right when I should have left for work I saw they had posted another board, saying they were back and ready to lend again. I was the first person to ask, and THEY LENT IT TO ME!!! ^_^ I always freak out when people lend me stuff because I know that I would be freaking way out if I lent a stranger something valuable, let alone something that's worth WAYYY more than I've probably ever made on the site (well, I'm actually pretty ignorant on how much the very high-end items are, like Thyora's Tear and BGC and MSPP, etc.). Plus, I had to get to work, so I got the avatar and scrambled to send it back within about 30 seconds! ^_^ I'm still super excited, although probably not as excited as someone who's been looking to be lent for a long time. This was just something I happened to stumbled across. So I was a few minutes late to work -- worth it. I never thought about asking for items to be lent since I know I could never afford the collat required by some I see on the avatar boards, but all of the other avatars that I've ever been lent, it's been for free. I'm incredibly lucky, and grateful to those willing to lend their stuff to strangers. :D Of course, now that I've said this, *knocks on wood* I hope something horrible doesn't happen by those users who wish to do harm to others.

So I'm not going to do by big alien vending machine splurge this month since I didn't start saving my nerkmids until about mid-month, and the time I had collected for a full month I wasn't anywhere near the trophy threshold. Yes, I realize I could get really, really lucky with just one, but I think it will be really fun to just go on a spree. I'll record what I get on here too, for grins and giggles.

Haven't talked on the guild boards since last post, yet again. D: I need to quit being shy and stuff. I guess my main reasoning is "Oh, I'm about to get off soon/get invested in a movie+NQ/play games/etc." but I'm going to have to learn to make chatting a priority. Playing with friends is a lot more fun, I've began to learn recently.

Real quick final notes: I purchased Puzzle Adventure off of a website for the PC so I should be getting it in a week-ish. That will be exciting to get the items and site theme. I think I'd be able to get multiple codes if I use different computers, but I don't think that will be an easy thing to do, since my family doesn't know I play and I think they'd make fun of me if they knew I did. I mean, we all game, but my dad and I mostly play MMORPGs and RPGs, so a little more "grown up" than Neopets. But dang, I practically grew up with this site since the 2nd grade! It's cool, because I think a lot of people are in my shoes, where they started playing when they were young and have just grown up, with Neopets adapting to their aging consumers. But I digress... Regardless, I plan on having the site theme soonish, and may have plans in the future to give some codes to someone, either stranger or friend.

The lab ray on my side has made Automatics a chia. I think it will be awesome if somehow he turned into a pea! Then I'd have a chance at getting the SuAP avatar! :D


Wow, I've had a really good few days! I can now attest to charter board members being some of the most truly awesome and helpful members of Neopets. I had made a post many days ago on a board someone looking for Puzzle Adventure's and Quizara Curse's site theme codes: I had said something along the lines of "good luck, I wish I had the Quizara theme" or something. Well, got a neomail yesterday from a random stranger saying they saw what I wrote and asked if I still needed the codes, and if so, if I would like them and if I could send the items I got back to the person. I was ecstatic! They said they would get them later that day, and about 24 hours later they had sent them to me -- I don't remember ever talking to this person before, except we both were on the charter quest help topic thread helping/being helped at the same time around the time they first contacted me. I followed through and sent all the items back and now have a spiffy site them with soft fluffy colors. :3 I have to say a huge thank you, kind stranger! I wish you the best of luck with your collecting and all future Neopian endeavors. :D

Well, I don't think I've said too much in the guild since last post. Oops. :S However, some members were having a Kadoatery conversation right before I introduced myself the other day and that motivated me to later that night feed my first Kad (OK, technically it was my 2nd... but the first one was an UB probably over a year ago. I didn't know at the time there were cheap items asked for. ;_;) So far I've fed a total of 4, which is really exciting! :D Too bad I'll probably only be good at doing them at night, since I'm really slow starting off and am not familiar with SDB stocking/inventory stocking. Well, if I continue closing at work and coming back online at 10:30pm NST I have a neat little window built in of low-traffic time at the Kadoatery. :) I have also collected 200 stamps for the guild's monthly milestone, which I'm really happy about. Oh, I also started an advent calendar gallery a few days ago. Both of these achievements have cost me a BUNCH of the NP I had in my bank, so I'm a bit sad about that. D: Thankfully playing Food Club everyday has been increasing my bank account nearly everyday, so that's nice and easy NP. ^_^

With the AC winding down I have started to make my numbers even (like finishing my 50th SLSL and my 500th Make Some Noise games). Not quite sure where I'll finish YYB and SOSD, probably won't be too precise. It stinks KI won't place this year. I haven't been a fan of the bracket system and hope that they will return to a DRR or introduce a SRR organization next year. I hope they have some good prizes this year, like awesome wearables, books and stamps! @_@


So I joined a guild yesterday and started talking on the boards today, and I must say that I'm really excited. ^_^ It's an account improvement guild that has a really impressive layout. There are monthly milestones that I think are really going to be helpful for me to, y'know, improve. :P One unexpected side effect of joining would be me joining this round's random contest -- who'd thunk it?? I spent all day decorating artificial nails with faces of Hubrid Nox, Meuka, Dr. Sloth, Jhudora and the mascot for the Gallery of Evil. I really hope I get something for it -- that took a lot of work. xD More than I was expecting. Oh well, at least I now have a shot at a trophy and the avatar. Oh yeah, the members of the guild I joined seem really nice so far! Now, if I could just stay on long enough to have a full conversation then I'll make progress. :3


Haven't been too active recently. I'm still busy with work unfortunately -- not that I'm working 18 hour shifts or anything, but being outside carhopping for 8-10 hours straight and having a poor diet (changed from living at school to now living at home for the summer... you'd think the opposite, right? Nope. My family eats horribly, and let me tell you: your diet can affect how you feel pretty dramatically) leaves me really tired. Therefore, I haven't been playing as much YYB as I would like. I did hit All-Star on the 18th, which was really nice. :D I know I've played quite a bit compared to the average player, but being a pirate lord for K.I.L.L. I want to excel in my playing. Also, the idea of actually having a lot of points to spend at the prize shop is exciting, since in the past I have always only reached enough points to buy low-mid level prizes.

Since I haven't wanted to play the AC too much, I haven't worked on anything else really either. :P I come on, do my dailies and then end up lurking on the boards. I have started to horde snowballs people are selling for 1np so I can just discard them in a massive purge in order to get the rubbish avatar. Speaking of random-esqe avatars, I've done 171 quests for the Edna avatar... and still nothing. -_- Oh well.

I'm really interested in joining a guild soon, most likely an account improvement one, perhaps block. I know I qualify for a number of ones that have posted on the charter and avatar/neosignature boards, but I'm afraid of not picking the right one. xD I know I'll never know if I don't give the guild a shot. Maybe soon. They all look really cool. The worst part is that I'm horrible at continuing a conversation on a message board because I'm either busy with another neopets tab open, or I just walk away from the computer and do something else random. Because of this, I'm afraid of joining a guild and not making a good impression, like I'm stand-offish or something. :( Not being social on Neopets has made it hard for me to start getting to know people. xD


I won a 70:1 bet on Food Club today, so that was very exciting. :D Also reached over 100 stamps today, which wasn't hard or expensive. I just needed to put the time into finding different stamps. Thankfully I've got good chunks of my Lost Desert, Haunted Woods and Tyrannia albums done except for the uber expensive ones. Oh well, maybe someday I'll have 500 million I can drop on stamps. o_O

Up to rank 19 today after maxing SOSD. Too bad we had a bye day the day I'm off work. That means hopefully I'll have all star by late tomorrow. *fingers crossed* Also, today marks me doing over 150 recorded quests for Edna... and STILL no avatar. This makes me sad. D: One of these days, though. Someday I'll also get the Wheel of Knowledge, Extravagance and Excitement avatars too.


I've been working a bunch the past few days and it has worn me out physically. D: Not much time online_ even less on my AC playing so I've been bummed about that, even though we've played Faerieland and Moltara (twice) and we swept every time, so at least that's good. I was worried we were going to get complacent though but we didn't. :)

I played the Lottery (bought 20 tickets) for the second time yesterday and I won 15k! :D Got me a bronze trophy so I'm glad. If I am to get a silver one in the future I think I'd need to get over 500k in winnings (1 million for gold @_@) so unless the Lottery increases in popularity, I don't have much of a shot at gold. Oh well, I'm excited I got it, especially since I found a guide the day of showing how to quickly buy tickets by making a folder of bookmarks for all of your 20 tickets and just opening all the links. Really fast and easy. :D

Nothing else of note. Decided I'm going to save all of my nerkmids I get from the BD for a few months and then use them all at the 1st of the month to try for a trophy. I did that I think this past month after saving up for just a month but it wasn't enough, so I'll rack up a few more next time. I got a disco paint brush from it, so maybe I'll get a really awesome PB next time. ^_^


The only reason I'm playing around with having a blog now is because people on the KILL boards during the AC were talking about them. I typically don't talk anymore unfortunately since it's hard for me to join in conversations, especially if someone doesn't respond directly to me after I post one or two things. :( I guess it's because I'm shy and stuff. I did try talking a bit during the month before the AC, but I guess I wasn't around enough to really establish myself. Then again, some of the Krawk Island players have been chatting for years, some during the off season so they know each other pretty well I reckon.

Anyway, this might also be good to record what I actually do when I'm surfing around Neopia. o_O Since it's summer and my job is only part time and I don't have any friends around where I live since I moved 2 years ago and didn't go to school around here I'm on here a lot. D: Well, I guess just mark down different events and such. I dunno.

Well, the Altador Cup is going on (VIII, to be exact) and I'm a proud returning member of Krawk Island. :D I never played too much since I never made the connection to watch something on half my screen while playing. Also, I didn't know to what extent people were playing and didn't ever go on the boards to introduce myself to fellow KI players until AC VI when I reached rank 11. That year I only posted my scores to the KILL board, but it was enough to get me past rank, rank 3. :S However, today I made it to rank 17, so I have a gold trophy and I'm really close to making it to all-star! I'm excited about that. ^_^

I've been trying for the Drackonack - Hungry avatar for two weeks now, only to read on a website that the inventory avatars haven't been working recently. -_- At least there's a chance I might not be so unlucky to have less than 0.001% chance of getting the avatar. xD I've gotten a few other ones recently as I've accepted it's about that time to start going for the flash game avatars. I'm not too excited about that, although I did get the Spike It! avatar from the mynci beach volleyball one after days of working towards it, and that felt pretty good. :D

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