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Welcome to Spoofed! This is a full on, extravagant graphic request site. This site was originally created on Nov. 5 2011, and was originally a button site only. Recently, Spoofed! has been revamped as a full graphics site! Of course, this site is only neo-related so I wouldn't be able to help you elsewhere. (Unless it's a specific holiday, like Christmas right now!) Once you submit a form of what you want, you will be sent on the waiting list. I would be glad if you neomailed me at any time, though generally I am at school working hard or doing homework, so be patient and eventually you will get a neomail back. Well what are you waiting for? SEND YOUR REQUESTS! :)
Note: I don't do lookups. If I knew how, I'd make myself one. So don't ask for a lookup. Also, I don't do petpage layouts or guild layouts. If someone cares enough to show me a guide or teach me, neomail me asap.


Dec. 22 2011 - Alright guys, I'm officially GONE! Yes, when I'm away, you may send me requests. You never know If I'm able to create graphics on my family's laptop, but yes I might be on. So don't hesitate! Though I might not have access to a program, so just send in your requests and I'll finish them FOR SURE by the 8th. So anyways, I'm not at home for 2 weeks. I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas and a happy new years!
Dec. 18 2011 - Wow, it's been a while since I've written anything in the updates section. I've finished one layout today and I'm going to start one more and finish it tomorrow. Also I've joined the All I Want For Christmas event by Blank Canvas Magazine. Basically anyone that wants a certain wish for christmas which doesn't include neopoint items/cs items can request something on this site for christmas! FANTASTIC! Too bad for me since I have to go on vacation for 2 weeks. I'll miss all my fans and neofriends, but you could always leave a message in my inbox! Also, requests are open until THIS WEDNESDAY, so hurry up and request something before I'm gone!
Dec. 5 2011 - So Stellar Shields has officially become a sister site! Also, I've been extremly packed with homework lately, and I got 2 requests yesterday. Shucks. So I guess I better go do my homework. I also have 2 layouts that I have to finish by friday for myself! HECTIC WEEK. Wish me luck?
Dec. 4 2011 (Morning) - So I've decided: I'm going to be a full graphics request site! YAYYYYY!!!! But first I have to finish up editing this site. And also, if I get a layout request, I'll only do it on the weekends. Also, I won't be taking any requests from December 22-January 9, seeing that I won't even be here. So make sure you ask for requests earlier! Anyways, I still need ideas for what to put in extras! Send me a neomail for suggestions!
Dec. 4 2011 - So I got bored and I made a christmas layout! Finished it at exactly 12pm. Wow. I'm tired. Also, I'm contemplating between making this site a FULL graphics site now. Give me suggestions?
Dec. 3 2011 - Well poop. I lost the button of the month. It's ok, one of my great affiliates Vibrissae won. Though I still think I did a pretty good job, and I could've won if I asked my friends sooner, teehee. Well anyways, I'm probably going to make a new layout tomorrow for CHRISTMAS! also Stellar Shields is a new affiliate today! She's an absolutely AMAZING artist.
Nov. 29 2011 - My holiday button has just come out for the season! Pick it up on the pickups page. Post it up in your shops or on your lookups! :)



Of course there are rules! Don't call me the bad guy.

~You must credit Spoofed! If you steal artwork, you know the end result.
~If you don't like it, you don't have to use it. But I spent a lot of time on my product.
~If you've read the rules, type in Spiff.
~I will always respond to a request within a week. Please be patient.
~I have the right to reject your request. Don't complain.
~Your site must be open for at least 1 week.
~I need proof that you are dedicated to your site.
~Make the title of the neomail Spoofed!




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Everything on hissi17's petpage and on this petpage is made by ME. Don't take credit for it.


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Sister Site: Stellar Shields

Stellar Shields is a premade shield site made by Claire. Sometimes she does requests. Honestly, Claire is an amazing artist. I can gladly say that she has inspired me to do things that I never thought were possible, such as making high quality graphics and changing my quality of work. Well go ahead, visit her site now and pick up a shield!

Moonlit Adoptions (By Me!)

I also have an adoption agency! Link back if you want! :)


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