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Welcome snow_leopard_4 to The Lodge, a high quality review site established on February 7th, 2010. I'm Ricky, the landlady here at The Lodge. I presume you are here to request a room? Perhaps you might like to browse through the Guest Criteria before we begin, then we will find you the perfect place to stay!

Since we're heading for a white winter, let's get you a cosy room and stoke the fire in your site! Once you're warm and toasty, we'll aim to book you into our Penthouse Suite! Feel free to browse over our brochures and enjoy the extra activities we provide. But mostly, enjoy your stay at The Lodge!


November 6th- 4:28am nst

Wow it has been so long since I was last on Neo! I plan on coming back soon :D next year I'll have a lower work load so I'll be back to reviewing soon!!! x

Establishment Rules

Please ensure you read through the rules before requesting a room.

Only request when bookings are open.
Re-reviews are available as long as you are not a Penthouse Guest.
I review in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox together. Since IE is the most basic browser
and FF is the most popular it makes sense that your site should be compatible with both.
To show you have read the rules, make the subject in your neomail request "TL Review".
No guilds, personal pages or off-Neo sites.
You must link back to me before, during and after your review.
You must have an 88x31px button.

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Mountain Lodge

First Impression (?/10): When I arrive, do I want to stay and look around? Does something immediately catch my eye? This category does not assess your entire sites first impression, simply the very first thing your visitor sees when they arrive. If your site does not look professional and organised then immediately you give off a bad impression.

Layout (?/20): Is it premade or custom? If it's premade, have you attempted to edit it and make it more your own? Does the banner match the background and layout? Do the colours match? Is it high or low quality? Your layout should be eye catching so people are encouraged to stay. Boring premade CSS turns people away. Other things that will be assessed are your headers, general coding and text styles.

Content (?/20): How much content does your site contain? Is it quality over quantity? Quality is the most important aspect of a site but if your site has been open a long time quantity is equally important. Depending on your site type, does it contain plenty of choices and options? Is it a directory, review site, graphics or request site? Does it do its job well? For example, if your site is a directory, does it give its viewers a good selection of sites to choose from, or if it's a review site, does it give quality feedback with enough information to help improve the subjects site?

Originality (?/10): Is your site original and creative or just plain boring? What would make me choose this site over the others in its category? Is there something unique that your site has that others may not or is it just standard? Having unique qualities in your site will really attract people, however this does not necessarily mean extra features but original content can be equally important. If your site offers original styles of the content you offer and is not just a copycat then you will have just as much chance of scoring the same as a site which offers unique features with a regular site.

Organisation (?/10): Is your site easy to navigate? Is it spaced out or crammed together? Do you make use of scrollbars for large chunks of text? If your site is messy, it doesn't matter what the quality is like because no one will even bother to continue!

Grammar and Spelling (?/5): Is your spelling correct all throughout? Have you used the correct grammar and punctuation? This includes in your updates as well as in your main text. Review sites, note I will check the spelling in all of your reviews! I will find everything. As a note on how this score is decided, a site with a large amount of text will not be scored badly for a few minor errors as this is to be expected. However, a site with minimal content (ie. graphics requests etc) will be as you should be able to maintain good spelling and grammar when there isn't a lot of text.

Updates (?/5): Do you update regularly? If you clear your updates, do you let your viewers know so we don't think you've been slack? Updating lets your visitors know how active you are. If you own a request site and update daily, people will request more from you than from a site that updates monthly. This category is flexible with sites that are finished (ie. a guide or tutorial).

Sitely (?/5): Is this section correctly structured and organised well? Do you have affiliates and perhaps a sister site? Are you listed at a decent amount of directories? Are all the links valid? This category mainly looks at structure and function but if your site is one that has or should have affiliates then they will be checked to ensure they link back to you, are operational and of a quality that is similar to your site. Having low quality affiliates and listers does not help your site.

Link Back (?/5): Do you have a variety of link back buttons? Have you correctly credited their makers? Do the links come with the 'no border' code? Are they 88x31px?

Overall (?/10): Does your site work well, or do things clash? Do I want to revisit? Here I will also mention anything else that might be of value to your site, such as the use of a ranking system or site mascot, anything that might give your site the extra wow factor.


Your review is out of 100 points. If you are lucky enough to score 90/100 or more you will enjoy the luxuries of our Penthouse Suite!

Beginner's Lodge

This review style is for the newer members of the site making community. In this review I will be looking at ways to improve your site. To do this you may either have me view the site as a whole and provide dot point comments on everything, or you may choose certain areas for me to look at and again provide dot points comments on. The categories you will be assessed in are:

1. Quality of content: this section will look at what your site offers and of what standard your current content portrays. Advice on ways to improve and constructive critism will be offered.
2. Layout and organisation: self explanatory but this will look at your layouts appeal and it's structure, as well as how you organise your content and other aspects of the site.
3. Mannerisms: this will look at the professionalism of your wording and correctness of spelling and grammar.
4. Advertising: this will look at the places you have been listed and whether they are of a quality to provide your new site with good traffic levels. Link backs will also be assessed.
5. Site as a whole: how your site works overall and other general feedback on how to improve.

This room is a non scored review and only advice will be offered. Remember to state whether you want all or just certain categories when requesting your review!

Scenic Suite

If you opt for a Scenic Suite, I will screenie your home page and make comments on the image. You will be able to click and drag the image to the internet bar to view it in full size. Each site that is screenied will have comments regarding the main areas of the site. For example, if the headers are the wrong colour, or the text doesn't line up, these comments will be written on the image.

The Scenie Suite is meant to be a starter, before you take a full holiday to ensure your site has the basics. As well as the image review I will provide a few general comments for following categories:

Colour Scheme

In your review request please say if you would like any of your other pages looking at. These will not be marked for a score, but it may help you a little further.

You will be listed as a past guest if you have opt for this style of review, however, the sites score will not be included.

Single Suite

The Single Suite is the perfect opportunity for you to have some one-on-one time. Select one section of your site that you feel needs the most improvement and I will thoroughly discuss what you can do to improve it. This is not for sites who feel they are ready for a proper holiday, but is a good way to get feedback on an area you would like to improve.

You will be listed as a past guest if you have opt for this style of review, however, the sites score will not be included.

Penthouse Guest button:

Thank you for requesting a review at The Lodge. You have been added to the waiting list and will be contacted once it is complete (: ~Ricky

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Hi. Your review has been up for one month and is due to be taken down. Just checking that you have finished with it? :) ~Ricky

Reviewed ?th Jan 2012 | Mountain Lodge

First Impression (?/10):

Layout (?/20):

Content (?/20):

Originality (?/10):

Organisation (?/10):

Grammar and Spelling (?/5):

Updates (?/5):

Sitely (?/5):

Link Back (?/5):

Overall (?/10):


I hope you enjoyed your stay at The Lodge. Come back and see us again soon!

Reviewed ?th Jan 2012 | Mountain Lodge

First Impression (?/10): What an absolutely stunning layout!

Layout (?/20):

Content (?/20):

Originality (?/10):

Organisation (?/10):

Grammar and Spelling (?/5):

Updates (?/5):

Sitely (?/5):

Link Back (?/5):

Overall (?/10):


I hope you enjoyed your stay at The Lodge. Come back and see us again soon!

Heya Nikki!

This image from That Background Site lol.

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Reviewed 28th Jan 2012 | Scenie Suite

The above image is your review looking at the homepage. The below image is an extra review of one of your actual content pages.

Appeal: A very organised and neat looking site featuring a great colour scheme. Looking to look at and very attractive. A definite keeper site!
Colour Scheme: The banner uses great soft but bright colours which you have worked into the layout very well. The only issue is bold colour but the rest look fantastic and tie the site together excellently!
Layout: Marvellous! Looks great, works great. Nothing more to say.
Organisation: 100% organised and tidy. Only minor errors with alignment of the boxes but otherwise perfect!
Overall: A great up-and-coming site which (I hope) could rival Soroptimist if you work hard. Don't wait to get listing requests, request to list the more popular sites as they will help boost your sites traffic and have the requests to be listed flowing in in no time. Great job!

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Reviewed 28th Jan 2012 | Mountain Lodge

First Impression (6/10): At first glance there is something disjointed about your layout. The viewer is greeted by some great colours, pictures and layout structure but there are issues that cause the whole picture to seem unorganised. The banner doesn't look of a very high quality; the font used is blurred and unclear. The background is very busy and overpowers the actual layout. The clever design of your layout with boxes scattered around and the arrow shaped banner look good, but perhaps too much. These will be discussed later. Your viewer wouldn't be put off by this but is likely to expect not the most high quality content.
- 1.5 for banner issues
- 1 for overpowering background
- 1.5 for overall lack of cohesiveness

Layout (14/20): Now possibly the most negative aspect of your site is the background. It is very overpowering and is too dark. It makes the site seem busy and cluttered with the pattern. Using a lighter and brighter background with a less intense background would look much better. This background would look fabulous as it is exactly the colour and style that would suit your layout:

This background is from Foomanshu which also has a number of other similar backgrounds that you could play with.

The next negative aspect is the banner. The texture of the banner is dark and plain; using brush textures from sites like Foomanshu often improve the quality of banners as they can be applied as a nice, soft overlay. The lines currently used are too harsh and detract from the quality of the image. The major downfall of this banner is the text. The style you have picked looks blurred and unprofessional. Possibly you could even call it low quality due to the blur and lack of matching colours. You should redo this part of the layout using a better font and matching colours as well as using image textures as an overlay.

The navigation hover could be improved by toning down the colour from a darker, purple colour to a smooth, light blue. The colour #8FBCE8 would look great as it would change your current intense hover to a more subtle change, improving the professional feel of your site. It might be a good idea to use a lighter colour for the plain nav background to again lighten and brighten your site; a colour such as #75A7DA would look good.

Now, to the other colours. It is interesting to see an actual colour used for the text, usually sites just black or a shade of grey, but this suits your site quite well. The bold colour is an eye catching purple, but you seem to have used a very similar colour for your links? This is confusing for the viewer as they are unable to tell what are links and what is just regular bold text. To further taunt them you have failed to have a hover colour for the text links which makes them stand out. This needs altering. Firstly, you need to remove the {b} and {/b} from the text links as this is why they are the wrong colour for starters. You can make the links bold by simply adding font-weight: bold; to the style coding for a:link, a:visited and a:hover. To alter the links colour try using a light royal blue such as #2C88E4 with a hover such as #569FE9. This will make your links distinguishable from the bold text and will also provide it with a decent hover to further bring to the awareness of the viewer that this is a link.

Your main headers (h2) are quite nice; they are subtle but have enough impact to draw the eye. Your h3 headers are really nice. The colour makes it easy for us to know that this is another header, and the font style means you don't need to use an underline to make it stand out. Good work! Again with the h1 header, the dark grey but smaller font lets your viewer know it is another subheader, but it really stands out. The only issue with the headers is your use of the main header constantly on the Extras page. You need to be using subheaders here. The Sitely section should also have a main header with it's title before the link back buttons.

For your textareas, the background is a little dark. You probably shouldn't be using a green either as it is not a dominant colour in your layouts colour scheme. For the regular textarea and textarea#req try using #BACEFF for the background and #A6BEFA for the border. The Neomail Me image, however, completely matches the colour scheme 100% so good choice!

Finally, remove the br from above the Graphics request status and replace with a {p} paragraph (only one) as this will space the box evenly.

Overall there are a number of small issues with your layout that will improve you site tenfold once they are fixed. The only other small issue with the banner is that the arrow effect isn't straight, but this is probably just something to consider for your next layout. Good work.

All edits discussed above can be viewed here in full.
- 2 for highly overpowering background
- 1.5 for banner quality issues
- 1 for navigation colour issues
- 1 for not having distinguishable links
- 0.5 for misuse of main header
- 0.5 for textarea box colour issues
- 0.5 for spacing error in request status box

Content (16/20): Your site offers graphics, fonts, reviews, avatar lending and UFA/UFT pets. Crazy how much content you have jammed into one site! But, it does seem to be working for you! Sometimes have a huge amount of different content can be a major failing, but you seem to have a site that can pull it off so well done. Each area will be discussed individually.

Firstly, to your graphics! You only have a small number of icons in your portfolio but it is enough to see the quality of your work. Some of the earlier (I presume) ones have slight issues with the text, but they are all of a great standard. This one in particular is a winner.

Again your banners and signatures are of a very good quality and improvement can be seen from those at the start of your portfolio to your latest ones. This banner is amazing, but just be careful with the border (outline) you use on all your banners because you are constantly choosing ones that are too dark for the image.

Since you offer shields I would expect to see some examples so your viewers can decide whether you are the designer for them. Since you don't have any, in my mind, I would think you were either new to this form of graphic or that they weren't of a quality you wish to show. Displaying your latest or best is a good idea to advertise your skills. The shield in your pickups is fantastic, why don't you show everyone! The same goes with your fonts, how can I know what to expect if there are no examples?

You offer 4 good style reviews, all standard to a lot of review sites, but good nonetheless. They have good detail describing what they look for and how they are assessed which is great! There isn't really much to say about the avatar lending either. You have a good number of the pet/petpet avatars on offer and as long as this section is active it is a wonderful addition to a site like yours! Again for the UFA/UFT, just be sure to add more (try asking owners on the boards if they wish to be listed or something).

One word of advice not content related: don't use bold text so much! There is so much of it that it really detracts from the quality of your site. Only use it when necessary or it becomes a feature that doesn't mean anything. Be sure to link anything that says neomail and the whole sentence of view my portfolio not just the word portfolio.

Finally, with the latest banner/message you have done for Eve, the font you have used is not meant to be any larger than size 8 or it looks like this banner does, not good! You either should have used a different font or edited the text so it didn't look disjointed and somewhat unprofessional. It is a shame because the start and finishing text are gorgeous!
- 1 for minor quality issues with graphics content (new banner particularly)
- 0.5 for incorrect dark border for banners/signatures
- 2 for not displaying examples
- 0.5 for overuse of bold text throughout

Originality (10/10): You site offers a large array of didn't requests from icons to reviews. This is something unique that no other site does. Usually sites are either graphic request sites or review sites, but yours has both in one! You also have an avatar lending section as well as UFT/UFA pets. A somewhat odd combination in total, but it seems to work for you. Good work.

Organisation (9.5/10): You site is well organised and structured which is great to see! The navigation is easy to use and follow. The trick used in your rules is also a smart one as your viewers must read the rules if they are to proceed to requesting. Great idea!

Although the structure is great, there are a few minor things that need adjusting to perfect your site. Add a br before the updates box to push it down slightly and remove unnecessary empty white space from beneath it. The request status box has already been discussed above. In your avatar lending sections, combine rules and requirements into one section. Other than that everything looks in order! You make great use of scrollboxes for the reviews section too.
- 0.5 for minor issues (update box, status box and use of unnecessary headings)

Grammar and Spelling (5/5): In your reviews section the word understandability is not a real word. In the SDRAM review criteria, editted should be edited. In the avatar lending section, requesting a lend should be requesting to be lent. There is quite a lot of text content in your site and it's good to see what the spelling and grammar is mostly up-to-scratch. Good work.

Updates (4/5): You only have a few updates but the space between them is reasonable. The first update was obviously since the site was split which is fine. The only issue with your updates is how big the box itself is. It would be better for you to have a smaller updates box and a larger intro. At present the updates are a little overpowering. Also consider moving the box down slightly so there isn't a huge gap under it from the bottom of the site. The other thing that is noticeable is the fact that instead of bullet points you just have indents in the first line and the date which is odd. Have the date pushed back to the left and use image bullet points if you want the updates indented. It is a clever idea to have the waiting list in the updates section as they are a similar thing. Good job!
- 0.5 for oversized box
- 0.5 for empty space beneath box

Sitely (4/5): You have a good number of affiliaties, a lot of them which are great, high quality site. Just as a note, Private Detective is on an undefined hiatus and you should consider removing them as this has been going for a long while. Ivory Skin also has better link back buttons such as this one:

Again, you have a good number of listers and are listed at the most used directories. However, in your listers Cloud 14 is closed. As is Intuition in your reviews section. It is good that you have hovers with the status of your reviews, either scores or pending. In your credits section you need to remove the 3 buttons at the top. They are not necessary as you credit the sites later and just look cluttered. Finally in the special thanks section, remove a couple of the BR's from above the counter as there is a lot of empty space above it.
- 0.5 for closed/inactive sites
- 0.5 for unnecessary buttons in credits

Link Back (3.5/5): You do have a good number of buttons and a good variety of colours. The main issue is that the majority of your buttons have large fonts. Those with the large fonts also seem to use non pixel fonts which means they are somewhat blurry. It is good to have a few larger font buttons with the non pixel fonts, but you shouldn't have so many. These buttons are really good quality and represent your site perfectly:

These buttons all have unique styles and colours which, combined with the font, look fantastic! The following buttons are those which are of a mid-quality; ones that have flaws and might possibly need replacing:

The first button has no real style to it but that background is super cute! Unfortunately with a button like this the font needed to be a pixel one or one with some border and style to it. The plain flick font just doesn't suite it. The second button is nice but the font again let's it down, and the animation isn't particularly attractive. Finally, in the last button the graphics are great! Again the issue is the font. As an example, see the below button which I created using your image but with a smaller, pixel font.

These last buttons aren't of a quality which do good things for your site and should be replaced:

The font in the first button and lack of a border really ruins this otherwise clever button. The blurry font again distorts the background and ruins the button. The background is lovely however, but the font is blurry. You could keep this one if you really like it, but replacing it would be advisable. The background in the third button is fantastic! The colours, imagery, border, everything works... except the text. The font is awful! It is far too large and blurred and if you look at the letter M, the left side is smaller than the right. In the last button the border is missing and the font again has issues. These 4 buttons are ones to consider replacing.

Overall you have a good variety of buttons but there are concerns with the quality.
- 1.5 for buttons quality

Overall (6.5/10): There are some design flaws with you layout which bring your site out of the category of high quality when your viewer first arrives. Once they see your content they will feel very differently but you're not putting out the best first impression. There are a number of small changes to be made around the site which will vastly improve it overall. RAM is a site to watch as it offers so much so well. Keep up the good work!


I hope you enjoyed your stay at The Lodge. Come back and see us again soon!
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Reviewed 15th Jan 2012 | Mountain Lodge

First Impression (9.5/10): There are some amazingly bright and impressive colours that greet your viewers. The first glance is incredibly inviting and would force anyone to stay and look around. The only thing that does look to be missing is a banner with more stand out text. However, everything points to Darigan, Darigan and Darigan which is exactly how your site should be. From the background, to the main image and the content box/nav colours, everything looks fantastic! Great work.
- 0.5 for banner issues

Layout (19/20): Superb! This layout is stand-out-from-the-crowd material! If I wasn't a lifelong WAMer I'd be so tempted to join Darigan thanks to this stunning layout. The colours are bright and fiesty, reflecting the Darigan spirit. These colours are also, obviously, the DC colours but work so well to really smash your layout home. The navigation hover up the top is perfect, and the side one is nearly perfect. Perhaps try using a slightly darker purple instead of a really light contrast. Something like #a385c1 would work better. Your navigation header colours are again great. The red and white works just right.

The headers in the main part of the site are fantastic! Featuring the DC sheild in the headers is a really clever idea and the colours look great. The bold and sub-header are also perfect; the subheader looks similar to the header but is still different enough to be effective. The bold colour is striking and really makes a stand out in the text. The only issue with your colour scheme is the text links. The colour is ok, but the hover is wrong as it is dark and blends with the main text colour. Again use #a385c1 as with the navigation hover. This will look much better.

Finally, the banner you have now is quite nice, but one using a better font with an outline would look a ton better. But overall a magnificant layout! Really good work.
- 0.5 for nav/link hover colour issues
- 0.5 for banner quality

Content (19.5/20): Your page is obviously for DCM members information as it contains ranks, rules and scorekeeping details. The site is well structured and the content makes complete sense. The rules are easy to follow and the scorekeeping is explained as well as possible. As you state, once you know how to do it it's easy, but this explanation is great! The graphics are also fantastic as is the idea of having members ranking goals displayed for other members. Perhaps have a pixel icon (just small) to show when people have attained their goal, ie. a gold star you can put next to their rank once acheived (be sure to write under the box what it means).

Rather than capitalising the word second in your intro, either make it bold or italics. Do the same with Be respectful to other teams that enter. As a note, you have written this as a rule, but if you read Jhonny's message, it states that if you're playing someone like FL which is not a powerhouse members won't get a message. That's contradictory to your rules so you need to change one of them. In the Scorekeeping section, the paragraph regarding why you show scores, it might be worth while adding a paragraph about your goal since you mention it. Perhaps say something like:

For example, we might aim for a score of 100,000 YYB goals for the day, so by keeping score you can see how close we are to our daily goal and help us along.

This would explain what you mean by a goal. Overall, however, your site is full of great and meaningful information for your members, as well as extras such as the ranks and graphics for motivation and to display their pride. Great job!
- 0.5 for contradictory rule

Originality (10/10): Well needless to say your site is original. There are only a few AC pages around and even less that are related to the actual Board Teams. This page for DC Minions looks great and is obviously your own, with other members, work and not copied from another AC page. Nothing really to say here. Fantastic work! Just be sure during AC time to update the rank aims on the side and also the messages.

Organisation (10/10): An amazingly organised page. You have prime position links to other parts of the Darigan AC Teams pages and, as a secondary section, a navigation with links to guides, the calculator and more. The navigation around the DC pages is great! These added links to other AC related features is also a wonderful idea as a lot of people would like to know or use them and often have no idea where they can be found. The only way your site would look more organised would be if the content was in an anchored layout, however this would require extra navigation and removal of several aspects of the sidebar and would not improve your site without a lot of work. If you consider changing it in the future look to an anchored layout, but for now this works nicely. You make great use of spacing between paragraphs, under headers and around images which is brilliant. This site looks truely organised by a professional!

Grammar and Spelling (3.5/5): In your target rank section in the sidebar, perhaps consider using the word Member instead of somename as it will take up less space and makes more sense. Add a space between year and We in Zelda's speech. In the intro, catergories should be categories. In your rules combine life and long as they are one word. Also change Try not to to Please do not, as trying isn't really what you actually want people to do, and add a comma between fun and free and between want and yet.

In the All Members section, change on in the second paragraph to of. In the third paragraph, change an extra to a huge or something similar. In A Word on Freeloading, trumps doesn't need an S. Afterall is two separate words. The sentence But when we have a mind set of should be But when we have our mind set on. In the second paragraph every and each should be the other way around.

In the Scorekeeping section under the example, lets should be let's. Remove Specially custom made and move the sentence after about members use before the end of the second last sentence something like:

Members feel free to enjoy this graphic but others, please do ask for permission before use.

In the next sheild, remove Specially.
- 1 for incorrect wording
- 0.5 for grammar/spelling errors

Updates (5/5): In your sidebar you should have an updates box. When the AC is not underway just simply have a message that says no updates will be recorded during the off-season. This way you don't have to be constantly writing new messages, but when the AC is happening you can let your viewers know what's going on. During AC this could be the latest person to reach All-Star or reach their rank, someone posting a new motivation message and even the results of the days match. Updates during the AC are important so be sure to do this. See the image below for an example:

To do this, either code it yourself or add this to your style coding:

And this underneath the Useful Petpages content:

No marks will be removed for the above comments as during the off-season updating is not necessary.

Sitely (4.5/5): This section is somewhat hard to mark as there is no technical sitely. At least get your site listed at Soroptimist Directory which has a section for team pages. If you encourage site traffic you may well find you get more members. I joined Maraqua a long time ago after stumbling across the WAM page and loving it. That plus the amazing people solidified my place with them forever, so take it from me, this could benefit your site. Again, this section cannot really be marked as your site does not need affiliates or sister sites. Nor does it really need listers, but still consider getting listed at the major directories which can all be found at the above site.
- 0.5 for not having DCM listed

Link Back (4.5/5): You have two fantastic shields and an amazing userlookup for your members. These have to be some of the best graphics for teams out there so congrats. The one issue is the link back button. The image isn't hard to recreate for experienced button makers so perhaps consider requesting a new one using the existing background animated image but with proper border and nicer text. If you do this then your graphics will be A1, which is great for your members.

I have redone the button for you using the same image if you wish to take either of them. Feel free to use them if you want, not a problem if you don't:

- 0.5 for button quality

Overall: (9.5/10) This is a stunning site with content to match! Just be careful with spelling and grammar as this is just as important as having a nice looking layout. Consider changing the button and adding an updates box, but overall your site is excellent. Great work!


And guess what! For scoring so highly we have managed to upgrade you to the Penthouse Suite! Feel free to take the below button award as congratulations for your amazing work. I hope you enjoyed your stay at The Lodge.

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Reviewed 15th Jan 2012 | Beginner's Lodge

1. Quality of content: Obviously your content is the pets UFA. You only have two pets at this stage but that is ok. One of them is well named and should be an easier one to rehome, but both of them are coloured which also helps tremendously. Assuming you site runs the foster site of things, ie. a variety of owners who look after UFA pets until they can be rehomed, the best way to find new people to help is to advertise on the boards. Simply ask if anyone wishes to join your agency as a foster parent, explain the role and see what happens! Another way to utilise the boards is to offer to list UFA pets at your agency.

Content for this type of site is hard to assess, but you seem to be on the right track! Keep pound surfing and rescuing pets. As a hint, I used to run a very successful adoption agency called Dream Adoptions. We were successful because 90% of our pets had names with no numbers or underscores. Although this isn't nice for other pets if your aim is to rehome, better named pets is your best option, to start with at least.

2. Layout and organisation: It's great to see you requested a custom layout as your previous one was a little bland. The colours used are fantastic and really appeal to the eye. The only issue with it is the banner. The igloo image is rendered particularly well and doesn't look overly appealing. For now though this isn't something to worry about as the rest of the layout is marvellous and inviting. The layouts own organisation is correct, link backs and updates with a nice large content box. The sites navigation is also great and everything leads to where you would expect. All your pages are nice and organised, perhaps the only thing you could do once you gain more UFA pets is to have the image smaller and place two pets side by side using div boxes (but this can wait until you are a coding wizz!). To make an image smaller all you do is change one number in the image source. At the end of the image it says 1/4.ping, by changing the 4 to a 2 your shrink the image to this size:

Having the images this size will allow you more space on the page, but again, only necessary when you have a few more pets listed. I'm not sure why, but in Firefox some of your white text changes to the linked colour when you hover over it, maybe ask the layout creator if they can fix this.

There are a few issues with the layout itself which is nothing to do with you, they are errors by the creator. Not only is the banner a little unattractive, the placement of it and the content boxes are off-kilter. I have remade the layout for you:

To see what this would look like go here. There is a new banner and everything is correctly placed. If you take this please place this in your credits:

Although this wouldn't usually be necessary in this type of review, there are a few things that need tiny adjustments to be perfect so correct these in your style coding: in #lay change the left to 341px and height to 414px. In # page change height to 414px. In #update change top to 157px, left to 1011px and height to 246px. In #linkback change left to 43px. Finally, in textarea change the height to 14px. These changes, along with the adjusted layout, look fantastic (here for changes)!

Overall a very usable and organised layout with a few minor issues due to the creator. Fix these and you'll have a lovely looking site.

3. Mannerisms: You have great professionalism in the way your site is worded! For a young site this is fantastic. Your introduction is nice and succint and flows perfectly. It introduces your site well, explaining what your site is about and who you and Ice are. Great idea to have a mascot for a site like this. There are no spelling mistakes or real grammar issues. Everything looks great!

4. Advertising: You have 4 very nice link back buttons and an icon which is something not many sites use. These are all of a mid-high quality and represent your site well.
Another thing that is really important to get people to visit your site is advertising through directories and so forth. You have 3 good listers but for a site that relies on traffic you should have a lot more. These are the sites that you should, for now, become listed at (click the link to view the site):

These are some of the better quality directories that will be extremely helpful to your site. The next thing you might like to look at is affiliates. This is yet another way to get word around about your site by linking you to other adoption agencies. Use a site like Soroptimist Directory to find agencies that you can affiliate with and maybe send some requests. A good start to advertising so keep up the great work!

5. Site as a whole: Your site looks to be a nice up-and-coming adoption centre. These sites are important and do take a lot of dedication, but so far so good! Main things to remember is what people want from a permie pet and to advertise like crazy! Good luck.

I hope you enjoyed your stay at The Lodge. Come back and see us again soon!
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Reviewed 13th Jan 2012 | Mountain Lodge

First Impression (9/10): Your site gives off a Halloween feel, which is odd considering the time of year, but the layout is catchy and looks quite nice. One thing that does show is that English either isn't your first language or isn't your strongest language. However, this is another matter. Your banner has some fantastic colours which grab the visitors' attention. You introduction also gives us a good outline of what your site is about and why it is in existence. With a few minor issues that will be discussed later, this is a site your visitors would feel offers good content and would definitely look around.
- 1 for minor appeal issues

Layout (15.5/20): The first thing that catches the eye is the background for your layout. It is rather dull and not particularly attractive. The white swirl pattern doesn't match the actual layout very well. Something like this from Teacake Backgrounds would suit much better (see here for a full example):

Using a purple background rather than grey brings life to the layout. It also matches the banner much better. The next issue is the navigation. It looks messy and very simple. The text in the boxes isn't centred correctly, the margin and padding also needs altering. See here for the new look navigation which features a nicer font, better margins, padding and line height. To change to this, replace your current #navtwo with:

Then change the #navtwo a to:

Add margin-top: 2px; to your h1 header style coding to remove the empty white space above it. Add margin-top: 4px; and margin-bottom: 10px; to the h3 header.

The colour scheme for your site is quite nice, even if it does feel like Halloween. The purple and orange in the banner clash but in a good well, making them perfect colours to play with throughout your site. For your bold you have chosen to use the orange which is fine, as is the links colour, however for the links hover it should not change to grey. The hover should be a lighter colour of the original link so that it subtly shows that it is linked. Also, underlining links when your site is a directory is not overly recommended as you have a lot of lines on the listing pages, making it look less neat. To correct these issues, replace your a and a:hover with:

If you wish to keep the underline then the colour code for your hover is #f19575. Your italics should also not be grey, perhaps a purple like #8e62c4 would look nice. Simply change this in your i style coding. Try playing around with other shades of purple to get the perfect one for the italics, or simply use the orange from your bold. On a positive note, the header colours and the navigation look great! Nice work.

On your main page the submit your form button needs to be linked but should also be orange to match the layout. The symbols used in your legend are exactly what they should be as they use the main colour of your layout well. One issue that is noticable is that the navigation box for Requests is six pixels smaller than the other nav boxes. Unfortunately, since your banner also contains the white layout box you cannot fix this without altering the layout/banner (which you can either do and then alter the #nav, #insert and .pag accordingly) but you can help a little by change the #nav top to 1px and the height to 595px. This won't fix it but does give you 2 pixels extra.

The only final thing you could fix is to place the vote for me buttons side by side rather than on top of each other from a neatness point of view. Otherwise your layout needs a few tweeks but is on the right track. Good work.
- 1 for dull background
- 1 for navigation box issues
- 1 for header issues
- 0.5 for link hover colour
- 0.5 for mismatched colours (form button + counter)
- 0.5 for navigation height inconsistencies

Content (12/20): Your major content, the sites, will be discussed first. With your section Adopts, the title and navigation link should say Adoptables. Adopts doesn't make sense and could be mistaken for adoptions which are quite a different thing. It might be a good idea to have this category as Adoptables/Pixels and list all the pixel sites as well. In your Directories the heading petpages is a little misleading, perhaps petpage sites would be better.

You do have a good number of sites listed at present but be sure to keep adding them. For all your categories you might like to consider having the different subsections (ie. in requests - buttons, reviews etc) in separate div boxes (see the organisation sections for more details on this). This would make the links neater and more organised.

With your links you might like to consider having bullet points before them which you can change to your recommendation stars, rather than having them to the right side of the text. Your language and extras icons can still go to the right if you like, but don't place them in (brackets) as this is messy and unnecessary. For your inactive and hiatus notices the bold is too intense, either use regular text or italics.

When you have a few hours free you need to go through all your links and check them. Clockwise has closed for starters in your requests - buttons section, Button'ed should now be inactive as it hasn't been updated for nearly 4 months. Buttonelle should be revamp not hiatus, or simply deleted. Carousel is no longer inactive and Click is closed and needs to be removed. Glow should be made inactive as they've been away 5 months. Ignite should be made inactive as should Kimmy's Buttons. The Button Jar should be removed as they are on indefinite hiatus and have been for a long time. This is only one section I checked so you either need to do it yourself or make use of a site like Fine Tuning who will check them all for you.

So with your general links you have a good number from a good number of categories, you just need to have them checked because everyone hates to visit sites that are inactive and waste their time.

Now it seems you have 3 different extras, but non of them have any real content. This is highly disappointing as you shouldn't have extras unless you intend to use them. The Oscars section is majorly confusing and from your dates appears to be over before it had started! The advertising isn't used and your link sweep portfolio doesn't even link to another page. That needs fixing, even if you have nothing to put there. Either that or simply remove the portfolio link.

Just with your extras page, since it's a big page with very little content, why not write a short blurb beside each link briefly explaining what the extra is to fill up some space and provide a quick guide to your visitors. The only other thing to mention is that reviews and buttons probably shouldn't be under the same category. Consider combining another section and separating these.
- 1 for tidiness issues with link icons
- 4 for unchecked links
- 3 for disused extras

Originality (2/10): There isn't really anything original with directories as unless they contain extras they are all the same. A site like Soroptimist Directory has so many extras which keeps it at the top. Now you have three extras but you are not making the most of them. Advertising is a great idea, but only if you actually advertise some sites! If you haven't had applications try advertising this section at Soroptimist or mailing sites and asking if they'd like to be advertised. Maybe even request an advertising button to further entice site owners to advertise with you. This section could be well utilised but it needs traffic to be noticed.

With your link sweep section you should again advertise. Again maybe have a button for this purpose and ask site owners if they'd like to be checked out. You could have two buttons Links Checked at Insert and Perfect Links at Insert or something similar to this. You need to build excitement and reward in your extras. You also need to direct people here, either by placing links on your main page or by advertising, which will then give you word of mouth.

Finally, your Oscar's section causes much confusion and should be combined into one page. All the text can simply be put into one page, and the third page with dates on it can also be added. You only need another page for the actual sites involved. Maybe you could redo the dates and start it now. By doing this you gain site traffic and notice from other site makers which would be good for your site.

Overall, unfortunately you do not employ the use of your extras very well which detracts from the quality of your site. Without extras your site is simply the same as the other directories. It would be good to work on these sections to boost your originality. If you don't want extras try and have a unique way of doing the regular directories things. This could be a special ranking system or having a page to write a blurb about the most recent sites you have listed. Be creative.
- 8 for lack of originality (2 points awarded for possibilities)

Organisation (6.5/10): Your site seems quite organised with the only real issue being the actual pages themselves. Your navigation works well and is quite easy to follow (once you find it - the sitely, home etc one). See the Link Back section for details on it's adjustments. However, one thing that is very confusing is the Oscar's section. First your viewer is taken to an information page and then if they want more they click another link to a page which is out of date! This final page has start dates which have already passed and yet no new content. Do not have events etc if you do not plan on running them as you waste your viewers time and they aren't do your any professionalism favours. You also seem to have a non-neo website written on this page, from which it seems you are asking your viewers to copy into there browsers. This is against Neo rules so you would do best to remove the link.

The issue with your pages of sites listed is the way in which you organise the links. You would be better to have them lined into two columns, or even three if this would fit. This is a viewer convenience matter as then they can see the sits without having to scroll and scroll. You can do this by adding in div boxes (see here for an example). To do this add this to your style coding:

Then to put the scrollbox into use you add {div class="TL"} before the first link and {/div} after the last link using the triangle brackets. This will, however, place all the links in a scrollbox rather than individual boxes. So what you need to do is place the {/div} after, say, 20 links then another {div class="TL"} 20 links {/div} and another {div class="TL"} 20 links {/div}. This will make the three boxes you see here. You will need to do this on every page, even the ones with only a few links to even it up. Doing this will also mean non of the actual pages scroll, further making your site that much neater (you must have changed the header height as explained in the Layout section for this to work).

The other option is to have a ranking part above the main content boxes as shown here. To do this simply add this to your style coding rather than the above code:

As with the above code you will need to make three boxes. To add the ranking button placeholders put this before the first div:

These are already linked with credit if you choose to use them. Simply replace these buttons with your rankings. The final thing you can do for visitor convenience is to link the submit your form image to your username so people can actually neomail you. Without doing this you make life very difficult for anyone who wants to be listed. Personally, if a site didn't give me a linked neomail image/text I wouldn't bother.

NOTE: If you view the example and feel three columns is too many I will happily give you the coding for just two.
- 1 for confusing extra links
- 2 for lack of organisation for listed sites
- 0.5 for visitor convenience

Grammar and Spelling (0.5/5): You need to work on your grammar a fair bit, but the major things will only need fixing once. Your introduction should be altered to this:

Insert was created to give all sites an equal opportunity to become listed at a directory, not just those that are highly rated and well known. All sites listed at Insert have the right to be listed and recommended regardless of their popularity and setup. Prior to this you might like to have a proper introduction. Something like:

Welcome to Insert, a directory which lists all the sites of Neopia! My name is Lucas and I created this site on DATE HERE.

By adding this to the start of the previous paragraph you are advising your visitors exactly what your site is about and who you are. It also provides you with a perfect opportunity to link your name to your userlookup. You should then delete the second paragraph as it is irrelevant and not needed on the main introduction page.

The word Legends does not need the S. Another Languages also doesn't require an S and the second word should not be capitalised. In your update it should read Insert has been translated into English. You are also speaking too stilted. This type of speech should only be used if the sentences are to be in dot points. Change in reconstruction to under construction. Visualization should simply be viewed in.

On your Informations page, initially drop the S from this word in both the navigation link and title. You have also left Outros up instead of Others.

On the Credits page change Thanks to Maujor's website - www.maujor.com - for making available the template in CSS. This template was adapted by me to attend to Neopets' rules to CSS template from maujor.com - adapted by me (link the me). In thanking Ana, translate should be translating. Creation date and inauguration date are not in English. Just note, with your counter, try and find an orange one to match the layout.

The final section that needs checking is the extras. The rest of your site only has links which will not be checked. Rather than explain how to fix each sentence the paragraphs have been rewritten for you as it would take too long to individually point out the errors. For advertisements:

Not only can you have your site listed at Insert, you can now reap the benefits of advertising as well! The best way to increase site traffic is to spread the word about your site and this is the perfect solution.
To advertise your site please neomail me with your sites URL and a few sentences about your site or its latest features, anything you like! Your advertisment will then appear below once it has been processed.

You could then use the same style of div boxes to place the advertisements on this page. To see an example click here. The code to add to your style coding for these boxes is:

To use the boxes place {div class="TL2"} then the advertisement followed by {/div} using the triangle brackets. In the example there are nine boxes, but you can use as many or as few (in multiples of three) as you want. If you choose to only use three however you will need to alter width in the above style coding to 194px; to fit the page.

Next to your link sweep page. Remove the portfolio or link it to a page. The paragraph should read:

Are you unsure which of the sites you have linked on your page are active or closed? Then perhaps you should request a link sweep from Insert! All your links will be checked and a feedback report provided to you so you can quickly and easily make any necessary changes. This style of reviewing is perfect for directories, but all other sites are welcome to make use of this feature.

Please fill out the below form and neomail it to me.

Have the form in a textarea box for visitor convenience and centre it. Be sure to link the neomail text again for convenience. You may include your message about only checking sitely for other pages, but this seems pointless when they want all their links checked.

The final check is for the Oscar's page. The text has been corrected here so simply copy the text from this page and replace your current Oscar information. Note the pages have been combined so you can delete the second page. You will need to add the content yourself so work on this section. Lastly, in the banners and buttons section of the Oscars it has not been translated to English.
- 2 for lack of professionalism in language
- 1.5 for grammar issues
- 1 for missing translations

Updates (1/5): You don't update your site often enough, especially for a directory. Your site needs to be active to show your viewers that you have up to date sites listed and recommend only the best and most active sites. See Soroptimist Directory, for example, which updates daily with lots of new information. One update in almost two weeks is inactive in most peoples minds. Also, don't clear updates until they are taking up too much room in the updates box; for your site say the last 7 updates or 7 days if you become active. Showing your viewers your activity levels is very important, so try and at least update 3 times a week, and even if you don't have much to say, just tell us so we at least know you're still keeping your site working. A simple Nothing new today, just checked the links in Requests for activity and closures or something similar.
- 4 for lack of updates

Sitely (3/5): It is clear that you don't use IE at all to look at your site as the majority of the buttons on this page have the blue link border which only shows up in IE. To remove it you need to add border="0 to the image source code, both in the button visible to your viewers and to the one in the textarea box. The buttons with this border are Improve, Caramelises Review Site, Bridge, Affinity, Links Brilhantes, Improve (in achievements), Plethora, Dragon's Lair, Silver Directory and Jaunes (link backs will be discussed later).

Next thing to note is that some of the sites in your Sitely section have much nicer link backs than what are featured here. In order to maintain your own professionalism you need to update them. For example:



You do have a good number of affies and listers which is great to see. Just to note, Clockwise has closed so remove its button. One thing that I notice however is that in your achievements section, which looks to include reviews, my link back is not there, which is one of my rules! Be sure to do this. Overall, however, a nice and neat sitely section which needs a few things fixing to be perfect.
- 1 for blue borders
- 1 for not updating buttons/closed affie

Link Back (3.5/5): All your buttons are of a mid to high quality. The ones that are fantastic as these:

All these buttons have style and look great which means they are the perfect tool for advertising your site. The other buttons will be discussed to explain why they aren't as good.

The issue with the first button is the animation and positioning. The font's positioning is a little below where it should sit; the text should be positioned midway down the button when there is clear space around it as in this button. The issue with animation is how quick it is and the lack of fade. When a button uses a fade animation it should fade completely and more cohesively, rather than being stilted and fast. A nice button, just with text related issues. In the second button the issue is again the font animation. Although it fades completely it does not have the wow fade effect because it remains opaque for only a split second and only remains completely visible for a split second. This does not allow your viewer to easily read the button and may take a few glances to read it, annoying some people. The box around where the text sits is also slightly too high. An even number of pixels above and below should have been used and in this button the creator has allowed too many pixels above the text for the lighter background. The issue for the third button is the font outline. The sert part is fine, however the In part features a border that does not match the background it is situated on and therefore makes it look of a lesser quality.

In the first button the only issue is that the button appears somewhat dull, otherwise it is fine. The second button is nice, and is using the most popular style at the moment, however due to the colours the text is difficult to read.

These final three buttons are one's that you might consider replacing. The first button is fantastic except for the creators colour choice. The button has a read outline and font outline which completely clashes with the other colours. A very odd choice on a button that would have been a stand out if the correct colours had been used. The second and third buttons are the least attractive. The second button because of the chunky border and font combination and poor colouring of the background image. The third button uses a font that is not recommended anymore; if it had have used a nicer font it would have been great, but at present it looks unprofessional.

Overall, even with these comments, you have a nice selection of reasonably high quality buttons so good work, just consider lining them up 4x4 rather than 3x3 as you are currently leaving a lot of unused space beside them.
- 1 for quality issues
- 0.5 for spacing issues

Overall: (6/10) You have a good up and coming directory but are letting yourself down on a few points such as colours (bg, links and italics), unchecked links, disused extras, lack of updates and organisation. If you get on top of these things your site will be 100% better and one of the high quality directories. We need some more rivals for Soroptimist so keep up the good work and fix up the errors.


I hope you enjoyed your stay at The Lodge. Come back and see us again soon!
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Reviewed 8th Jan 2012 | Mountain Lodge

First Impression (5/10): When your visitor arrives they are greeted by fantastic colours but a puzzling layout. The imagery and colour is great, but the content box and updates look messy and not high quality. The lack of colour in the text on the homepage also doesn't draw your visitor in, nor does the large white space around the header and due to your linked text image. The large font isn't overly appealing and having justified font often makes a site look messy, not tidy. You may be putting your visitors off initially rather than welcoming them into your site.
- 3 for messy content/update box
- 1 for lack of text colour
- 1 for white space (header and image)

Layout (13.5/20): Having a custom layout is great... when they work. Unfortunately yours has a lot of issues due to content box placement etc. At present it looks squashed and touches the sides of the screen. It does not look of a standard one would expect from a high quality site. However, this is easily fixable. One of the odd things about your site is the placement of the updates box. It is in a position which makes it somewhat the center of attention. Updates aren't that important when compared with actual content so its position is puzzling. If you think it should stay there, fair enough, however, it would look better if you combined it into the main homepage content box and expanded your overall content box. You could then have some extra spacing around the content box to neaten it up.

Please note: all alterations are being modelled on my coding page.

Rather than telling you how to change each individual aspect to fix your site simply look here. If you like what you see, copy the below coding and paste over your current style coding (this is the part from {style} to {/style}). This is current to the 8th January, if you have added content since then you will need to re-add it.

Finally, to finish it you need to delete the updates box, which is the coding from {div class="updates" etc} to the {/div} after your last update.

In this version, as you can see from the link above, you no longer have an updates box but the content box is much larger and easier to use. The image has also been altered so you don't have a solid white line around the box, it has a more transparent green for about 5px around to split it up, making it look a lot more professional. If you take this coding you will also notice a form button in your style coding which will make life easier when you update your page. This newer version also works in both IE and FF whereas before in IE it had gaps and spacing that in FF didn't show up.

So basically you'll go from this to this in FF (drag to browser bar to view):

Now that this has been dealt with on to the other aspects of your layout. Now, your layout image itself is fantastic! Clearly states your sites name in great colours and great style. The colours of your site are really good too. The green and purple layout matches well and makes your site look highly professional. The grey navigation bar is also perfect and clearly defines it's position. Viridian is a great site to request from, and although Lee stills needs a little practice on getting layouts perfect, your does look nice. Positioning of the content boxes is the only real issue.

The colour of your font choice is fine, but what happened to the bold, italics and links? They don't really stand out, particularly the links which have no difference in colour to the regular text! Big no no. Either you need to pick some other colours yourself or try these. For your links use #646ca0 (this is a:link, a:active one) and for the hover (a:hover) use #979ec8. For bolds you can either leave it or try #646ca0, however since you current have no bold coding you would need to add b {color: #646ca0} to your style coding. Finally your italics could use #679d3e, or simply use the same colour as for the bold, to maintain a complete purple look, as they will look totally different. View these in action here. You might also want to consider altering the font size as it is a bit big and cumbersome. One size smaller with a larger line height makes it look much neater (view). To change to this replace your .content with:

Next thing that is an issue is the H1 header. It has a massive white space above it which is completely unnecessary. To fix this error add margin-top:0px; to the h1 style coding. You also have another massive white space below this header. To fix this add margin-bottom:5px; as you do want a little bit of space beneath it. Finally with this header, the text slips of the right side of the header background which doesn't look brilliant, but unfortunately I don't know how to alter this without making the text look different.

Now since your updates box has been removed it is up to you whether you have another nav link to a new updates page or whether you place it on the homepage. If you take the altered coding above please neomail me and let me know which you'd like and I can code them in for you if you need.

One thing that you are missing is a H1 header for your Rules page. On this page also center everything from if you want to to completely optional, though. This will look much neater. To do this you don't need to create a div, simply put {center} and {/center} using the triangle brackets.

On the requests page, with the new edits, the page now has a horizontal scroll. To fix this change the first image to:

And the second image to:

These images are very clever and look lovely. Just try and align the textareas underneath better as they don't currently line up. Final thing that you could alter is the position of the navigation. The text is a little too far down the bar so change the top:83%; to 82%.

Overall, you have a lovely background for your layout but there are issues with the content box and its location. Apart from a few other issues you have a great looking site! With the above alterations it will look fantastic.
- 4 for major content box error
- 1 for header issues
- 1.5 for text colour, size, line height

Content (19/20): The request fonts that you have displayed are fantastic! These examples would certainly affirm for your visitors that this is a site worth requesting from! Great job. Your picture fonts are stunning! There are so many different options with varying styles and formats. Again, your Misc fonts look fanastic, even if they do just have stars. Again, there is a good variety to choose from and the colors are brilliant! The word fonts fit exactly what was just said for both your other types.

The project font is so different and such a good idea! The lyrics that you are doing the fonts for now work great for the avatars. This is such a creative thing to do so well done! Can't wait to see what you will do for your next project! Your extras section also has content which is undeniably good. Great, great work.

The only thing that can be commented on here has nothing to do with the quality of your content, nor the amount, both which are fantastic, it is simply the attention to detail with posting the images of your fonts. When your visitor browses your site they see the images all over the place. You can't centre them as doing this with images which differ in size makes them look sprawled and untidy. They need to be aligned to the left and you also need to ensure that the gap to the left of the avatar image is identical in each image, which at present it is not. If you uncentre them the problem will be lesser, but at some point in time it would be worth while redoing them all to have say a 10px gap to the left when you upload them. They will then all be in line and will look much neater. When you have spare time this could be something you could work on.
- 1 for misaligned font images

Originality (10/10): Font sites always have fantastic originality because all site owners have their own flare and style. You have some amazing font choices for your viewers so great work!

Along with original content you also have a great number extras on offer. Things like the font vocabulary and editing, as well as poll and FAQ are all things not frequently offered at other sites, possibly not at all! You have exceeded expectations on having exciting extras for your visitors. Brilliant! Finally, your Projects section is just another different feature your site offers which I've never seen before!

Organisation (10/10): Your site is highly organised with everything where you'd expect to find it. The navigation is easy to use and follow which is great. Your extras pages has it's own navigation which is important when you have a number of different extras. There really isn't anything to comment on because everything looks fine.

Grammar and Spelling (3.5/5): Your introduction could use a little rewording. At present it doesn't flow. Try changing it to something similar to this:

Hello and welcome to Mo's font which offers both premade and request fonts. I'm Mo, and I have been running this site since May 2010! If you have any questions, comments or feedback please feel free to neomail me

This introduction flows and gets your point across at the same time. no neoboard pens are required for this font should be Neoboard pens are not required for this font. In your Note each should be the. In the Rules, I will make a without neoboard pen version should be I will make one that does not require a Neoboard pen. Remove on your lookup or something as it doesn't sound professional. Also remove the comma between optional and though.

Okay let's get real most of these fonts just consist of stars so is really unnecessary! Just delete it. Finally, AIGHT OK for starters doesn't even make sense but also is unprofessional. If you want to use less strict text simply write Alright. Never capitalise and always spell correctly unless using words we might use in common everyday speech.
- 1 for unprofessional tone
- 0.5 for minor grammar/spelling mistakes

Updates (5/5): You update nice and frequently with enough information for your visitors. Considering the holiday period you have been very active so good work! One small thing that can be noted is that you don't seem to have a certain clearing date? Perhaps every month delete them or at least tell us the last fornight's update have been cleaned or similar. Now the updates box has gone on the altered layout be sure to add it somewhere else (read layout above for help). Overall a good job on this section! Keep it up!

Sitely (4.5/5): For your h2 headers add margin-bottom: 5px; to remove unnecessary space. In IE note that only 6 buttons fit with the alterations. Also, with your affies, don't put br's to change the line of buttons, simply line them all up next to each other and they will do this themselves. Otherwise you buffer some onto the next line in IE which doesn't show in FF.

You have some amazingly high quality affies and a good number of them too. They are also all still open which often isn't evident in most people's affiliates list. However, in your affie rules you say about updating at least once a week and some of your own affies don't. Again with your listers they are all open and are of a good standard. You have quite a few but more would help you with extra site traffic. You have a good number of reviews and the past layouts section is a good idea. The layout by Monky is amazing, and I would consider using it again one day! Your credits section is also very nicely done.
- 0.5 for affie rule confliction

Link Back (4.5/5): All the link backs in your Sitely section are stunning except for these two:

The first button is a little dark and off-putting to the eye. The second using a bad font choice for the word font. It might be worth while replacing these two with nicer ones from your button portfolio such as:

None of the buttons in your portfolio are bad, most of them are of a really high quality which is awesome! The only button that isn't so brilliant is:

Note that with the layout alterations you will need to fix this page up as one button now falls onto the next line. If you changed it to six per line rather than eight, you would then have 4 lines of 6 (view). Really not much to comment on as you have great buttons!
- 0.5 for minor quality issues/main link back changes needed

Overall: (8/10) You have a fantastic font site which needs some tweeks with the layout and a few other areas. This site is amazing and is definitely one worth using. Great wor!


I hope you enjoyed your stay at The Lodge. Come back and see us again soon!
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Reviewed 6th Jan 2012 | Mountain Lodge

First Impression (10/10): A very simple but effect layout greats your visitor. The banner is so simple, but it really works for your site. The image of the mutant petpet is different but matches well with the colours so it doesn't look out of place. The banners text is simplistic but looks great, as does the colouring. The subheader is a nice size and the colour again looks right. Without looking around your site gives off a highly professional aura as the content text is neat and tidy and everything looks organised. The headers, navigation, site spotlight and all the other content your visitor gets to see on first glance maintains that professional standing. Great job!

As soon as you enter the site you also know exactly what your site offers. From the subheader to your introduction speech, it is quite clear your site offers premade userlookups. One thing a lot of sites lack these days is clearly stating what their site offers. From your sites name it is not clear, but everything shown to your viewer when they immediately enter points to exactly what you offer so again, great work!

Layout (17.5/20): Your layout, as stated above, is simplistic yet it works nicely. There is one issue with your layout which detracts from the quality. This is the spacing between the content boxes. See the image below:

The gap between the main layout and the content box below is a good size and should be the same over the whole layout. At the top next to the main box you have a very small margin between it and the nav, which causes a massive strange gap between the four corners which touch. The gap beside the premades to the side bar is larger than the one between it and the preceding and following content boxes. Rework this and make them all even. I did attempt to fix it for you but you have some intense coding! The only other way this layout could work better for you is to anchor it and make the content box scroll which means you won't have such a long layout. This isn't a major problem but might increase it's appeal.

The colours you are using are fantastic! They aren't colours that are traditionally seen together but they work so well! The headers, bold, links, etc all look great. The only colour which doesn't match is the Closed sign which, if you read the next section (Content), can be deleted. The counter also doesn't quite have the attractiveness of the rest of your site. Consider creating a new one using better colours. However, overall a great job!
- 2 for spacing issues
-0.5 for minor colour issues

Content (18/20): You have a good number of lookups on offer with a variety of colour and image choices. The issue with all your layouts, however, is the complexity level. All the lookups are quite basic. This is because of the main header which says Welcome to My Lookup. The text is the same for all the options which is ok, but the problem with it is that the curly font doesn't have a strong impact and the small image also limits its appeal. It might be an idea to play around fonts that use outlines and enlarge the images. Perhaps you could try making lookups that are completely one image rather than using a banner. These options are the favoured type. The main issue with your premades is simply the heading. The colours, fonts and subheaders chosen for the rest of the lookup are great! Some lookups are styled differently but they all work well and are definitely useable and appealing. If you were to ignore the banner the rest of the lookup is of a high quality.

As stated before, you offer a good variety of lookups for your viewers to choose from. Having avatar themed lookups is a clever idea, but be sure to add more to this section to bulk it up. There are a number of other avatar items that can be lent so perhaps consider some of these. It might also be an idea to have seasonal lookup options just to add a little more to what you offer.

The Changes section is a great idea as it allows your visitors to customise their lookups to suit their needs so good work. One thing that might be an idea, since you don't take requests, is to have a suggestions box (so to speak) of what your visitors would like to see you add in the future. This could replace your Requests section which is not really necessary. You could simply change the text to read something like Although I no longer take requests, please feel free to make suggestions on what you would like to see next.

Overall, you offer a great variety of lookups which are of a medium-high quality, the only real issue being the banners. Play around with these with new ones you might be designing as this will be the icing on the cake to make your premades stand out. Keep up the great work!
- 2 for banner issues

Originality (10/10): Your site doesn't have the original features of others sites as such, but the content you offer is original in it's own way. You have a design style that you continue through all your work and maintain your premades to a good standard. The featured site section is a nice little extra. It might be an idea to keep it to only graphics related sites to be in keeping with your own style (not sure what you currently do). Overall there is nothing really to comment on as your content speaks for itself. Good work.

Organisation (7.5/10): Your site is highly organised which is great to see! The navigation bar is clearly labelled and easy to follow. It is good that you offer links to the viewers userlookup and editing for their convenience. The only thing that might be better is if you combine your altador cup layouts into your current page as the layout for this particular page is not as great as Aecure's. The same could apply to your Fan Lookups. Perhaps you could use some anchored coding to have them all on the one page without making it really long. Up to you but this might suit better, particularly as the other pages don't have the quality of the main page. The To The Top links are really important and it's great to see you have employed them throughout your site.

One other thing that is a little off is the amount of white space you have between your banner and the welcome/rules sections, and below these sections as well. You should also make the updates box fill the entire space it has been allocated, as cutting it short and leaving blank space is pointless. As stated before, your site might look a lot neater and more organised if you use anchored coding, but otherwise (once the layout spacing issues are dealt with) your site is highly organised.
- 1 for content spread over too many pages (quality issues)
- 1 for pointless white space
- 0.5 for update box spacing

Grammar and Spelling (5/5): The only thing to correct is the word tee in your Rules, which should literally just be the letter T. One other small thing, an in your December 24th update (point 3) should simply be a.

Updates (4.5/5): Not updating very frequently can be forgiven at this time of the year, however it might have been good to advise your visitors if you were going away, otherwise letting them know that your taking a break over the holiday. Assuming you clear your updates monthly, you didn't update before December 17th which is quite a long time. Try to at least let you visitors know that nothing has really happened. A quick Nothing new to report at the moment, but stay tuned... etc at least lets them know you're active. But again, this can be forgiven at this time. Your updates are, however, clear and to the point with the information people need to know. It is obvious that you are adding new content due to what you have written which is great! Just be sure to update a bit more frequently and fix the update box issue discussed above.
- 0.5 for lack of updates (holiday period taken into account)

Sitely (3/5): Your affiliates have been squashed into a box which completely doesn't fit! There is a pointless horizontal scroll and highly unnecessary vertical scroll. It's hard to even see the buttons! Take them out of this scrollbox and just have them laid out like your listers. The link for Kleur is incorrect as it is missing the squiggle symbol, therefore making it lead to the 404 error page. All the other links are fine and none of your affies or listers are closed which is great. You probably don't so many affiliates but they are at least all of a medium to high quality standing. You are listed at a good number of sites, all of which are good quality. Perhaps just find one more to be listed at to remove the Button Here placeholder. Otherwise great job! You could, however, afford to use your subheaders instead of just bold text. This would look more professional and tie this section together better. You should also link the contact me wording as it is a little pointless to say it and not help your visitor actually do it.

With the credits section there is a little bit of an issue with crowding. Firstly, the first credit point under the version should have more of a gap above it. At present it almost touches the version bar and looks cluttered. Again you could use headers better in this section rather than bold text. For your neomail images you should shrink them so they are not so invasive and large. Four per line would look better and reduce the cluttered look.
- 0.5 for affiliate link error
- 1 for cluttered credits section
- 0.5 for header usage

Link Back (3.5/5): There are some differing qualities amongst your link backs which could do with your attention. Firstly, the buttons which are of a high quality and really add value to your site are:

All of these buttons are keepers and are perfect for advertising your site. The imagery, animation choice, font and colours all work perfectly and make the buttons look very attractive. There are three that are of a middle quality:

In the first button the image, border and animation are perfect, the issue is the text outline. It could have been lighter and would have blended into the image better. This would have made it seem cohesive whereas it presently seems a little disjointed. In the second button the issue is again the text. It isn't a focal point and is somewhat hard to read. The creator should have outlined it or chosen a more appropriate font style. In the last button the issue is again the font outline. It should have been a grey or blue colour to match the background colour. They all have faults but are ok if you do not wish to replace them. The one button that is of a low quality is:

The text does not match the image and the animation is too harsh. It does not use the subtly of your other Site Spotlight button and really is not a button a site would want to use to show their achievement. Consider replacing this one or at least removing it. The final issue for your link back buttons is the textarea box beneath them. You obviously know how to adjust width and height from your lookup textarea boxes. Make the link back ones fit the width of the button so they line up and look neat.
- 1 for quality issues
- 0.5 for textarea width

Overall: (8.5/10) You have a fantastic site offering some great premade lookups! Keep doing exactly what you have been, whilst taking into account the banner issues mentioned for your premades. This site is one of the best premade userlookup sites around. Fix up the few issued mentioned and there will be very little to change with the site itself. Great work! Nice site!


I hope you enjoyed your stay at The Lodge. Come back and see us again soon!
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Reviewed 26th Dec 2011 | Mountain Lodge

First Impression (3/10): Unfortunately your site does not give off the impression of a high quality graphic request site. Some sites don't need that wow factor as that isn't what they're about, however, graphics sites are not in this category and must grab the viewers attention immediately. There are issues with the colours, imagery and text which all conflict and don't give the overall image of a site to be requesting from. Each of these issues will be discussed in the next section, but from a first glance this would probably not be a site I'd expect to see high quality graphics.
- 4 contrasting colours, text issues, imagery issues
- 3 for lack of appeal

Layout (11/20): There are a number of layout issues that must be discussed. Firstly, the background you have chosen for your site is very dark and uninviting. When your visitors enters your site, especially when it's Christmas themed, is to feel welcome. Dark backgrounds should only be used if the content and images lighten the effect, or if the site uses a dark theme (ie. Trance). The image you have selected for your banner is again very dark and there is little changes made to it. It has not be significantly edited or lightened so it matches the site, nor is it particularly attractive. The font used on the banner also has issues. For starters it is small. You want the sites name to stand out! If you didn't have Happy Holidays from Gullinia then the title might be ok, but since this wording is larger the sites name loses its ability to stand out. The colours used for the inside of this doesn't match the banner or the layout. Yes you have used colours from your banner but they are so bright compared with your banner so it looks out of place. Try sticking to a couple of colours in your colour scheme, not having such a variation in the font. The Happy Holidays message is very sweet, but as stated above it overtakes the title and is the wrong colours. It detracts from the quality of your site. Now the colours you have used for your link back and navigation text links are perfect! They are very good looking and match the style of your layout well.

The next issue is the layout content boxes. You have chosen a Christmas green with a nice pattern through the box which is fine. However, the red outline clashes and makes the layout appear unprofessional. You want your content box to blend with the background or be a couple of shades off the content box itself. An anchored image layout would suit your site much better. However, with your current layout you should have made sure things lined up a lot better. The link back box should not exceed the height of the banner as it looks disjointed. There appears to be randomly shaped boxes around so the site doesn't flow.

Mainly the layout issues involve colour. The colours you've used and ways you've used them make the layout seem less than professional. The colours you chose in Moonlit Adoptions layout look 100% better so you might need to consider altering your current one.
- 6 for major colour issues
- 1 for title issues/happy holidays message
- 2 for spacing concerns

Content (10/20): At present your site doesn't offer high quality graphics as you state it does. You need a bit more practice before you can add this to your repertoire. You buttons and layouts will be discussed in two parts. Please not my comments are constructive criticism only to give you advice on how to improve. You need to know what is wrong to improve so please take the following in light of this.

Firstly, the buttons. Possibly the best way to critic your buttons is to compare them with the buttons of some high quality request sites. These buttons are linked to the creators not the site:

Now compare them to some of those from your portfolio:

The buttons shown above all have perfect font which matches the border and image amazingly. The whole button matches and works really well. Now, in your first and last button there is no distinct border. A border shapes the button and gives it definition. With no border the button doesn't look high quality and appears unprofessional. If you look at the button for Pirouette and Ayuda, neither have clear border and white inner border, but both use a style that still borders the button and gives it a sense of class.
Next, in your first two buttons the font is very difficult to read because of the style. Compare them to all the buttons above. Each of them used a font that is easy to read and stands out from the button, but in a way that it looks like it is meant to be a part of the button. The font they have all used is 04b_03 which is possibly the BEST font style to use on buttons. In your third button the font outline is the wrong colour, it is far too light and contrasts with the button. All the buttons above use outlines that blend with then button. You need to try and make the font stand out more but blend with the button.

Overall, your buttons need some serious work before you can say your site offers high quality buttons but you have the foundations. Make sure your buttons all have borders and ensure the font outline matches the image and blends well. Try using 04b_03 instead of what you are currently using which will change the quality of your buttons instantly.

The major thing that is noticeable with your layout requests is that you aren't making the most of the space available on a computer screen. The content box is the most important space and there are a few of your layouts that only have small content areas (ie. moonlit adoptions). All of your layouts feature small banners too. The issue is that by having a small banner you need to fill the space with say an updates box. The issue with doing this is that the layout starts to look cluttered and, as with the Moonlit Adoption's layout, the lines of the boxes don't match up. Commenting on making layouts is not my forte as I have never done one myself, however, looking at those sites with amazing layouts the one thing you notice is how uncluttered and free flowing they look. Soroptimist for example uses a big banner and simplistic layout but it works so well because the content area is nice and large. The links to different areas of the site doesn't need to be in the nice cursive font if it won't work with the layout. As with my own layout, sometimes simple boxes works best.

Another thing you notice with your layouts is that sometimes the colours don't work brilliantly. You want the content box outlines to blend into the background so it looks as a whole. Perhaps you need to start playing with anchored image layouts (like my own) which are much easier to blend than the style you are creating now (background, banner and content styling). You are making reasonable quality layouts but you have some work to do before the highest quality sites would request from you. Make sure the colours used in the site title match the layout and don't stand out for the wrong reasons (I wanna rock and roll in that layout looks wrong). Why not ask for some tips from other layout makers if you need. They won't mind!

Overall, your layouts are a better quality than your buttons which need significant work. You have the foundations for your graphics but improvements are necessary. Try viewing some tutorials and asking for tips and you'll be on the right track. Just take some time to play with an image anchored layout and new styles of buttons. Good luck!
- 6 for lack of quality in buttons (out of 10)
- 4 for lack of quality in layouts (out of 10)

Originality (6/10): At present your site isn't exactly original. This is because you don't appear to have yet settled into any particular style for your graphics. Those more experienced, high quality button makers have a unique style so that when you see a button 9 times out of 10 you can tell it's by them. By having a unique style people will be able to see your buttons and recognise them, then they'll be more likely to select you. This isn't the same for layouts as they must adapt to the requesters needs. However, the style of layouts you are making also doesn't have your own style to it, it's the basic banner, background and content boxes.

With your extras you have made a good attempt at doing something others don't by providing button borders. What would be good to see is a coloured image inside the borders so people can still see the border but so it has some style to it too. With the signs, the ones you have now are amazing. Absolutely high quality! Use these to inspire the rest of your graphics. Be sure to add more so people have plenty to choose from but what a great start to this section!

Now you have asked people for ideas on Extras. There are so many it's not funny. Things like tutorials, competitions, ranking etc, the list goes on. Perhaps just keep graphic related, maybe link the best site for each style of graphic: button, layout, banners, icons, fonts, shields etc. You could write a little blurb about why they are so good. This is something no one else does which you could use.

As of yet you haven't fallen into your own original style, but this will come with time. Your sites features need to be developed but are on the right track.
- 3 for lacking own style
- 1 for lack of originality in extras

Organisation (9/10): Your navigation is well described and everything is easy to find. With regards to scrolling on pages, updates will be discussed shortly to stop the homepage scrolling, but other than that the rest works great! Everything is located where you would expect and is easy to use. With your link back box, however, rather than leave it with a huge empty space you should add some more to fill it up. Overall your site is actually very organised, however it is the layout which lets it down and appears to make it seem a little off kilter. Work on that and the organisation will appear 100% better.
- 0.5 for space in link back box
- 0.5 for unnecessary homepage scroll (see updates section)

Grammar and Spelling (3/5): Once you submit a form of what you want, you will be sent on the waiting list - this sentence doesn't make sense. What you are trying to say is Once your submit the request form for the graphic of your choice you will be added to the waiting list. Especially in your introduction you must be super careful to sound professional or you will put your viewers off before they've even started looking around your site. I would be glad if you neomailed me should be I am happy for you to neomail me. Your version sounds like you want people to neomail you to make you happy, not that you don't mind if they neomail you! Also, in your Note section you state you don't do petpages. You don't do pet lookups. This is a petpage.

If in your December 22nd update does not need a capital I. I've in the December 18th update is missing the E. In the December 5th update extremly should be spelt extremely. The word friday in this update also needs a capital. also in the December 3rd update needs a capital. You also need to capitalize the word christmas in all you updates.

In your first rule You steal artwork would sound better if you changed it to If you steal my artwork. You don't really need the Spiff rule either, since you have also stated the neomail must be entitled Spoofed! which viewers wouldn't know unless they read the rules. Having two tricks is overkill. In your portfolio is made by ME should be has been made by ME. On your Extras page havn't should be haven't. In the Premade Signs section, signs I made sounds completely unprofessional. It should be either signs I have made or signs made by me etc. In your sister site blurb changing my quality of work should be changing the quality of my work.
- 1 for spelling/capitalization errors
- 1 for unprofessional mannerisms

Updates (2/5): Your updates need to be in a scrollbox so the homepage doesn't scroll itself. To do this add this to your style coding:

Then after the heading Updates add (using triangle brackets) {div id="updates"} and after the updates {/div} which will give you your updates box (see here). An updates box makes your site look a lot neater and much more professional. Now to the updates themselves. You don't update very frequently which is a shame. A lot of requesters look to updates to see whether it is worth their time requesting. If I saw a site that hadn't updated for almost two weeks I'd be concerned my graphic would take a long time. Even if you haven't done anything in particular, a quick update to let us know you're still around is important. However, the content of your updates is great! You use a lot of detail and explain what's happening well so grear work there. Just as a note, you shouldn't have a previous months updates in your box if you don't clear weekly or something like that. If you clear monthly, which is assumed since you don't state otherwise, then make sure November's updates get deleted, and December's when you first update in January.
- 2 for untidy updates
- 1 for lack of updates / old update still up

Sitely (3/5): You haven't set the sitely section up quite right so a few things need adjusting. Firstly though you need to uncenter the text for your sister sites blurb. Justify it as with the rest of the site. After your sister site should come your affiliates. Moonlit Adoptions can come next. With this section you need to write a blurb for your site and remove the textareas for the link back buttons. Change the title to simply My Other Site. Remove your Favourite Sites sections and place it in the extras (this has been discussed in originality above). In your review sites section, add width="88" height="31 to make this button fit in with your other buttons as at present it is too big (the fault of the site owner). Now, in this section you should be adding your scores to the buttons. If you don't know how to do this add alt="scored ?/?" title="scored ?/? to the image source code. When your viewer then hovers over your reviewers button they will then be able to see your score. Oh, and you need to change my link back as you've used one of my ranking ones, not reviews one (oops!). Also, add a BR or two after the review buttons so there is a little space after the buttons before the end of the page.

Now to the actual content. In your affiliates, Trinkets is closed. However, other than that all your other affies and listers are open so good work. Just be sure to check them occasionally so you aren't listing closed sites. In your affies section it would be good to know how many affies you want, whether requests are open, and a link to apply if they are open. With regards to the number of affies you have, you have a reasonable amount, but you could use more. There are a lot of high quality request sites out there so request them and see if they think your work has improved. Lister wise, same thing: you have enough but could use more to up the traffic your site receives. Overall not a bad sitely which with a few tweaks will be perfect.
- 1 for incorrect setup
- 0.5 for closed site in affies
- 0.5 for My Site issues

Link Back (1/5): There is not a great variety of buttons for your viewers to choose from. It may be Christmas but that doesn't mean you should remove your regular buttons, but simply that you add Christmas inspired buttons. Since you only have the two up only these can be assessed. Unfortunately the quality of these two link backs is not particularly high. In the first button:

Firstly, since you are a request site each element of the button will be examined. Now, the first issue is the border. The inner border is too thick. For a border like this only the border which actually touches the image inside directly should have a white inner border placed next to it, see (drag to view):

By using a thinner border you reduce the amount the inner border interferes with the image. Currently your border is too overpowering. The outer colour is also wrong. It should have been darker to match the image, as the light blue, although used for the font, stands out too much. You have also failed to use the inner border in the bottom right of the button so it doesn't look professionally made.
The next issue is the font. It is hard to read a. because the colours are wrong and b. because of the font style. Using a white outline on a font is fine when the image is light like yours is, however, the inside colour needs to be darker so it actually stands out rather than blending in so much that the viewer struggles to actually read the text. The style used on the button is gorgeous but inappropriate for a button with an active background. A plain background or simple background would have suited this text better. Perhaps try using this font for the S and then 04b_03 style for the rest. This would suit the button better. For the second button:

The first thing noticeable thanks to your dark layout is that you have missed a few pixels around the button to make it transparent. There is no inner border, which if done on purpose ok, but it doesn't suit the image chosen. This image is also very dark and not overly appealing as most people opt for brighter, lighter buttons. The font on this button looks tacky. It's hard to read because of the colour and also because of the animation. The colours used are wrong, it should have had an outline that matched the image and a lighter inside colour. The animation repeats to fast which, in combination with the colour issues, makes the text very hard to read. The font itself also doesn't look like it is meant to be a part of the button, they contrast too much.

In conclusion, unfortunately both your link backs are of a middle quality and not particularly attractive. To lure people to your site you MUST have quality link backs. Consider working on your technique, removing these buttons and replacing them with higher quality ones.
- 3 for lack of quality in link backs
- 1 for lack of variety (not enough buttons)

Overall: (6/10) You have an up and coming site which has some great graphics and others which are lacking in quality. You need to take some time to view others work and see how they do it, then play around with your own graphics to develop your own style and to improve your quality. Make sure your own site has a spectacular layout as at present I would be hesitant to request from you as your own layout isn't a quality higher quality sites would be looking for. You have a long road ahead but you are already showing promising signs so keep up the good work!


I hope you enjoyed your stay at The Lodge! Come back and see us again soon!

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5 Star Accommodation

Possible the best themed site out there, Frequent Flyer offers reviews with a twist. Turnip uses the idea of frequent flyer miles in her reviews by having rubics unique to different desinations, whilst remaining amazingly in depth. So make sure you request your jet setting review today to fly above your competition!

Currently seeking another high quality review site to join the hotel chain! Neomail me if you are interested!

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To become affies you must own a high quality site, preferably reviews but others will be considered. Affie requests are currently OPEN!

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Let me know if you list me so I can link back (username: snow_leopard_4).

Thank you to Chev for this amazing layout!
Textures and stamps from Swimchick.
Bullet pixels and Open/Closed signs from Foomanshu.
Stocking and snowglobe pixels from Kawaii's Fridge.
Envelope pixel from Peach Pit.
Christmas tree and snowman pixels from Flamboyance.
Forward arrow pixel from Restricted.
Back arrow pixel from Velvet.
Counter base from Live. Laugh. Love.
Back button by The Lunch Box.
Button Here place holders from Adore.
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Started 4th March 2010


Welcome to The Lodge's brochure collection. Here you can find an array of activities to make your stay even more enjoyable!

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Need some help deciding which sites to select? Well you've come to the right place! The VIP guest list gives you the Top 5 sites for a variety of categories. These sites never fail to amaze!

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Hall of Fame
The best sites of Neopia can never be forgotten. HoF lists those sites that have closed but which have left a lasting impression upon us. The best of the best will last forever in the Hall of Fame!

Christmas Pixel Toybox
A collection of all the Christmas pixels and adoptables from the sites around Neo! Get your site into the Christmas spirit by using these pixels. Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas Toybox

To help you celebrate Christmas at your site, here are all of the Christmas pixels and adoptables available this silly season! Neomail me if you have, or know of, any more. Pixels and adoptables are linked to their creators.

5 Golden Rings

5 Golden Rings (finished)
The five best sites across five different categories will receive a golden ring for their amazing work! Ten amazing sites have been nominated, so make sure you vote for your favourites!

The first ever 5 Golden Rings competition has ended (Jan 1st 2011) and your favourite sites out of the five categories have been chosen. Congratulations to all who were nominated and keep up the great work on your sites!

Please feel free to take this award if your site was the winner of it's category.

The Results

The Winners
Scored a total of 15 votes out of 46 Scored a total of 34 votes out of 49 Scored a total of 20 votes out of 47 Scored a total of 11 votes out of 47 Scored a total of 13 votes out of 47 - now closed

The Runner Ups
Scored a total of 12 votes out of 46 - now closedScored a total of 8 votes out of 49 - now closedScored a total of 9 votes out of 47 Scored a total of 9 votes out of 45 Scored a total of 8 votes out of 47 - now closed

Hall of Fame

Some sites are so amazing that we feel their loss when they close. The Hall of Fame is a way for us to remember the great sites that no longer exist.

If you think there is a site that should be listed as one of the great then please neomail me using the form below (subject: Hall of Fame).


Half tempted to say that this was THE BEST review site. The Teahouse had so much variety in it's review styles and gave such in depth and detailed feedback that if you're site didn't improve you weren't listening hard enough! A tragedy to us all when it closed but still an amazing site we'd love to see back one day! The Teahouse toped them all.

Elle's Help Guide was one of the highest ranked directories just behind Soroptimist. EHG had hundreds, even thousands of sites listed and featured unique extras for a directory including rankings, SOTM's and much more. Definitely a site that has helped numerous people find their way through the infinite sites on Neopets.

Catie ran this amazing button site which produced some of Neopia's finest buttons! DAR used unique styles and patterns which drew in the crowds and kept Catie busy. No matter what site you visit you're more than likely to find one of DAR's buttons as her skills were brilliant! Miss this fantastic site.

Happily Ever After was one of the most amazing request sites out there. Remy was a fantastic artist who created some of the best buttons out there. Can honestly say Remy inspired me to open my own button request site and gave me so much help and advice! It was a very sad day when HEA closed but everyone will remember Remy's great work!

What can honestly be said about this site? It was amazing, fantastic, superb and creative. Run by Amy, sister to Rebecca from Buttoness, Sparks of Magic flourished at the top of the rankings because of quality of her buttons. This site had a huge influence on button request sites everywhere, who looked up to SoM as inspiration for their own sites.

One of the best request sites out there which made some top quality buttons. Run by Chev and Hannah, the dynamic duo, Surprise Buttons was one of the most highly sought after sites. After improving 100% in the shortest time on record, this pair became extremely respected in the site making community. A highly recommended site that we will all miss.

Run by the amazingly talented Missy, Cafe de Lis was once one of my favourite review sites. Missy offered a range of unique review styles and reviewed in an honest and constructive way. The cafe theme flowed throughout the site, which featured an array of extras including an exclusive recipe section. A high quality site which helped many and influenced us all!