Who's the brains behind these screenies?
My username is murasakigogatsu. You may call me Liz.

Can I neomail you?
Yes, once. And only once, please. Then wait for a reply.
Do not spam my inbox or you will make me a very unhappy Murasaki.

Are any of your pets up for adoption?
No. End of story.
And I will not "loan" them out, either, so please refrain from asking.

Can I have ____ from your gallery?/Do you have ____ I can have?/Will you give me np to buy ____?
No. No. And more no.
I don't like beggars. Earn your items/np like I did.
I may donate if I feel like it, but I will never donate to anyone who begs me for anything.

Will you screenie me in a neomail?
Maybe. If I feel inspired.
But don't spam my inbox with things in hopes to be screenied, or you'll probably just get ignored.

What do you use to make your screenies?
Photoshop Elements, Flash 8, and my Wacom tablet.

I think you're awesome. Will you be my neofriend?
I am awesome, thank you.
The answer's probably still no.
I'm reclusive... or exclusive... or something.

You seem to know Aokajin personally. Can you help me meet him?!
Pfft. As if I'd share him with anyone! o__o