Click on Covello (to the right) for the most recent picture update! (Only seems to work in Chrome sorry ;v;)

04.09.14 // Okay, so last month I started playing a game with art that has inspired me explosively and I've been drawing a lot lately! Added a new picture to requests section although it was a trade x)

08.08.14 // Time is literally flying ;w; just a quick update fixing a broken image and I added a random picture of a Krawk to the AG so I'll toss that one on the page here too 8)

12.06.14 // Been a while, ey? One big picture up hoo hoo

02.01.14 // 2014?! Whoa whoa whoa okay firstly Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!!!! ♥ To be completely honest I hadn't drawn anything for literally almost two months!! I'd finished exams and was working close to full-time on my new job and I'd lost a lot of motivation to draw but I've picked it up again... by doing a random gift art LOL check it out yo

28.10.13 // Gave the buttons a revamp and reorganised my artwork into new categories! Hope this makes everything a little less jumbled up.

27.10.13 // Heyo! My exams are finally over!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!! So I'll probably be on Neo a little more often. Just a little. Ahah in any case I drew a Halloween thing for the AG... I love Gilly and Eliv Thade hehe♥

08.10.13 // Yo yo Neopets lol I haven't been on in a whiiiiileeee but just checking in and adding a giant pile of doodles I've drawn while I've been away in the for me section as usual lOL enjoy

06.08.13 // My friend got me out of art block so I've been drawing a lot again... made a new picture yayay (also I think I should update some of these sections a little lol)

28.07.13 // Compiled a bunch of doodles and scribbles in the For Me section

20.07.13 // Finished a request lol yay

11.07.13 // Okay so... I drew something big! Woop! And I've been doing a lot of random sketching etc but nothing really related to Neopets until now so I decided against uploading anything LOL but yes okay yay for big drawing

18.06.13 // I've been drawing all day, and I've been so very inspired by Pocahontas! I never got to watch the full movie as a kid and watching it at my age right now gave me a very different perspective to the movie than what it would have been if I had watched it about 15 years ago hahahaha.. so yeah *uploads dump*

17.06.13 // Updated art page layout lul

13.06.13 // My Internet has returned and one exam has been kicked off my list of things to do! Also uH WHY DID I STAY UP UNTIL 6AM DRAWING OGMGGGGGGggg.......
well anyway I've uploaded the pic lol enjoy

09.06.13 // I haven't had Internet at home for a while WHICH IS VERY FRUSTRATING because university life was very busy in the two weeks that it wasn't working...
Anyway I did come up with a picture to celebrate a certain something lul so I'll just chuck that here... and in the mean time I'll be waiting until Tuesday for my beloved home Internet to return...

23.05.13 // So much for a hiatus LOLOL I'm still trying to avoid this place but asdfgh I uploaded another giant dump because I dunno

04.05.13 // Late to the beauty contest again so went back to work on what I had for much longer than I should've and uploaded my preview for next week.

20.04.13 // Took a break from my big drawings and did a quick(ish) request lol

26.04.13 // Made a a quick update on some text content

19.04.13 // I've been busy neglecting university work and requests lol and I'm working on a giant Final Fantasy III print! I want to make this my first print to sell ;w;
during my break from working on the picture though I whipped up a few doodles so I've uploaded that here because... bored
ALSO NEWLY FOUND OBSESSION WITH THE GORILLAZ LOL I'M LIKE ALMOST 10 YEARS LATE INTO THE FANDOM BUT I DON'T CARE 2-D is the cutest thing ever aldkglkdfgjslkfh help now excuse me while I listen to Feel Good Inc. for the 300522359th time

12.04.13 // Ahaha my requesters probably want to stab me but it's so hard to work on something when your style is extremely variable right now asdafafgghsdfg
hahaha I probably won't be doing Neopets requests after this batch any more because I'm really not feeling the motivation to do free art now rofl sorry guys.. maybe trades.. maybe

in any case I've drawn a few sketchy things for you guys soooo enjoy

13.03.13 // Omg it's been a month since I've updated; it's been an extremely busy full month and I haven't been drawing at all- But in other news, I bought a new laptop! I realised my old laptop's colours were thoroughly messed up and could not even be calibrated properly so all of my pictures are actually much brighter/YELLOWER than they were intended and I am extremely bitter about this... hopefully with my new laptop things will look most similar to what's supposed to come up on your screen! ♥ Sorry about the lack of updates, I'll get back into drawing soon. And I haven't forgotten Auilila lol orz I'll make it up to you orz

12.02.13 // The fact that I have been uploading sketches every single day indicates that I have no life. Also took three requests.

10.02.13 // Uploaded an improvement meme. Good night it's 2:23am omg this took me hours and hours to put together... (my sleeping habits are getting better! If anyone cares rofl)

04.02.13 // Finally rushed to finish a request although it doesn't feel very finished, what with all the colour variations I've made... It's hard to decide on the final image, especially when it's 5am and you're hungry... Also, added a counter for the page.

27.01.13 // lol I made an updates box! Added two new sketch dumps. Sorry for the inactivity haha

14.01.13 // Hooray for art streaks! Finished a big art request.

10.01.13 // Added new link buttons and content in the for me box with some sketch dumps and organised general content.

09.01.13 // Art page got a nice revamp with a new layout and everything wheehee ♥


Hey there! Welcome to my art page.
My name here is hera203. I go by the name Payoki for my art, but you can call me Yoki for short. Or you might know me by my old name, Chewy. Despite the ridiculous list of names I go by, most people just call me Hera.

Anyway, I am a 21 year old university student from Australia who spends some of her free time drawing! I have been on and off Neopets since late 2003 and am no longer an extreme player like I once was; now I am but a casual Neopian logging on mostly to draw my darling characters and at times, for others.

Before you proceed I'd like to let you know that although I read through all my mail, I may not reply straight away then forget to reply for a while- then altogether just fear replying back so late so if that happens I'm sorry. It's a bad habit of mine lol

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my art!


Here are just a few things you should probably know if you want some art too.

1. The most obvious rule- please don't steal my art or use them if they're not intended for you lol thank you

2. Sorry, I very rarely take requests but I do still make surprise gift art when someone is looking for art so don't be afraid to post those seeking art boards! Also I may consider art trades depending on how much time I have.

3. Please have a reference picture! I usually don't draw from descriptions or customisations unless I'm specifically looking to do so.

4. In most cases I prefer to draw your own pet than for an application, but I guess it doesn't really matter?

5. Despite the fact that the art I put up here mostly consists of humanoids, I can draw Neopets in quad form and anthros, (although my knowledge of most anatomy is even more limited than my humans) when I feel like I'm up for a challenge! I usually don't though and most people like my humanoid art anyway.

6. I may be slow with requests, but I treat trades with greater priority. I don't know if that sounds unfair to you, but I'm sure if you've done requests and trades too you'd feel the same

And that should be about it ♪ I hope you can catch me on the boards, when I'm on there are like literally two people on the Art Chat in total lolololol

I'd also like to point out that some of my older works may be watermarked/signed as Chewy, Chewier or Chewiest because that was the name I went by previously.

Art for others

To browse my art, use the navigation or the buttons below.
Have fun browsing! To see this menu again, hit Personal art on the navigation to your left.


14.04.2015 // App art, for lillykah_4

01.04.2015 // Praiiceil, for dewdropzz

29.10.14 // Gullio, for hikaruhitachiin_

04.09.14 // Cedar, for 5966001 (Sheru) (trade)

28.08.14 // UC Faerie Xweetok design, for _a_whitewolf_a_

27.08.14 // Faerie Pteri design, for feuerdrachenpower

23.08.14 // Juun, for paolita_cris

12.06.14 // Miahii, for discus_champion

18.04.14 // for nicebunny's Ujio & Neiara

29.03.14 // for lady_scotti's UC Faerie Techo Project

Notes: If the top version is too red on your screen, I made a less...red version because when I saw the first picture on my phone it was far more red than I'd intended it to be and I'm not quite sure yet if it's my monitor or phone that's being weird.

12.01.14 // Faulla, for lilneo__cc

12.01.14 // Treya, for moon_90_0

02.01.14 // aries1624, for crystallus

Notes: Sorry for randomly having two versions, I thought I might leave the picture with the more accurate colours here for the giftee because while the one you see above has a more finalised look the colours may seem slightly different from the original character //w// (you can drag and drop the image to the left to see it if you'd like!)

28.10.13 // Evzy, for nyappymuffin

15.08.13 // Cillix, for amy1992192

15.08.13 // Dawnthe, for silverfang382

14.08.13 // Sippori, for koidano

20.07.13 // Mivese, for lotties

13.06.13 // Victoria, for gabriela_hk4 (application art)
Note: This is the clean version ahaha some people have specified the original as triggering so I've put this version on my page; if you want the first one just tell me!

20.04.13 // FairyDust, for lostsage (application art)

12.02.13 // Zaefis, for hikabunni

12.02.13 // Pyriahneo, for xaerynnx

12.02.13 // _demon_in_the_snow, for aki_aki355

04.02.13 // Ludroth, for blackghoulmon
(I have different coloured versions as usual lol q__q)
Notes: You can drag and drop for full view. I've resized this picture to 950x1343 through HTML; that should fit in your art box nicely too!

14.01.13 // Samara, for shiaelchan
(I have several differently coloured versions due to my indecisiveness haha q__q)
Notes: You can drag and drop for full view. Sorry if it's too big Shaiel LOL

05.09.12 // Rakonia, for natural_gal123

01.08.12 // Cyna567133, for kila1236 (application art)

22.04.12 // Routen, for xaerynnx

28.11.11 // Sckare, for twistedfate_original (please full view with URL drag and drop!!)

24.10.11 // Hanestic, for outerblast_213

22.8.11 // Oceanuz, for _mitzuko_


08.08.14 // A Friendly Blue Krawk
Hahahaha my most plain entry so far! It's been a while but felt like randomly submitting to see if I can get in hahaha zzz

06.11.13 // Feathery Friends
I've actually had this idea for a while and I really need to develop this group of baby characters hehe ♪ my 5th AG submission~

27.10.13 // An Anagrammatic Halloween
I made a picture for the Art Gallery in the spirit of Halloween! (And in celebration of the end of my exam period and university semester for the year YEAHHH) I think Gilly is adorable and Eliv Thade is just pretty awesome so yeah here's a tribute to those two wheee♪

06.08.13 // The Cooking Pot
Latest AG submission... wHICH I ACCIDENTALLY SUBMITTED FROM MY SIDE GOODNESS GRACIOUS I need to be more careful... ugh

Here's the WIP!

10.07.13 // Meridell Morning
Some art of Meridell for the Art Gallery! I was in need of some practicing landscapes so I thought why not draw a land from Neopia?
Maybe I should start drawing all the places AHAEAHEAHAEHEAEH it'll be good practice but I'm going to get so judged if I upload them anywhere else lol like YOU PLAY NEOPETSS????

And here are some extra close-up bonuses you probably didn't notice at first glance hahaha

Food Yodel                                Round Poker Table, Ultimate Bullseye grounds, Symol Hole

Ye Olde Petpets, Shapeshifter, Random peculiar tree in Meridell lol

Brightvale Castle                              Closer view of Meridell (I DREW ALL THE FLAGS AHAHA)

I'm sorry I hope you enjoyed that ♪

29.05.13 // Poppy Field
Just whipped up something for the Art Gallery- first time in my life I specifically drew something for the Art Gallery hahaha.. here's to hoping that it gets in ♪
(I edited the colours a little bit hahaha)
(Edit: yay! It got in)



06.05.11 // Rukia, for kisuke

26.04.11 // Ammarilys, for omg_chlo

28.03.11 // Pig, for nook

28.03.11 // Dilapidate, for incinerer

28.03.11 // Mortente, for nevertooyoungforlove

19.03.11 // Igneous_Flame, for flameshard

06.03.11 // Inkmei, for 55greyhat55

Date unknown; early 2010 // Xo_Mix_oX, for leandrin1

Art for myself

To browse my art, use the navigation or the buttons below.
Have fun browsing! To see this menu again, hit Art for others on the navigation to your left.


Massive dump of drawings from during my hiatus between August and October yeyey

280613 random dump

180613 experimenting different styles (UGH WHICH TO STICK TO???????) dump

Compilation of late May dumps (sorry it's kind of giant)

So I took another request on the art boards aND I JUST COULDN'T DECIDE HOW TO COLOUR OMGGGG I'm sorry dying
Aisha design at bottom does not belong to me
050513~070513 dump

190413 dump

Random stuff from March and April (mostly April)

130213 still experimenting with colouring techniques

120213 possible new lineart style

110213 and 100213 dumps

Moooore sketch dumps MOREEE sorry for the lack of colours

Hi guys I'm just going to throw a bunch of sketch dumps here

^lol left was done by touch pad


I drew this to celebrate 100 people following me on a certain something 0:-)
I think I just might make a new lookup out of this or something later hahaha
and as usual this is just a picture of my main Neopets OCs ♪

lol BC entry (actually maybe AG) for next week which I cannot be bothered to detail after painting Dyra (oMG) and Zephyr???

New painting style maybe...? I'm trying to implement this kind of semi-line art digital painting style to my normal work haha because this method takes longer
I had to chop off the bottom because... this is Neopets

I made a process gif too hahah

How my art has evolved over the years. You may laugh at the pitiful drawings from my teenagehood.

Did I really just draw this
Please, Hera. Stop drawing your generic shoujo animu
hahahaha well I only drew this because I found a very talented young 11 year old and her friend today
that got me remembering my own anime phase hahaha... so here's a little quick picture of their OCs that I found hehe ♥
and now watch me never draw in this style ever again thanks

Examples of quick sketchy things haha

Hi there this was an unfinished request umMMMM I need to go back to it LOL omg I am so sorry

I'm actually really quite terrible at animating rofl; here's a random Kulaine gif



An unfinished picture of a Pirate Hissi I was applying for. Unfinished because I decided to semi-quit Neopets around this time (yet again, around April 2011).

Old pets! This was a Userlookup of mine featuring me and my previous Neofamily, CURVED SPAM- Cahtria Uedo Ridiky Vycis Exaika Dahnes Sielyn Puriex Airhla Miarf. lOL they were precious, but I decided to start overrr

Old pets. :') Forever mineeee

This got a goldban for my lovely little Thornberry Miarf. Hahaha *eats*

My old Pirate Krawk, Exaika. She was a famous rock star, haha.

LOL EW WHAT IS THIS. Look at the random textures oMG

LOL WOW. I drew this in 2009. LOOK AT THAT HEAD asdfadgadf proportion fail

A giant dump of Neopets stuff I drew back in the daaay hahaha


I didn't want to upload this but this was the only one I could find with Photoshop pen tool lineart... UNNNNGH there are so many things wrong this picture, I could strangle my screen.
But basically to you disheartened tablet-less people, I did this without a tablet. Look at the nice lines. *vomiting a little* So you can do it too ♪


Do you take requests/trades?
lol this is the question I get even if I put them on this FAQ or anywhere else on this page... I don't take requests or trades very often at all anymore, but I very occasionally do take them when I feel like it. Please don't be offended if I don't draw for you ;3; I'm busy too!

What program do you use to draw?
I used Photoshop CS until 2010. I now use PaintTool SAI and Photoshop CS5 for minor edits and finishing touches.

What tablet do you use?
Yes, I use a Wacom Graphire4 4x5 tablet; I've had this baby since 2007 and it still functions well other than the USB cord which is a little stuffed up now. Wacom is probably the #1 tablet brand out there although I can't say much because I haven't used any other brands lol so if you're looking to invest in one you should definitely give Wacom a go. Mine is rather outdated so you'll probably find a better one out there now haha

What tools on SAI do you use to draw?
This really depends on the picture but nowadays I use the brush tool at around 70~80 density with a size of 20~30px (my canvas size is pretty big, mind you).. not sure about the other settings but I don't really have a set brush- I just kind of mess around right now at this time.

Why do you take so long to do one artwork?
I often lose motivation when I point out a flaw in my work and that deters me from the drawing COMPLETELY. Recently I've also been changing my style and I find it difficult to work on WIPs that I had before I started experimenting around :l sorry


You can link back to this page by using my button on your site! Just Neomail me if you want to trade links!

Update: 4th April 2015 - I have made a new 100x100 button *+*+!

You can still use the older buttons as follows:



Oh, and if you see this button floating around:

This was my old button when I went by the name Chewy! Dump it out and use my new one. ♪

Links out

There are other people out there with awesome art. Go check them out!

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