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Site started on December 22nd 2013

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Last updated on November 3rd 2017

Notable Aisha

The Notable Pet changes around every month!

Hello there! Welcome to my project!

What is Fashionable Aishas? It's a page that links together this lovely four-legged species and customisation. I have to admit that this site was inspired by the awesome Best Dressed, hosted by Berry. I have always been a huge fan of her Directory!

«Why Aishas?» you can ask. Well, I discovered this species only during 2011. Since then, I found out that they have a lovely, cheery smile that totally conquered me. Moreover, they also are so easy and fun to customise that I quickly grew fond of them. So, why don't share this love for Aishas with everyone else who likes them as well? Hence, I decided to create this page! :D

The chibi on the right represents Liamar, that Aisha of mine who lent me her petpage to host this Directory; it was created by Ashe and recoloured by me! Ain't it a cutie?

Martia spent a lot of time creating this layout, so she'll be forever grateful to you if you don't steal it!


  • Pets must wear at least 5 items (3 for Maraquans, Mutants and UCs). It doesn't matter if they are neopoints or neocash ones! If a pet remains without clothes for more than 3 days, it'll be automatically removed.
  • A pet without a background or a single piece of clothes won't be accepted.
  • I'll add pets that I value at least an 8/10. I know I'm quite strict about this, sorry in advance! (I am more indulgent with those colours that are more difficult to be customised, like Baby, 8-bit, Mutant, Maraquans and UCs.)
  • Pets cannot be labrats or UFA/UFT. I accept permanent pets only (colour changes are admitted!).
  • Pets on accounts frozen or inactive for around 45 days will be removed.
  • IMPORTANT: A "please" and a "thanks" when submitting your pets would be nice and actually welcome. If you're rude, don't expect me to list your aishas, even if they are the best customised ones. Sorry, but I can't stand rude people at all.

Some info

  • Pet images are automatically updated.
  • Side pets are accepted as long as well customised. (again, it doesn't matter if they have only neopoint or some neocash items!)
  • If I remove your pet because it doesn't meet the requirements anymore, feel free to apply again.
  • Please, don't get my judgements and suggestions in a wrong way. They are subjective and customisation should be fun. ;)

November 2nd 2017 The page is going to be updated again! Notable pet available on next month!

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