Hi there and welcome to Details, a graphic resource site by Nienke. Here you will find everything you'll need to perfect your design. Details offers many large, high-quality textures and stock images, but also brush sheets and PNG renders. Enjoy browsing around!
Please keep in mind that Details is semi inactief, meaning that for the most I will only do some necessary upkeep. The content will always remain available (as long as the hosting doesn't mess things up). For any questions you can contact me, but it might take a while for me to reply.

I got everything back up and running again! There were only a few of the older resources that I couldn't find anywhere on my computer or the internet, so these are gone now I guess. I did however put up quite a lot of new abstract textures, stock images and brush sheets. I had to put these pages on different petpages as I still can't access my side account, but for now that will work fine.
And I think that's it. I just couldn't leave the site up like that, but I don't think I'll be updating regularly from now on. Might just every once in a while add the stuff I had already made anyway.

I have fixed the pages for the light textures and PNG renders. I had to reupload so. many. pictures. I removed some of the oldest textures as they were just really blurry. I put up quite a lot of new ones though, so I think that makes up for it.
Well, I think that was the bulk of it, the other pages will probably be less work. For the time being I might move them to other petpages, but I first have to find the space.

Hellooo! I haven't been here in something like a year. I wasn't going to check back, but as I have nothing on my hands atm, I thought why not. First things first, you might notice the shiny new layout. I felt the old one somehow looked as if I never completely finished it, so I made a new one. More importantly, yes I am very aware of the fact that a lot of my images are broken and I am going to fix it. However. I currently do not have access to my side account that homes most of details' pages, so it is probably going to take me a while to find a solution. Also I decided to remove the web resources page, because A) the graphics were old and I didn't really like most of it, and B) almost all of the images are currently not working. You can always mail me if there's something that you'd really like to use and I'll upload it somewhere else. 20

textures/stock images

Drag the image to the address bar to see a larger version of it. If you want to use a texture or stock image, you can simply copy/paste the image.

For a more in-depth explanation on how I use textures, you can go to my tutorial site Lore. I have posted one main tutorial and several step-by-step break downs of some of my favorite designs.

brush sheets

Begin by saving the desired brush sheet to your computer and then open it in your design program.

Photoshop. Open the sheet in Photoshop. Then select the lasso tool (L) and use it to make a selection of the brush. Then go to Edit » Define Brush...
Other programs. Try looking up some tutorials using your favorite search engine. I only use Photoshop and I don't know how other programs work.

PNG renders

To view the full png, drag the image to your adress bar. Also, keep in mind that the pngs are divided over two pages (to decrease the loading time), there are a lot of them!

In order to use them, you have to save these to your computer first. If you decide to copy and paste, the background will turn black instead of transparant. Open the file in your graphics program to work with it.

Nienke's Premades, Details and Lore © Nienke. Everything on these pages is made by me, unless stated otherwise.
Pattern for this layout is from subtlepatterns.