Leucrota the Speed Demon

A speed monster often mistaken for a gnorbu this creature was sighted between Shenkuu and Altador. Said to have massive strength too, so many locals avoid its territory for it hunts any intruders. However, development is being planned in the area by Nakron because of the wealth of untapped resources perfect for energy production. Unfortunately, many of the workers have been disappearing or turning up deceased the corporation has issued a reward for any information on any of these attacks. Natives suspect Leucrota has something to do with it but of course like all companies they don't put much stock in old wives tales.

Odd Coincidences?

Did you know that there was a carnivorous hoofed mammal in the Mesonychia family lived in real life millions of years ago? Well Leucrota's name is from the Leucrota in mythology describing a man-eating hoofed mammal crossed with a lion, antelope, and badger capable of human speech. Kind of interesting that something possibly similar is in the fossil records perhaps it may have existed at some point in recent history? I have some old ones similiar to leucrota that Ill keep up for now. I'm going to make some new adoptables later so enjoy these guys.

Art by Others

Thank you so much Arya Leucrota looks amazing!

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Thank you so much RockSocksGirl he looks very cute