Something has happened!

After over six + years, this petpage is retiring!
We've survived the changes and finally have a comprehensive FAQ maintained by TNT. There's no need to reinvent the wheel and so our in-depth guide is retiring :)

TNT's Premium FAQs
Finally, an in-depth FAQ maintained by TNT!

Manage Membership Page
Use this to update your Payment information, view your next billing date and change your plan.

Contact TNT
Premium members use the same ticketing system as other members.

Be sure to check the "Is this account Premium?" box where applicable!

Cancel Premium Subscription
This is where you go to cancel your Premium subscription.

Doing this will not freeze your Neopets account! You just won't have your perks anymore. You can always resubscribe later :)

Need more help? Feel free to neomail reissue :)