You're lost. Horribly, terribly, hopelessly lost. You've been wandering those sunlit corridors for ages, trying to find the room you'd been told about, which was conveniently not showing itself you. In fact, you're about to give up when you notice an old door, slightly ajar. Something about it piques your interest, and you slip inside. Quietly, you make your way up the spiraled flight of stairs, until you find yourself in a most peculiar room. The walls are lined with bookcases, and other miscellaneous odd things that look like they came out of a child's book about wizardry. There's a table in the center, with a pile of books on it. Curious, you move to pick one up, when you notice something else. Curled up against one of the walls is a beautiful draikess, and she appears totally immersed in the book she's reading. Quietly, so as not to startle her, you creep closer. But she startles regardless.

Woah! What're you doing here? Argh! Don't tell anyone I'm here! Please!" she yells upon noticing you. She slams the book cover shut, and is on her feet in seconds. "Who're you?" she says at last, wandering closer to you as if to size you up for attack or something.

You hadn't expected this reaction. "Hey, calm down! I won't tell anyone, I promise." You failed to mention that you had no idea what she was talking about. "I'm guest. And wait… Your voice…" You'd noticed that it was slightly deeper than you'd expected, and couldn't help but wonder. And now that you got a better look at the draikess, she didn't look quite as feminine as from a distance.

The draikess floundered for a reply, but only succeeded in tripping over her tongue. "What? Nothing. Um… Nothing's wrong with my voice! I'm not a guy!"

You hadn't said anything about her being a guy.

The draikess-or was it draik?-realized this, and sighed resignedly. "Fine. You got me. I'm a guy, and my name is Lenjeu. But please don't tell anyone, and please, please don't judge me until I tell you my story!"

You give in. You haven't got anything better to do, after all.

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All right, all right, listen up, this is my story!" With that, he began.

I was born, of course. Everyone was. I was actually born a girl. In the clutch I hatched from, I had a sister…Her name was Dejinn. We were both princesses, as our parents were the king and queen of our small kingdom. We were both treated marvelously; even if since we could walk and talk we'd been drilled on etiquette and other things princesses have to learn. Rather than resent each other as some siblings do, Dejinn and I were close. We were partners in crime, to state it simply. Since our parents had no other children our age, and none of other children were worthy of our attention, we had to look to each other for entertainment.

I was always the follower, and Dejinn was the leader. She was everything I wanted to be, I thought she was so cool. She was always so brave, and clever, and adventurous. We spent almost all our free time together, waging war with the servants' children, exploring the castle and grounds, and making fun of our tutors while gossiping about girly stuff. Those were the good years, the early ones.

As we grew older, we began to notice boys more. Although we didn't notice it at first, this was where the rift between us began. Even as we grew older and started to notice it, we never mentioned it, and pretended things were the same between us as they had always been. But the fact remained that we'd become competition…For one draik in particular. He was handsome, charming, kind, funny, and all the things any girl would want in a guy. His name was Sevtel. We both adored him, and pined after him. However, if he were to choose one of us, he'd have to leave the other. He chose Dejinn.

When he made his choice, I pretended to give up my affections for him, even though I couldn't. I pretended to be happy for them while hiding my jealousy. I felt horrible about it, I did. I wanted them to be happy, so I tried to distract myself from my jealousy. Even though my parents strictly forbid it, I started meddling with magic. A wizard used to live in the castle, but he'd passed away years before. I entered his old room, dusted off some of the spell books, and started to read.

I became absorbed in magic. I could escape real life when I went into that room with my books and my spells. I could do wonderful things. If I said a couple of obscure words, I could make a bouquet of flowers materialize out of thin air. I was so intoxicated with this new power, and so thrilled that I was actually good at this, I let real life slip away from me. Sure, it went on around me, but I was blithely ignorant of it. It didn't matter to me, after all. I was to be a great sorceress, and then maybe I'd be great like Dejinn always was. Inadvertently, I let the rift widen into a gaping trench between my sister and I. And I did nothing to stop it.

Then tragedy struck weeks before Dejinn and her fiancé were due to be married. Dejinn fell deathly ill. I tried franticly to find a spell to save my sister, but failed. She died the day before she was to be wed. Before she died, she gave me the silver heart-charm her fiancé gave her. I never told her of my jealousy, and I have felt horrible about it ever since.

A funny thing happened shortly after Dejinn's death. Her former fiancé started to show interest in me. And I was happy about it, which disgusted me. I tried to push him away, but failed. In turmoil, I turned once more to the spells. I had abandoned them when they failed to save Dejinn-I know not why, but for some reason I had felt betrayed by them. Now I hoped to find something that would make this ok, to fix this. I found the perfect spell. It was long and complex, but I memorized it regardless. At least, I'd thought I had.

Late one night, I snuck up to the wizard's room. I set up the incense, candles, and other objects needed for the spell. I sat myself down in a ring I drew with chalk on the floor. I closed my eyes, and summoned the spell to my mind. Then I spoke it out loud, and didn't notice until too late that I'd said a few lines in the incantation incorrectly. I opened my eyes thinking it'd worked, stood up, and promptly blacked out.

When I awoke, I was curled up in a heap. Candles and incense had scattered, but luckily nothing had been burnt. I was sore all over and felt funny, and I could not place why. Carefully, I sat up and went about examining myself for injuries…And discovered something that made me faint all over again.

I awoke again, and checked once more. I felt dizzy, but it hadn't been a bad dream. This was reality, come back to hit me in the face for neglecting it so long. I pinched myself to make sure, though. But it was true. Someway…Somehow…I wasn't a girl anymore. I was a guy. I still looked about the same, but I was a guy. A guy. My entire life had gone down the drain. I couldn't be male! I couldn't! I screamed, which was deeper than it should have been, and then perhaps I fainted again. I don't remember. Just that it was horrible.

At least I managed afterwards to shake Sevtel. He still may have thought I was a girl, as I didn't make for a very masculine male, but I was too preoccupied with my own predicament to worry about Sevtel. It gave me great self-satisfaction to tell him off, and yell at him for ditching my dead sister so soon for me. It wasn't something I'd usually do…More like something Dejinn would do, and I felt good about it. Well, good considering my entire life was spiraling steadily out of control before my very eyes and I had lost the only person who could perhaps help me cope with it. But I'd learn to cope, I would, and I'd find a cure for it as well.

So basically, these last few months I've been pretending to still be a girl, and looking for a cure to being a guy. I've been unsuccessful in the latter so far, and barely hanging on with the former, but I'm trying my hardest! Soon enough I'll be normal again. I hope.

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At this point, it becomes evident to you that there is not only you and Lenjeu in this room, but another, smaller creature as well. Lenjeu spotted it first, it being behind you. "Mia! What are you doing?!" he cried with urgency, and you spin around to see a faellie perched precariously upon a stack of books. The faellie regarded Lenjeu with little interest, and went about preening itself.

After several, long moments, the faellie looked up, then spoke. "Oh, don't worry, Jeu. We're fine-the books and I, we're not going anywhere. However, if you were to attack, I think there'd be a huge mess for you to clean up…" the faellie warned. "Now, guest," she said, turning her attention to you. "I see you have been chatting with my 'owner' here. Well, you can't do that without knowing exactly how much of a ditz my dear Lenjeu is. Here, take a seat. On the floor, wherever. Sit on Lenjeu for all I care. And then let me fill you in on the details he conveniently left out," she said, ignoring the growls coming from Lenjeu.

Lenjeu is a bit of a spazz, to state it nicely. Even before he was turned another gender, he freaked out easily, which was probably why he reacted so horribly when he awoke to discover himself no longer female. Ok, so then again, when faced with the same circumstance, who wouldn't completely freak out? I know I would. Thankfully I'm not dumb like Lenjeu." Again, she ignored the growls. "But he's still not great at keeping a level head. Despite being drilled on etiquette since he was very young-and I would know, I had to endure that with him…YUCK!-, Lenjeu still often trips over his tongue, even in the most calm and relaxed of situations, although Lenjeu is almost never calm. Perhaps he has ADD, perhaps not, the world may never know. Personally, I think he does. One thing for certain is that this makes Lenjeu a horrible liar. This makes his predicament of trying to hide his masculinity all the worse. It's terribly amusing to watch. You saw how he first said, 'I'm not a guy!' without you even saying anything about that? Well yeah. That's Lenjeu.

On top of being a spazz, Lenjeu also is forgetful and curious. I guess he's intelligent to some degree, I'll give him that, although he doesn't let his less-than-genius intelligence slow him down on his quest for knowledge. And perhaps he searches for knowledge to prove himself, for he was always known as Dejinn's shadow in the family before her untimely death. Despite his thirst for knowledge, Jeu isn't the best listener, and often gets distracted. I have to keep him on track, which, believe me, is quite a task. He's disorganized, which makes him not the best student. Again, he's not dim, he just doesn't pay attention.

One may say that Lenjeu is slightly paranoid. He's jumpy by nature, and not a leader. When young, he followed Dejinn's lead without question. He's doggedly loyal to whomever he cares about, and perhaps a bit clingy. That could be because he doesn't get to really have relaxed conversation with many people, being a princess and all. He's a nice guy, caring and everything (except with me), but he's a spazz, and a jumpy little fellow. He's definitely last in line in his family for helping rule a kingdom, that's for sure, and it bothers him not in the least. That doesn't mean he can escape notice, much to his disadvantage. It's only luck that's kept him from being betrothed, especially at this chaotic time in his life. It's also only luck that gave him me, because I've saved his tail end too many times for me to count. And the ingrate still tries to get rid of me all the time.

With his previous state of mind, messing up a spell and changing gender abruptly didn't do wonders for his nature. If it were possible, he became even more jumpy, and easily distressed. Even if he worried a lot before this change, he's almost always worrying. If he'll be able to change back, if someone will find out, if he'll get betrothed to someone and then have to hide his predicament from them, and a ton of other things."

With that, Lenjeu took the chance to interrupt. "Yeah, and you being a nuisance!"

Mia eyed him warily, and then feinted a slip, causing Lenjeu to give a start, then laughed. "I'm not done yet, idiot. Now let's see… What else? Oh yeah. What does Jeuy like and hate?"

You mean aside from you?"

Mia glared at him for a while, then said, "all right, moving on."

Lenjeu likes…

Dumb femmy things
Being lazy
Shiny things (jewelry)
Trips to the ocean

Lenjeu dislikes…

Being a guy
Magic going wrong
Dejinn being dead
Being a princess
His sibs
Dirt 'n' mudd
Loser princes
March: it's cold 'n' soggy

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By this time, Mia had unknowingly flown off her perch in her rambling, and suddenly, Lenjeu sprung after her, catching her in midair between his forepaws, and then bringing her back down to the floor. He held her squirming body firmly between his fore claws, and grinned maliciously at her. "Now, let's see. Let's talk about Mia, the pest."

Mia is my…Pet. Or, more like it, my persistent, obnoxious, furry stalker. I've had her for a long time, but we've never gotten along. She's very full of herself, and vain. She thinks she knows everything, even if she doesn't. She likes to bother me, for what reasons I know not. Honestly, if she thinks I'm so stupid, why doesn't she find another owner?"

Because you need me, stupid."

Shaddup. Any ways, she's vain, spends a lot of time preening herself, and really does think herself above everybody and everything. She always has to put in her two cents, and even if she knows nothing about something, she'll pretend that she does. She's so proud, she'll never admit to being wrong. She's only concerned about herself, being so self-centered as she is. I find her irritating to no end. So you really shouldn't listen to her-she's just a pest."

On the word 'pest', she bit Lenjeu's hand, and he let go, yelping in surprise and pain. She scampered free then, and landed on the books again, to remain safe, although she said nothing in her defense.

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I really don't have time for love right now. I can't distract myself from the task at hand. Once I'm female again, I suppose I can start looking again. Plus, I finally managed to shake an unwanted lover a couple of months ago. I don't feel like another right now. Of course, Mia disagrees. She thinks I should fall in love, because she says it'll help me loosen up and think straighter. I argue saying that I'm not in a good position to fall in love, being a guy and all.

This is an ongoing argument with no solution in sight.


I have none right now. =( Aww, I'm sad.


Dejinn: She was my greatest friend, my partner in crime, and my twin. She was perhaps the most amazing person I've ever met, as well. She was my role model. I let us grow apart in our later years, even though I still hold her in the highest regard. I just wish I could've told her so before she died. I let my jealousy separate us, and I've felt horrible about it since she fell ill, and probably will feel horrible about it for the rest of my life. But I deserve it, don't I?

Czelak & Kali: My parents. I don't see much of them, and never have. They're terribly busy people, which would explain their absence in my life. They're the king and queen of Menkala, which is the kingdom I live in. As far as I know, they're good enough leaders, as no mob of angry peasants have come to our castle doors with pitchforks and torches demanding new leadership. I'm glad of this, because I don't particularly feel like having a bunch of angry peasants with torches and pitchforks out to get my family.

Assorted Siblings: Excluding Dejinn, I have five other siblings. I have three brothers, and two sisters. I'm not particularly close to any of them, seeing as there's a vast age and personality gap between us. Renald is my older brother, he's a full adult now with a wife and children of his own. He's the heir to the kingdom, and he's nice enough-but far too formal for my likes. I pity him, he was raised to be such a prude. My younger brothers are but children, and love nothing more than to drive everyone up the wall. My sisters are barely entering their teens, and all they can do is drool over the various guys who catch their fancy. Admittedly, I did the same thing at their age, but now it seems so impractical. I have other things to do, after all.

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So um, we have a royal artist named Ven, and sometimes he draws pictures of me. He goes off of this one picture from a few years ago, though, because I hate sitting around to get painted by him.

And here are some other ones that he's made...


Oh, look! Apparently, some other people like me enough to draw pictures of me. How cool is that?

Mia muttered something to herself that sounded suspiciously like: 'they must be nuts.

By Snowager

By Orion


Eee! My army of mini-clones! Bwahahaha! Ok, no seriously. So far I have been cloned 10 times.

New Look

milikii lenjeu

Old Look

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Oh great, look at what Wilia dumped on my doorstep. I don't want these! She's such a meanie! All they're going to do is draw attention to me...oh no...Well, any ways, I suppose if you absolutely must have them you can use them but please...just...eep. D:

The standard. I drew them, you didn't, so don't treat them like you did.

This is like every color but robot unless I spaced out and missed something else. Also, feel free to change your link to Lenjeu's page, but don't feel like you have to. The new code links him instead of Wilia, though.

Replace "COLOR" with the color of your choosing.

blue, green, red, yellow, baby, brown, camouflage, checkered, cloud, darigan, desert, electric, faerie, fire, ghost, glowing, gold, halloween, ice, island, magma, maraquan, mutant, orange, pink, pirate, purple, plushie, rainbow, royalboy, royalgirl, shadow, silver, skunk, speckled, split, spotted, starry, striped, tyrannian, white,zombie

requests // closed
trades // semi-open*

* I'm pretty busy and prefer to do customs from my other, newer, easier-to-edit sets, but if you really want one of these, it's not like I've retired them or something... xD

If you want to do a trade, please neomail me this form:
Name: draik's name
Design: direct me to a picture of them, please. you can also write something exta, if you want to
Adoptables: link to where you're hiding them :0
Ground: what do you want them to be standing on? options are: grass, sand, rocks, dirt, snow, and water
Anything else?: ummm whatever you like :3

To Do:
1. ---
2. ---
3. ---





















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If you enjoyed your stay, here are some images that you can stick on your pages to click back to here with. And actually, even if you didn't, Mia insists that you take them any ways.

And oh look, you get a choice. :3 Just replace the "NUMBER" in the code with the one you like best!

81x31 - 1, 2

50x50 - 1, 2, 3, 4

These are links to other petpages by Ven!

Other awesome pages by awesome people. ;3

Salve!As shu' as da sun shyne....:Water Remembers:.
1/3 no error...
He thrust his fist against the post...Not your average zombie.


Well, I suppose we're done here. We hope you enjoyed your stay. And remember…Tell no one about what we told you today, ok? Oh yes, and the room you were looking for? It's down the hall and to the left. It'll be the third door on your right. Before you ask how I knew that, it's because I know about that meeting you're to attend, and also know that everybody gets lost on the way there. But I wouldn't worry too much about getting there…It's almost over, so I hope you don't get in too much trouble for missing it. Bye!

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