Hello! This is LauriePalantiri1, an unconverted faerie lenny. Welcome to my page! As I don't want to take the time away from my studies right now, I'm going to let my littlest sister Orod take over. Just to warn you, she's a little random on occasion. But she's been begging me to give her this space, so here it is. I hope she has fun with it! Bye now!

Hello minions, this is Orod1, the baby lupe. I'm planning on taking over Neopia eventually, but right now I'm making screenies. I hope you enjoy them. Yes, that's why I need Laurie's space, so I can make people like me. That way, when I take over Neopia, nobody will object! Aren't I a genius? Oh, and one more thing. I'm stunningly gorgeous, NOT cute. Therefore, if you value your health, you will NOT call me cute. Clear? Good. Okay now. On to the screenies!!
New Edition!