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Djinn: n.
In Muslim legend, a spirit often capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence. ♥

fabulous fonts by moi

Hello there~ My name is Nalla, and I'd like to welcome you to my font site, dubbed Djinn. This site opened on 1/18/12, to provide you with quality fonts for personal use.
If you'd like to request a personal font for yourself, or talk to me, contact me here!

This layout is v:2// Glittering Garlands


Huzzah - another long absence! I'm trying to get things back on track, but I just don't feel like fontmaking... aarg. I put up a font I made for my friend and one of the old pickups that I really liked as premades though. C:

Sorry for the long absence - I was getting over a bout of stomach flu. A recap of what happened to Djinn while I was eating oatmeal and trying to keep applesauce down:
  1. + 1 amazing affiliate - Solar Flare!
  2. I started (&finished) working on a new layout.
  3. We placed 2nd in Wisteria's SOTM - thanks for voting!
I removed the one of the valentine fonts since I couldn't part with the other two, and cleared the pickups/opened requests.

We got a new affiliate today; Harry Potter Fonts. They have the cutest fonts, and I love Allison's style. Anyway, I'm still working on that new layout, and I've decided to move all the valentine fonts to this page as part of the premades on here.
+ 4 fonts; + 1 affie

echhh! I'm so sick that I can barely open up the computer without vomiting on it D: Fear not, I am still working on something special for Djinn's 1 month anniversary (happened yesterday - WHOO). On the other bright side, Quinn made me a beautiful button today :*
+ 1 button

Oh no! All the pasteable spaces aren't working:( HALLELUJAH! Ari @ Mockingjay found some spaces that work, so I am back!

sorry about the long absence - our power was out for a week D: Requests are now closed, but I'm working on some valentine fonts as well. I've also entered 3 SOTM competitions; wish me luck!
+ 1 listing, requests are closed:(

since it's the weekend, I've decided to open up requests for a bit. I also tweaked the request part a bit so that there is a direct link to contact me on there. I also requested a button from the ever-amazing Open Eyes! EDIT: omigosh Turnip it looks GREAT! thankyouthankyou!
requests open, + 1 request, + 1 button

happy groundhog day everyone! I completed 2 requests today, and I'm glad I got those done lol. Finally! I'm going to have to close them for now since I need to prep for some mid-years (I was sick when we took them). Yup:P
requests are now closed:(

got another button! *squees* thank you Katharine for the adorable button :P I also got 2 more requests (didn't expect them) today. I have a lot of schoolwork and swim team practices so they might be completed a little later than usual. sorry everyone:(
+ 2 requests, + 1 button

whoo finally got a button! Geez. Do you know how long it takes for all those formal request sites to finish your request? forever a while. so thankyouthankyouthankyou Elise!
+ 1 affie, + 1 request, + 1 listing

premade compositions

Note - this font uses the valentine chia avatar.

special wishes

Wish to request a special font for yourself? Simply mail the following form to me, with all parts filled out completely. You are not required to link back to me, but I would appreciate a small statement something along the lines of this: Font made by Nalla @ Djinn {/~latticework}.

requests are open closed
contact me!


Pickups were cleared on 3/12/12!

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Regarding Reviews

I do not take any reviews for this site. Frankly, I really don't care what you think regarding my page. This is my site, and I created it to express my creativity. If you don't like my fonts, or my layout, or my _______, don't visit this page - easy as pie.

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