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newest updates at the top !
July.03.09 - Removed one affie and got listed at 2 directories.

June.28.09 - I've started back up again. Due to my lazyness the site was dead for like ever! And now I'm back up. I just cleaned up A TON of dead affies and directories today but tomorrow I'll be making a new layout & updating the dailies! So check back. The Daily Click is back in business!

May.03.09 - Hi everyone! I'm alive! Sorry. The site hasnt been updated in months. Been extremely busy so I had a 2 month hiatus. And I sorta lost interest in neopets so I took a break. The site will be completely revamped soon! New layout and everything so keep checking back.

Feb.19.09 - Go reviewed by Outspoken Reviews and got an 89/100. I'm planning to clean the site up a little bit in the next few weeks so look forward to that! I'm planning to redo the banner, change the css a little bit, and more so it might take awhile but the site will still work!

Feb.18.09 - New affies! I also cleaned the sidebar up a bit.

Feb.14.09 - Got listed at Creating a Petpage's site registry and two new affies, The Neopian Newbie && Ace.

Feb.09.09 - Listed at and one new affie Whisper*! Go check out her site now!

Feb.08.09 - Added 8 new games to the easy games section.

Feb.06.09 - Cleaned up the affies section and got listed at Masquerade.

Feb.03.09 - Applied to be reviewed by and new affie, Outspoken Reviews.

Jan.31.09 - New affie, Creative Images. 50 affies! That means applying for affies is now closed!

Jan.30.09 - New affie, The Crepe Box. Go take their "What Crepe are You?" quiz!

Jan.29.09 - Reviewed by Review'd xDD and scored 99/100! YAAAAAY!

Jan.28.09 - Removed one affie and removed one from review pending section.

Jan.20.09 - Now listed at: Moonlit Links.

Jan.19.09 - 1 new affie, Status: UFT.

Jan.18.09 - Reviewed by Impassion Reviews and scored an 8/10! 2 new affies, Premades by Koko + Ohemgee. Also added an awards section.

Jan.17.09 - Added 1 guide, 7 new affies, listed at Angel's Palace, and recently reviewed by Second Thoughts and scored a 99/100! Yay!^^ Also edited the CSS a bit.

Jan.14.09 - Applied for more affies and directory listings. Also I'm being by reviewed by On The Board! Go leave me a review comment yourself ;)

Jan.14.09 - Happy Sloth Appreciation Day! Sorry for lack of updates. I've been super busy with school and haven't been able to update but I changed the healing springs image, cleaned up the navigation, deleted most hidden nps links (doesn't want to get iced), new once only daily, changed/fixed faerie crossword puzzle guide, and applied for reviews!

Jan.11.09 - 1 new affie and now listed at Exposed Roses

Jan.10.09 - Edit//: she took everything down and apologized.

Jan.09.09 - Fixed the Mysterious Symol Hole guide error. Also I added more guides for easier information.

Jan.08.09 - No new updates, but now we have over 50+ neopians visiting the site everyday according to Laedrina's pet page stats! So yay and thanks to you for visitng my site!

Jan.07.09 - Now affies with Spellbound! So go check their amazing custom layout site out! Sorry for lack of updates been really busy with school, homework, and other things but I added some more information to find the hidden nps section so you understand it better and edited the css stylesheet a bit.

Jan.04.09 - New affie Candy Box! Go check out her amazing review site now!^^

Jan.03.09 - Corrected the Potato Counter error, and added how many times you can play the game on Potato Counter and Guess the Weight of the Marrow. Also 5 new affies!

Jan.02.09 - Cleaned the sidebar up and got listed at Systematic! Also 2 new affies, Comity CSS and Premades by Bess, so go check their awesome page out!(:

Jan.01.09 - Happy New Years 09 (officially!). 4 new affies and I added 2 new dailies to the other section! I finally fixed the section headings! So yay xD! Meanwhile, go apply for affies! I always need more!

Dec.31.08 - Happy New Years! (if its already New Years) again xD. 1 new affie, Summer's Premades. Still working on fixing the section titles and made 1 new site button. We also got listed at Sunkissed Directory, and The Faerie Compass!

Dec.30.08 - Happy New Years! (if its already New Years)! Deleted some hidden nps links. Along with that, I moved the easy games section down and I'm made all the sections align more evenly. Now I need to fix the hover of the titles and I added a category navigation section to the sidebar. 7 new affies, and The Daily Click is now listed at Cosmic Burst, and Gold Nasar's Directory!

Dec.29.08 - We're now listed at Night's Directory, .dot Helpful Links and 1 new affie, Review Passions! I also added 10 more guides, and 2 new chance dailies :)

Dec.28.08 - New button and 14 new affies! Also the site is now listed at Vanilla Bean, Mahip's Helpful Links, and Soroptimist Directory! I reorganized the sidebar a bit(:

Dec.27.08 - Grand Opening! Check everything and out! Also add our link to your page or apply for affies!

The Daily Click

Welcome !

Hiya guest! Welcome to The Daily Click! A neopian dailies site opened since December 27 2008! At the Daily Click you'll find everything from helpful guides to tips for getting free & easy neopoints! So start clicking!(:


Only your main account can do dailies! Making multiple accounts or using side accounts for your dailies is against the Neopet Terms and Conditions! Anyone who does this will have ALL their neopet accounts frozen by TNT!

For more information on multiple/side accounts, please read Akaunts' Guide to Accounts

Freebies !

Free neopoints and free food! Who doesn't like freebies?!

Money Tree
Try to snag some free stuff

Meridell Rubbish Dump

Second-Hand Shoppe
Is there anything else than dung?!

Soup Kitchen
Must have less than 3k in
your bank account and shop till!
Free soup! YUMMY!

Giant Omelette
That must be a BIG omelette!

Giant Jelly

Rich Slorg
Get 50 - 100 nps free from this rich slorg!

Fruit Machine

Tiki Tack Tombola
Tombola dude is so rich, yet generous!

Coltzan's Shrine
Bless you, King Coltzan! *bows down*

Healing Springs
Heal your pets after battle or from
an evil blasting of the Snowager.

Meteor Crash Site
*pokes meteor with a stick*

Qasalan Expellibox
Play to get free nps, items, and even free neocash!

Lunar Temple
Can you read the constellations?

Weltrude's Toy Chest
Free books, neopoints or Petpet Park toys!

Altador Plot Prizes
Plot Guide
Only for people who completed the plot
Visit the council everyday to receive your plot prizes.

Daily Puzzle
Earn nps from answering this daily question!

Faerie Crossword Puzzle
Solve the crossword and it may increase your
pet's intelligence (random, but not often)!

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Avvie Dailies

These dailies might just give you a secret avatar!
Avatar Guide

Snowager sleeps at 6-7 am,
2-3 pm and 10-11 pm NST

Island Mystic
Read my future, if you can o.O

Neopian Haiku
Haiku= whaa? xD

Deserted Tomb
Evil Ghost Hissi lurks *shivers*

Mysterious Symol Hole

Petpet Cannibal!!

Lever of Doom
*pulls lever anyways*

Underwater Fishing
YAY! I caught an old rotten boot!

Grumpy Old King

Wise Old King
Is it possible to not have wisdom?

Ticket Booth

Concert Hall
Mynci security dude scares me...

How long will it take you to roll your cheese?

Pick Your Own
Dung and berries don't mix!

Buried Treasure
Can you find the treasure?

Deadly Dice
Count von Roo is only awake
during 12-1 am NST

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Wheels, bets and scratchcards, what will you win?

Winter Kiosk
We have a LOSER!
Way to rub it in :(

Deserted Fairground Scratchcards
Can I sscratch one?

Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk
That cybunny ate my scratchcard O_O

The Wheel of Excitement
Trust me, it's not that exciting...

Wheel of Knowledge
Welcome, scholars and scholaresses
Is scholaresses even a word?!

Wheel of Mediocrity
It's not good or bad...

Wheel Of Monotony
ZZZZZZ, huh! what?!

Wheel of Misfortune
Ewwww, I got a pile of sludge!

Poogle Racing

Turdle Racing

Neopian Lottery
Today's Jackpot Winner is...

Test Your Strength
How strong are you?

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Complete these quests, and they may just reward you...

Illusen's Glade
What does Illusen want now?!

Jhudora's Cloud
Are you willing to help evil?

Snow Faerie's Quest
The only one to say please -__-

The Witch's Tower
What's brewing in that stew of yours?

The Esophagot

The Brain Tree
No wonder his head's so big!

Mystery Island Kitchen

Faerieland Employment Agency
Find the perfect job for your pet!

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Seasonal Events

These special events are only available every now and then.

Monthly freebies
(once every month)
Get your free 2,000 nps and food!

Advent Calender
(everyday in December)
What item will you get today?

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Easy Games

Easy games for you to play to earn extra nps!

Wheel of Slime
(once every 8 hours)
Spin and land on a random amount of nps!

(5 spins everyday)
Watch the ads and spin on a
random amount of nps!

Fashion Fever
(3 times everyday)
Dress up a neopet and earn 300 nps!

Survey Shack: Majority Rules
Guide (3 times everyday)
Guess these neopian survey answers!

Math's Nightmare
Guide (3 times everyday)

The Search for Princess Lunara
Guide (3 times everyday)

Kass Basher
Guide (3 times everyday)
Whack that Kass!

Usuki Frenzy
(3 times everyday)
Hmmmm that's a maybe, or should I choose that other Usuki?

National Treasure 2 Trivia
Guide (3 times everyday)
History Can Remember YOU Forever

Nickelodeon's Big Green Help Trivia
Guide (3 times everyday)
How can you help the earth?

Guide (3 times everyday)
Test your Petpet Park trivia skills!

Meerca Chase 2
(3 times everyday)

Potato Counter
(3 times everyday)
One, two, three, four...

Guess the Weight of the Marrow
(once everyday)
367 pounds?, umm wait NO! 532 pounds?!

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Find the Hidden NPS

*These do not work for everyone and sometimes they take awhile for the nps to show up on your account so please be patient!
Hover all over the image to find the hidden red np, then click it to redeem your free nps.
*Deleted most links due to some guides being iced from the expired neopoint links

Apple Jacks
150 nps
Coming Soon
200 nps
Froot Loops
300 nps
Son of The Mask
250 nps

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Once Only

One time only! Get em' while you can ;)

Neopets Island Berry Crunch - 300 nps!
Continue clicking the right arrow on the did you know section until you reach the last page.

Neopets Portal A secret 250 free neopoints! SHHHH!

Purple Toolbar
View the pet lookup of a purple pet to get your new awesome toolbar!
A new purpley way to see neo xDD

World Scramble - 1,000 nps each!
Type them exactly as they are (NO CAPITALS!)
#26 frank sloth
#25 money tree
#24 snowmuncher
#23 yooyuball
#22 pandaphant
#21 woowoogrub

Little Pet Shoppe - 1,500 nps!
Open all 3 links below and click the Little Pet Shop ad at the top (if its not there, refresh). It doesn't mattter what order you click them in just as long as you click the ad at the top in ALL the links.
Mystery Island
Terror Mountain

Free Books
Ghoul Catchers
How to Draw
Ultimate Field Guide
Puzzles and Games!
Grey Faerie Chronicles
Ghoul Catchers - The Quest Continues
Ultimate Tips

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Want more neopoints? Or just want to read the news? Here are your daily clicks!

Collect your daily bank interest!
It will eventually add up!

Shop Till
Need extra pure?
Withdraw from your shop till!

Lab Ray
What will your pet be?

Petpet Lab Ray
ZAP your petpet too!

New Features
Hmmmm... what's new on neo today?

Stock Market

Mystery Island Training School
Nimmo Ninja is very in touch with his feng shui!

Swashbuckling Academy
Cap'n Threelegs' whip me into shape!

Explore all of Neopia!

Neopian Pound
Adopt a neopet from the pound,
you may find someone special.

*insert chatspeak here*

Neopian Times
Does the slorg write the editorial o.O?

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so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

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so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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