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Last Updated: 2/11/07
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So...yeah. You're walking down a spooky alley way when something shiny catches your eye. You look to your left and spot particularly bright spoon. "...A spoon?" You say to yourself. He aproach the spoon when suddenly...

You found my spoon!!"

A Gelertess comes bounding out of the shadows and glomps you, knocking you to the ground.
I've been looking all over for this thing! Thank you sooooooo much for finding it!!!" she said to you as she stuck the spoon in a pouch she was carrying around her chest.
You, dazed, ask, "Uh...You're...welcome?"

The perriwinkle-colored Gelertess grins ear-to-ear and replies happily, "As a tolken of my gratitude, I shall tell you about me!"

You groan but nod, prepairing yourself for a very long, boring petpage...

About Me

Whoa! Ok, so, my name's LaShieina. I'm sorry for the dumb name...I was given the name prolly by some dumb n00b. XD
Anyway, I'mma pretty lil' female Gelert, about 18 years old in human years.
I was born in Neopian Central where my owner adandoned me on the streets as a pup. After only a few lonely days I was found by a mutant grundo who took me and raised me in the Virtrupets Spacestation. That is where I was trained to become a P.I.N. (Private Investigator of Neopia), which is sorta like the FBI on Earth.
I was certified when I was about 15 years old.
I still live at the Virtrupets Spacestation, but I often go to Neopian Central to visit my "owner", bikeman660.

Name: LaShieina
Alias: Shi
Age: 18 (human years)
Gender: Female
Coat color: Perriwinkle
Hair color: Dark blue :3
Eye Color: Yellow-green
Other/Acessories: Paws on hind legs are cream colored; wears special claw "gloves" on front paws; Purple bracelet on front left leg

Blood Family: None :/
Crush: Hahahah yeah right XD
Love: uh, NONE
Pups: O-o uh, NONE!

My Family

Oh, I have no family. *she sighs*


I have no friends either! *sob*

Likes and Dislikes

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