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Welcome to Exchange's brand new guild portal!
This should be your first stop if you're a new member! Check out all we have to offer, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact a council member linked above.

Bulletin Board

Here can be found personal bulletins from guild members or guild related bulletins from council!

Background Wanted!
Crystal is DESPERATELY seeking the Magical Spring Kingdom Background! If you know of one, have one to trade, etc., please let her know ASAP!


UCs/Names/Painted Pets UFT
Rebekah has got some amazing names/painted pets UFT here. Please check them out and contact her if you have any offers and would like to trade!


Plushie Paint Brush UFT/Sale
Trading Plushie Paint Brush for Lost Desert Draik Egg. Or NF only auction for 4.5M. Both transactions are negotiable. Just mail Silver.


Seeking Baby Paint Brush
Kayla (simple__dreams) is currently seeking a good deal on a Baby Paint Brush. Please Neomail her if you know of one for sale. Thank you!


Selling Lab Map Piece #5
Rebekah is selling piece #5 of the Secret Lab Map! She is discounting it for members of Exchange only. Message her to work out a deal!

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Our Creative Corner

Welcome to our guild's Creative Corner! Do you have any artistic qualities you can share with us? Do you write stories, poems? Draw art? Make guides, write a blog... anything of that sort? Send in the following app, and share it with the rest of the guild!
Also: Feel free to take a look at the Scoreboard point system to see how sending in a project/running a guild page can benefit you point-wise... ;)

My project idea:
Is it from the Creative Ideas section?
What my project will include:
How often I can update this project:
My activity rating (on a scale of 1-10):
Will your project include a petpage?
My coding expertise percentage:
A link to an example of my work on this project:

Our Creative Members

Who are some of our most creative members? See below who they are, and what they have created!


Silver has created:

Guild Banners:

Guild Buttons:

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Creative Ideas

Want to run a page/activity, but you just aren't sure what you want it to be? Come here for some thrown-up-in-the-air ideas! Fill out the application above, and send it to Rebekah if you are interested in taking up any of them!

Idea #1 - Exchange Game Challenges
Details: A lot like Neo's Better Than You, but guild style! A challenge to all members to win the highest score in one certain game here on Neo once a month! Message Kenzie for more details/ideas on this activity!

Idea #2 - Exchange Storyboard
Details: Someone starts a topic in the GC (Guild Chat - Neo's Guild Message Boards) especially for the guild, and starts off a paragraph to the beginning of a story. Then the next person continues the story with their post in a paragraph, then the next member continues the story with a paragraph, etc.! Message Crystal for more details/ideas on this activity!

Send YOUR idea in here!

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Moved Creative Ideas and Creative Corner to this page! Also added Quick Navigation links.

Page created! A work in progress. :)

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