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Adorable Yellow Mallard Float Ring

Altador Cup Binoculars Staff

Altador Cup Masters Blazer

Announcing Time Background

Antique Key Wings

Aquatic Staff

Arkmite Pool Foreground

Assorted Fruits Shower

Baby Elf Hat

Baby Oversized Toy

Baby Tuxedo

Baby Valentine Wings

Baby Zomutt Costume

Balloon Centrepiece Garland

Balloon Face Paint

Beach Fountain Foreground

Beach Sandals

Beautifully Decorated Flower Arch

Big Bag of Coal

Birthday Cupcake Apron

Birthday Tutu and Tights

Blinking Holiday Nose Light

Blossoming Flower Hat

Blue and Green Splash Facepaint

Blue Summer Trousers

Bounty Hunter Wings

Bowling Shirt

Branch and Star Garland

Brightly Coloured Spring Capelet

Brightvale Castle Dress

Broken Heart Thought Bubble

Bubbling Clam Shell Foreground

Candelabra Wings

Candy Corn Shirt

Candy Poinsettia Wand

Captain K Helmet

Captain Threelegs Quarters Background

Carnival Background

Carnival Fan

Carnival Hat

Carnival Jacket and Shirt

Carnival Mask

Carnival Ruffle Collar

Carnival Shoes

Carnival Trousers

Carnival Wings

Caroler Cane

Carousel Dress

Cheerful Watermelon Headband

Cheery Spring Skirt

Cherry Shower

Chocolate Strawberry Wand

Classic Street Lamp

Cobrall Constrictor

Colourful Candies Garland

Colourful Coral Trident

Colourful Dandelion Foreground

Colourful Draphly Hat

Colourful Negg Hair Bow

Colourful Painted Negg Wings

Colourful Pinwheel Foreground

Constellation Sword

Cooking Apron

Creepy Glowing Jack-O-Lantern Garland

Creepy Skull Bracelet

Cute Kougra Eye Glasses

Dapper Deathly Union Top Hat

Dapper Deathly Union Trousers

Darigan Team Crazy Wig

Darigan Team Trousers and Cleats

Dark Faerie Magic Wig

Dark Faerie Shadow

Dark Nova Handheld Plushie

Delinas Collectors Wig

Deluxe Altador Cup Hoodie

Deserted Town Background

Diamond Flower Tiara

Disturbing Handheld Mirror

Dreamy Hearts Shower

Dripping Brucicle Bouquet

Earthy Magnifying Glass

Elegant Cobrall Dress

Elegant Gemstone Wand

Ethereal Chain Scarf

Ethereal Spirit Hat

Ethereal Spirit Trousers

Exploding Pillow Foreground

Exquisite Chandelier Garland

Extra Large Decorated Tree Staff

Extravagant Birthday Stage

Eyeball Flower Staff

Fabric Clothesline Garland

Faerie Head Wreath

Faerie Lenny Bouquet

Faerie Wings Basket Handheld

Fancy Gemstone Tiara

Fancy Snowboarding Helmet

Fearsome Fish Bone Staff

Festive Birthday Wig

Festive Fireworks Cart

Festive Green Gloves

Festive Holly Frame

Festive Lighted Tree Foreground

Festive Stick of Gift Boxes

Fiery Anvil of Doom

Figure Skating Skates and Tights

Flaming Tiki Torches

Floating Haunted Locker

Floral Spring Dress

Floral Swim Trunks

Flower Handheld Plushie

Flower Mazzew Handheld Plushie

Flower Petal Umbrella

Flower Ribbon Mask

Flower Star Wand

Flowering Logs Foreground

Flowering Vine Sun Glasses

Flowers in Pitchers Foreground

Flowery Cutlass

Flying Feather Pillow Shower

Friendly Slorg Gloves

Frills and Dots Top

Gadgadsbogen Fruit Staff

Garden Tea Flowering Planter

Gem and Ribbon Necklace

General Kass Jacket

Ghost Meepit Head Bonk

Ghost Pirate Ship Background

Ghostkerchief and Jack-O-Lantern String Lights

Ghostly Floating Aisha Head

Giant Oversized Pawkeet Plushie

Gift Exchange Aftermath Background

Gift Wrap Kauboy Hat

Gilded Yooyuball Chalice

Gold Sequin Top Hat

Golden Flower Necklace

Golden Snowflake Wings

Gothic Costume Kacheek Plushie

Gothic Holiday Chandelier

Gothic Ornament Wings

Gothic School Girl Tights and Boots

Gothic Star Wings

Gothic Updo Wig

Green and White Striped Tutu with Tights

Gwortz Beanie

Hair Bow Shower

Halloween Tutu

Handheld Key to Spring

Handsome Icicle Jacket

Hanging From The Tree Garland

Hanging Mirror Garland

Hanging Out by the Fire Background

Hanging Potted Plants Garland

Happy Holidays Sleeping Cap

Happy Holidays Wrought Iron Fence

Heart Balloon Arch

Hearts on Fire Shower

Holiday Breeches

Holiday Celebration Feather Headband

Holiday Decorated Tombstones

Holiday Flower Crochet Hat

Holiday Grass Skirt

Holiday Mohawk

Holiday Ornament Mask

Holiday Pine Cone Tree

Holiday Tree Ski Stocks

Holiday Tuxedo Top

Holly and Vine Wig

Icicle Mohawk

Icy Igloo Wig

Illusen Curtains

Inflatable Holiday Tree

Iridescent Bells Garland

Island Holiday Background

Its Raining Puppyblew and Kadoatie Plushies Shower

Jack-o-Lantern House Background

Jars of Easter Goodies Foreground

Jeweled Tiara Shower

King Roos Daily Dare Staff

Knitted Flower Gloves

Land of Gifts Background

Large Straw Umbrella

Lawyerbot Head

Layered Moltaran Skirt

Lemonade Stand Table

Lighted Lamp Fence Foreground

Lil Frankie Handheld Plushie

Lily Pad Flower Hat

Living in Watermelon Foreground and Background

Lost Mittens Garland

Lovely Flower Corsage

Lovely Heart Arbour

Lovely Rose Cardigan

Lucky Clover Shower

Lulus Adventure Satchel

Lutari Nutcracker Handheld Plushie

Magical Birthday Celebration Background

Magma Pit Foreground

Malevolent Sentient Birthday Poogle Handheld Plushie

Mayor of Moltaras Mustache

Menacing Clockwork Grundos Trinket

Metal Daisy-shaped Flower Shield

Miniature All-Purpose Writing Table

Miniature Floating Hot Air Balloon

Miniature Spring Negg House

MiniMME10-S1: Mystical Genie Lamp

MiniMME9-S1: Pretty Spring Umbrella

Miss Altador Wig and Crown

MME11-S2: Frozen Cocoon Garland

MME9-S1: Nearly Inescapable Tank

MME9-S2: Tentacle Takeover

MME9-S4a: Tentacle Skirt

MME9-S4b: Tentacle Wig

Moltara Inventor Hat and Goggles

Moltara Inventor Trousers

Moltara Inventors Work Table

Monarchial Wig

Money Tree Cupcake

Multi-Coloured Spring Arbor

Museum Habitat Background

Music Class Background

Mynci Defender Flag Trinket

Mystical Green Wand

NC Mall Third Birthday Pinata

New Years Hat with Surprise

Nightmare Garland

Ninja Shadow Attack

Number 2 Balloon

Nuranna Face Paint

Nutcracker Toy Soldier

Obsidian Gem Tiara

Ocean Warrior Bodice

Ocean Warrior Helmet

Orbiting Planets Garland

Ornament Garland Archway

Ornament Necklace

Ornamental Shenkuu Headband

Ornate Coffin Satchel

Ornate Pirate Parasol

Out of Control Hose Foreground

Oversized Compass

Oversized Squishable Yooyu

Overstuffed Larnikin Handheld Plushie

Painters Supply Table

Parchment Garland

Pastel Striped Trousers

Patchwork Holiday Winter Coat

Patchwork Staff

Patchwork Striped Hat

Patchwork Tiara

Patterned Lamp Garland

Peppermint Garland

Petpetpet Gymnastic Trinket

Picnic Skirt

Pikis Valentine Goodie Bag

Pink Bow and Sparkles Headband

Pirate Bunk Background

Pirate Knots Shirt

Plush Heart Scarf

Poinsettia Pinwheel Wand

Poinsettia Skirt

Polka Dot Short-Sleeved Hoodie

Pop-Up Halloween Card Background

Potted Plants Foreground

Powder Blue Hat and Wig

Pressed Flower Wings

Pretty Hanging Plant

Pretty Plaid Shoes

Purple Spyder Web Mask

Purple String Mittens

Radiant Pink Wig with Gothic Headband

Rainbow Eye Facepaint

Rainbow Wax Shield

Red Holiday Ornament Wings

Red Polka Dot Skirt

Roo Island Gates Foreground

Roo Island Toy Merry Go Round

Roses and Pine Cones Garland

Scored Goal Background

Sea Foam Green Wig

Sea Shell Foreground

Seed Pod Shower

Set Anchor Staff

Shenkuu Bridge Foreground

Shimmering Crystal Array

Shining Princess Clock Garland

Short Blue Wig

Shower Curtain Wings

Side Ponytail Green Wig

Silly Sun Headband

Silver and Gold Balloon Confetti Shower

Silver Sequined Jacket

Singing Jack-O-Lanterns Garland

Skull Patterned Skirt

Skull String Lights

Sleeveless Ruffled Bow Shirt

Slumber Celebration Background

Slumber Celebration Pyjama Bottoms

Slumber Celebration Pyjama Top

Smart School Girl Eye Glasses

Snowagers Spare Cave Background

Snowy Holiday Tree Lot Background

Snowy Holiday Umbrella

Sovereignly Jacket

Sparkling Vine Facepaint

Sparkly Purple Tuxedo Top with White Shirt Underneath

Spiked Ninja Bracers

Spinning Flower Goggles

Spring Cardigan Sweater

Spring Clothes Line

Spring Flower Bodice

Spring Flower Coat

Spring Flower Hat

Spring Garden Bouquet

Spring Plaid Shirt and Vest

Spyder Web Hat and Wig

Stained Glass Floor Lamp

Starry Night Sky Wig

Striped Summer Dress

Sugary Sweets Wand

Summer Chia Fruit Sculpture

Summer Ruffle Shirt

Super Sleuth Hat and Wig

Super Spiky Wig

Swirling Hearts Head Bonk

Sword Collection Garland

Table of Holiday Treats

Taelias Collectors Coat

Tapestry Enamel Wings

Tarla Wig with Horns

Tattered Straitjacket

Techo Master Cane Sword

Techo Masters Abode Background

Thoughtful Holiday Bouquet

Ticking Time Foreground

Tied to the Mast Background

Tinsel Trees Foreground

Tornado Garland

Training Equipment Background

Tranquil Meditation Tree

Tree House Background

Trio of Stars Wand

Tropical Flower Facepaint

Twirling Fire Baton

Ultra Busy Holiday Factory Background

Unidentified Hatching Egg

Unsettling Lamp Set

Unsettling Statuette Foreground

Valentine Baby Bonnet

Valentine Tuxedo Top

Valentines Bouquet Garland

Vibrant Gears Garland

VIN Suite Foreground

Virtupets Sleigh Background

Vision of Hearts

Wacky Tomamu Hat

Warm Yellow Cardigan

Warrior Glade Background

Winding Vine Belt

Winged Hearts Garland

Winter Hair Flower

Wispy Valentine Wings

Wooden Birdhouse Background

Wooden Funicular

Yarn Decorations Garland

Yooyu Ball Shower

Yooyu Waiter Statue

Yooyuball News Ticker Foreground

Hard to Part

Aethias Collectors Shield

Circus Contacts

Coal Contacts

Commemorative Neopets Plush Tag

Dark Blue Contacts

Dazzling Silk Skirt

Decorative Branch Archway

Dessert Party Background

Elaborate Shell Wings

Elegant Blue Purse

Exploding Coconut

Full Mint Green Contacts

Fyora Wing Garland

Glittering Gold Contacts

Gothic School Girl Satchel

Knitted Flower Hairband and Wig

Lacy Cobweb Wings

Long Brown Autumn Wig

Meepit Costume Gloves

MME14-S1: Snorkle Bank of Prosperity

MME14-S3: Striking Golden Caplet

Operatic Star Shoes

Orange Contacts

Peppermint Contacts

Purple Velvet Curtains

Roo Island Bug Wings

Shining Princess Gloves

Shining Star Staff

Snowflake Contacts

Sparkling Red Holiday Dress

Sparkling Star Shower

Strawberry Vine Garland

Whimsical Toy Train Background

Wooden Flower Gate Foreground

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I want to stay on Neopets,
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You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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