Hello, and welcome to Glitches Fixes! I'm Nessa.

The purpose of this site is to try to gather as much information as possible about current glitches and fixes on Neopets. If you have a glitch and/or fix not listed here, please Neomail me!

Please remember that the fixes may not help everyone.

Glitches Listed: 13
Fixes Listed: 9
Glitches Fixed: 12

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of your support! I am glad people find this site useful and your support is appreciated a lot.

Glitches + Fixes

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*# = Reference

  • Glitch: Meerca Chase II won't work.
  • Fix: Unknown.
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Glitch Updated: 02.10.13

  • Glitch: Birthday is reset to a different date.
  • Fix: Unknown. However, be sure to memorize the new birth date in case you need to use it to log in.
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Glitch Updated: 02.10.13

  • Glitch:The next page of a Neoboard can't be seen in the list of pages right away.
  • Fix: In the address bar where it says "next=XYZ", add 20 to the number, or 2 to Y. For example, if it says "next=120", change it to "next=140".
  • Cause: Posts being deleted (such as when someone is silenced or warned).
  • Glitch Updated: 01.30.13

  • Glitch: Dice Escape won't send score, and therefore, won't grant the avatar.
  • Fix: Try a different browser.
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Glitch Updated: 01.28.13

  • Glitch: My Support page won't work.
  • Fix: Unknown.
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Glitch Updated: 01.28.13

  • Glitch: While playing games, arrow key controls stick/page moves.
  • Fix: Check to make sure your keys don't have anything under them. If the screen still moves, it's a Neopets problem. Play the game in XL screen. (Can be found on the page before clicking "Click to Play.")
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Glitch Updated: 01.28.13

  • Glitch: Takes a long time for pets to be checked in/out of NeoLodge.
  • Fix: Wait it out.
  • Cause: Possibly could be due to heavy traffic on the site.
  • Glitch Updated: 09.03.12

  • Glitch: Gourmet Club Bowls, along with some other games won't load.
  • Fix: Unknown
  • Cause: Shockwave Error/Unknown.
  • Glitch Updated: 03.18.11

  • Glitch: Cannot save petpages/Cannot see Save Changes button.
  • Fix: Go to the top of your browser where it says things such as File, Edit, View. Click View, Style, No Style. Or add 20+ br codes to the bottom of your coding. Also you can try zooming out. (Ctrl and -. Ctrl and + to zoom back in.)
  • Cause: Your coding is covering up your save button.
  • Glitch Updated: 02.05.11

  • Glitch: Pets show up as grey gears.
  • Fix: Wait it out or re-customise and save. *2
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Glitch Updated: 02.06.11

  • Glitch: Eyes are not showing up on Ogrins, Biscuit pets and Moehogs.
  • Fix: Make sure your Ogrin/Moehog/Biscuit is happy. If it has it's "happy face," it should take care of the glitch.
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Glitch Updated: 09.11.11

  • Glitch: P3s in Habi not working/falling asleep even if they aren't tired.
  • Fix: Refresh page.
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Glitch Updated: 02.02.11

  • Fixed Glitches

  • Glitch: Lost Desert Scratchcards are blank.
  • Fix: Unknown.
  • Cause: Unknown. Some people are able to see the scratchcards, but most aren't.
  • Glitch Updated: 02.10.13

  • Glitch: Cannot create accounts.
  • Fix: Try once an hour to make one.
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Glitch Updated: 03.03.11

  • Glitch: Cannot Update Userlookup/PW.
  • Fix: Log out, and back in, then try again. This doesn't work for everyone but it's worth a try.
  • Cause: Unknown
  • Glitch Updated: 02.05.11

  • Glitch: Petpages and User Lookups are messed up.
  • Fix: Re-code according to the new filters. *1
  • Cause: This is not a glitch. TNT changed filters.
  • Glitch Updated: 02.02.11

  • Glitch: P3s turn invisible.
  • Fix: Refresh page or wait it out.
  • Cause: Unknown.
  • Glitch Updated: 02.02.11

  • FAQ

    Q. Why is there more glitches than fixes?
    A. This is a glitch listing site. Most glitches don't even have fixes. Some people just want to know if they are the only one experiencing a glitch. If you have a fix, you are more than welcome to send it in! It's very much appreciated!

    Q.How do you find out about the glitches?
    A. I like to be on Help Chat so I see "Is this a glitch?" boards a lot.

    Q.How do you know when a glitch is fixed?
    A.It depends. Sometimes I ask on HC to see if it's still going on. Sometimes I test it myself.


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  • References

    Coding Guide 1
    Coding Guide 2
    Coding Guide 3

    *2: Editorial #390 - 1st Question

    *3: Editorial #486 - 2nd Question


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