Gender: Female
Age: About twice as old as she looks
Species: Faerie Kacheek
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Orange
Birthdate: 6 Nov (Scorpio)
Other: 2 pairs of sharp wings, red with yellow markings
Occupation: Stylist, accountant

I thought I'd be able to live a quiet life here, but no such luck. At least I'll always look young. Is trying to look nice such a crime?

A refined and straight laced authority figure of the house, she tries to keep things in order and she tends to be very harsh and critical of everyone she runs into. Kuviera is not a natural faerie; she was zapped that way with the lab ray (but then, who is "natural born" anything these days?) Technically she is an adult but looks like a typical young whiner. Her attractive/long lasting looks are something she is grudgingly proud of but the lack of respect she gets for looking like a young lady ends in a lot of snippiness. As a veteran of the workplace she finds lots of reasons to patronize her slacker siblings. Even now when she does not have to work, she keeps herself busy by trying to make the family fashionable on what means they can spare on that kind of thing. She does have the tendency to make things sound worse than they are (especially regarding money) but it's hard to say she's unhappier than she was in the past. Life's all right. It could be worse. She likes to say that.

re: Misadori
They probably couldn't be more different than they are, business lady and wild tiger, but time and a lot of unlucky situations has kept them tied together somehow. Kuve is sort of a stick in the mud but she's sensitive enough to know Misa's intentions are always trying to get her to feel better. In response for her friendship during the worst of times, Kuvirea trusts Misadori with a heck of a lot more than most people would. Misa being the way she is, things sometimes end up a little messy, but Kuve covers for her and probably would have no real fun in life - maybe even life at all - without her.

re: Kieruu
Closest thing she has to a kid or a kid brother, and ever will have, really. They make a decent combination and a terror for competition: Kuve is a strict mom-figure and one of those who has huge ambitions for the kid, but K has been able to keep up thus far, and this makes her proud. One thing though, she does worry a lot for his safety since seeing him in a total slump (before she and Misa took him in) and has shielded him from a lot of the real world as a result. K's the kind to want to protect his family, eventually, but is he prepared?

re: Saohme
A childhood schoolmate of Kuvirea's from the countryside mansion, back when she was more adventurous and he would do anything she said. They haven't been in touch though, as in their final school year they made the unwise decision to run away and during that trip, Sao was whisked away from camp in a dangerous area. When he turned up in their city years later, she obviously felt some old sentiments, and regret, but she's smarter than before; despite some inclinations to take care of him there's obviously something different, and not right. Their relationship is pretty cordial these days, she's more of a mindful landlord than a true friend. However, they still have some things in common. From taking the same etiquette classes as kids, Kuve and Sao are both the kind to dress well and behave in public, even if they're inwardly on edge or not really feeling social.

Kuvirea may be more fond for Sao out of history than many others, and secretly wish to apologize for years apart, but K is probably more important to her. And Sao's bad influence on the kid gets no marks there.

re: 3quest
Kuvirea's not known for her friendliness, and has the cold belief that a lot of misfortune comes only because of oneself_ but when faced with trouble in person she does have an impulse to help those (of a particular type) she sees in need. So that's what 3quest got, when she was just a simple soft-spoken coworker who had a sort of shy admiration but never the kind to follow up on anything. Kuvirea helped her move up in the world and in confidence, and gained a loyal, casual companion there.

3quest also reminds her a little of Misadori? Tall, association with green and white, but missing the self assurance. Hm...

Towards reality
--If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
--Something wrong with right here?
--I would want to live with the faeries. They have the best fashion. And they have the best economy.
--That's not something I considered.
Looking a little embarrassed, she continued, --They also live above the clouds. Faeries see everything.
--Sounds more like you want to be a faerie than live in their city.

One of many similar conversations held in the mansion in the flat field of flowers, surrounded by forest. Nobody knows who owned it, but it was always well stocked, with regular workers, good meals and a number of lucky children.

This was the first place Kuvirea remembered living, and where she met her friend Saohme. Although she liked to think of herself as a practical realist, Kuvirea had a fantastical mind of her own. She thought faeries were the sweetest thing and wanted to be one and live among them, among the clouds and birds and the other extraordinary creatures of Neopia's skies. The problem was, do you know how much those things used to cost?

So the talk continued for years, until one day, when they figured they were old enough (although it was not like anyone would stop them) the two cheerful little kids decided they would head out and seek fame and fortune on their own. And if they happened to make it to the land of the Faeries, all the better. The mansion (or, where they were told it was) and the little cloud on the map looked so close together. How hard could it be?
Then the dreamy little girl and her friend caught an idea in their heads from the famous citizens of beautiful and expensive coloring. They would go on a journey to find their fortunes and get what they were looking for, and come back in a blaze of sparkles and glory.

Where would they go? What would they do? Who knows, they were kids and an adventure seemed like the thing to do. And so off they set from their clean white mansion with sandwich bags and light camping gear into the big wonderful world. The two of them, young and blue and ready for a good time.

They walked among the fields of flowers around the mansion into the thick forest and immediately got lost. But that didn't matter, because they did not know where they were headed anyway. They emerged somewhere in the west where things were gloomy and dark. They didn't know where they were supposed to be, but knew that this wasn't the right place. Saohme seemed to remain optimistic, but Kuvirea knew it was as far from fortune as they could have imagined. She was already on her way to becoming a better practical realist.

The sky grew darker as they stopped to rest for the first time since the start of their journey towards nothing in particular; it seemed that a storm might start. When Kuvirea pointed this out, Sao said nothing. The misfortunes didn't stop there. They had happened upon an area of frequent accidents and horrors that their innocent little minds had no concept of. This area between forests was prime real estate for fringe groups that had a reason to hide. Such groups could only not hide from each other. Hence, violence and mayhem. This was no place for kids.

So it was no surprise that Kuvirea was woken up by the sounds of her friend being removed from their resting spot. A little talking, some hasty footsteps all in a haze. She didn't see a thing, until he was long gone. She was scared, but angry, but still too scared to do anything and fled. The dream was gone from then on. She became more of what she is today.
--Are you hungry?
--Me too. I wish I could buy something.

Why was this girl so cheerful? She didn't seem to be here to beg, though… Kuvirea frowned. –You don't have any money on you?

--Why would I?
--You're a strange one. Who are you?
--Misadori. How about you?
--Just another hiker.
--You don't look dressed for a hike.

All this happened in a lodge in the mountains. Kuvirea had walked this far but was losing the will to go any further. Where was she going to go, anyway? The land in the sky was out of the question, maybe it was time to let herself come down back to earth. And who would miss a single traveler if they were to walk off the edge of the cliff...?

Well, that plan was out of the question now that someone was here talking to her. The constant smile was somewhat aggravating, but she seemed like such a friendly face in a sea of burly travelers, all heads taller than them both.

They weren't the only dangerous things out there either. Kuvirea originally followed Misadori out of mild concern. The two of them left the mountains and wandered over the countryside to the port which would take them to another part of the world. There wasn't much of consequence to talk about, which was probably for the better.

Even though responsibilities were piling up, things felt normal again. She didn't even protest when Misadori insisted on taking along the next kid they met, a watery eyed child hiding in crates. He could not have been older than ten and refused to talk.

--Is he even alive?
--I see breathing. Look! He opened his eyes.
–I see. And that's not an 'it.
--He looks hungry.
--We all are. There's nothing we can do. We should really head off soon.

In spite of what she said, she was right there along with Misadori coaxing out the weird little kid from behind the boxes. Although she did refuse to hold his hand as they boarded the ship. He looked like he had not changed clothes in months. He also looked as if he might have problems beyond that.
Getting the job was fairly easy. All dolled up, now healthy and warm in coloring from her lab treatment, with briefcase in hand, she was expected to do fine at the firm. Travel experience seemed valuable. So did the education she had received at the mansion. Wings were also a plus. Another gift from the lab.

Doing the job wasn't much of a challenge. Tabulating figures and writing up reports for owners of big money was little to do compared to what she has to do at home to keep Kieruu and Misadori in line. For one who had started out so cynical and blue (she still fit half of this description) she was found one of the brighter characters of the fashion company.

But her favorite part of the whole thing was leaving. The city in the sky was a great place to work. The pay was good. The people were fabulous. The view was of course, fantastic. But it all dried up faster than expected. Or maybe she had been expecting it. How exciting were faeries to someone that had grown up? They were nothing but colorful businessmen (and women.) So, with enough money to sustain herself for the next few years, Kuvirea left the clouds and went back down to earth. Like many places she had passed through, she wouldn't be back there.

When she left, a grateful co-worker watched her pull all her papers and dresses and photos together and said, --Thanks for everything.
--Thank you,
she replied, not really knowing who this was, but courteous enough.
--Maybe we can meet up down there, you know, one day.
--Sure, she said, although she never expected to see this co-worker again.
She was wrong about that.

In the years to come, things were riotous and busy but somehow peaceful. There was no shortage of things to do and fix in the wake of her sister and for all the yelling that ensued each time, things were good. Sometimes she could still muster a smile at the kids around town who still thought faeries were the greatest form of life in the world. Old stories didn't really hurt anybody, for the most part.
The dead are always the most fondly remembered, but as soon as they come back, trust them to just toss life down the drain.

It wasn't all that bad, to start with. Catoble, a family friend (or vague acquaintance, in Kuvirea's case) returned to Neopia Central from an incomplete schooling with one more person that expected. He was tall and quiet and kind of smug, but not all that familiar. The skeletal mask permanently stuck to his face just added to his alien look. Once he started hanging around the house, she had to approach him, and then there was no doubt.

--He's not going away. What should we do?
--I don't know,
Misadori said. –But I don't really want to let him in. He doesn't look...
--Did Catoble say where he found him?
--On the beach? No, not a beach, near the sea but not a beach. Is he digging through the trash?
--I could try to chase him away,
Kieruu offered.
--Maybe, shrugged Misadori, who had never chased anyone away from the house in her life.

Odd. But as usual the verdict of the house was left up the Kuvirea. Had this not been the case, Saohme might have been run out of their dumpster right there and then. When she went up to him, he was sleeping on top of a cardboard box. He woke up and stared at her cooly and levelly, the same way he did when they were kids.

There were some things off at the time that were harder to notice. He seemed thinner, not just because of a lack of food, but overall lankier, like his body had changed. He moved like a slug, swinging his legs over the black plastic bags. He held that axe like there was something that required it an quiet, empty suburban corner.

But the face was the same. That was enough for the time being. He couldn't just be run out of the alleyway.

--Well, you're not just going to live out here for the rest of your life, are you?

Working notes: Her age specifics are a little flaky but she got to the city when she was ~14 and when she "became" faerie she got kinda stuck, she's adult age but looks like an angry teenager. In actual age shes really a little older than Misadori...

The way I color is very much attributed to trying to work around a purple and orange character. She was blue to begin with and was one of my first pets so I was thinking of making her a blue faerie, but actually faerie kacheeks have a pretty pleasant color scheme. So I started to think of a way to combine her colors and with pink in between it kind of works. Not really a combination I did for any character or drawing before her but hey I use those two all the time now.

She's my only non-bird petsite char who can fly, but not far or high; she's easily pushed by wind. From the ground to first/second storey window would be alright. But up a skyscraper or between towns, not going to happen.

Art by others

rhubee did this for an early art trade. Shows her attitude nicely, haha.
starslumber tries to kill me with cuteness.
eisha was the first to draw her with a book. This was about when I started giving her all my SBD junk to read.

jezdic shows the sass
supercandyhearts was someone I talked about art programs with, and then I got this~
pippa6200 drew another happy Kuve! I guess she's happy that so many people choose to draw her over the others, haha.

courtshipp :3 :3 :3
hosinoko0620 did this picture, it matches one of Misadori.
hobbitses drew the rare quad Kuvirea.

nemossan drew this beautifully colored thing *~*~*
55greyhat55 drew a more businesslike Kuve. A shorter skirt makes her look a lot taller.
KD originally sent me a bafflingly small file that turned out to be this when fullsized!

lightblue_butterfly drew this neat picture for a trade. At this point, her dress had a more secure design.
scarlet_melody14 always makes em look so beautiful!
Flower crown & a surprise, just in time for spring from Britt

Judgmental stare in this headshot from rukaisa.
Another cute one from an art trade with amelie.
A piece by fuzzy for a trade! It is oddly appropriate to her character history... or rather site history! You might spot something about her odd tastes on other pets pages ;)

Pixelly goodness from jannebanane (She's like Kuve's godmother or something, knowing her for... nearly as long as I've been active on neo)


Corny family photo session with springtime shirts. Top is back when it was just the 2 of them, second w the kid and eventually with the last guy. But wait... I have 5 main account pets now

A temporary petpage image before I drew another one where she was in a bit of a better mood haha

K zapped mutant again? And a techo? That just means he has to dress carefully... don't wanna spike through your Good scarf...

Small figs in the mood for Runway Rumble, a fashion event thing Misa and Vontarc did! En and Kuve are here to support their pals, the extra... pin lady is Amleth, old teacher of Von's and sewing enthusiast, though she might not be great at it. En is probably just as bad, Kuve is the only capable one oh no

Petpage set. Colorwise I liked hers the most! Also I realize she has more close friends than probably anyone... everyone needs her advice...

Prince/princessy knights for art chat Medieval Week. Sao already had a big (sorta impractical) weapon from his old job but Kuve doesn't normally use them. It's not proper...

Food for a guild prompt. Sushi? Some people aren't so good with chopsticks but that doesn't stop them. Guess who's paying for this one. And who's racking up the expensive plates. (all the pictures here)

Been a while since I traded NC/really wanted any item but I'm glad I got the white Cherry Blossoms. Now they can have tea under a slightly different colored tree from normal. Does she look like she's been getting more mellow lately?

Flowers for a big beauty contest week. Plant symbology? Maybe a little. Practice drawing something that I usually draw looking like kindergarten swirls? uhhh
Plumeria, amaryllis, sunflower, thornapple.

The full garden that got thrown in, sans the one pet I didn't get til later (Rai) and well...

Kuve was an exception during that contest, she was the only one of 19 to get kicked out, several times (thanks a lot TNT) So I redrew her a new one, and that one also got kicked. It was accepted a week later. Results for the big thing are on Shu's page

A fall palette picture~ and exercising my old tradition of making up clothes. Actually... around october K got sick because I fed him some gross food (that the others chose as monthly freebies and i forgot to get rid of) and then Sao got sick with a random events and it was all a mess.

I had quite a flower wreathy phase this year, but didn't draw Kuvirea much. fulfilling a duty I guess. She's lost her hat in recent times.

A little promotion for Operation Style's second round (I wasn't participating that time) with Kuve doing her old job.

I went on NC warpath for a few weeks summer 2013 and got most of my old wishlist out of the way. I also ended up with a lot of things I don't use over the years, so I did another dressup with that stuff. Playing around is what the extra clothes are there for, I guess. Kuve looks so different in non-black/pink/purple.

On one of my favorite nc backgrounds to use.

I really like tree wearables. I started trading NC to get some trees and now everyone has a tree of their own. Family trees.

3quest, you are a friend but don't do that you are too heavy. and someone much less welcome.


Designs are outdated! Hover for captions.


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