I am Matt and these are premade petpage layouts. If you have any questions about this page, the layouts, coding in general, or pizza toppings, feel free to Neomail me. If you do choose to use a premade, please leave the credit on, or include a link back somewhere on the page.
Please note that some layouts may look incorrect in the preview, but after you have saved, they will work correctly.

Last update: 5.25.2013 Updated a lister
Total layouts: 11 (5 styles)

This is the original layout

This one is Blue

This one is Berry

This one is Not Beet

This one is Purple

This one is Teal

This layout puts the title in the corner

This one is Blue-2

This one is Green-2

This one is Purple-2

This layout is extremely simple

This one is Simple Black

This layout has two columns

This one is Rust Red

This layout has an image in the bottom-right of the background

This one has a Pandaphant


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