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You enter the home belonging to a particularly disorganised individual's house. This so-called Chewy obviously hasn't had the time to fulfil her household duties, or a robbery must have occurred before your arrival. The thought that she might've been too lazy to bother cleaning up doesn't even cross your mind as you come across a safety deposit box that can't even be considered a 'safety' deposit box. Its contents are cluttered miserably all over the corner of the living room; however you suspect that it was deliberately done for the purpose of finding an item stored in its depths.

As you poke around, you conclude that the only place that seems relatively tidy (in stark contrast to the other rooms) is the kitchen. Its silver marble floor appears to have been mopped a number of times not long ago, as the floor is still wet. In fact, there are numerous puddles of water spilled on the floor, a couple of ice shards scattered among it. Looks like someone didn't know how to control a fridge and its magical abilities to spit water and ice cubes.

Ice cubes?

You glance over at the ice shards lying on the floor, but have no time to continue this trail of thought, however, because in that very moment a shout from a nearby room pierces the silence. You had forgotten for a second that you were in someone's house.



Regardless of what they just said, it sounds like the person is in desperate need of help. You quickly take initiative, rummage through the kitchen drawers and find a plastic lid of some sort!


Hang in there!! you speed towards the room the sounds are emanating from. With one firm grip on your lid, you mightily swing open the door, and light pours out of the room dramatically, blinding you for a moment.

An awkward silence creeps up as the light fades out. It seems to linger on for several minutes, until the Aisha speaks.

You must be... a visitor?

Huh? Her soft voice startles you, bringing you back to reality.

The Usul looks away thoughtfully. Hera did warn us of visitors, and... what was it we had to do? Greet them politely as they enter, introduce yourself and-- OW!

Hitting an elbow against the Usul's side, the girl walks towards you. You stare into her mysteriously bright yet unsaturated eyes, which stare right back.
I will be off. Good day.

With that, she passes you and out the door, leaving you and the Usul alone, who is rubbing his side.

So... uh. Sorry about that, whole, y'know... Scene. Lid-- I mean, Lidylana, is so mean. Ahaha, he apologises, chuckling a little.
What exactly... was that? you enquire.

He shuffles awkwardly on the spot, looking at the floor. Err... well. I suppose I owe you an explanation for what just happened, so you can stay for a while. This is my room, so welcome, I guess-- oh, and you can put that thing down. Not sure what you brought it for; why exactly do you have the lid for our cookie jar...?

You waddle over to his desk to place the unwanted cookie lid , trying to find space amidst the terrible clutter of paper and photos piled up across the desk. Um... what is all of this? You ask, peering at the mess.

The Usul laughs a little. Oh don't worry about it, you can just push some of that stuff over... try not to get crease marks on the paper if you can, though.

Curious, you swap the lid with a stack of papers and look through what seems to be some kind of brief biography sheet.


Name: Kulaine
Full Name: Kiyoshi De Laine
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthdate: December 9th
Sign: Sagittarius
Background: Australian-Japanese
Birthplace: Terror Mountain (Ice Caves)
Eyes: Teal
Hair: Blue with teal shades and cyan highlights
Clothing: Street fashion, smart casual
Type: Ice/Water
Species: Usul
Height:5'11" (181cm)
Build: Somewhat athletic
Companion: Sharpie the Powtry
Colour scheme: Blue and teal
Description: Easy-going, friendly and enjoys grooming, fashion and socialising. Tries to keep a positive outlook despite hard times.


Branded clothing
Cute Usul girls ♥
Neopia Central
Chilling with mates
The World Ends With You (Game)


Hyperactive people
Haunted Woods
Copyright infringement
Overly sweet food
Unnamed illnesses
Things out of character
Battledome battles


Hey! What are you doing? Kulaine suddenly appears next to you out of nowhere. This is just some stuff that I need for work... you see, I'm a freelance model at the moment and I was writing out some information about me. My likes and dislikes aren't going on the actual profile, though. He smiles.

You whisk through the paper again. Speaking of that section, what do you mean by unnamed illnesses? It just seems a little random...

Oh... well, I was actually about to get to that. He pulls up a chair for you and sits on his bed. You see, I have a little problem...

Hera: This boy does have problems. I will let you in on the details soon.
Kulaine: ...You make it sound like I'm some deranged freak. I'm perfectly stable.
Hera: But physically you're not.
Kulaine: Well... yeah. /hides in shame

One day, Zephyr the Faellie found a giant egg in his backyard. With every passing day he grew to love and care for it, and even went so far as to learn the language of Neopets and their Neopians in order to keep his friend company. However, what he did not know was that his newly hatched pal was a little bit special, and could not talk...

The silent kitten sat at the roots of the giant oak tree. There was no sound, but the voices she heard were eternal. Her eyes saw not the landscape around her, but the flashbacks of many memories. History could never be erased, and she knew that better than anyone; for she was able to see the past.

But her Slorg likes to disrupt her thoughts by being completely scared of her.

Her parents raised her to be an honest, polite girl. She was doing pretty well; it could have been something to do with her icy skin that affected the sensitivity of her heart, but she turned out to be a little too brutally honest...
This girl is Kulaine's guardian, I suppose! She has the ability to create ice as she pleases with her icicle antennae; Kulaine's tail needs freezing at random intervals, and so she has no choice but to follow him everywhere. And unfortunately, her icy personality contrasts a little too much with easygoing, warm Kulaine and she ends up wanting to freeze him to death. Poor girl.

Kulaine has no friends yet! :( Check back soon


Kulaine is an Usul- stylish, sociable, humorous in a lame way and often immerses himself in popular culture. Yep, he is clearly your average Ice Usul... until he is diagnosed with a rare and uncommon illness.

Symptoms include continuous water leakage and melting from his tail, but thankfully he feels no pain and is in no danger of losing his life. However, the illness refuses to disappear; he becomes unable to associate with many other people due to social awkwardness.

That is where Lidylana, the Ice Aisha comes into the scene.

As days pass, the number of ice treatments he has to receive from his doctor begins surmount to costs he cannot afford. Eventually, he quits receiving medication and treatments from the hospital and seeks other methods of maintaining his tail.

Upon finding professional advice, he hears of a particular forest nearby in Meridell completely sheltered by dark trees. The temperature is apparently almost as low as Terror Mountain in its depths.

There, he meets Lidylana; the girl with the ability to form and manipulate ice matter at her will. Kulaine first finds her during a training session, testing her powers in the forest- which is not exactly the best time to find her.
This leads to Lidylana being stuck with a sour first impression of Kulaine; annoying, noisy, and loud.
However, she receives a letter not long later. To her horror, she discovers that by the order of Kulaine's medical advisor with international doctors' approvals, she is to temporarily heal Kulaine's illness with her abilities while scientists attempt to find a possible cure. The thought of having to stand near that Usul is almost nauseating and an utter waste of her time, but she has no choice but to comply.

She is not a friendly Aisha.

What becomes of this Kulaine is of no interest to her.

She works alone and only by herself,
for one sole purpose...

And so the stories of Kulaine and Lidylana merge into one, and the real tale begins...


Well... that should be about it.

The Usul stuffed his last tank top into the overflowing luggage bag and peered around his now bare room for the final time. What had once been a vibrant room adorned with the many belongings of a teenage Usul boy was now empty, occupied only by the furniture that remained; it almost felt as though he had crammed his entire life in the bag before him. With a firm nod he forcefully dragged the zipper to the end and stood, ready to leave.

Moving out at the age of nineteen was considered quite early for an Usul. Heading out into the wide and open world of Neopia not as a child with his parents, but as a lone individual, was Kulaine's first step into adulthood. Even though he was very comfortable with life at his parents' home in the Ice Caves, he knew that if he was to study fashion Neopia Central would be the best place to learn from. Terror Mountain wasn't exactly bad with its whole wintery theme, but Neopia Central was where all the hype was at. He was also hoping to be able to meet some Usul girls in the main lands of Neopia; the only Usul who was remotely attractive around the Ice Caves was Hannah, but she was apparently married to that Gelert Kanrik, anyway.

Oh, Kiyoshi. You're already done packing? a smaller yet older female Ice Usul greeted him using his given name outside of the house, brushing away the dust from Kulaine's room on his jeans.

There really wasn't that much, mother, replied Kulaine. How long do we have?

Kulaine's mother checked her pocket watch. Your ferry departs in about two hours from Terror Mountain Harbour, so we still have time even if we walk. We should get going, though. You don't want to miss it!


Even though the sun was just barely peeking over the horizon behind the blanket of clouds stretching across the sky, Terror Mountain Harbour was already bustling with groups of Neopians and Neopets alike, tourists and residents arriving and departing in the early morning snow. The cool breeze seemed to glisten like the snow beneath them as they walked by, their warm breathing evaporating into the air. Kulaine and his mother made their way past the crowds over to the departure platforms where the ferry to Neopia Central had already docked.

So... I guess this is it, the Usul boy stated matter-of-factly as he approached the ship. It's a good thing we left a little early, huh? I could have missed it...

Kulaine's mother began to tear up. Oh, Kiyoshi! This is just like the time when Kiyoka left home, except she already had someone to go with her... I can't believe we're sending you off alone- Neopia Central can be dangerous.

There's no need to worry, mother! I'm not a kid any more. And sis went all the way over to Faerieland; I'm just over in Neopia Central, it's really not that far, Kulaine comforted his mother with a heartwarming hug, allowing their Icy skins to warm up momentarily. In that moment, he wished that he could have done this more when he had the chance; he never realised as a teenager how wonderful it felt to embrace and be embraced. Thank you, mother. Say thank you to father as well for me when he returns from his Shenkuu business trip. I'll be sure to visit with sis.

I haven't seen Kiyoka for so long, that girl... promise me you'll come back more often, okay?

The sound of the ferry's horn echoed as the ferry's captain, a Yurble, unenthusiastically yelled at the incoming passengers to hurry up.

Oh no, your ferry's going to leave. Quick, climb on! Be careful, okay?

Yes, mother. I'll see you.

And don't forget to do laundry at least once a week.


All aboard!!! shouted the captain, sounding the horn again.

Oh... Kulaine started climbing up the ladder behind the rest of the people boarding.

And Kiyoshi...

He paused for a moment and looked back to see his mother, who was now at least two metres below, teary but her face full of hope.

Make sure you find the girl just for you!

He smiled. It was just like his mother to say such a thing.


These are artworks of Kulaine, all drawn by yours truly~
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Art by Others

Thank you so much to everybody who took time to draw my baby ;v; !!!

by Lily ♥

by Sheru ♥

by Ayano ♥ (dead image :'()

by Aranee ♥

by Kai ♥

by Owl ♥

by Tart ♥ (dead image :'()

by Chrissy ♥

Hera: I think I should make a nice set of adoptables, too!
Kulaine: Omg 'sif you're going to have time for that, Hera.
Hera: Hey, you never know! You thought I left Neopets forever back in May, didn't you?
Kulaine: Actually, I did. And I didn't expect you to stop using the name Chewy either.
Hera: Yeah I'm 19 years old okay I don't want to use a childish name like that any more.
Kulaine: You're still childish though. :D

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