Zapping (Dipping) Your Dream Pets


Welcome to the ZYDP - Magma Customs page. This page is completely open to the public. That means you do not have to be part of the ZYDP guild to request a magma custom, and you do not have to be part of the ZYDP guild to offer a magma custom.

The idea for this page sprang from a similar group called Aubree's Magma Requests. However, Aubree has stated on her lookup that she is no longer taking requests. We thought a petpage offering magma customs was still a great idea though, so this page was begun!

If you'd like to request a magma custom, please read through the rules first.
If you'd like to volunteer to offer magma customs, please proceed directly to the Volunteer tab.

Go to the Magma Pool!

Neopian Times Editorial - Issue 457
I've figured out when the guard falls asleep on my account. I don't have a new Neopet to paint every week, though. I've been wondering whether it is okay to transfer other people's Neopets to my account and paint them magma for them. I've already asked on the Neoboards and some people think it's okay. Please remove my username. ~username removed

We suppose it's alright, but you may not ask for any compensation for your assistance. You can only do it for free as a good deed, and must politely refuse any gifts they may offer in gratitude. As always, players should be very selective and cautious of who they lend their Neopets to.

Last Updated: 15th February 2019


1. Transfers only! Magma pets will turn red when pounded.
2. Please only request a magma custom if this is one of your dream pets.
3. If you would like an LE magma pet, you must provide your own LE pet.
4. Do not ask us to create a new pet for you. If you want a name that is not yet created, please create the pet yourself, and contact us after it is 7 days old.
5. Do not neomail more than one person at a time. If someone does not respond to you, please neomail them again to tell them you will request from someone else.
6. By using this page you are agreeing that your username can be posted on the magma happy endings once your request is fullfilled
7. Anyone inactive for more than 30 days will be removed. If you find anyone who's inactive or disabled please neomail Ducky to have that username removed.

Only users with a (♂/♀) symbol next to their names can offer gender changes!

Volunteer usernames are not listed in any particular order. If they are unable to complete a magma custom when you neomail them, they will ask you to choose another volunteer. Please understand that a given user can only visit the magma pool once a week. Certain volunteers may also be limited by the number of available transfers.


Fill out this form and neomail it to one of the following volunteers:

Name of the pet you want dipped:
Month for the transfer:
Is the pet currently in the pound: Y/N
Why do you want a magma pet:
Do you need a gender change: Y/N
Which account will the pet go to after the dip:
Any other important details:

Contact only ONE person at a time!

Ella (♂/♀)

Ducky (♂/♀)
Jake (♂/♀)

Geni (♂/♀)

Jani (♂/♀)


Pets Dipped

If you granted a magma customs, please neomail Ducky the following information:

Name Of The Pet:
Username Sent To:

Happy Endings

Name: LukeDuke0101
Sent To: dragonprincess2b
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Zolf_J_Kimbley_
Sent To: kougas_gurl
Dipped By: Sarah

Name: Geothermic
Sent To: thats4me2know
Dipped By: Cindy

Name: Beddor
Sent To: lady_murron
Dipped By: Tiffany

Name: kikkomachine
Sent To: fenkie
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Jedrix
Sent To: aircover
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Percolative
Sent To: orangeducksmoo
Dipped By: Bob

Name: HoldNight
Sent To: gidoturnips
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Guardian__of__Hell
Sent To: spooky_the_3_eye_dog
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Arisyi
Sent To: Lady_murron
Dipped By: Tiffany

Name: Gheris
Sent To: angelxemma
Dipped By: Tiffany

Name: Vvoldemort
Sent To: taff_cathereen
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Fionasi
Sent To: lionzoo
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Ovenmitt
Sent To: unfeel
Dipped By: Chrissy

Name: Moltendark
Sent To: gwin77
Dipped By: Tiffany

Name: Blaze830
Sent To: elite_rider
Dipped By: Josh

Name: Skyroxe
Sent To: kayyvance
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Dovus
Sent To: saccule
Dipped By: Josh

Name: Flametail
Sent To: kira7kostad
Dipped By: Tori

Name: Homkon
Sent To: eh_shakes
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Cyzik
Sent To: alric_rhal
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Treidon
Sent To: ihatealicia
Dipped By: Alix

Name: Racaro
Sent To: hell_hounds_fury
Dipped By: Alix

Name: Cinnabonny
Sent To: shortgirl15
Dipped By: Vince

Name: Droxus
Sent To: polytonality
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Chaireta
Sent To: suzettefarlington
Dipped By: Josh

Name: Unleashing
Sent To: Epicruby
Dipped By: Cathy

Name: Factorship
Sent To: Kalibelle90
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Meltor
Sent To: __lonewolf__
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Ariannah_Lee
Sent To: stilldoll027
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Somos
Sent To: west_of_reality
Dipped By: Bob

Name: Chilli_the_chinchila
Sent To: pink_cokebozo
Dipped By: Alix

Name: Marsic
Sent To: rupashri/awkotaku
Dipped By: Josh

Name: Lumoz
Sent To: rammsteinkitty
Dipped By: Helena

Name: ruebie
Sent To: megablaziken
Dipped By: Helena

Name: Enlot
Sent To: pockyholic
Dipped By: Helena

Name: Miscalculation
Sent To: danioof_side2
Dipped By: Helena

Name: IgneousObsidian
Sent To: xXFrozenInTimeXx2
Dipped By: Helena

Name: Sunshine_Sweetie_44
Sent To: day_lily_44
Dipped By: Helena

Name: Innovator
Sent To: pinkpaigeo4
Dipped By: roaringtiger_1998

Name: Infigar
Sent To: sandera
Dipped By: roaringtiger_1998

Name: Altanorch
Sent To: themaraquanlab
Dipped By: fairfaxians

Want your own happy ending added here? Read the rules!


We're always happy to list more volunteers who are able to offer free magma customs. It is best to sign up only if you regularly have a free pet slot (or are willing to do some pet shuffling), have more than one or two transfers per month, and have a magma time during normal waking hours. :P

If you would like to volunteer to do free magma customs, please neomail Ducky the following information:

Which username would you like to be contacted?
(does not have to be the account you'll use to dip)
Can you do gender changes?

Please familiarize yourself with the rules page to know what will be expected of you if you volunteer!


Q: Will magma pets that I volunteer to dip count as a "wish granted" for the ZYDP Zapper List?
A: Sorry, but no. The zapper list and dipper list are completely separate, even though this page is linked with the ZYDP Wishlist.

How do I find my magma time?

Each user has a ten-minute block when the tonu guard will fall asleep and you will be able to sneak by and dip a pet into the magma pool. This time does not change during daylight savings, and will be available every day. Once you dip a pet, you cannot visit the magma pool again for a week (7 days).

I find that the best way to find your magma time is to have a file open, refresh at the magma pool every 5-10 minutes, and record the time on a new line every time you refresh. Leave a blank line if you accidentally get distracted and forget to refresh (or just want to take a break).

It may take a few days, but eventually you can rule out most of the waking hours, and fill in the holes where you got distracted. If you have bad luck, your magma time may be in the middle of the night.


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