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It was a bright morning and you were rushing to the library. Some reason, you had a sudden urge to borrow a book to read! As you make your way towards the entrance, you noticed how differently constructed the library looked from 15 years ago. Not only are the doors bright and golden, but the library looked ten times bigger than what is was before!

As you open the doors, all you could see were the books that devoured the inside of the library walls. It was beautiful. Why didn't you think I coming here sooner? Taking a look at the golden signs that hung above the shelves, you noticed that there was a fiction section- Whoop whoop.

As you floated to the fiction section, you looked around for a book to pick out... When suddenly a tall young man approached you. Startled, you knock several books down and began picking them up. Apologies, did I frighten you? he said. As you scrambled to pick the books, he knelt down to help you.

Humanistic form:
Physical Appearance: Kru is a 6 foot tall male with an ectomorphic body type. This means that he is a thin build with narrow hips and shoulders. This also means that he has long limbs and visible bone and muscle outlines. This fellow is also has short blonde hair. It is only noticeable on his head. He has arched blonde eyebrows that follow his supraorbital ridge; they are thin and fine in structure. His eyes are violet-blue and have hooded eyelids. He has a long duchess nose and wide lips. He also has round ears with protrude outward- this really depends on his hair, however.

Clothing and Accessories: He is often seen wearing a clean collared shirt or a tie and fitting pants. His color scheme generally consists of black, red, or white. His school uniform consists of a black coat, white collared shirt, red vest, black dress pants and a black tie. His casual dressing consists of draped t-shirts or oversized sweaters with tight fitting pants. He also wears a lot of brown boots, but may wear a set of dress shoes.
Kru always wears either a pair of jet-black studded earrings or black diamond earrings. He also keeps his Ona, Kuma-chan, near him.

Reference Sheet:
A complete reference sheet of Krugil. Right click for a bigger view!

Neopet form:
Kru is a puppy dog like krawk. He is golden in color and has a body which is about one foot in length. He has big bunny ears and golden-tanned hair which protrude out of his ears. Additionally, he has a large head with red hair that extends to his back. Similar to his human form, he has his set of violet-blue eyes and jet-black studs. He also has a long red tail end and red hair which appears behind his elbows and hock. This krawk also has cute chubby limbs which only have two toes on each. Each toe has short blunt claws. Following him are also small cutesy angel wings… Aren't they pretty?

Likes: Kru loves mangos and ramen… Not a good mix, huh? His favorite meal consists of Tonkotsu (pork-flavored ramen) and a mango shake. He loves to watch historical plays like Richard II and Henry IV; he also loves to watch overly dramatic dramas and animes. This young prince enjoys taking strolls into markets and experimenting what he calls, "peasant food". He also enjoys reading on his spare time and creating –fail- poetry.

Dislikes: Kru dislikes water and often says, -handsome men can't be hurt by water-. He has trouble swimming and refuses to go to water parks or in the ocean. He also dislikes anyone who harms Kuma-chan: his Ona.

It wasn't long before a little Ona jumped into the scene. His face looked grumpy and his body looked stubby. Within seconds, you hear a sharp squeal. EEEEEEEEEE! As you look, you notice Kru rushing up to the petpet and hugging it with a tight squeeze. Have you met my bear? You shake your head no and you stare at the two.

CHAPTER ONE: A Life's Burden

Reflection Journal, Entry #655:

Obedience. Confidence. And poise. These were all words that my family lived by. They believed that if you had all these qualities, you would for sure become the superior of the breed. Whom am I to prove otherwise? It has worked in the family for generations... Except for me, of course.

Once upon a time, there was a prince named Kru who lived South of Brightwale in the kingdom of Lumière. Being a prince and all, he had to live by the standards which his parents had defined. Today was his 21st birthday and he had to prove his father that he was mature enough to take on more responsibilities. In order to do that, he was put under examination by the King and his allies during the celebration. Key characteristics he must excel in included the social, political, and philosophical aspects of speech. Additionally, he must be able to transform into his full Krawk form- which unfortunately, Kru knew he could not.

Kru sat in his old tree house a mile down from the kingdom. He did not want to be bugged by the servants who swarmed him with opinions about party favors and formal wear. After finishing his entry, the young prince closed his journal and sighed in misery. The sun was begun to set as the moon gave rise. It was about reaching the time of his preparation for the event. Staring at sun, his violet-blue eyes glowed. The slight breeze lifted his blonde hair as the leaves waltzed around his tree house. Standing up, he stretched his limbs and gave another sigh. He had no excuses that would've saved him… He had to face his people and humiliate his family.

CHAPTER TWO: Celebration

It was not long before the guests arrived and got comfortable in the ballroom. The large ceiling chased the distant sky as the glistening walls of the room hugged the guests. Golden lace wrapped around pillar after pillar and chocolate fountains were at every corner. Princesses glided in their tight fitted bodices with flowing A-line skirts. Princes strutted in their handsome suits and military attire. It was almost like a fairy tale.

Just up the flight of stairs laid Prince Kru with an old maid at his hand. As she fixed his tie, Kru wiped the sweat off his forehead. Never in his life did he feel so much pressure. Do you feel ready, Prince? questioned a maid.

I don't think I could ever feel any readier than this, he responded.

Just be yourself, said the maid in a soft voice. Pulling on the tie once more, she gave him a pat on the back. I remember when you were just little. You would just put anything in your mouth! – Now that little boy has turned into the handsome gentleman in front of me. Tearing during her speech, Kru looked away and held his emotions.

Thank you for everything you have done for me, Maria, he said with a smile. You have always looked after me. After his thanks, the handsome prince felt an aura looming over him… It felt like such a dark aura.

There stood at the doorway was his grandmother. Wrapped in a black lace, only her pale face showed through all the darkness. She wore a dark purple Victorian floral with black lace that draped every border. All her fingers were decorated with rings of rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. Her head was decorated with a gainsborough hat adorned with dozens of large peacock feathers. Are you ready? You do not want to make the guests wait. With a nod, Kru stepped forward to his grandmother. Reaching his hand toward her to offer an arm link, she quickly turned and left him. Insolent child, she remarked as she left.

Walking closer to the top steps of the ball room, Kru peered down to see the guests. All that was present were well-groomed heads and hats. Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Duchesses, Counts, and Barons filled the castle room. My my, my boy! You are sure looking quite gentlemen on such an occasion! said a voice. Standing at the top of the steps were Kru's father with two servants and two guards. Beside them was his grandmother.

Greetings, father, Kru said with a bow. You look quite sharp as well.

Well, I hope you're prepared for this big night! cheered his father. Make sure to have a fun time! After snapping twice, the two servants approached the King with a wine glass and a spoon. He daintily picks up the two objects and tapped the spoon on the wine glass several times. The music stopped and the crowd focused all their attention onto the King.

My dear friends, said the King as his voice echoed through the room. As you all know, today is a very special day. My only son, Krugil Suoh, is turning 21 years old. At the age of 21, a Suoh would be able to evolve into his or her mature form. After dancing and festivities, Krugil will show everyone his mature form!

The crowd cheered and tapped their glasses. The symphony began to play once again and partners formed between strangers. Krugil stepped down the stairs and looked for a partner. It seemed like everyone had someone to dance with... When suddenly a woman in a red dress stepped before him. She wasn't wearing a traditional bodice or a crinoline. She wore a long chiffon dress that was strapless. On her face was a mask embellished with diamonds and feathers. her dark black hair was tied in a tight bun. She bowed to him and reached out her hand. Her hands were covered with tight fitted white gloves. Kru stepped forward and began to dance with her. They both swayed through the ballroom.

Finishing his conversation, his father peered down the balcony and watched his son dance. Carefully looking at his partner, his father made a serious face. Contact the guards he whispered to his servants. We have an intruder... Please tell them to move swiftly.

As his father began to contact the guards, Kru tried to get to know this individual. I don't suppose we have met, he noted to the woman in the red dress.

I'm sure we have, said the woman. My father use to bring me to the kingdom on orders of your father. The King wished to helped to you develop socialization skills.

I don't recall any of this... Kru said. My father has never told me about my childhood friends.

That's too bad, she replied. But now that I am here, all your questions may be answered. With that, Kru smiled in agreement and she smiled back. Unfortunately, it wasn't too long before the guards showed up. Noticing the

My dear prince, said the woman. Grab my hand. As the guards came in close, Krugil became confused and grabbed her hand. Within seconds, she pulled out a rope gun liner launcher in which she shot a hook to the top of the open ceiling of the room. As they strolled quickly up the ceiling Kru began to panic.

WHERE ARE WE GOING? He cried. All he could hear was the crowd of people cry in panic and his father's voice. As he looked down, it all was a blur - He could vaguely see his father pointing at entrances and guards. People were escaping through the doors. It was a total mess.

They reached to the top of the building and as he settled at the top, he confronted her. Who are you and what do want with our Kingdom?! He shouted.

Prince Krugil, I will give you two choices, She said. Leave or stay.

Why would I leave my people at such an important occasion? he shouted angrily.

Because, she said. I know your secret. And I am trying to save your face. As he heard the guards shouting from the distance, Kru knew he had to make a decision soon. It wasn't just a simple yes or no question... It literally was a life question.

...The answer was -leave-.


Morning hit and Kru woke up in a cave. It was a sunny morning and all he could see was the unfamiliar landscape that was bound before him. Birds whistled and the trees swayed. Mountains after mountains swallowed each other in the distance... Where am I?

As he looked around, he could see no one in sight. He felt alone... and confused. All that was with him was a large duffle bag labeled -supplies and needs- and a letter that was settled on top of the bag. Noticing the letter, he crawled to it and began to rip it open:

My dear Prince, please do not hate me for this was your wish and your request. I only live to protect and serve you. You might have realized by now that I am gone and you will probably never see me again. I am sorry, but I must keep my identity hidden. In this duffle bag contains supplies that you may need later. Good luck on your journey as I know you will change the world.

P.S. - I was not lying when I said we have met before. And I have never lied about anything else I ever said to you. When we meet again, you will know who I am.

...And with that, Kru's journey began.


Currently, the family resides beneath a willow tree which lies just next to a beautiful river in Shenkuu. Weird? Of course, but not impossible.

No character yet!

No character yet!

I'm sure you know many have a lot of outfits... I'm not the only one with many costumes... Right?

Have you seen all the beautiful pictures drawn of me? I could have sworn I looked better than all these pictures. Neffy tries to draw me, but she can never get my face right! Anyways, have a looks!:

It might be a surprise to you about how many people drew me. *pats his outfit* Take a look. If you point at the pictures, you can see who drew them. If you click on the images, you will be directed to their look ups.

Art by Others

Wouldn't you like a bear? I love bears.
Trades: OPEN
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Please post/neomail the following for a request:
1. Your neopet's name
2. Reference sheet/drawing (A MUST)

Note: If these adoptable get popular, I may just add in new facial expressions :)

2. Always link back to this page
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4. No complaining on requests














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...Is this... Good bye already? *takes out a hanky and wipes the end of his right eye.

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