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On /~Kri, you can find fun, application-related sub-pages, including:
  • (H)CBO (Harsh) Critiques by Olly: A service providing harsh application and character-based petpage critiques since 2011.
  • CMM:APP Commonly Made Mistakes: Application Process: A guide telling you what not to do when making an application to adopt a Neopet.
  • CMM:FOS Commonly Made Mistakes: Fostering: A guide telling you what not to do when fostering a Neopet. (coming soon!)
  • UFA: A placeholder page for when I have pets up for adoption.
Also coming soon: A pretty image to replace this front page!

(harsh)crit- iquesbyolly

Critiques are OPEN

Have you ever wanted a harsh critique for an application or honest opinion about a petpage, but not known where to go? Do you want a critique, but see no boards up on the PC? Have you spent hours being frustrated of being told how great a job you have done instead of being offered suggestions of what to do better? Have you ever just had a random question about the application process which you wanted answered?

Did you just answer "Yes" to any or all of the questions above? Well then, visitor, you have come to the right place!

Welcome to (Harsh) Critiques by Olly! The purpose of this petpage is to provide Neopians with a place to which they can always go to receive critiques for their work. Though originally meant to only be used for applications, (H)CBO is actually open to character-based petpages and some other sites as well. Simply read through the the rest of this page to learn how to submit your page, or look through critiques in order to shamelessly learn from the mistakes of others.

Please do not hesistate to contact me or use the services of this page; after all, what would be the point of hosting a site if nobody uses it? Feel free to explore this page (or the ones linked to on the Sitely) to your heart's content. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please read through the Information page. If it is not addressed there, feel free to contact 0llyness.

Apr 24, 2017 After another (kind of long) break, (H)CBO is once again back! Here's to hoping that both old and new users find us useful. One major change, though: instead of posting critiques, they will be sent to users in neomails.

welcome rules ask olly f.a.q. extras sitely contact


I am harsh. I find it rather sad that I have to point this out (considering that this page is called HARSH Critiques by Olly), but there are always the people that request critiques but do not understand that I am brutally honest. I do not care if I hurt your feelings in my critique; if I find something to complain about, I will complain about it. You have been warned.

Please take into account what I say in my critique. I understand that you probably will not agree with everything and do not expect you to make every change which I suggest, but do not forget that I took time out of my day to look over your application. Frankly, in my real life, people actually pay me for critiquing their papers and other writing projects, so offering this service on Neopia in exchange for nothing at all is something I do just because I like seeing pretty applications. I ask that you respect the effort which I put into the critique by at least reading it and making some changes; not to mention that I have met plenty of people that (generally speaking) share my views on many matters.

Please only ever contact 0llyness. 0llyness is my main account, and thus the destination that I like most neomails to reach. Just because I am on a side account on a board does not mean that you are free to contact that side account; I treat side accounts as havens and requests for critiques on those accounts will simply go ignored and unanswered. If the inbox is full, you may send a junk item to the account and instead mail the account 0llytastic. Please read the FAQ before submitting a question. I do try to keep it updated.

I will only critique on-site pages. This rule should be self-explanatory.

I do not use a waitlist. This leads to me having very curious timing requests, as explained below.

Please send me any applications to be critiqued at least a week before the deadline. The average critique takes me approximately half an hour to an hour to do. This may not seem like much, but if I get four applications the night before they are due, that is at least two hours of my time that I have to devote to the applications, and I cannot always guarentee this. After all, I do have a life. The secret word is harsh. Because I do not use an on-site waitlist, I will accept the first five critiques that come to me every week and put the rest on hold. If I have time, I will critique all of the applications I receive; if not, then only the first five. However, if I have a very busy week, I apologize but I might not have time to do any critiques at all. I'm only human, after all.

Do not take the critique personally. Just because I did not like your ____ or insulted your ____ does not mean that I am trying to belittle you. I try to critique things without caring who the owner is, and me being harsh does not mean that I dislike you personally. Keep in mind that this is the internet, we are all pixels, and that Neopets is a game.

I will not critique major works in progress, deal with chatspeak or an overload of smilies, or put up with last-minute requests. On the other hand, I would appreciate you using a link back button on your page but understand if you would prefer not to. I will probably not look over your accounts unless requested, sorry, but feel free to make this request in the Other section on the form.

Your critique will be mailed to you. I used to post them, which was fun, but now I've changed my ways and would much rather simply respond to your neomail with a critique inside. This may take several neomails to accomplish. If one does not go through, please let me know - I will store your critique on my laptop for up to a week after it has been returned to you.

Ready to ask for a critique?
Click the box below and press Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C, then click the Neomail Me sign below it. Press Ctrl+V in the body of the Neomail. Ensure that the subject is (H)CBO Critique Request The different sections of the form are explained below.

Deadline (if applicable)
Date Submitted (this will help ensure that I do not leave your page lying around for two months)
Username (the one to which you would prefer your critique link sent once completed)
Your Name (the one by which you go by)
Page Style (application, petpage, or misc)
Pet Name / Type (by type, the color, species, and conversion status are referred to)
Link (/~PETNAME is preferred over a full link)
Odd Rules or Requests (if applicable; some fosters limit the amount of art/writing which applicants may include or ask certain questions... if you do not include this, how else will I know?)
Additional Notes (anything extra which you may like to add about the page, or any additional requests)
Pledge (this ensures that we're both in agreement over what this page offers and will hopefully lead to less people complaining that I may or may not have been mean to them.)

welcome rules ask olly f.a.q. extras sitely contact


What types of pages will you critique?
Character-based petpages and petpage applications for pets. In essence, I critique anything related to characters of pets, or information about the pets themselves. I do not critique sites, but I do offer account checks for prospective applicants which may involve me glancing at them.

Can I request multiple critiques?
Certainly! However, I ask that you do not request more than three in a two week period. Otherwise, feel free to request to your heart's content! If you wish for me to look at a page which I have already seen, I ask that you make significant changes to it and wait at least a week before requesting for me to revisit.

What is your resolution?
I have multiple screens that I use to review applications: typically I'll be using a 1920x1080 or 1600x900 screen, but I can also pull out a 4k laptop if you request it.

What made you decide to create this site?
(H)CBO began as a series of application critique boards created around the Pound Chat. I had spent plenty of time applying and seeking critiques, and found that many "ratings" and "critiques" were more or less intended to be kind and polite; something which I found had a tendency to remove the honesty. Nooblet applications for draiks were getting rated 10/10s because they tried, regardless of whether or not they were likely of being chosen, and so forth. I sought to change this. My critiques were actually among the first things I did on Neopia which earned me haters, but I have no regrets. For every ten people that hate me, there is one that actually pays attention to my ramblings, and it's worth all of the haters in the world to watch a mediocre application improve and be chosen for that high profile pet.

How do you judge the applications and petpages that you look at?
It varies. Sadly, I cannot review every single page which I look at with the same intensity; this would simply take too much time and there is too much variation in my environment. Critiques occuring when I am in a bad mood will be harsher; petpages will tend to be more lenient than applications, and so forth. I basically read through the page, typing up my commentary as I go. I do not provide a score; instead, you more or less get a list of things that I like and things that I would recommend for you to improve upon.

How long does it take for you to critique a page?
It depends on both the length of the page in question and what is going on in my life. Because of this, I require at least a week before major application deadlines unless you are a friend of mine. I will prioritize applications over petpages, sorry. Time wise, though, every critique takes me at least half an hour, but most are closer to an hour.

Will you become my affiliate?
If you are an application/petpage/coding/character-design page (or one related to it), then sure! Simply neomail 0llyness with your request and we can exchange buttons.

What suggestions can you offer to petpages and applications?
I actually have a page for things that I dislike seeing in applications! Also, be sure to check out Dorothy's two guides. Otherwise, formalize your diction and refrain from smilies - applications are like essays, not chatting with your friends. In the Extras section of this page, there is a section devoted to helpful pages; I would recommend that you consult them if you have questions.

What order do you read pages in?
It depends, really. Applications with one week or less until their deadline get priority, of course, as do those with under two left. After that, all applications and petpages are read in the order that they were submitted. Petpages tend to be reviewed when application deadlines are farther away.

I'm confused. Is this page run by Kads or Meepits?
President Olly is a Kad, though it is debated over whether she is a normal Kad or a faerie one. However, we may have one or two Ollies working for us that never returned to normality after our Kadventures appearance in the 500th Issue of the Neopian Times.

What makes you think that you are worthy of reading my application?
I have critiqued hundreds of applications and have been friends with dozens of high-profile pet fosters. I have been the judge for many high-end pets, and the unofficial judge for many more. Furthermore, my friends and I have been successful in at least some our own application attempts, and we have all discussed what factors we believe have led to our success.

I hate/love your critiques.
Well, unless you send me a survey, I will never know. Or pay attention. Same thing, really.

I hate you.
In the immortal words of TNT's editorial...

I have a question / I have a featured site for you.
Neomail 0llyness with it.

welcome rules ask olly f.a.q. extras sitely contact


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commonly made mistakes
application process

i. an introduction

Whether you're a first-time applicant or a veteran of many processes, applying for a Neopet can be a stressful and confusing endeavor. Sure, there are plenty of guides out there to help you, but maybe you want something different – a guide that, instead of commanding you to do this or this, tells you what not to do. You've come to the right place. Welcome to CMM:APP.

Hi there, fosters! If you are looking for a site specifically about commonly made mistakes while fostering a pet, a parallel page for you is coming soon!

Before we begin, let's get one thing clear: this is not a guide about how to apply for pets. Seriously. There are plenty of those out there (some of my favorites being this one and this other one, both written by a spectacular unicorn), so we don't need another comprehensive guide about how to make an application. However, this is a site devoted to helping people apply for pets – namely, helping Neopians like you avoid several mistakes commonly made while applying for pets. Hence the name of this site, cmm:APP, standing for Commonly Made Mistakes in the Application Process.

A Quick Glossary of Commonly Used Terms
CMM Commonly Made Mistake

Now that we have that established, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Olly (main account 0llyness) and I have been involved in the application process for over eight years now. It's nice to meet you. The first pet I ever applied for was Jaderasi, a pirate Lupe (back when pirates were a big deal, mind you; also, that application was terrible, in case you're wondering), and ever since then I've been in love with the process. I've applied for pets, been chosen to adopt pets, fostered pets, helped other Neopians decide who to foster their pets to, offered critiques, read hundred (if not thousands) of applications, been involved in my fair share of application drama, and have overall just been present in the midst of all of it for a substantial chunk of my life. And now I'm here to share my expertise with you, Neopian.

It's worth noting that this guide is meant to be used as a general guideline and not some sort of law. There are plenty of cases in which some (if not all) of these mistakes are made and the applicant is still chosen to adopt a specific pet, and, likewise, there are some successful applicants that systematically make these errors. Heck, even I have made some of these in my more recent applications and still been successful. If you don't agree with one of these and think that it's not a mistake, go ahead do it. Seriously, I'm neither your deity nor your mother, so I have no power to stop you. Still, in the broad scheme of things, the items mentioned here are best avoided, because they do tend to be mistakes more often than not, and they are quite common.

Disclaimer I am going to use real stories of past application processes to illustrate many of my points. All of the identifiable details (names, pets, dates, number of calamari rings consumed, etc.) have been changed to preserve the anonymity of those involved. Any names used in examples were pulled out of my head at random and any similarity that they have to any real Neopians is purely coincidental.

So, shall we begin?

ii. what to expect

This site will be ordered as follows:

I. A lovely introduction meant to make you feel warm and fuzzy. You felt warm and fuzzy reading that, didn't you? If not, please keep re-reading it until you've hit with that warm-and-fuzzy feeling.

II. A section describing what you should expect to find on this site. (Hint: it's not a guide on how to write an application). There's also a list of the CMMs that I will be discussing, in case you're too lazy to scroll down. That's this section, in case you're wondering.

III. A section comprising of more in-depth details about the major CMMs. This includes looking at each one individually, describing it, and explaining why each is a mistake (because "because Olly said so" isn't actually a good reason). By the way, there are stories here.

IV. A list of other CMMs. Basically, things that should be avoided but didn't warrant their own longer write-ups. They're either too self-explanatory or too minor for me to bother.

V. A list of community- and reader- submitted CMMs. Apparently, I'm not the only authority on this; other people have opinions, and those opinions matter too (or so I hear).

VI. A couple of application-related extras. These include a list of sites on this topic that I recommend, skeleton for several types of neomail applications, an extended-neomail-put-onto-a-petpage layout, and some other goodies. Because goodies are awesome. Very awesome.

VII. A sitely section. Because yes, I do need to shamelessly advertise my other sites, and yes, I do take affiliates, and yes, there is a button for you to take so that you can help me advertise, and yes, please do list me at/on your X.

And now, without further ado, the Grand List of Major Commonly Made Mistakes in the Application Process! (This is where you gasp)
  1. Not vetting the foster.
  2. Creating a hard-to-read, incoherent, or overly informal application.
  3. Not customizing your application for the pet that you are applying for.
  4. Not being proactive about the application process.
  5. Ignoring the importance of having accounts and other pets that have clearly been worked on.
  6. Making unsupported promises or setting unrealistic goals if chosen.
  7. Believing that the quantity of information and quality of the application are somehow related.
  8. Being certain of the outcome of the process before even beginning.
  9. Trying to host a pity party.
  10. Letting yourself have a bad reputation, be it from previous application processes or from the boards.
  11. And, of course, the most important (bonus) one: Losing your soul in the process of applying for a pet.
So now that we have those established, are you excited to proceed? I am. Let's do it!

iii. major cmms

1. Not vetting the foster.
a. Description b. Why it's bad c. When it's okay d. Story time!

2. Creating a hard-to-read, incoherent, or overly informal application.
a. Description b. Why it's bad c. When it's okay d. Story time!

3. Not customizing your application for the pet that you are applying for.
a. Description b. Why it's bad c. When it's okay d. Story time!

4. Not being proactive about the application process.
a. Description b. Why it's bad c. When it's okay d. Story time!

5. Ignoring the importance of having accounts and other pets that have clearly been worked on.
a. Description b. Why it's bad c. When it's okay d. Story time!

6. Making unsupported promises or setting unrealistic goals if chosen.
a. Description b. Why it's bad c. When it's okay d. Story time!

7. Believing that the quantity of information and quality of the application are somehow related.
a. Description b. Why it's bad c. When it's okay d. Story time!

8. Being certain of the outcome of the process before even beginning.
a. Description b. Why it's bad c. When it's okay d. Story time!

9. Trying to host a pity party.
a. Description b. Why it's bad c. When it's okay d. Story time!

10. Letting yourself have a bad reputation, be it from previous application processes or from the boards.
a. Description b. Why it's bad c. When it's okay d. Story time!

11. Losing your soul in the process of applying for a pet.
a. Description b. Why it's bad c. When it's okay d. Story time!

iv. other cmms

Phew, that was a mouthful. Now that I have those out of the way, let's focus on some of the CMMs that are either too obvious or too small (it should be clear which is which) for me to feel like going in-depth about them. Enjoy.
  1. Stealing anything, or using any content that you don't have permission to use on/in/for your application. Stealing is wrong, children, and it's not nice. If you get caught, there can be far harsher consequences than simply not being chosen for the pet.
  2. Not paying attention to what the foster says that they want. There are always rules for a pet, whether it's a single line on a board or a long and in-depth rules page. You should always read these and understand them. Otherwise, it can be grounds for instant disqualification, or, worse, become fodder for the foster and their friends to laugh about.
  3. Submitting the application incorrectly. Seriously, the first thing that the foster sees of your application is how you submitted it. Pay attention to the account, format, subject line, or whatever other requirements the foster might have put in place and actually comply with their desires.
  4. Not keeping track of the deadline or keeping up with any updates. Sure, sometimes life gets in the way and every now and then a foster might move it forward, but it's your responsibility, as an applicant, to keep track of the deadline and periodically check for updates.

v. community cmms

Have some. And a form.

vi. goodies

fill-in-the-blank application
neomail-on-petpage layout
Shell for several types of neomail applications (retrade, character-focused, project page, submitting a petpage app, etc.]
Oh, and some further reading.

vii. sitely

Phew, that was a lot of information. Kudos to you for having sat there and read through it all! You were already awesome when you started, and hopefully you've now become a little more awesome because of what you've read through.

I'd like to thank several people that really helped this guide come together.
  • Dorothy, you're an inspiration to us all. /~Skanzar taught so many people how to app, and /~Applicant is incredible as well. You're a great application mentor and a good friend, and without you CMM:APP would never exist.
  • Solo. For stuff. I'm sure I'll have plenty of reasons to thank her.
  • Other people.
  • The PC.
  • The reader.
Now that I have that out of the way, please feel free to grab a button to help spread the word about this site or visit one of my other pages, affiliates, or listers!

The Olly Network
Affiliates (don't forget to beg Doro for two-three affs)

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  • The coding and content on this page were created by 0llyness. They are not free for use.
  • The color palette on this page is called Bom Option #2 and can be found on Colourlovers.

Coming soon!

Last Updated: 11/01/2017

11/01/2017 It was a difficult choice, but I have decided.

Two applicants really stood out to me, both by application and accounts - Lyre and Bean. It was a difficult, almost impossible decision, but I have chosen Lyre to be Trickster's new owner. At the end of the day, she has incredible designs for her permanent pets, an application that I thouroughly enjoyed reading, and a design I loved. Bean, I'm sorry - if I had had two, or if I had loved Lyre's design any less, I would have chosen you. It had not been an easy choice.

Thank you to everybody else for having applied. I really loved a lot of these applications, and I wish I had more UC Robot Ixi to give out. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

10/25/2017 The deadline has passed! It's now time for me to sit down with a pot of delicious autumn-smelling tea and read through applications. Thank you all for applying! I hope to have a new owner chosen by Monday.

10/20/2017 I've gotten a couple NMs about people asking for an extension due to the release of new slots. It's been granted - I'm extending the deadline by two days, which still gives me time to finish reading apps in time to transfer out on Halloween.

08/23/2017 Page created. igotyourstuffhaiwon put up for adoption.

igotyourstuffhaiwon the Robot Ixi is up for adoption.

I'm going to make this very simple.

  1. Please neomail all applications, questions, concerns, comments, and such to 0llyness.
  2. The deadline is midnight NST on Tuesday, October, 24 2017. Ideally, I would like to transfer out on Halloween; I would prefer that you have an open transfer to accept if chosen (if not, though, that's okay and I won't hold it against you).
  3. Any type of application will be accepted. Seriously. A good, well-written neomail application will be considered just as much as a petpage application of the same class. If you choose to do a petpage application, please include a disclaimer stating that I did not force you to. If a neomail application takes multiple mails, please number them.
  4. Any application that I receive will be added to this page. This will help me keep track of it, and will also give you piece of mind that I have not lost your application.
  5. I'm flexible in terms of resolution. My screens include 1600x900, 1920x1080, and 3200x1800, so let me know if your application requires a specific screen. This having been said, my eyes are old and tired, so I dislike tiny fonts.
  6. Have fun. Seriously - Neopets is supposed to be a game. Please don't apply if you don't actually enjoy the process of applying.

Since people keep asking...

Can I reuse an old application / apply for a friend / apply to re-trade / apply if my main account is currently frozen / insert-situation-here?
Yes. Everyone may apply.
Feel free to explain (or at least mention) any such situation if they apply to you or your application, but you don't have to. The one exception would be retrading, as I'd prefer for you to state that intention, but I won't hold it against you. Just remember, he's a terribly named (by Pound Chat standards) unconverted robot Ixi - he won't be easy to trade.

Can I apply to retrade?
... I thought this was answered in the previous question, but I guess not. Yes, you can apply to retrade: just let me know that that's what you're doing and then make the application for the pet you're trying to get. (Seriously, guys, I've traded three of these; I'm speaking from experience.)

Can you not include this part of my application on the petpage?
Please don't ask me to do this. I clear my inbox often. If it's not on the page, I won't remember or reference that part of your application when I'm reading through applications. Likewise, you won't be able to double check that your application arrived correctly, or neomail me asking for an edit. This makes it easier on everyone, I promise - you see exactly what I will see when I read through submitted applications.

What do you want to see in applications?
I don't like this question because I feel like it forces me to tell people what I want them to write instead of them genuinely writing what they would like to write. So instead I will shamelessly advertise two of Dorothy's great guides on the topic: /~Skanzar and /~Applicant. If you're looking for a guide specifically catered to neomail applications, I would recommend /~Nap or the (short) neomail application section of /~Applicant. Oh, and I will be glancing at accounts in addition to applications.

Received Applications

8/23/2017 - s03p
Hi Olly, my name is Sven (surprise, surprise - should i really do this? ) and this is my app for igotyourstuffhaiwon (haiwon for short) to retrade. As nostalgic as the UC robot Ixi is (a UC mutant skeith is the UC i actually adopt out atm Julie_4_Bidden), I am hoping to retrade for my UC grey Yurble LostFeeling (i tradet him away to help a friend getting his dreampet an UC faerie Shoyru Coco18_961). I am a student and I am hoping to re-trade for LostFeeling. I had Lost for so long and miss him so much. I had worked hard to get him and now he is UFT and i'll hope to get him back with haiwon. I am a former illustration design student and working with friends on our first mobile game - it's so much more work than you could imagine... Lost will be here on my account and stay with me. Feels so wrong to see him with someone else. My accounts: s03p (main), no sides Thank you for the opportunity and best of luck choosing! I hope you can how much Lost mean to me and how much haiwon would help me!

9/03/2017 - nixela
Dear Ollyness, I really would love to have your UC Robot Ixi that is up for adoption. I plan on keeping him/her forever and no-retrading. All my transfers are open and I will pound one of my pets to make room for him/her. Sincerely, nixela.

9/03/2017 - jessieop17
Hi i'm Jessie or princess, whichever is to your liking and I will be applying for haiwon to re-trade towards my lifelong goal of an uc mutant hissi named Slytherinone. My accounts are jessieop17(main) princess_charizard, luna_bladebreaker and navi_link22 but only a few of the pets there (harry potter themed + 1-2 other named) are permanent with the rest being furiously traded to try and reach my goal before it slips further away. I say further because the original owner of this hissi who is a friend of mine had been putting off trading him as long as they could in the hopes that I would be able to get an uc to trade them but one day they found a pet they loved and had to trade. I have already contacted the new owner and have seen them post the hissi as uft so my goal is still attainable! That is where hai would come into play and had I a choice I would keep them, but alas that hissi holds my heart I do hope you consider, thank you for reading a big block of text and have a lovely day. Oh and I don't know if this is needed + it's very rough as I just made it recently but there's a project page of sorts on ~draco229218 that kind of tells about me and my feelings towards hissi.

9/04/2017 - amydomsmom
Hi there, I am very interested in adopting your Ixi, igotyourstuffhaiwon. I have been on Neo for almost 16 years now, though I have never owned a UC pet. I personally love NC Customizing, but recently my Robot-obsessed son has started playing so for a few years I have been on a mission to collect one of every Robot species for him. It is slow going as he only has 2 transfers per month, but I am nearing the end with only 6 species left to Trade/zap for and then he will always be able to customize any pet with the Casings for as long as he plays! I currently have a much beloved Converted Robot Ixi named Loritte, who has quickly become one of my favorites. If I am chosen to adopt your pet she would make a gorgeous addition to my Neo family and I would hold onto her as a sweet reminder of the dedication spent finding pets for my son. Thank you so much for your consideration, and best of luck deciding where to rehome your lovely pet. ~Amy

9/07/2017 - wellthatsfantastic
http://www.neopets.com/~Pure_Decadence Thank you again for this opportunity. I had a lot of fun creating this app. Good luck adopting out!

9/07/2017 - fluidityoftheinferno
Your doorbell rings. Upon opening the door, you see nothing of note except a crumpled envelope at your feet. You un-crumple it to find a piece of paper with a poorly drawn Plushie Quiggle, along with mismatched letters cut out of various magazines and newspapers, arranged to form a message. The text reads: "GimM3 uR SPacE g0At oR Th3 qUiGglE GEtS iT!" Uh oh!

Hello Olly! I'd like to apply for your hilariously badly named UC robot, igotyourstuffhaiwon. I'm Funk (you are hopefully still aware of this) and my accounts are: fluidityoftheinferno (main), funk__it__up, threeratmoon, archaeos and cactusi. My accounts lack coding and content, and likely will remain that way indefinitely. I hiatus frequently because, duuuude, real life is wild! If you peruse my pet lookups, you will find cryptic and potential ominous/ descriptions, or comments where I make fun of my pets. Regardless, all of my pets have dumb characters except Ylsena (who is a dress up doll) and mejor_amigo (who is possibly the love of my life and currently a labrat). What I do on Neo nowadays consists of customizing my pets and putting them in precarious situations in a quasi-roleplay context, and igotyourstuffhaiwon would be subjected to this cruelty as well. I don't have specific plans for him yet, as my characters change so much with time. I just know that I saw his name and cackled. Who would name a Neopet that? In any case, his name is hilarious and I love it. I'm not ruling out re-trading, mind you, but as I'm not looking to climb the UC ladder or pet trade as a hobby it would only happen if some other UC entertains me more than 'igotyourstuffhaiwon'. Seriously though, the pets that remain on my account have been here for years (sans mejor_amigo who I abandon and re-adopt a lot), and I love them dearly. Every time I take a hiatus, I like to imagine that I've come back and they've grown and evolved without me. Unlike aspects my real life, my accounts on Neo are safe, stable and secure. If chosen to adopt igotyourstuffhaiwon (I refuse to abbreviate his name), I'd likely reinstate premium and have him here on my main. Well, I think I should wrap this up here. Thanks for reading and good luck with your endeavors both on Neo and in real life. I hope I am able to catch you when you return from your hiatus. Peace and love. ~ Funk

Update 09/30/2017: Hey pal, I'd like to remove my application for igotyourstuffhaiwon. I'll still chill and bump your boards and stuff. *hug*

9/25/2017 - bulma_100
Hi Olly!.I'm Sofía and this is my app for igotyourstuffhaiwon ! http://www.neopets.com/~obiecuckoo .I'm so excited, Thank you for this opportunity. .

9/25/2017 - drizzydraik
hi, olly! it's lili - i adopted SquirbleBirble from you, and ever since she's arguably been my favorite pet; the only one i know i'll never trade or get rid of. if i ever were to quit (not happening) she'd be the one to stay and rot on my account. my accounts are drizzydraik, districttwo, lilboo13_6, alienhappiness, and lordehelpme. go ahead and snoop. :") regardless, i would like to apply for Hai, as i'd call him, to keep as a permanent member of my neofamily. he fits a character idea i created for a uc grey wocky that was ufa this summer. you can view the old app at /~irli, but a quick character summary is that of an outcast/loner who eventually finds happiness/peace in nature! although the wocky i applied for was a female, i feel that Hai would fit my character idea just fine! also... i do not have many male characters. (*glances sadly at Americano*) i think Hai would give me the challenge/inspiration i need to keep writing and characterizing here on neo! if you need a refresher of who i am and my hobbies, please visit my portfolio at /~SquirbleBirble!! i also recommend checking out my most recent app (for a uc fae aisha) at /~Think for some more insight! here's the customization idea i have in mind for Hai: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1456627 lastly, thank you very much for letting me apply, olly. i wish you the very best of luck choosing an owner.

9/25/2017 - bun_bun_98
Firstly, I aplogise for the small font. I'm not the best at coding! However, here is my application: http://www.neopets.com/~aroyin Best of luck and my apologies once again

10/07/2017 - 1993yoyo
Good afternoon Olly c: My app did not fit in a single neomail so I slammed it onto a blank petpage. Here's a link : http://www.neopets.com/~wingbee9 I sure wish that you find the best home as possible for Hawa-II (see my app for explication) and the best of luck in your trades aswell

10/09/2017 - calmtree
Howdy Olly, I go by Cab over here and I'm applying. I'm not too good at applications, but here I am trying. To adopt Hai would bring me much joy, To keep him as my fake pet internet toy You see he really is quite a funny fellow- With his sassy spiteful name that gives quite a chuckle. With shiny metallic and unempathetic eyes; To show him off would give me very much pride . And so I will conclude this message as I'm running out of rhymes, I'll leave without a vestige Besides this neomail to remember me by.

10/10/2017 - butterflybandage
Hello there! First off, thank you for allowing us to apply for (who I'll be referring to as) Goethe! You can find my application at http://www.neopets.com/~Rydole, and all the prominent information should be there. Thank you again for checking out my application and good luck finding a new owner! - Spookie

10/11/2017 - wwaker
Hello Olly, I'm Samantha, or Sam for short! I've been pondering sending in an application (of the NM variety, since I only know Java/C++ coding right now) for a while now, and I thought that I'd finally try my hand at sending in an application. There's various reasons why I held off of making an application (like the belief that many of the current applicants would be better than me to adopt the UC out to), but I thought that I might as well give it a shot! First of all, I would be looking to adopt igotyourstuffhaiwon to retrade. Ironically, I would want to trade them for a UC *faerie* ixi! While there are quite a lot of UC faerie ixis for trade, I don't think one or so would go up for adoption for quite a while as a result of that (or I could be wrong and not know of one currently UFA since I don't see a board in the PC advertising it being UFA, or wrong in the sense that one gets put UFA sooner than expected with how a majority are UFT). So, that's why I'm looking to adopt to retrade! While igotyourstuffhaiwon may not be the best name, I'm hoping that the tier system could work in my favor, since UC faerie ixis are in the tier below UC robot ixis. Despite the name whatever one might have, I'm sure I can come up with a name based off of the name for the character I'm currently in the process of creating for the UC faerie ixi.

For me, the character creation process can usually take a while, and most of the time I highly prefer to make a character based around the name first, since the name is usually what I think of first when creating a character! I even have a gem OC that I've had for years that I'm still tweaking in tiny ways here and there, to make them a bit better; along with that, I've had this one adoptable that I haven't developed much of a character for yet, and I've had him for over a month or so! Sometimes, though, my mind can just find inspiration in the littlest things, and that happened with the character I'm now currently developing for the future UC faerie ixi! The inspiration behind the character I have planned for the UC faerie ixi lies behind the song, "Jump Up, Super Star!" from Super Mario Odyssey, a song I quickly grew to love. The song is sang by a character in the game known as Pauline, and her character has seen some influence from that as well. The ixi's character, from what I have so far, is a singer! Other than that, I don't have too much, other than some kindness and enthusiasm for music being a part of her personality. Her voice would sound similar that of Pauline, that sang the song earlier, and her style/genre of music would be similar to that of the song as well (though I've yet to really discover what that genre is).

As for the character's name, that will come into play when I find a UC faerie ixi I like and am able to trade for! I personally like having the connection between a pet and their character's name, otherwise the character would feel a bit... impersonal. While she's currently the only character I have planned so far as pets does, I'm still hoping for inspiration with some more of my permies, like with my faerie xwee on my side (palkiads. My other is kitty3333333333)! Being creative as well, obviously I'd want to do some art and think of customizations! As of right now, at the time of sending this application, I have a WIP sketch of the UC faerie ixi on /~pantyprincess. Over some time soon, depending on college work, I may be able to update it with a finished piece! I would've included a microphone in her hand, but... It just wouldn't fit well with the hoof held closest to her, which would be the only reasonable place of holding it, given the pose. I may even use the same base sketch to make an identical version, but with the clothes I want her to be in (dark purple button-up vest with a long-sleeve white t-shirt underneath, dark purple pants, and black shoes). As for customization, her look would be this: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1467450. Pretty basic, but fits her character well! I personally wished there were more microphones that aren't species-limited, though.

As a closing note, I would like to apologize for the length--it's an acquired habit through college essays ^^; Along with that, I'd like to thank you for reading through my application! I finally decided to be brave enough and step up to apply, despite some other failed applications for other UFA UCs whose owners were alright with retrading (It's at least nice to see the pet go to others that would be more deserving than me, which... I think most people are? I know there are plenty of others with more investment and true personal goals than me). Even if I'm not accepted, I'm happy in that I'm taking some more steps in trying to get things done! Besides, if I never apply, there's never a possibility; if I do, then there *is* a possibility. Thanks again for reading over this essay of an application, and thank you for this opportunity to adopt igotyourstuffhaiwon, as well as the opportunity to, at least, get a bit braver/bolder in taking some bigger steps towards my goal.

Update 10/13/2017Hi! I just wanted to give you a brief update--the art on /~PantyPrincess of the character for the UC faerie ixi I'd hope to trade for is now located on /~Gigapause for now, and isn't going to change location again ^^

10/17/2017 - madiwoo
Hello. My name is Madison. I have created an application for igotyourstuffhaiwon that can be found here: http://www.neopets.com/~Aikeila The layout should look fine either your 1600x900 or 1920x1080 screen. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

10/21/2017 - aquarelar
Hello! I'd like to turn in my application for igotyourstuffhaiwon: http://www.neopets.com/~azurabell Thank you for the opportunity!

10/21/2017 - fire_pteri
hello! i imagine your inbox is swamped with applications for haiwon, whether intentions of keeping or retrading, so i'll try to make mine as straight to the point as i possibly can! i have been on neopets since 2002, though my account does not reflect that date. i've had to since switch accounts because little me thought having my full name as a username was a smart idea. in the time i've been on neopets, i've made plenty of friends i still talk to to this day, learned how to work with HTML/CSS, and discovered a passion for art and writing. in later years, and especially recently, i've also taken an interest in avatar hunting, the kadoatery, food club, stock market, and hopefully soon, picking back up on entering my neopets in the beauty contest! i've got rough sketches so if you're interested in seeing those, let me know and i'll slap them on a petpage.

my two ultimate goals, ever since joining neo, are owning an UC faerie pteri and an UC baby eyrie! when i was younger, i didn't quite understand how to make neopoints or how to approach obtaining beautifully colored neopets. once the conversion happened, i was devastated. i would now never be able to obtain either a baby eyrie or a faerie pteri, no matter how many neopoints i made. as years went on, i attempted to trade my way up the ladder. some trades i came close, but some i downgraded. it was frustrating! all i wanted was a baby eyrie, or a faerie pteri. but a little under two weeks ago did my first dream ever come true. a generous neopian, whose kindness i will never forget, ultimately chose me to adopt her UC baby eyrie. i have never experienced so much joy in my entire time on neopets as i did on 10/10/17, when majk12 came home to me. something i never thought i could accomplish, was just generously given to me like it was no big deal. it, truthfully, really moved me, as this was something i had wanted for so long, and it has inspired me to continue fighting for my last ultimate dreamie, an UC faerie pteri. i've promised myself once that's been accomplished, i will keep working towards another UC, to then freely give back to the community. spreading happiness is the ultimate goal, as i have received so much just by receiving my dear majk.

i'm currently training my 4L pet on this account, with plans to morph and paint into a powerful little plush draik, in hopes of trading up to acquire an UC fae pteri. now that i have this opportunity, i hope i can convince you that haiwon would be traded strictly to finish accomplishing the last of my neopets dreams. he would be traded for an UC faerie pteri and that pteri would never EVER be retraded and he would be entirely 150% loved and appreciated on this here account. i don't care about name format or the amount of numbers in his name, he would be happy and healthy here, and i would be over the moon if you considered me as a potential adopter. haiwon would be that final step in achieving my last neo dream. after owning an UC faerie pteri, the rest of my efforts would go to trading my BD pet up for an UC and adopting that UC out to the community, to repay the favor those have done for me. my pteri would be entered in the beauty contest and i would train him to his fullest potential. this would be his one and only home, never to be used as trading fodder.

i can't express it enough. i know a lot of people throw around "dreamie" but an UC faerie pteri really is mine. he'd have his own character page, his own beauty contest trophies, his own fancy lookup, his own home. i feel really cheesy writing all of this, and i'm sure it's kinda cringey to read. but all in all, i hope my rambling was enough proof of my desire for an UC faerie pteri. thank you for this opportunity and i hope you have an easy final decision, whether he stays or goes to another. thanks once again! i wish you all of the luck in the world, on and off of neo. and i'd like to say a thank you on behalf of everyone who's applied, for the opportunity to achieve our dreams!

Update: 10/22 hi! so this is a bit late but i also wanted to tack on my portfolio, in case you wanted a more in-depth look at my goals on neo and a little more insight on who i am. /~Riddock the pets section is a HUUUGE wip but feel free to browse through! UC fae pteri is listed, and has a basic customization idea already put together. thanks again for the opportunity!

10/23/2017 - allotments1999
Hello there! I'm writing to you in regards of igotyourstuffhaiwon, I saw previously that you were still accepting applications for them and just wanted to let you know that I have written one which can be found here: http://www.neopets.com/~thiw Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I wish you all of the very best of luck! Sincerely, Kat / Allotments1999 *^~^*

10/23/2017 - sliver_dragon1
Hello Olly. My name is Eclipse and I'm applying for your UC Robot Ixi: igotyourstuffhaiwon. Before we get too far into it, I just wanted to let you know that my application is actually for retrade towards my dream pet (which I will get into in my official application). I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity and to wish you good luck in chosing igotyourstuffhaiwon's new home. My official application can be found here: http://www.neopets.com/~Ryesling Thank you again for the opportunity and I hope you have a wonderful day. ~ Eclipse. Profile: http://www.neopets.com/~Iczie

10/23/2017 - dgirl1312
Hello, my name is Miyuki and I would like to apply for iwon. I would like to be up front, I would to trade him. I recognize his name isn't great, but I have seen that with enough patience, robot ixi can still trade well. My ultimate goal is a pair of royal shoyru, but I know that is a difficult task. I have been at it for years and will keep trying, no matter how much I am discouraged! I also have lesser, but still wanted dreamies like a WN faerie Ixi. He may be used for either of these, and no matter which will still be adored. I am patient, and in my experience waiting enough can help. Even if it doesn't, I love ixi. They are one of my favorite pets, so I don't mind him hanging on my account for a while! I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear good news. Even if I don't, I still thank you for your time and the chance. I hope you have a great day.

10/23/2017 - willowraynelake
Hey, Olly! Here's my app for haiwonigotyourstuff. Thanks for the opportunity to apply! http://www.neopets.com/~aiti

10/23/2017 - mmmspaghetti
hi olly! another application for you! the application got a little long, though, so i put it on gapacho's petpage here: http://www.neopets.com/~gapacho thank you!

10/23/2017 - malikkkkkkkkkkkkk
Hey there Olly!! My name's Sarah, and I'd LOVE to apply for a UC faerie kau with the help of igotyourstuffhaiwon! A UC faerie kau is the highest and truest dream I have on Neo (and in real life too rip), and I know Winner could help me get her! I would love to write out her character (as I do with all of my permanent pets), give her a custom lookup so she feels at home, draw her like the most beautiful french girl and enter her in the BC for all to admire, write up her backstory on her petpage, and give her a diary so that I may keep interacting with her even after I finish her initial story! I used to own a cutie named aitace46830, who changed my life for the better, so much so that my school friends noticed my dysthymia getting better. I would love to have a presence like that in my life again in the form of a little purple pixie kau, and I know Winner could help me, as well as help someone else (by trading "up" in the tier system). Thank you SO much for this chance, and BEST of luck to you, Olly! :-D

10/23/2017 - dian alovee
Hi Olly, my app for Ha is on /~Baixo; thank you for the chance at giving him a home and best of luck adopting out! =)

10/23/2017 - jaeconde
/~Jorzia (Original NM hadn't gone through; user resubmitted at my request)

10/24/2017 - blooming_sara
Hello Olly, My project page and application for won can be found here: /~flash_dragon08. Thank you for the chance to apply. I hope looking at my page will be an enjoyable experience for you. If you have any questions, concerns, or any advice to give me after looking through my page, I encourage you to contact me. Regards, Sara

10/24/2017 - acwellen
Hi Olly, I'm Hati and my app for Haiwon can be found at the url below. It's best viewed at 1920x1080 in firefox but should probably work with anything smaller. Thanks for your time C: http://www.neopets.com/~roamel

10/24/2017 -
My application is at http://www.neopets.com/~kissy6789 Thank you!

10/24/2017 - rurirawr
Hello Olly! My name's Azusa and I'd love to apply for your Haiwon for retrading purposes. You can find my app at /~Cauchemare. I hope you find a good owner for your Robot Ixi! Best of luck in your future endeavors! PS. Sorry, this NM's a bit rushed because it's 10 minutes before the deadline.

10/24/2017 - crowthorn
Hey Olly! Below is a link for my interactive application for Haiwon, but please give it a minute or two--it's image heavy and my time tests had it loading in between 30 and 120 seconds: (http://www.neopets.com/~Elphey) It works best with a resolution of 1600x900 or 1920x1080. Thanks so much for putting him up for adoption! I haven't applied for anything in ages and this was a really fun challenge, and I hope you enjoy it. Best of luck with reading through everything. I'm going to be out of town from tomorrow to Friday, but please let me know if you have any questions and I'll answer them asap!

8/24/2017 - neptunely
Hi Olly! I'm Dayna and I'd love to adopt igotyourstuffhaiwon. If I receive stuff, I plan to retrade him for a UC baby Kougra, who would stay on this account. This may seem like a downtrade but I'm after one Koug in particular - Emya. I've fallen madly in love with him but unfortunately have no UCs to offer for him. Since I plan to retrade, I'll tell you a bit about the Koug! His project page is at /~Naddix but I can give you a quick run down. It uses a build your own adventure style format inspired by a friend's petpage. His character is a protector spirit who appears to people in need. His young appearance elicits compassion and nurturing in the owner that he chooses. My main plans for my Kougra include the usual things - a lovely customization, a matching font and avatar set, and a sweet petpet and P3. Most importantly for me though, I want to draw him and enter him in the Beauty Contest. Neopets has been a huge muse for me and made me improve and feel so much more confident in my artistic ability. In fact, I've garnered 28 BC trophies, 17 of which are gold. If you'd like to know more about my current pets, including their characters, art, and customizations, please check out /~Cresme and /~neptunely. My portfolio is at /~solsticeism if you'd like to learn more about me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt stuff and for reading my application!

9/03/2017 - nineoneone_
HAI Olly (haha get it, cause your ixi is named igotyourstuffHAIwon hahaha) I'm Angela and this is my app for Hai. For your reference, my side accounts are anklebiterz (baby pets), h00ligans (disney pets), and shiny_cloyster (trade fodder/pets i switch in and out of my main). One of my hobbies on Neo is building characters for my pets - I customize NC a lot so I don't usually build characters for my converteds since they change often, but I love drawing/building characters for my UCs. My 2 UC's both have character pages: ~Niareet & ~AvenOfGlory. If I am chosen to adopt Hai, I would hopefully retrade towards one of my last UC goals: a UC Baby Kougra (I will refer to him as Alec throughout this app). I know this is quite the jump in tiers, but I am very picky with the name of my kougra and this is why: I am a dropout illustration student turned early childhood education student and I teach in a toddler class. My side account, anklebiterz, is full of my baby pets in tribute to some of my toddlers. I want to eventually trade for a UC Baby Kougra to represent one of the toddlers in my class, Alec - he is a golden haired bundle of joy who loves to talk, loves sports, loves cuddles, and always gets himself into sticky situations (and always has pasta in his hair). The name is a huge factor for me - I want a UC Baby Kougra name that does justice to Alec's character in real life. I lurk the PC and have noticed many of the UC Baby Kougras have names that just don't fit Alec's character - either they are too feminine, cutesy, or just plain confusing. I just recently applied for purryfella the UC Baby Kougra - it was a great gender-neutral name to fit Alec, and although I made it into the finalists list, I was unfortunately not chosen. I also did get offered a BN UC Baby Kougra on Kozi, but the name was too feminine (ashlee1010 I think was the name??) I am hoping adopting Hai could be a second chance for me to get that perfectly named UC Baby Kougra. My plans for Alec are on my project page for a UC Baby Kougra on ~Charmsy, but to summarize for you: Alec would be getting a plushie babaa (to match his actual sleep toy at nap time), a matching font and avatar, and I would love to continue drawing some more art for him (atm I only have 1 sketch of him). Admittedly, I VERY recently started getting into art again after leaving Illustration so I am still a little bit too shy to enter any art I make for Alec in the BC - but am hoping that the more art I create for him, the easier it will become to share my art. Update: 10/21 I have a portal page of all my links (personal projects, nc related projects, characters, etc). The page is on ~Angelesa. The portal page is fairly recent and I just got it up and running. Thanks again and no worries if you can't do that.

9/11/2017 - angelic__47
Hello Olly, my name is Stephanie. I stumbled upon your PC thread and decided to send in an application in the hopes of potentially being chosen to give igotyourstuffhaiwon (Or Haiwon as I will be calling him in my application) a permanent spot in my UC ixi family. A little about me, I'm an adult neopian that absolutely adores ixi, both UC and converted. Several years back I decided that one day I would own an UC ixi. After several years of tediously pet trading I worked my way up to trading for my beautiful UC Faerie ixi (cornue_01). I was extremely pleased with her but I found my love of ixi expanding even more so and so I decided to aim for an account full of UC ixi. After months after months of trading I managed to achieve not only one but two more UC ixi, my UC Darigan Ixi f4wn_of_doom and xXJamiajillXx my UC Grey Ixi. The last ixi that I've been on a search for is, as you may have guessed, an UC Robot Ixi. I made myself a promise that once I find an UC Robot Ixi that I would give up on UC trading and perhaps adopt out some of the low tier UC's that I have. As of lately I've been trying to accomplish my UC Robot Ixi goal by trading an UC Grey Kougra and an UC Darigan Peophin on my side account, perhaps you've seen my boards? If chosen to adopt Haiwon, you can trust that he will be a permanent member of my ixi family and will have a loving home where he will be loved, appreciated and honored here on my main account angelic__47. I want to thank you for your time as well as allowing me the opportunity to apply for your pet. I'm well aware of the stress that can be caused due to adopting pets out. Thank you for your time and I hope that you will consider me. If you have more questions please feel free to ask. Thank you.

9/11/2017 - firedragon9078
Hey Olly, this is my application for Igo. ^^ It's located on http://www.neopets.com/~Ciroz

9/19/2017 - vlushies
Hi, my name is Vicki! I am 20, actually turning 21 in a few minutes, as its almost midnight here! I am currently in my third year of Nursing in University, so Neopets is my haven from stress. I started playing Neopets during my childhood, but I eventually fell out of it, and have just recently refound it. My old account was purged, hence the young age on this one. When I got back to Neopets I was shocked by the new UC/Converted divide. Ixis were one of my favourite Neopets in my youth, yet their new artwork turns me off from them completely. After becoming acquainted with the new UC system, I fell in love with a few of the old UCs, with Robot Ixi's being one of them. I don't have any UCs yet, and I could guarantee she would have a permanent home with me, being that I am not in the trading scene. I know the age of my account may scare you, but I am a daily user, and trying to acquaint myself with how to make pet pages, and whatnot. I actually found igotyourstuffhaiwon while I was looking at pictures of robot Ixis on google! She came up as a picture link on an adoption group! I have never applied for other UCs UFA, as I knew they wouldn't make me happy as permanent pets, but I know Haiwon would. Thank you for your consideration, and best of luck choosing a new home. - Vicki

10/01/2017 - alli_draggy
Hi! My app/project page is on http://www.neopets.com/~alli_draggy. I designed it for 1280*1024 resolution, but the only thing that really relies on that is the background.

Hi! I want Haiwon to retrade for a UC Mara Hissi by the name of Deus_Vobisc.um who I've had my eye on for a while. Project page-app-thing is here. http://www.neopets.com/~alli_draggy

(Applicant submitted two applications)

10/02/2017 - drowenharper
Hello my name is Tess, on neopets I go by k9, and am a advid purge chatter from the RIP purge chat boards. I am a Darigan, fandom pet collector, that often spends my time on the pc, lurking trading, complaining about my neomail glitch. Outside of that, I have gotten quite the motivation to draw my pets for the BC section of the site. I am currently working on getting a bc trophy for each, at least bronze. I am applying to trade down to a uc darigan hissi, once I have at least 4 or 5 darigans I plan to try and come up with a nice story or art for them together. So far I have Vrashin, Hresvelger and BaubleHead. So far I have come up with Hres being the leader and the other 2, constantly fighting for position of number 1. I have no plans to trade my darigans, they also will fit in nicely with my permanent fandom pet Crowley. I have applied for Igotyourstuffhaiwon because I feel he would be my key to obtaining a fourth darigan for my account. Normally I apply to keep, so this is a new experience for me. I am aware it is unlikely I will get a wned one, as honestly the hissi will be a permanent edition and stay with me. I even have back up darigans I like equally, wned uc dari pteri and eyrie, and I feel got can get them easily. I really have fun with these adoption process, so even if I am not considered thank you for the opportunity, and good luck. -k9.

10/03/2017 - haiwon0
hi ! I'm so happy to finally be there, as I've been searching my stuff for ages thank you so much for holding it. I must have forgotten my stuff somewhere a long time ago... as far as I remember, the last time I used my stuff was on a bench in the city, just an ordinary day except when I came back home after some drinks I noticed something was missing... can't tell if stolen or forgotten but I asked for my stuff at lost & found offices but nobody has ever seen it :/ it drove me so crazy I ended up thinking this stuff was all just a dream ! can't believe I find it years after on neopets srsly today I'm ready to take it back ! woah what an amazing adventure !!! thx so much

10/03/2017 - amunet022
* I plan on retrading for my dream/goal UC Plush Grundo * I feel that most of my sentiments and desire for a UC Plush Grundo can be found on my goal/dream page, here: http://www.neopets.com/~pringae902_2004 I truly hope that conveys how serious I am about neopets as a whole and trying to obtain my dream. I am not name picky for my future UC Plush Grundo, I will love him just as much as my 'bn' Coconut ^_^ My sides are: totalangel22, naunet0, stampmypassport and aurora020. I am trying to downsize my pets, but I believe that will be a slow process! As of now, Moonlitez & Starlae are UFT for a name replacement of Jaesiye. Whatever pet is not traded will be put UFA. MysticalGypsy will be pounded after Jellyneo's costume contest. So, a spot WILL be open for Won come Halloween ^_^ My thing on neopets is customization. As you can see, I quite enjoy it ^_^ After completing achieving my pets, I will focus more on avatar and trophy collecting If I am chosen to adopt Won, I will continue to train my current trading pet and adopt him out, in honor of your kindness, once I reach at least 500HSD. Please allow me to express my appreciation for your decision of adopting out a high tier UC pet. I say this in all my apps: Even if I am not chosen, the PC needs new people trading UCs and you're helping us out greatly. Thank you very much ^_^

10/12/2017 - bluecream64
Hiya ~ I'm Cat. My app for Igotyourstuffhaiwon is finished. You can find it on http://www.neopets.com/~aremiah I crafted this app in 1920x1080 so I would prefer if you saw it there, however i coded it so that it really *doesn't* matter. just my personal preference. ANYHOW thanks so much for this opportunity, and above all I just hope you enjoy what you read (apologies in advance - it's really story heavy. You can skip it tho.)

10/12/2017 - agonized
hi olly!! i'm zane, and here's my app for igotyourstuffhaiwon ! hope you like it. c: http://www.neopets.com/~Epimetheus

10/12/2017 - megafoo4452
Hey there. c: My app is at /~shenikah Might make some edits meantime before the deadline, and yes it's reused. ^^ Thanks for your time!

10/14/2017 -
Hey! This is my app for igotyourstuffhaiwon. For character saving's sake, I will call him Hai throughout this app. In all honesty, I want Hai to retrade. I want an UC faerie yurble. I do recognize that Hai isn't *exactly* WNed, but I still think it would be possible. Hai is in the same tier as my yurble, and I don't mind BNed pets (I own Jia_Li_My_Baby, Farbentester, HoneyBadgerDontCare1, and Awesome_Eyrie, how much can I possibly care?). Getting Hai would be a huge step up in a goal I've had for years.

I don't have too much of a character set up. I love the art of the yurbles, and that's most of it. I guess some backstory would be good. I fell in love with the yurbles as soon as I saw one, back when /~Za was used. I offered my pet around for one, but he was only a DNed hardly SBD pet, and I was continually rejected (for obvious reasons). I've still looked for a way to get one, such as training (I traded a pet for an UC, which I traded for a different UC then a BD pet, who I am now training) but I could still use a step up. Eyrie's going to take a while to get to the point where he's worth that yurb.

About me! I'm Silver. I'm a pretty avid Neopian, checking in at least once a day (and usually for hours a day). I like customizing a lot. Off-line I like knitting, reading, and writing bad fanfiction. Some people call it good, but I think they're being overly-supportive. I enjoy school, and my favorite class is math. I have a hard time in science because I dislike the teacher. I'm generally a loud, happy person, although I've hit a low lately and have been less happy. I like arguing (more than I should tbh), cats, and music, and I dislike my science teacher, frilled sharks (if you don't know what that is, look it up [if you don't mind nightmares]), and the feeling of using a mortar and pestle. If chosen to adopt, I would adopt out Eyrie to make room on this account. Thanks for this opportunity and you chill applying process!

10/20/2017 - starlitsky4251
Hello Olly! 8D My name is Ashe and I would love to apply for igotyourstuffhaiwon! My end goal would be to re-trade hai for a UC Faerie Yurble ^^ Since they are in the same tier, I thought I'd take my chances and apply! You can find more info about me/my plans/art/and my yurbles character on my project page here: /~lolliplops Thanks again for the opportunity and good luck adopting out!

10/21/2017 - khufu75
Hello! My name is Red, and back when haiwon was UFA, I applied with a character idea I had been mulling over for some time. Haiwon's nickname was perfect, and I myself am a huge fan of fun neopets names. Time passed, and I lost interest in the character idea for Haiwon. I will admit, my pets are currently in a very messy state right now, with only a small handful of my pets being permies (All my krawks, Elanor, Romeo, and Jedda.) , and I'm honestly in the process of rebuilding and revamping my pets, but I can't let that stop me from applying for Haiwon. I've always loved Haiwon's name and I'm so thrilled to have another chance to apply!

Even if I no longer can be considered the ixi girl, I would be content to have Haiwon and the ixi I eventually trade Diamond for (I'm hoping to trade for my old UC grey ixi). I don't plan on using the same idea, but instead, I've been itching to work on slime textures, and my plans are that Haiwon will be an ectoplasmic slime inhabiting a robot suit to blend in better. I'm thinking adorable, but mischevious. Other than that, Haiwon will have to be sent to a side for the time being, if I'm chosen, and I'd move around some pets, probably booting my labrat! If you'd like an example of my art and what Haiwon will have if I'm chosen to adopt, I urge you to take a look at Elanor's petlookup, as it's the one I'm most proud of. Thank you for your time, and have a spo.opy Halloween!

10/21/2017 - lionzoo
Hey Olly! My application for Haiwon is here: http://www.neopets.com/~Hokums Thanks a lot for the opportunity, and best of luck adopting out c:

10/21/2017 - lily_flower__
Hello there, Olly! I am applying to trade your Ixi. I had recently came back from a hiatus due to school. Unfortunately, when I came back, 3 of my accounts were hacked. Some will be impossible to gain back like my Neiwei or Rey. However, I also lost my UC Plushie Cybunny/Scorchio/Buzz, UC Baby Kougra, UC RG Cybunny, UC Faerie Shoyru(this one breaks my heart since my friend gave her to me before she left). I plan to trade up to UC Plushie Cybunny as they have been one of my ultimate goals. I came back to stay and work on my pets. My account shows some dedication/effort I have had towards Neopets. I like to work on my pets, even if it takes time. I'm like a turtle. Slow and steady wins the race...hahaha. Well, I appreciate your time. -Lily

10/21/2017 - elikapika
Salutations Olly, my name is Elyssa! I like drawing, writing, making characters, all that good stuff. I'm also learning how to code since I'd like to make video games one day. I'd like to adopt Haiwon for the purposes of retrading, since there are a lot of names out there that I'd like to own one day (star names, other space related names, etc). I like customizing pets on here and then making characters out of them from there. For example, a recently accomplished goal of mine was Binminga, a stealthy/dimensional Shoyru crosspaint who is a bumbling flirt ninja spy. The first outfit I made for him is here: impress.openneo.net/outfits/1465891 Some other goals I've accomplished would be a desert/dimensional Krawk crosspaint, Chalawan the star king and trading up to my Christmas Zafara, Alcyone. My more developed characters are Intercrus, Oegyein and Jishui (who have stories on their pet lookups), but I plan to intertwine all my pets' stories later on. I'd like to get at least one pet into Pet Spotlight, and I have been trying with Intercrus to accomplish that goal. Maybe one day when I have more np to spend I'll be a packrat/stamp collecter/hardcore BDer. Who knows? Right now I'm just having fun being on this site again, and actually being able to interact with others as I couldn't when I was younger. I wish you the best of luck adopting out Haiwon, thank you for the opportunity.

10/22/2017 - jackie87219
Hello Olly, I am Jackie and would like to apply to adopt igotyourstuffhaiwon (Haiwon). I'll start out with saying that I would like to adopt Haiwon to eventually retrade. My longterm UC goal is a WN/VWN BD UC. However, my focus more recently has been on making neopoints, and as such I've fallen behind in neopet trading, and have not yet been able to break into UC trading. Should my application be accepted I would adopt Haiwon on my side, cutie87219 (please ignore the ridiculous username, it was a side that was made a while back). Currently my side has been used for the occasional pound surf, but is checked very often nonetheless, and I would be sure to trade Haiwon out to a neopian who would take very good care of him. Once I am able to reach my UC goal, he/she (my dream UC) will be transferred to my main. If I missed anything and if you would like to know anything else about me and my pets please let me know. Thank you, Jackie

10/22/2017 - haiitskatiex
Hello Olly! My name is Katie and I am applying for igotyourstuffhaiwon. I became super excited when I saw Hai was UFA, because I believe Hai could help me trade for a UC Faerie Yurble. I will be applying with my Project Page which can be found here: http://www.neopets.com/Atraio All of my accounts are listed at the bottom, as well as a link to my Portfolio that is a work in progress. I wish you the best of luck in adopting out for I too am adopting out a UC at the moment. I wanted to give back to the PC since I have been blessed with a bunch of permanent pets I was able to adopt from the PC. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I hope to hear good news from you soon! --Katie.

10/23/2017 - cherry199111
Hi Olly! I'm Winky~ My app for Haiwon is on /~Zaknight, best viewed in Chrome 1920x1080. I really enjoyed making it! And thank you very much for the opportunity! ;D

10/23/2017 - sinner_kasey
Hello, I saw you had your robot ixi, igot. ufa, I have a project page/app if that's acceptable as I'd be applying for retrade to an UC grey gelert. The page can be found on /~Agito. Thank you for the chance!

10/23/2017 - charliews
hi Olly, Charlie here! i'd love to apply for igot ;^; i really appreciate this opportunity & i wish you the best of luck adopting out!! here: /~purlette

10/23/2017 - myharto
Hello, I'm Taylor and Im applying to retrade igotyourstuffhaiwon. My application is located here /~reedger Thank you for the opportunity

10/23/2017 - livamarie
My name is Olivia. I've been playing neopets for 15+ years, 250+/365 days a year. I am a therapist in real life. My permanent pets demonstrate what I love to do on the site. Kigglee is my main; I trained him myself from nothing to 1900+ HSD, I won him 27 trophies (and counting---hoping for a customization or PPL), and I am proud that he is currently still on the top 200 Gourmet eaters list. Lemony was born in Y1 of neopets (I have dedicated a pet page to Y1s in their honor); he is a RN (Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events") and after recently winning him a Booktastic badge (top 200 list as well), I am currently feeding him Gourmets (TEDIOUS!) and I have my fingers crossed to win an upcoming Petpet Spotlight since TNT was basically begging for entries last week (see all of the spotlights I have won on my user lookup). My final pet goal is a WN UC---specifically an UC Plushie Flotsam. Iwon is a tier 6 and could most definitely get me a WN UC Plushie Flotsam (tier 5). That would just be the coolest thing. Why UC Plushie Flotsam? Before I became a therapist, all through growing up, I wanted to swim with orca whales. The UC Plushie Flotsam is a visual reminder of my long-lost dream. Thanks for reading!

10/23/2017 - teatiem
Hello Olly. n.n People call me Kai, not sure where it came from to be honest. It's just stuck with me for years. Anywho. I'm going to be 27 years young next month, I probably shouldn't be on neo anymore right? Man I feel old. Haha. I use to do a lot of writing/coding and drawing for my pets. /~ocwi is a page of random old art that I threw together for this app. Now this might hurt my chances. I would re-trade Stuff. You see I've always wanted to get a uc plush lupe. I had one {before the conversion} and he was my fave pet. He has always seemed so out of reach. But maybe I might have a chance if I were to be allowed to adopt Stuff ya know? The other random images on that page are things for my project page. I have yet to start on the PP, but should start soon haha. Anyways, I appreciate the opportunity my fellow neopian! I also wish you the best of luck in choosing an owner! Sincerely, Kai

10/24/2017 - kitsunepirate
Hey there! Thanks for the chance to adopt Igot. I just made the app tonight, so it's mostly summery. Hopefully everything is outlined enough! http://www.neopets.com/~dusiia Thanks again and good luck finding the perfect owner

10/24/2017 - savanga
Hey, there! This is my application for Stuff: http://www.neopets.com/~fluffehkinz Good luck finding an owner!

10/24/2017 - wantondisplay
neopets.com/~feralwrath Here's my app for Haiwon. Have a good time reading everything you get!

10/24/2017 - zentoreaco
Howdy! So my app starts on http://www.neopets.com/~sanctuary (its an interactive page, and to start it you gotta click on the power button ALSO I put the disclaimer for the app on the second portion of it to preserve immersion, I hope that's alright!). It leads into http://www.neopets.com/~citsatnys (it should take you there via link but in case that breaks I just wanted to have it in here as well). I was a fool and decided to split my app down the middle, but it's a bit late to turn back now LOL. I'm still putting the finishing touches on /~sanctuary, so if it isn't too much to ask, could you read my app last? Oh, also the preferred screen resolution is 1920x1080, but it's scale-able if that's not an option! Thank you so much for this opportunity, I hope you like my app!

Update 10/24 Howdy! Everything on my end is live, my bad for the false alarm ;v;. I should also make a note that the last portion of the interactive part of the app has a little bit of confusing coding; if you wanna go back to the file directory after reading a -blocked-ument, just click on the folder again! Again, thank you so much for this oppertunity!