What is Moltara? How do I get there? What can I buy there? How do I make petpets? What does Igneot do? How do I paint my pet magma? How does the magma pool work?
These are all common questions asked about Moltara; this guide will answer them all. Have a read through and enjoy!


So what is Moltara? It is one of the newest lands in Neopia, "discovered" in Y11 following the plot "Atlas of the Ancients". It is home to the "magma pets" (as well as the legendary magma pool), worm quests, an odd gnorbu call Igneot, the obsidian quarry and an inventor named Tangor, among other things.
This is the Neopedia entry:

Location: Remote island, due east of Maraqua
Government: Democracy, with an elected mayor
Primary Export: Shiny obsidian
Terrain: Subterranean lava tunnels and magma lakes
Weather: Hot, with frequent steam blasts
Depth: 7,000 feet
Discovered: Y11
Areas of Interest: Cog's Togs, Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic, The Arcanium, Moltara Run, Igneot's Cave
It began with reports of severe storms and strange, fiery creatures. Soon, all of Neopia was caught up in the search for the source. In one of the most remarkable discoveries in the history of Neopia, intrepid adventurers Clara Chatham, Roxton A. Colchester III, and Jordie stumbled upon the hidden world of Moltara!
Hidden by an immense door on a remote island, a tunnel descends deep into the crust of Neopia. Far below, the city of Moltara sits over a network of magma rivers and steam vents. Here, residents take their coffee with boiling magma, and conversations are shouted over the constant roar of machinery. The citizens of Moltara are as warm as their climate, generously opening their doors to the world above and offering their piping hot cuisine and gear-based apparel for bargain prices.

You can visit Moltara by clicking the stone door thing on the main "explore" map, the fire eggs picture or this link.

The City and the Caves

Moltara is divided into two maps: Moltara City (where you can find the town hall, Tangor's workshop, the obsidian quarry, the shops Cog's Togs, Lampwycks Lights Fantastic and Molten Morsels and the games Tunnel Tumble and Cave Glider) and Moltara Caves (home to the magma pool, Igneot, the drak cave, the gilded page and the shops The Arcanium and the Petpetorium).

Moltara City

Moltara Caves

the town hall

The town hall is a good place to start if you would like to learn a bit more about Moltara and its discovery. It is located here on the city map. Upon entry you will be greeted by the town mayor, a chomby, you will give you the option to "discover Moltara". Clicking on this link will take you to the AotA page, where you can view your progress (if you participated in it) or read the story.


If you still have questions, you can visit Igneot - a "wise" magma Gnorbu who lives in his cavern in the Moltara Caves. You can ask him any question you like (simply type it into the box and hit 'submit'), and he will answer with one of the following fortunes:

*SNORE* Eh... I am too sleepy.
It has been forseen.
It is as clear as the day.
Like the darkness this can be overcome.
The answer is before you.
The ashes blow away like your chances.
The coals become colder, but there is a chance...
The coals burn brightly in favour of this.
The darkness is here and will not be overcome.
The darkness is settling in, but the light still burns.
The fire has gone out, the answer is no.
The fire is dimming and so is the chance of this.
The fires say it will be so.
The mists pervade everything.
The solution lies in your hands.
This is hard to read, however it seems unlikely.

Currently Igneot doesn't really have any particular purpose, but you can amuse yourself (*cough*) asking him random questions and seeing what he might answer.

the Games

Of course, there are several Moltara-related games, accessed from the city map. These are:

cave glider

Found on the Moltara City map here. This is one of the games from the AotA plot, where Clara and Roxton try to escape from the lava. A good guide can be found here.

tunnel tumble

Found on the Moltara City mao here. This is another game from AotA, and is basically a copy of darigan dodgeball, with the same rules, objectives, etc but different graphics/characters.

the Shops

There are many shops around Moltara, selling a variety of goods: customisation accessories, books, food, petpets... These are:

Lampwycks Lights Fantastic

Located here on the main city map, Lampwyck sells all sorts of Moltara-themed lamps which you can use to customise your neohome. These are:

*images from jellyneo net

Cogs Togs

Located here on the main city map, Cog sells wearable accessories to customise your neopet with. These are:

*images from jellyneo net

molten morsels

Located here on the main city map, Molten Morsels is a place where you can buy delicious (and very hot) Moltara-themed food. The products are:

*images from jellyneo net

the petpetorium

Found in the Moltara Caves map here, the Petpetorium sells Moltaran petpets. Currently, these are the species you can buy:

*images from jellyneo net

the arcanium

The Arcanium, found here sells Moltaran books. The current available ones are:

*images from jellyneo net

The Quests: Collecting Parts

And finally, the bit we've been waiting for - how to do the Moltara Quests! Basically, the quests are about collecting different materials which you them combine in Tangor's workshop to make into petpets, which you can then further combine into a wearable. Some materials are easy to find while others have several steps to them. Below are instructions on how to find each of them.

shiny obsidian

The Obsidian Quarry, located here on the Moltara City map provides "Shiny Obsidian". You can collect one piece per day (its a "daily"), to either use for making petpets in Tangor's workshop or collecting insane amounts of it in your SDB, like me... or not. :D It's the easiest material to find.

Collecting Obsidian

Only 1 per Day Though!

Miscellaneous Gears

The Miscellaneous Gears are found on the Moltara City main map in specific locations (shown below). If you don't see any, try refreshing (there is a theory that each user has specific "times" for when the gears appear for them, so if you do see them, take a note of the time so you can collect them at the same time the next day.) These are quite hard to find (unless you know the time, of course).

Scrap metal and stone

Scrap metal and stone appears as a random event (RE) while clicking around Moltara and Moltara Caves. It does take a while, so refreshing is the easiest option.

red moltite

This is the hardest of all materials to obtain. First you will need to comlete a worm quest:

1 - Head over to Lampwycks Lights Fantastic to recieve a free empty lantern.

2. You will now need to find 10 different coloured worms that are located in different places on the Moltara City and Moltara Caves maps (5 on each). They always appear in the same place, however they do not appear at the same time as each other (but each worm appears at the same time each day, so it pays to remember these times). If you see a worm, click on it to pick it up (sometimes though you will get a message saying "how strange, there's nothing here. You really thought you saw something" - and the worm won't appear in your inventory. Don't worry - just return at the same time the next day to pick it up.) Below are the locations for each of the worms.

Note: the black worm actually appears purple on the map (possibly because the backgroud on which it is on is also black, as you can see below; the purple colour makes it stand out?), so if you see a purple worm but you already have one in your inventory, pick it up anyway: it'll be the black one. One way to tell them apart is the colour of their stomach: the actual purple worm has a white one and the black worm has a darker one.

3. Once you have all ten worms, go to your inventroy and click on the empty lantern. You will now have the option "fill it with worms". After doing this, you will have a Brightly Lit Lantern.

4. Now head over to the dark cave. If you've already been there before, you would have noticed this kind of message:

However, you now DO in fact have a light source! Instead you will be greeted with this (or similar):

You will be able to either go right or left. Fortunately which one you should choose is in fact NOT random, and you can use this guide to help. If you take a wrong turn you may end up with:

5. However, eventually you will find the moltite. Click on "take the moltite" and it will be added to your inventory, however you will get a message saying that the worms are now too tired to light the lamp properly (leaving you with a Dim Lantern), so take it back to Lampwyck who promises to look after them.

6. If this is your first time comleting the quest Lampwyck will also give you a "friendly glowing lantern" which is a wearble item.

7. You can return the next day to re-do the quest (go back to Lampwyck and he will give you some excuse that basically means that you have to collect the worms all over again, and hand you the Empty Lantern. Don't worry though, if you remembered their times you'll be fine!)

Tangors Workshop

Tangor's workshop is where you can combine the above materials that you have collected to make robot petpets (and one wearble one). The materials you can use (as mentioned before) are shiny obsidian, scrap metal and stone, miscellaneous gears and red moltite as well as petpets you have created out of these materials (ie. using the four base materials you can create petpets, then combine two or more of these petpets to make a new and advanced one).

Basically there will be a list of all the items in your inventory. Click on the ones you want to use, then click "give the itmes to Tangor". Below are the combinations of items you can use.

VAL = red moltite + shiny obsidian
TEEK = red moltite + shiny obsidian + miscellaneous gears
VALTEEK = val + teek
RAV = red moltite + miscellaneous gears
ERGE = red moltite + miscellaneous gears + scrap metal and stone
RAVERGE = rav + erge
GOY = red moltite + scrap metal and stone
ALBOT = red moltite + scrap metal and stone + shiny obsidian
NIK = red moltite + scrap metal and stone + shiny obsidian + miscellaneous gears
GOYALBOTNIK = goy + albot + nik
ADA = scrap metal and stone + miscellaneous gears
GIO = scrap metal and stone + miscellaneous gears + shiny obsidian
ADAGIO = ada + gio
DAL = shiny obsidian + scrap metal and stone
OOP = shiny obsidian + miscellaneous gears
DALOOP = dal + oop

You can also make the VAGGENDOTRA 5000, which is wearable item, by combining all of the advanced petpets.

VAGGENDOTRA 5000 = daloop + adagio + raverge + valteek + goyalbotnik

Note: If you try to combine invalid item combinations in Tangor's workshop, you will a message that says: "Hm, I'm not sure what to do with this... maybe this part... no, that's... hmm, I don't think I can do anything with this stuff. Sorry."

the magma pool

Perhaps the best-known place in Moltara, the legendary magma pool, found in the Moltara Caves, is the only place (aside from the secret lab) that you can paint your pets magma (click here to view how the pets look at the rainbow pool).

Usually, you will be told by the guard that you can't enter the pool; "only those well-versed in the ways of Moltara are permitted to enter".

However, there is also a 10-min period each day when the guard falls asleep and you are able to "sneak in" and paint your pet. Unfortunately, this time period is different for every user and there is no way to discover yours except to go to the pool every 10 minutes to check. Some people will be lucky and have theirs at a time when they can easily get on the computer, others may get it in the middle of the night, etc. Its different for everyone! (for those who want to know I was lucky and my time is 1:50-2pmNST, which is about 8 or 9am where I live, depending on daylight savings). Below are the screenies I took painting Kraephire

As well as catching the guard asleep, there is also another method that gives you access to the magma pool at any time of the day or week. To do this you will need to have the guard welcome you in as a "true master of the ways of Moltara", however it is uncertain exactly how to have this happen (there is a guide here that discusses theories about how to do this, however as I said earlier no one actually knows for sure how to do it).

Note: Whichever method you use, you can only paint your pet once a week however.


And that's all! I hope you have enjoyed this guide and that you have learned or discovered something new, and that you have been inspired to visit and explore Moltara!


21.05.11 --- FINISHED! However, if you have any questions or would like me to add/change something (or if you have any info regarding the magma pool) please neomail me (on my main account please). Also if you would like me to add a link to your page, you can neomail me as well. :)


These are just my times for various activities in Moltara (ie. the worms, magma pool, etc). I basically put them here without having anywhere else better to, so you can ignore this section if you wish.

Worms (white/yellow/blue/red/purple/
green): 10am-11amNST
Worms (orange) 1:15pmNST
Worms (black) 3.45pmNST
Worms (pink) 3:55pmNST
Worms (rainbow) 11:33pmNST
Magma Pool: 1:50-2pmNST
Misc. gears: 3:40pmNST

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