Project Aurora


Hello random guest! Welcome to my latest project called "Project Aurora". The goal of this project is to send my cute idol group an elegant or cute UC leader!

The reason why I started this project page is to allow myself to have a 'fixed' goal. What do I mean by that? Ok, here's the thing. I've been having issues on what pet I would love to trade for since I keep falling out of inspiration. So to counter that, I've decided to make a page that shows my current progress! That way I'll be less likely to change goals.

To Do List
+proof read all the text
+draw some sample art

Project Plans


how it all started

In the capital of Aurora, most of its citizens carry a magical essence called "qing". Qing is a type of magical energy that transforms into beautiful lights representing one's emotion. The stronger it is the more visible it becomes and the ability to manipulate emotion becomes possible. Knowing that the ability to manipulate emotion is dangerous, the only known way to obtain it is gaining the favor of one of the strongest qing holders. The known beings who are capable of permitting it are: Aurora and Don. Yet currently neither of these beings are capable of doing so since they went into slumber. The rumoured cause behind it was because an unnamed divinity placed spells on both of these beings to slumber and only awaken when their destined, summons them with strong emotions.

In the story for Aurora, three childhood friends namely "Iris, Milse and Mzu" had always been a fan of idol groups. When they were younger, they used to pretend to be their favorite idols and some kids teased them because of it. Yet they weren't fazed by it, there were times when they question themselves if it's fine to continue the way they are but at the end their loving idols kept moving forward so they did as well.

When their favorite idols retired they decided that they'll become idols as well to continue their idols' legacy! Iris managed the music, Milse managed the choreography and Mzu managed their clothing but it didn't go smoothly as they wanted it to be. They auditioned at an idol agency but were told that they're concept is "cliche" by the judges. They had talent but they were lacking in something unique to themselves. This made them feel gloomy but they weren't going to just stop. They decided to venture out to find inspiration on what should their group theme is going to be.

The group of childhood friends went around different parts of Aurora that's when they first heard about that rumor. And heard that rumor over and over while traveling. The rumor was about a being with an amazingly beautiful qing yet that being suddenly disappeared one day. Curious, these girls asked around how it happened. Learning about these things, inspiration sparked in unison with the girls.
"What about an idol group that focuses on the use of qing as lights on a dark stage?"
"Oh OHH! You mean like the northern lights?"
"Ahhhh, this is so exciting!"
"Hey, you guys are thinking what I'm thinking for the group name?"
"Yep" "Yes"
"Then let's say it together! 1,2,3~"

After what happened, a strong light in the shades of blue, pink and frosty white appeared from the sky. A silhouette of a being slowly descended and what appeared what a small girl with white winter clothing. The three girls caught the girl that seemed to be asleep. She's beautiful, frosty pale skin with a lovingly blue shade for hair. Where did this beauty come from?
"Cold! The girl is freezingly cold!"
"Wait, what just happened?"
"Drop that chit chat and let's get this girl warmed up!"

That's how Aurora awakened but the cache was she became a small girl without memories but amazing abilities.


key inspiration

Name: Aurora
Age: Previous (??) | Current (10)
Birthday: ??/??
Gender: Female
Persona: Qing Deity
Dominant Personality: Formal
Secondary Personality: Generous
Hobbies: Singing and Organizing

-the yurble is just a placeholder image-

Aurora during her days as an active qing deity, she was given the title as the most elegant creature that passed judgement to the powerful qing holders. Possessing skin as pale as snow and hair with the shade of the clear sky. That the ones who seeks judgement always stare in awe at her beauty.

She was a very determined being, that never failed to fulfill her duty as a qing deity. Yet she had one flaw, she does not know the meaning of friendship and lived her life as a workaholic. This doesn't seem to be a problem to her but it troubled the other beings around her. She lacked a sense of empathy, and only passed judgement by how the colors of the qing showed which caused troublemakers to appear in the capital.

Until that faithful day came. A slumber with a purpose to fix what she lacks sates the unnamed deity. The only method to wake from slumber was to encounter strong emotions of determination and friendship.

In the near future, she becomes someone irreplaceable by the three childhood friends. She may not have her memories, but she is living a life that is filled with joy and challenges.


Two UCs, One Character?

It's not that I want two UCs for Aurora, I just couldn't decide on which UC will represent Aurora better. As a faerie lenny, it'll represent her elegant side as a leader. While as a faerie yurble, it'll represent her cute side as a friend.


her destined ones


From left to right
Cosmiciris | Milse | Mzu

Iris the composer, she loves to compose music to the point of obsession and sometimes she can't read her surroundings which makes it awkward for the other members of the group.

Milse the choreographer, she's the most technical person of the group. Her movement is usually precise which is one of her best traits and major weakness. The only one who is able to break this spell is Mzu with her annoying persistence in making Milse wear her designs.

Mzu the designer, she loves to design clothes especially for Milse since Milse's frame is the ideal size for Mzu. So whenever Mzu's in a slump, the best way to cheer her up is with Milse willingly trying Mzu's designs out.



From left to right
Aikuru | Miyutan | Astertataricus | Kowase

Ai the divine princess, she's the guardian of castle Corona. Her duty is to allow the other Corona members to experience life outside their castles. A little more about her is that she loves to see genuine smiles from the people she cares for but can't tolerate being lied to.

Miyu the wraith princess, she's a little complicated. As much as she's strong is as much of a mystery she is. Using her actions instead of words to express her feelings, it would've been cute if she didn't posses the power to destroy mountains with her bare hands.

Aster the light prince, he's a little weird due to his timid and lazy nature. Also, he has a little secret. He despises the light even though most would say it's an amazing ability. The only person that taught him other wise was his favorite person, Kou. Since he saved him from himself in the past.

Kou the dark prince, he who gained the abilities of the dark for the light prince. He's a little hard to handle sometimes due to his anxious nature but he's definitely someone you can rely on! His pastime is making sure Aster is doing well.


From left to right
Nisakka | Kebae | Zpsy

Shin the writer, she's a little crazy at times but her collaborated works with Zpsy is sure to impress! Her motto would be "if it doesn't work, try looking at a different angle.

Kebae the musician, he was a lost child that wandered in the forest of Corona. Until Shin and Zpsy decided to take care of him. He's a little odd since he claims to have lost his memories of his older self. "But that doesn't make him less lovable!" -Shin

Zpsy the artist, she's the one who manages their household. Her usual tone is something similar to being monotone giving her a serious vibe. The only cause of her distress would be Shin going pass their deadlines.


From left to right
Desse | Muyang | Mashio | Yakutsu

Desse the world creator, she's the representation of the page's creator. She who gets absorbed in her world called Semblance, a dream world similar to reality.

Yue the world guide, she's the one who manages the world in the absence of the creator and guides wandering creations. A loyal guardian who seems to have a heavy attachment to the creator.

Vita the life familiar, she who let's the world glow. Her light allows nature to show it's beauty to the world. She shines like hope to the world but sometimes shows unreasonable quality of hope, which are called dreams.

Mors the death familiar, he who let's the world rest. His light tells nature "a job well done, you deserve a peaceful rest." He's the more empathetic of the two familiars and sometimes finds Vita's optimistic nature a little too much.


From left to right
Mone | oddnod | Zadsy | Zunbe

Mone the producer, he's a very enthusiastic person who loves his work. To the point that the quality of his emotions awoken a sleeping qing deity. He was surprised by this encounter with the gorgeous being. But it didn't faze him towards his love for his work.

Don the qing deity, he who fell into the arms of the producer. With a part his memories as a qing deity intact, he knew that who awoken him was his destined and followed him wherever he went.

Zadsy the elder demon twin, he's the twin who shows a cute aura while having a mischievous side. He sometimes tries to "help" Don out which only causes more trouble in their apartment.

Zunbe the younger demon twin, he's the twin who shows a dark aura regardless of his actual emotions. This troubles him due people misunderstanding him but this changes whenever he's on stage.

Art Collection

collected visual emotions

Art by me

Art by others

-those are just placeholder images-

Trading Chain

slow and steady

Currently at: Kp the BD Lab Pet

Mxxxxx the SBD RN/RW Draik Traded away on 10/01/2016
Yxx the BD Cvc Poogle Traded away on 03/10/2017
Yxxx the BD 4L RW Aisha Traded away on 04/04/2017
exxxxxxxxxx the UC Baby Eyrie Traded away on 05/01/2017
xxxx_xxxxx the UC Grey Jubjub Traded away on 06/01/2017

About Me

a little weird but friendly

Art Page | Portfolio | Trading Chains

Name: Nichee
Age: 19
Occupation: ABMMA student
Likes: Anime, Manga, Nature, Space, Art
Dislikes: Heavy workload, Unreasonable people
Neo-likes: Customizing, Labbing, Beauty contest, Art chat
Neo-dislikes: Unreasonable neopians, Rule breakers, Weak shield

I'm honored that you're willing to know more about me! I'm just your average neopian with the love for all artsy and techy things in this site. Such as entering the beauty contest, creating customizations, earning nps, trading pets, training pets and coding petpages!

What actually inspired me to want an UC faerie was to match my cute male idol group since they have an UC in their group. Also it's to satisfy my desire to trade! I've spent so much time in this site that I have gained the desire to 'need' to work on something since I don't want to fall out of love repeatedly.

Oh, also I love to draw! I may not have as much time as I used to but drawing my characters always gives me a feeling of excitement and love. It reminds me on how precious these pets are to me to the point that the only things I draw are these precious pets. I may not have amazing art, pages or stories for them but I still hold them dear to me.

Final Remarks

thank you for visiting!

Random guest, random guest! If you reached this far, I really appreciate that you spent time your looking! This is actually my first self made page, I know it's quite simple but I feel happy with the result and I had a lot of fun (yay for learning a bit about code!) (^ o ^)

If you have any concerns you want to point out or you want to talk to me on how I can improve this page, please feel free to neomail me here.


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