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Inspired by the movie, Coraline
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Koumpounophobia: *The fear .of. buttons

.::The Beginning::.
No! I growled to the Other Mother fearfully. I won't do it!
She stared at me, her scarlet lips pursed angrily and black button eyes glinting. How dare you disobey me? she snarled angrily. Her long nails tapped against the table. Do you want a new /head/ sewn onto you? Her voice was frighteningly slick and threatening.
My own black button eyes looked at her shakily. They then turned to my limbs. My front left leg was no longer black...it was a fabric the color of sky. It had been ripped off a stuffed dog and stitched in its place the day before. Why? I had frowned in the Other Mother's presence right after Coraline‒the little girl from the real world‒turned around. She did this sort of thing to me whenever I disobeyed her or did something wrong. All my limbs had been replaced. She'd bring me into her workshop, take a pair of her sharpest knifes and slit a paw, limb, or even the end of my tail off. Now, you would expect blood to pour out, but no. Here in the Other World, we are filled with dry sawdust. So instead of blood, sawdust pours out as she painfully stitches a replacement limb on in its place. And yes, we in the Other World feel pain such as yours, yet much more powerful. Why, I cannot say. I looked up with my ears flattened to my head. No, I do not want anything taken off and sewn on me; yet what I do want is not to betray her. She's just a little girl!
Soon there may be nothing left of me.
Her button eyes turned angry. I don't care what she is. You do what I tell you. That's final!
I looked up swiftly. Our 'eyes' met angrily. And what if I say no? I challenged. I tried to hide my almost unbearable fear.
Her face instantly turned into a sour grimace. She turned slowly and went over to the cabinet, opening two doors and reaching inside. She took out a large, old box and undid the lock with her long, sharp fingernail. She slowly opened it. Inside, there were sharp scissors, needles, thin black thread, piercing syringes, scalpels, and all sorts of sharp, rusty implements. She took a pair of her sharpest scissors, testing them on her fingertip. You don't want to pay another little visit to my workshop, do you? she threatened soothingly, her voice cool as she tested the scissors still. Instead of blood, a tiny droplet of black tar formed at her fingertip.
Please don't make me go back to the workshop...
The Other Mother's workshop box from the movie Coraline
My heart raced and my stomach tied up into a knot. Whenever I was bad, off went a limb. Or a paw. Even half of my tail had been removed for my disobedience. It really all depended on what the bad thing I did was, yet I knew that if I didn't obey the Other Mother and get rid of this little blue-haired girl from the real world, I might have all of me replaced and gone. No. I finally murmured. No I do not.
The Other Mother grinned with her sharp white teeth and red lipstick lips. Her button eyes gleamed triumphantly. Good. Now, I want you to go out and....'keep her company'. Convince her to sew the buttons.
I reluctantly bowed my head as my sharp black claws dug into the floor. I gritted my teeth as I held my tongue. I knew if I said anything now, I might not have that tongue later. Maybe I would have the tongue of a toy lizard. Perhaps she'd sew my mouth shut in a permanent grin or frown or...something, like the Other Wybie.
This can't end well...
The 'tiny little thing' for Coraline from the movie Coraline
The Other Mother folded her arms and nodded. She bent down and pat me gruffly on the head. Her hands felt cold. She grinned slyly, turned, and walked out of the beautiful kitchen and into the surreally perfect house. She turned again, saying one last thing before turning and disappearing like a ghost, Convince her.
I watched her slowly disappear in anguish, despair in my heart‒well...if I had one. I looked at the open box of sharp tools and malicious black buttons. I knew I had to betray the little girl somehow for the Other Mother's gain, but I truly did not want to. But if I did not, there wouldn't be anything left of me.

.::Used To Ensnare::.
I suppose after hearing that little excerpt from my story you'll want to hear more, am I right, guest? Very well. There is another world, a world like yours, yet much, much better. Or so it may seem. It is the Other World, a world created by the Other Mother to trap and destroy little boys and girls. Yet when you enter this world, it all may seem right as rain, for all of 'her' creations are better than the ones in your world. Better than the ones in any world. The people and animals she creates are better. The food is delicious. The world is filled with fantastic things, but it is only to please and to eventually ensnare. A little girl came from your world...I think her name is Coraline, yet I was not created to remember names. I was created to please and pull one in with fun treats, wonderful times, and amazing feats of imagination. I know what I am doing is wrong, but 'she' would slit my throat if I were ever to reveal to the little girl about what this world is really for. I really wish the girl could see the evil behind the Other Mother's black button eyes...
Now, here in the Other World, we all have big black buttons for eyes. I suppose it is to conceal the hidden evil that the Other Mother has sewn inside us. I suppose that I, the Cat from the real world, the Other Wybie, and even the Other Father are the only secretly good ones. All the others look nice on the outside, but the sad truth is, they're just pure evil. Nothing but evil. Yet we all fear...her. I do not know why, but I do not feel any real evil inside me. I suppose the Other Mother has accidentally sewn me up wrong, yet I know that I must obey her, because if I do not, I will be destroyed. Any of us who disobey are destroyed.

In the real world, my 'real' counterpart is just a regular stray black dog. No one in the real world has sewn-on limbs or evil button eyes. I must say, he is a tad bit antisocial from what I have been told, and that his name is just Koump. He and Cat can actually speak human due to them drinking magical well water... The Other Mother says that I am better than him though. We're all better then whoever we are in the real world. I suppose she's just trying to make me do something evil to that little girl, but I do not want to. I'm trying to keep her from harm. If the Other Mother were to sew the buttons in her eyes, she would see the evil that we really are and never be able to escape it or this terrible world. I really hope I can save her in time...

Full Name: Koumpounophobia_
What That Means: Fear of buttons
Nickname: Koump
Age In Human Years: 25
Gender: Male
Accent: Slight British
Sign: He wasn't born. He was created
Personality: When the Other Mother is around, Koumpounophobia is playful and joyful. When she is not around, he is fearful and tries to find ways to escape the Other World
Size: Smaller than the average-sized lupe
Build: Lean, short, small, and quick, yet does have a good amount of muscle
Pelt In The real world: Plain black
Pelt In The Other World: Black, yet has the multicolored limbs and half-tail of many different stuffed animal dogs sewn on in their place
Eye Color: No one in the Other World has real eyes except the girl that wanders in and my friend the Cat. Everyone else all have big black buttons for eyes…including Koump
Love: Avianko... She will always be the only one I'll love. Forever and always. (Picture and story coming soon)
Offspring: None
Likes: What is there to like in the Other World?
Dislikes: Everything in the Other World--even himself
New pic coming soon
Toxitren is a good friend. He once snuck in through the portal from the real world to the Other World, yet he was chased out and almost killed by the Other Mother. I really hoped that he would stay, but I knew it was much too dangerous for a real lupe such as himself. I hope I can escape and see him again someday in the real world. A bit farfetched, I know...
New pic coming soon
Sorrel... where on earth do I begin? One moment she wandered into the Other World on a quest to fill her stomach, the next she was ensnared in the Other Mother's terrible web. The Other Mother stitched up a salt-and-pepper colored lupe to help to trap Coraline. Let's call her the Other Sorrel‒a terrible copy of the real Sorrel that's been stitched up without a heart. I couldn't stand for it. I helped the real Sorrel escape. She ran back into the real world, the tiny door shutting behind her as she promised she'd come back... And she did. She returned with her friend Sir Dasher, Toxitren and Trickeryy. They were going to save me, Coraline, and her parents, but the Other Mother had her army of rats, insects, and bat-dog's attack them. Although they did escape, I knew that I must stay behind so that the Other Mother wouldn't hurt anyone anymore...

.::The Real and Other Worlds::.
Of course there are many differences between the real world and the Other World, yet although the Other World may seem perfect, it is anything but. I am guessing that the world that you live may seem dull at times, but I'm telling you, you have it made. Here I have to live in fear each day that I may mess up and have all my dog-toy limbs ripped off and have my mouth sewn shut, yet this is not the worst possible punishment that I could be stricken with. I could have my button eyes ripped out, or my sides split and my sawdust spurting everywhere.
The true face of Other World evil. The Other Mother from Coraline.
The Other Mother from the movie Coraline
Hmmm? Sawdust you ask? Yes, like I said before, in this world, we are like puppets...puppets filled with sawdust. I have no blood. No one does. None of us are real. We were never born; we were just created for the Other Mother's gain. Whenever I ask the little girl from the real world that wanders in through the portal in the little door what I am like in the real world, she says that I am just a black stray lupe. She says that I'm a tad bit antisocial and gravitate away from her and everyone else, yet she says I do like to be with the Cat, as do I in the Other World.
The Cat is a very wise, yet very crafty creature.
The Cat from the movie Coraline
Yes, the Cat is really a very nice cat. He uses the portal freely and comes in and out whenever he pleases. I really do not understand why there isn't an Other Cat in the Other World, yet I think it is because the Other Mother despises cats and does not even bother to create another one of him. Hmmm...isn't he lucky. If you're wondering how he and Coraline can get in and out of the portal mostly unharmed and how I cannot, it is that whenever I'm in the other house, the Other Mother just seems to know my every movement. She even has the other Bobinsky's jumping mice (or rat) circus as her personal spies. This is why I am most often found in the garden or the cherry blossom forest. I would go farther off, but the farther you walk, the closer you get back to the house. How? The world just seems to disappear and turn into white nothingness. It is all very confusing, and I hope to escape it.
Coraline wanders through the portal for the first time.
Coraline wanders through the portal to the Other World from the movie Coraline

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She spied on our lives, through the little dolls eyes...
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I'm trapped. Trapped and fading away.
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.::Escape This World::.
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