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[Name- Korbindere]
[Alias- Korbin]
[Latin Translation- Korbin's name was inspired by the latin word Corvus, -i meaning Raven]
[Gender- Male]
[Species- Lupe]
[Painted- Ghost]
[Deceased Age- Young Adult]
[Age Now- Timeless]
[Died- years ago]
[Father- Killed]
[Mother- Unknown]
[Lover- Gone]
[Crush- Maybe someday..]
[Caretaker- Muffy]
[Roomies- River, Ferdon]
[Home- Everywhere]
[Talents- Cooking, Aviation, Bilingual, Good with rope (knots, braiding etc...)]
[Weaknesses- No flexibility, not a fast runner]
[Mental State- Not Well... ('sane as a psycho')]
[Mood- Optimistic, but lonely.]

Korbin's W I N G S

When this dog was alive, it cannot possibly be considered that he had the bony wings he has now. As a puppy and onward he had wings of a light blue color, thick with feathers and muscle. When he died...(gradually) his wings were decomposing. Each day the beautiful blue hue that he wore on his back turned gray. The lively and strong wings became just as lifeless as he was; they drooped and feathers coiled and eventually fell off as if they were autumn leaves on a tired tree. The ghostly Korbin had not really looked like a such a ghoul...until the day came where his wings were not there anymore. In a literal sense, they are just remains...just bones; deformed from what they once were. Decapitated and dead. Like Korbin.

Da story introduction :)

His childhood. Hopes. Dreams. Friends....and oops he's dead x)

Exanimi Arbores. Origin of the Raven + Korbin's fear of birds.

Ted---- Ah. This is Teddy. I don't think he likes me very much...I tend to scare him off, but he is easily frightened. Teddy really likes Ferdon because he makes him laugh.
He's not too bright.
Even if Ted doesn't like me that much, without knowing it he always makes me feel better. He's so...stupid...haha. But he's always smiling. A real sweet guy, whether you know him well or not.

RiverStone, Ferdon, Quipe, LlNKEN

petpet: white raven (white airax)

Cotter, Lester, Drew

Trevor, Rauntic, Loftiazne, Windy, Dyeth (haven't met yet)

she called me Korby.

Won't someone cure my loneliness?
I was once loved.

  • Rain
  • Company
  • Nighttime
  • Snow
  • Friends

  • Birds
  • Lonliness
  • Meanies
  • Loud Noises
  • Pain

Lupe Adoptables!

[above]--- Here are some little friends that can be made for you...they're pretty cool, but, unfortunately, they don't talk very much. Still, any pet would enjoy an adoptable of themself! 8D


.:.Don't use in the BC
.:.Don't take customs that aren't yours.
.:.Don't say that YOU made them, because they're mine o-o
.:.Don't edit them on your own, they're not makeables!
.:.USE THEM WHEN I MAKE THEM FOR YOU!!!!! I have made so many adoptables for people, and they don't even USE THEM Dx Just copy and paste the code and put it on a petpage or lookup or something. If you don't use the adoptable I made you, then why ask for one!? :(
.:.Just neomail Muff with the name of your lupe and where I can find a reference picture.
.:.Title the Neomail "Korbindere's Adoptables" I get too many mails that say "request" or something and it's very confusing to organize D:

These adoptables are OPEN....
When you mail to request, tell me what you want on the SWEATSHIRT (what color/pattern). If you don't tell me what you want, then I will pick something!


Copy and paste the TEXT BELOW and where it says "SPETNAME" write your pet's name (Capitalized) and keep the "S" in the URL ^^

the golden Malevolent Squirrel Awarddo you have what it takes?

The Malevolent Squirrel Award is for top artists and pagemakers.
I will be looking at artistic appeal/talent, style as well as character originality and overall page content and HTML/CSS.
Obviously, there must be art drawn by you and ideas from your own mind: theives will be punished ;3
I will accept applications for this award, but I will also be choosing randomly when I see someone deserving.
If you want this Malevolent Squirrel, mail me with the title "MSA" and tell me which page you want me to look at.
If you don't get the award, I will still give you courtesy to mail you back and give you some pointers. Please don't be mad at me D: I really am not trying to be rude or anything!

msa winners...________

didn't win the Malevolent Squirrel Award? Don't fret!
You can apply again if you feel more confident about your work! AND (in the mean time), do you have the guts to steal the Squirrel's ACORN?

free awards are fun c:

Awards I've Won

Thanks to all the AMAZING ARTISTS who drew Korbindere C: Drag the picture into your taskbar to see the FULL VIEW!!

MAGNIFICO! Drawing by Miss Rein! -drool-

SUPER AMAZING PICTURE by the awesome Morocco_cat!!! -loves on you- 8D!

Spectacular work by Sight 8DDD -lovelove-


Made by Zanixs!!! xD Thank youuu!


Made by the totally awsome kougra_krazy786!!!!

EXCELLENT picture by Andrea 8DDD

Thank you, Aicey!! 8DD

Drawn by the totally magnificent, Rizz!!!! 8D

Pictures by Muff.

I nom stars. Fly Away Bad habits never end Fly.Away.. Korbindere Want One?  Wild and free.... .:.Korbin.:. Good_Boy!Unseeing Fear

Hope you enjoyed me page! 8) Take a patch and come back soon?