Please note that the page is listed alphabetically only, but for your convenience, you may also view by shop code if you know it. The list is split up over two pages to help ease the load time.

Neopian Fresh Foods SHOP: 1

Acara Ice Cream Surprise

Animal-style Chips

Baby Bloater

Baby Elephante Milk Bottle

Bacon Taco

Bangers and Mash

Barnacle Bills Belt Busting Burger

Berry Joy Fun Pop

Big Gulp Neocola

Bilge Rat Madeira

Black Caviar

Black Currant Juice

BLT Croissant

Blue Cybunny Negg

Blue Picnic Hamper

Blueberry and Oyster Ice Cream

Bomberry Grog

Candy Floss Carrot

Cannon Fodder

Capn Threelegs Cutlass Crusade

Chain of On.ons

Cheesy Carrot Chunks

Cheesy Chocoshake

Cheesy Chokato Pie

Cheesy Krawk Dip

Cheesy Strawberry Slice

Cherry Pop

Chicken Filets with Fancy Sauce

Chilli Salmon Souffle

Chocolate Coated Blue Cheese

Chocolate Coated Cheese

Chocolate Coated Cheese Strings

Chocolate Coated Holey Cheese

Chocolate Coated Tangy Cheese

Chocolate Joy Fun Pop

Chocolate Sandwich

Chocolately Cheese Wedges

Chokato Toffee Apple

Christmas Pattern Negg

Container of Purple Liquid

Cybunny Day Canape

Deluxe Elephante Cake

Diet Big Gulp Neocola

Egg and Tomato Sandwich

ErgyFruit Grog

Evil Popcorn

Extra Fancy Cr.ckers


Fall Leaf Salad

Fancy Rack of Lamb with Fruit

Fire Apple

Fish Negg Stew

Flaming Tuskaninny Ice Cream

Flower Nectar

Forbidden Plunder

Fried Negg Sandwich

Frozen Veggie Delight

Fun Icy Cheese Pop

Funnydew Neggnog

Glowing Apple

Golden Caviar Pop

Green Picnic Hamper

Grey Eggs and Bacon

Grey Toast

Grog Light

Happy Anniversary Negg

Headless Horsefish

Heart Shaped Negg


Honey and Bacon Burger

Ice Apple

Illusen Negg

Island Meatloaf

Jalapeno Kacheek Cheese

Jelly Negg

JubJub Coconut Juice

Kadoatie Biscuits

Keel Haul

Krakuberry Cove

Krakuberry Grog

Land Lubber

Lawyerbot Degreaser

Le Sausage

Lemon Pop

Lenny Salad

Lime Negg

Loretta Fontaines Perfect Pizza

Man O War

Mega Manoroot Sandwich

Mega Pipper Sandwich

Mega Sandwich

Mega Tuna Sandwich

Mighty Steakwich

Mocha Joy Fun Pop

Mutated Negg

Noil Candy Floss


On.on and Mustard Pie

Our Famous Krawk Pie

Pinanna Paradise

Pirate Negg

Pizza Sandwich


Polka Carrot

Pretty Purple Princess Negg

Puntec Cupcake

Puntec Parcel

Purple Carrot

Purple Picnic Hamper

Puzzle Fruit

Rainbow Apple

Rainbow Carrot

Rainbow Cybunny Negg

Rainbow Negg

Rainbow Neggnog

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Pop

Red Picnic Hamper

Slithering Squid Surprise

Squid on a Stick

Starry Cupcake

Steak Negg

Steak Surprise

Strawberry Taco

Super Icy Custard

Tchea Grog

Tchea Toffee Apple

Thorn on the Cob

Tigersquash Custard

Uni Salad

Upside Down Ice Cream

Walk The Plank

Watermelon Roll

Wocky Plum Pudding

Wocky Steak

Neopian Furniture SHOP: 41

Cheese Chair

Cheese Lamp

Cheese Mat

Cheese Pillow

Chilli Bath Tub

Chokato Bean Bag

Curved Glowing Drawer

Dark Nova Lamp

Dark Nova Rug

Dark Nova Sofa

Dark Nova Table

Disco Print Bed

Glaring Pumpkin

Glowing Bath Tub

Glowing Bed

Glowing Mirror

Glowing Rug

Glowing Sofa

Glowing Table

Gold Velvet Chair

Heart Shaped Bed

Hilarious Pumpkin

I Love Lord Kass Bean Bag

I Love Lord Kass Bed

Jolly Pumpkin

Kass Toy Box

Long Glowing Drawer

Meridell Toy Box

Mootix Table

Mutant Loveseat

Rainbow Bath Tub

Rainbow Disco Ball

Red Brick Bath Tub

Robo Aisha

Robo Blumaroo

Robo JubJub

Royal Play Pen

Tall Pumpkin

The Hikalakas Totem

The Three Poster

Tiger Sofa

Wiggly Glowing Drawer

Neopian Garden Centre SHOP: 12

All Seeing Tree

Asparagus Garden

Bat Thing Gnome

Blumaroo Statue

Bonsai Chia

Chia Statue

Coconut Shy Outdoor Play Set

Disco Birdhouse

Garden Bench

Goldy Swinging Chair

Jelly Garden Fountain

Jelly River

Jelly Tree

Jellybean Tree

Jeran Gnome

Jhudora Statue

Lord Kass Gnome

Mini Giant Jelly

Oozing Tulip

Quiggle Statue

Rainbow Fruit Tree


Shoyru Statue

Slimy Tree

Strange Bulb

Techo Statue

Neopian Gift Shop SHOP: 17

Copper Bracelet

Faerie Pteri Feather Coaster

Gold Balloon

Green Gem Negg

Lawyerbot Self-Portrait

Meepit Eyes Slap Bracelet

Must-Have Figure Assortment

Ornate Ivory Love Spoon

Silverware Set

Wraith Staff

Neopian Healthy Foods SHOP: 16

Artichoke and Onion Surprise

Artichoke Cupcake

Artichoke Fondue

Asparagus Ball

Broccoli and Mustard Sandwich

Broccoli with Sprinkles

Cauliflower Lolly

Cauliflower Shake

Cauliflower Soup

Cheesy Asparagus

Cheesy Carrots

Cone-Shaped Cherry

Cone-Shaped Lemon

Four Layer Carrot Cake

French Onion Soup

Fresh Sushi Cone

Luxury Cabbage Cake

Pickled Cauliflower

Radish and Cheese

Souper Bowl

Tomato Kebab

Neopian Music Shop SHOP: 84

Blueberry Jelly Bass

Bone Trombone

Bronze Gong

Cutout Violin

Eyrie Wing Harp Jelly Bongos

Haunted Woods Gong

Orange Jelly Guitar

Neopian Petpet Shop SHOP: 25









Neopian Pharmacy SHOP: 13

Neopian Post Office SHOP: 58

Aethia Stamp

Altador Magic Stamp

Altador Travel Stamp

Anshu Fishing Stamp

Anubits Stamp


Battle Slices Stamp

Battle Uni Stamp

Biyako Stamp

Blugthak Stamp

Capn Threelegs Stamp

Captain Scarblade Stamp

Commemorative Defenders Stamp #4

Count Von Roo Plushie Stamp

Count Von Roo Stamp

Court Dancer Stamp

Darigan Citadel Stamp

Darigan Moehog Stamp

Darigan Spectre Stamp

Dark Battle Duck Stamp

Dark Faerie Stamp

Dark Ilere Stamp

Dark Qasala Stamp

Darkest Faerie Stamp

Destruction of Faerieland Stamp

Dorak Stamp

Double Printed Evil Fuzzle Stamp

Drackonack Stamp

Faerie Slorg Stamp

Foil Food Shop Stamp

Foil Slorg Stamp

Forgotten Shore Stamp

Fyora Faerie Doll Stamp

Fyoras Castle Stamp

Garin Stamp

Gold Mote Stamp

Golden Dubloon Stamp

Gors The Mighty Stamp

Grimtooth Stamp

Grundo Warehouse Stamp

Guardian Of Spectral Magic Stamp

Hadrak Stamp

Haunted Mansion Stamp

Holographic Coltzans Shrine Stamp

Holographic Magax Stamp

Holographic Virtupets Stamp

Igneot Stamp

Igneots Cavern Stamp

Inverted Space Faerie Stamp

Isca Stamp

Jacques Stamp

Jahbal Stamp

Jhudoras Cloud Stamp

King Altador Stamp

King Jazan Stamp

King Kelpbeard Stamp

Lab Ray Stamp

Lampwyck Stamp

Lord Kass Stamp

Lost City of Phorofor Stamp

Lucky Coin Stamp

Luperus Centre Head Stamp

Luperus Left Head Stamp

Luperus Right Head Stamp

Meerca Spy Stamp

Meridell Heroes Stamp

Mipsy Stamp

Misaligned Printer Stamp

Misprint Meuka Stamp

Moltara Town Hall Stamp

Morguss Stamp

Morris Stamp

Mr. Krawley Stamp

Nabile Stamp

Need a Better Printer Stamp

NeoQuest Hero Stamp

NeoQuest II Esophagor Stamp

NeoQuest Logo Stamp

Nibbled Cooking Pot Stamp

Nightsteed Stamp

Northern Watch Tower Stamp

One Hundred Million Neopoint Stamp

Orrin Stamp

Queen Fyora Stamp

Quilin Stamp

Rainbow Pteri Feather Stamp

Rainbow Sticky Hand Stamp

Ramtor Stamp

Razul Stamp

Ready to Roll Stamp

RIP Lucy Stamp

Sasha Stamp

Scordrax Stamp

Scuzzy Stamp

Sentient Headstones Stamp

Shadow Gulch Stamp

Shenkuu Helmet Stamp

Shenkuu Stamp

Shiny Monoceraptor Stamp

Shumi Telescope Stamp

Skeith Defender Stamp

Snowbunny Stamp

Space Faerie Stamp

Sticky Snowflake Stamp

Stone Stamp

Sword Of Apocalypse Stamp

Swordsmaster Talek Stamp

Talinia Stamp

Tangor Stamp

Terask Stamp

The Academy Stamp

The Cyodrakes Gaze Stamp

The Great Battle Stamp

The Krawken Stamp

The Revenge Stamp

The Sleeper Constellation Stamp

The Three Stamp

Tomos Stamp

Torakor Stamp

Upside Down Island Acara Stamp

Virtupets Space Station Stamp

Von Roos Castle Stamp

Wise Gnorbu Stamp

Xantan Stamp

Yellow Knight Stamp

Zafara Double Agent Stamp

Zombified Heroes Stamp

Neovian Printing Press SHOP: 106

Diary of a Forgotten Neopian

Guide to Dilapidated Homes

Secrets of Tombola

Terrific Tales of Terror

The Eve of the Eve

Waiting for Midnight

Neopian School Supplies SHOP: 53

Albert Backpack

Albert Lunchbox

Asparagus Pen

Bendy Desk Light


Dark Battle Duck Pen

Dr Sloth Backpack

Gnorbu Lunchbox

Grundo Backpack

Halloween Grundo Notebook

Halloween Meerca Backpack

Hanso Lunchbox

Ilere Crayons

Jhudora Backpack

Jhudora Lunchbox

Jhudora Stapler

Kayla Lunch Box

Light Faerie Backpack

Maractite Pen

Maraquan Acara Backpack

Millennial Pen

Moach Eraser

Mootix Eraser

MSPP Backpack

MSPP Notepad


Pea Pod Backpack

Pencil of Nova

Pencil of the Earth Faerie

Pencil of the Space Faerie

Rainbow Pencil

Razul Crayons

Scorchio Calculator

Space Faerie Lunch Box

Stealthy Pencil Case

Strale Eraser

Striped Meerca Lunch Box

Techo Master Lunchbox

Valentine Pencil

Vira Eraser

Vira Pencil Holder

Vira Ruler

Osiri's Pottery SHOP: 55

Delicate Terracotta Jug

Peopatra's Petpets SHOP: 50




Petpet Supplies SHOP: 69

Luxury Castle Petpet Bed

Wobbly Turtum Toy

Pizzaroo SHOP: 47

Happy Birthday Pizza

Peachy Pizza


Plushie Palace SHOP: 98

Agate Dervish Plushie

Angel Chia Plushie

Angry Vira Plushie

Anshu Plushie

Archmagus of Roo Plushie

Armin Plushie

Baby Bruce Plushie

Baby Cybunny Plushie

Baby Peophin Plushie

Baby Techo Plushie

Baby Uni Plushie

Baby Xweetok Plushie

Bat Thing Plushie

Black Wadjet Plushie

Blizzard Kougra Plushie

Blue Doglefox Plushie

Blue Draik Plushie

Blue Peophin Squishy Plushie

Bonju Plushie

Boraxis Plushie

Bowe Plushie

Brown Wadjet Plushie

Bruce Smuggler Plushie

Camouflage Wocky Plushie

Captain Rourke Plushie

Captain Tuan Plushie

Chaos Giant Plushie

Christmas Bruce Plushie

Christmas JubJub Plushie

Christmas Korbat Plushie

Chrysolite Dervish Plushie

Cloud Draik Plushie

Cloud Kacheek Plushie

Cloud Lenny Plushie

Darigan Acara Plushie

Darigan Eyrie Plushie

Darigan Flotsam Plushie

Darigan Gelert Plushie

Darigan Krawk Plushie

Darigan Lupe Plushie

Darkest Faerie Plushie

Denethrir Plushie

Desert Aisha Plushie

Desert Cobrall Plushie

Desert Elephante Plushie

Desert Grarrl Plushie

Desert Ixi Plushie

Desert Krawk Plushie

Desert Lupe Plushie

Desert Meerca Plushie

Desert Wocky Plushie

Disco Bruce Plushie

Doctor Plushie

Drakonid Plushie

Draphly Plushie

Droolik Plushie

Dusk Kougra Plushie

Edna Plushie

Electric Evil Fuzzle

Electric Fuzzle

Electric Ixi Plushie

Electro Lizard Plushie

Evil Twin Blue Aisha Plushie

Evil Twin Green Quiggle Plushie

Evil Twin Red Scorchio Plushie

Evil Twin Yellow Chia Plushie

Eye Candy Plushie

Faerie Draik Plushie

Faerie Kacheek Plushie

Faerie Korbat Plushie

Faerie Kougra Plushie

Faerie Lupe Plushie

Faerie Meerca Plushie

Faerie Nimmo Plushie

Faerie Shoyru Plushie

Faerie Uni Plushie

Faerie Xweetok Plushie

Faleinn Plushie

Fire Blumaroo Plushie

Fire Eyrie Plushie

Fire Lizard Plushie

Fish Negg Plushie

Floppy Turtum Plushie

Frost Lizard Plushie

Frozen Lizard Plushie

Galem Plushie

Ghost Draik Plushie

Ghost Evil Fuzzle

Ghost Fuzzle

Ghost Ixi Plushie

Ghost Toast Plushie

Giant Jeran Plushie

Giant Moehog Plushie

Gloom Kougra Plushie

Granite Dervish Plushie

Green Draik Plushie

Green Frogarott Plushie

Grey Chomby Plushie

Grey Flotsam Plushie

Grey Kacheek Plushie

Grey Lupe Neoquest Plushie

Grey Mynci Plushie

Grey Negg Plushie

Grey Peophin Plushie

Grey Wocky Plushie

Grimtooth Plushie

Grizzly Bearog Plushie

Guardian of Fire Magic Plushie

Hagan Plushie

Halloween Blumaroo Plushie

Halloween Chia Plushie

Halloween Draik Plushie

Halloween JubJub Plushie

Halloween Moehog Plushie

Halloween Mynci Plushie

Halloween Poogle Plushie

Halloween Scorchio Plushie

Halloween Tonu Plushie

Handcrafted Fyora Plushie

Handcrafted Illusen Plushie

Handcrafted Kanrik Plushie

Handcrafted Tomos Plushie

Hannah Plushie

Happiness Faerie Plushie

Hoban Plushie

Illusen Fan Blumaroo Plushie

Illusen Plushie

Inferno Lizard Plushie

Insane Evil Fuzzle

Iron Golem Neoquest Plushie

Island Peophin Plushie

Jahbal Plushie

Jake Plushie

Jazzmosis Chia Plushie

Jhudora Plushie

Judge Hog Plushie

Kanrik Plushie

Kau Defender of Neopia Plushie

Keeper Of Time Plushie

Kentari Plushie

King Roo Plushie

King Skarl Plushie

King Terask Plushie

Knitted Chia Plushie

Lazulite Dervish Plushie

Leirobas Plushie

Lenny Smuggler Plushie

Lightning Giant Plushie

Lightning Lizard Plushie

Magical Blue Yurble Plushie

Magical Cloud Gelert Plushie

Magical Cloud Lenny Plushie

Magical Cloud Lupe Plushie

Magical Desert Krawk Plushie

Magical Electric Lupe Plushie

Magical Fire Lupe Plushie

Magical Ghost Marshmallows Plushie

Magical Green Cybunny Plushie

Magical Green Flotsam Plushie

Magical Green Gelert Plushie

Magical Green Kiko Plushie

Magical Green Koi Plushie

Magical Green Krawk Plushie

Magical Green Kyrii Plushie

Magical Green Tonu Plushie

Magical Green Wocky Plushie

Magical Green Yurble Plushie

Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie

Magical Purple Blumaroo Plushie

Magical Purple Koi Plushie

Magical Purple Zafara Plushie

Magical Rainbow Aisha Plushie

Magical Rainbow Blumaroo Plushie

Magical Rainbow Cybunny Plushie

Magical Red Blumaroo Plushie

Magical Red Buzz Plushie

Magical Red Cybunny Plushie

Magical Red Flotsam Plushie

Magical Red Gelert Plushie

Magical Red Grarrl Plushie

Magical Red Kiko Plushie

Magical Red Koi Plushie

Magical Red Krawk Plushie

Magical Red Kyrii Plushie

Magical Red Lenny Plushie

Magical Red Nimmo Plushie

Magical Red Skeith Plushie

Magical Red Tonu Plushie

Magical Red Usul Plushie

Magical Red Wocky Plushie

Magical Red Yurble Plushie

Magical Silver Kougra Plushie

Magical Spotted Blumaroo Plushie

Magical Starry Kau Plushie

Magical Starry Lupe Plushie

Magical Yellow Cybunny Plushie

Magical Yellow Flotsam Plushie

Magical Yellow Kiko Plushie

Magical Yellow Kyrii Plushie

Magical Yellow Lenny Plushie

Magical Yellow Nimmo Plushie

Magical Yellow Skeith Plushie

Magical Yellow Tonu Plushie

Magical Yellow Wocky Plushie

Magical Yellow Yurble Plushie

Magma Tonu Plushie

Malkus Vile Plushie

Maraquan Gelert Plushie

Maraquan Ixi Plushie

Maraquan Techo Plushie

Masila Plushie

Mastermind Plushie

Mauket Plushie

Mazzew Plushie

Melatite Dervish Plushie

Mipsy Plushie

Mist Kougra Plushie

Mokti Plushie

Monoceraptor Plushie

MSPP Plushie

Mumbo Pango Plushie

Mutant Blumaroo Plushie

Mutant Buzz Plushie

Mutant Kiko Plushie

Mutant Korbat Plushie

Mutant Krawk Plushie

Mutant Shoyru Plushie

Mutant Usul Plushie

Neopian Times White Weewoo Plushie

Neoquest Gatekeeper Plushie

NeoQuest Hero Plushie

Orange Draik Plushie

Orange Gelert Plushie

Orrin Plushie

Palace Guard Plushie

Pink Blumaroo Plushie

Pink Draik Plushie

Pirate Moehog Plushie

Plains Lupe Neoquest Plushie

Plushie Ixi Plushie

Plushie Poogle Plushie

Plushie Quiggle Plushie

Plushie Wocky Plushie

Pomanna Plushie

Purple Koi Plushie

Purple Mynci Plushie

Rainbow Anubis Plushie

Rainbow Evil Fuzzle

Rainbow Fuzzle

Rainbow Grundo Plushie

Rainbow JubJub Plushie

Rainbow Korbat Plushie

Rainbow Ruki Plushie

Rainbow Tuskaninny Plushie

Rainbow Uni Plushie

Rainbow Wocky Plushie

Ramtor the Advisor Plushie

Razul Plushie

Reject Blue Acara Plushie

Reject Gelert Plushie

Reject Green Acara Plushie

Reject Red Acara Plushie

Reject Yellow Acara Plushie

Rikti Plushie

Roberta Plushie

Robo Grarrl Plushie

Rock Golem Neoquest Plushie

Rohane Plushie

Royal Boy Bruce Plushie

Royal Boy Ixi Plushie

Royal Boy Kougra Plushie

Royal Boy Kyrii Plushie

Royal Boy Usul Plushie

Royal Girl Kougra Plushie

Royal Girl Kyrii Plushie

Scamander Plushie

Scoach Plushie

Scorchio Auctioneer Plushie

Serpentine Dervish Plushie

Shadow Kougra Plushie

Shadow Tonu Plushie

Shock Lizard Plushie

Shop Wizard Plushie

Shumi Plushie

Sidney Plushie

Skunk Mynci Plushie

Sophie Plushie

Soup Faerie Plushie

Speckled Bruce Plushie

Speckled Nimmo Plushie

Spider Grundo Plushie

Spotted Gelert Plushie

Spotted Koi Plushie

Starry Draik Plushie

Starry Evil Fuzzle

Starry Fuzzle

Starry Koi Plushie

Starry Uni Plushie

Steel Golem Neoquest Plushie

Stone Golem Neoquest Plushie

Strawberry JubJub Plushie

Striped Evil Fuzzle

Striped Korbat Plushie

Striped Lenny Plushie

Striped Skeith Plushie

Swamp Lupe Neoquest Plushie

Taelia Plushie

Talek Plushie

Talinia Plushie

Tax Beast Plushie

The Masked Intruder Plushie

Thornberry Chia Plushie

Thunder Lizard Plushie

Tormund Plushie

Two Rings Archmagus Plushie

Tylix Plushie

Tyrannian Techo Plushie

Ugly Bruno Plushie

Un-Valentines Skeith Plushie

Valin Plushie

Velm Plushie

White Draik Plushie

White Ixi Plushie

White Skeith Plushie

Wrawk the Merciless Plushie

Xampher Plushie

Yellow Draik Plushie

Young Sophie Plushie

Zafara Double Agent Plushie

Zombie Slorg Plushie

Zombom Plushie

Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors SHOP: 107

Qasalan Delights SHOP: 90

Remarkable Restoratives SHOP: 102

The Robo-Petpet Shop SHOP: 26


C430 Autobot


Rotoblur 4000

Skootle Bug

Vacu.matic 9000


The Rock Pool SHOP: 27




Roo Island Souvenirs SHOP: 76

Royal Potionery SHOP: 83

Greater Earthen Potion

Greater Elemental Potion

Greater Fire Potion

Leaded Elemental Vial

Leaded Light Vial

Leaded Water Vial

Potion of Night

Psellias Blessing

Scroll Potion

Warriors Might

Woodland Brew

Sakhmet Battle Supplies SHOP: 54

Bag of Sand

Coltzans Battle Sceptre

Crescent Moon Axe

Dehydration Potion

Golden Coltzan Statue

Golden Scarab Shield

Ruby Encrusted Sceptre

Sakhmetian Axe

Sakhmetian Dagger

Sakhmetian Shield

Sakhmetian Spear

Scarab Medallion

Super Sand Grain

The Scollery SHOP: 78

Slushie Shop UBs: 14 | SHOP: 35

Berry Blend Slushie

Cheeseburger Slushie

Cherry Lemonade Slushie

Creme Brulee Slushie

Freshly Cut Grass Slushie

Magical Red Starry Slushie

Pan Galactic Gargle Slushie

Peanut and Chocolate Slushie

Secret Sloth Slushie

Tiger Orange Slushie

Transparaberry Slushie

Smoothie Store SHOP: 18

Mega Honeyplume Smoothie

Mega Lemon Blitz Smoothie

Mega Salmon Sherbert Smoothie

Space Armour SHOP: 24

Force Shield

Full Grundo Armour

Green Attack Stilts

Space Scrap Shield

Zero-G Scout Pack

Space Weaponry SHOP: 23


Calculation Device

Honey Goo Blaster

Neutralising Ray

Pocket Satellite

Sonic Melter

Virtublaster 5000

Spooky Food SHOP: 30

Angry Marshmallows

Apple Lantern

Army of Undead Cupcakes

Bat Kebab


Bone-Chilling Bacon


Cadaverous Cola

Cannibalistic Pumpkin

Carnivorous Carved Pumpkin

Chocolate Coated Eye

Coco Pumpkin

Coffee of the Dead

Cole Slaughter

Crunchy Snotball

Disgruntled Candy Corn

Droolik Surprise

Eerie Eggs

Ghost Puff


Grundo Toe Lint

Hair Stuffed Maggot

Halloween Candy Cane

Horror Doeuvres

Intesteen Casserole

Jelly Finger

Jelly Spider Eyeball



Meerca Pie

Mouldy Cheese

Parts on a Pizza

Pink Apple Lantern

Pink Spooky Floss

Pink Spooky Ice Cream

Pink Spooky Popcorn

Pumpkin Scoopings

Quiggle Pie

Raspberry Ghostkerchief Jelly

Rest in Pea Soup

Rest in Peace of Chicken

Runny Snot

Snorkle Pudding

Snorkle Snout

Spaghetti and Brains

Spooky Ghostbeef

Spooky Handwich

Spyder Eggs

Spyder Muffins

Strawberry Ice Cream Apple Lantern

The Stuff

Wing of Korbat

Spooky Furniture SHOP: 60

Shadow Lantern

Spooky Petpets SHOP: 31

Candy Vampire


Springy Things SHOP: 116

Super Happy Icy Fun Snow SHOP: 37

Angelic Ice Lolly

Banana Split Chia Pop

Crystal Turkey

Hamarama Ice Lolly

Ice Ice Cream

Magical Agueena Chia Pop

Magical Apple Chia Pop

Magical Asparagus Chia Pop

Magical Aubergine Chia Pop

Magical Avocado Chia Pop

Magical Blueberry Chia Pop

Magical Carrot Chia Pop

Magical Chokato Chia Pop

Magical Durian Chia Pop

Magical Gooseberry Chia Pop

Magical Chia Pop

Magical Lemon Chia Pop

Magical Lime Chia Pop

Magical Onion Chia Pop

Magical Orange Chia Pop

Magical Pea Chia Pop

Magical Peach Chia Pop

Magical Pear Chia Pop

Magical Pepper Chia Pop

Magical Pineapple Chia Pop

Magical Plum Chia Pop

Magical Strawberry Chia Pop

Magical Thornberry Chia Pop

Magical Tomato Chia Pop

Magical Ummagine Chia Pop

Maractite Ice Lolly

Royal Ice Lolly

Snow Kabob

Tartan Chia Pop

Sutek's Scrolls SHOP: 51

A Plague Upon You!

Advanced Curses

Book of Flames

Book of Scarabs

Curse of Foul Odour

Curse of Ultimate Malison

Dusty Harmless Looking Scroll

Forgotten Tome

Ghosts of the Desert

Golden Scamander Scroll

Malediction for Beginners

Mummified Scroll

Professional Curses

Scroll of Hunger

Scroll of the Ancients

Scroll of the Warrior

The Legendary Sutek Scroll

The Scroll of Scrolls

Vengeful Scroll

Vile Curse of Pestilence

Vile Scroll of Possession

You Will Get Verrucas!

Youve Been Hexed!

Tiki Tack SHOP: 21

Bottle of Bubbles Sand

Fancy Bottle of Sand

Skull Full of Sand

Volcano Crystal

Toy Shop SHOP: 3

A Grey Faerie Doll

Air Faerie Doll

Altador Golf Club

Baby Security Blanket

Baby Usul Bobblehead

Ballerina Quiguki

Beautiful Hair Quiguki Doll

Blue Paint Brush Collectable Charm

Blue Usul Balloon

Blumaroo Jester Mock Sceptre

Blushing Bride Quiguki Doll

Candy Cane Stocking

Cheerleader Quiguki Doll

Cheery Holiday Bruce Goodie Bag


Cool Purple Teddy Bear

Cybunny Balloon Animal

Cyodrake Collectable Charm

Darblat Racer

Dark Faerie Doll

Earth Faerie Snowglobe

Elephante Lamp Collectable Charm

Faerie Buzz Plushie Collectable Charm

Faerie Queen Snowglobe

Feather Bow and Arrow

Fire Faerie Doll

Floud Balloon

Gallion Collectable Charm

Glowing Mushrooms

Gold Scooter

Gormball Garland

Green Tentacle Balloon

Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag

Handsome Valentine Quiguki

Hannah Quiguki

Happy Halloween Bag

Illusen Faerie Doll

Illusen Snowglobe

Jeran Quiguki

Jhudora Bobblehead

Jhuidah Snowglobe

Kaylas Chemistry Set

King Altador Kite

King Hagan Quiguki

King Skarl Quiguki

Light Faerie Doll

Lilian Quiguki

Little Brother Quiguki

Lord Kass Quiguki

Lost Desert Quiguki

Luxury Beach Scene Faerie Snowglobe

Luxury Dark and Earth Faerie Snowglobe

Luxury Dark and Light Faerie Snowglobe

Luxury Faerie Festival Snowglobe

Magical Green Elephante Toy

Malice Doll

Maraquan Moehog Music Box

Mazzew Yoyo

Mime Quiguki

Model Uni

Mr Fuzzington the Warf You Can Groom! ™

Mutant Golf Club

Negg Faerie Doll

Negg Faerie Snowglobe

NeoQuest II The Board Game

Patched Stocking

Pop Star Quiguki

Pretty Princess Quiguki

Pretty Valentine Quiguki

Princess Amira Action Figure

Queen Fyora Quiguki

Quiguki Mermaid

Quiguki Musketeer

Quiguki Prom Queen

Quiguki Zombie

Rainbow Kiko Squeeze Toy

Rainbow Scooter

Red Skateboard

Red Wocky Balloon

Roxton Quiguki

Shenkuu Snowglobe

Siyana Doll

Siyana Kite

Snot Blocks

Snot Slingshot

Snotty Frizbee

Snow Faerie Keyring

Snowflake Stocking

Soup Faerie Doll

Soup Faerie Snowglobe

Space Faerie Doll

Spite Doll

Starry Stocking

Summer Fun Quiguki

Taelia Quiguki

Taiko Standing Drum Collectable Charm

Techo Statue Collectable Charm

Tigerfruit Collectable Charm

Tooth Faerie Doll

Tooth Faerie Snowglobe

Traditional Welsh Quiguki

Tyrannia Snowglobe

Vanity Doll

Water Faerie Doll

What What What Stick

Wherfy Collectable Charm

Wind Up HannahWind Up Hannah

Wind Up Rainbow Draik

Wind Up Shadow Draik

Year 9 Quiguki

Tropical Food Shop SHOP: 20



Blue Doughnutfruit

Bubbling Kraku Thickshake

Checkered Doughnutfruit





Evil Pinanna

Fiery Doughnutfruit

Fish Doughnutfruit

Fresh Lobster Tail


Golden Doughnutfruit

Green Chyrsaberry

Green Doughnutfruit

Icy Doughnutfruit

Jug of Fresh Lemoranade



Lobster Berry Surprise

Mango Crab Salad


Myncibean Punch



Pinanna Plus

Pink Chokato

Pink Peachpa Cooler


Purple Doughnutfruit

Purple Juppie Slurpbowl

Rainbow Doughnutfruit

Roe Sushi

Seafood Pasta Salad

Seven Layer Mousse


Silver Doughnutfruit


Sponge Doughnutfruit

Strange Pinanna

Strawberry Salmon

Strong Berry

Stuffed Penupe





Tigerfruit Toffee Apple



Ugly Pinanna

Vein Cabbage



Yellow Doughnutfruit



Tyrannian Foods SHOP: 42

Blood Mole Plant

Primordial Stew

Tyrannian Water Negg

Tyrannian Furniture SHOP: 43

Stone Bedside Table

Stone Drawer

Tyrannian Petpets SHOP: 44





Tyrannian Weaponry SHOP: 45

Billion Degree Sword

Fiery Spine of Death

Fiery Throwing Marble

Fiery Wand

Fire Ball Staff

Fire Hammer

Mega Fire Shield

Monoceraptors Toenail

Rings of Fire

Sharp Fire Disc

Ugga Shinies SHOP: 117

Thicket of Flowers

Uni's Clothing Shop SHOP: 4

3D Glasses

Blue Bogie T-Shirt

Blue Khonsu T-Shirt

Brainy Uni Cardigan

Brainy Uni Glasses

Brainy Uni Shirt

Brainy Uni Shoes

Brainy Uni Trousers

Charming Pink Draik Gown

Chic Investigator Chia Wig

Count von Roo Contacts

Dark Uni Cloak

Draik Archer Hat

Draik Archer Trousers

Draik Sorceress Belt and Tunic

Elegant Draik Dress

Elegant Draik Earrings

Elegant Draik Hat

Elegant Draik Slippers

Elegant Kacheek Warrior Dress

Elegant Pink Draik Fan

Evening Draik Dress

Fancy Aisha Wig

Gothic Kougra Jacket

Gothic Kougra Wig

Hasee T-Shirt

I got taxed by the Tax Beast T-Shirt

I Love Buzzer T-Shirt

I Love Chezzoom T-Shirt

I Love Faerie Cadro T-Shirt

I Love Hornsby T-Shirt

I Love Kadoatie T-Shirt

I Love Khamette T-Shirt

I Love Lyins T-Shirt

I Love Scarabug T-Shirt

I Love Selket T-Shirt

I Love Splyke T-Shirt

I Love Spyder T-Shirt

I Love Tenna T-Shirt

I Love Wadjet T-Shirt

Ixi Forest Cape

Kacheek Pyjama Cap

Kacheek Pyjama Gown

Krawk T-Shirt

Krawk Wizard Cloak

Krawk Wizard Hood

Krawk Wizard Staff

Kyrii Mage Robe

Little Red Riding Hood Cybunny Cape

Little Red Riding Hood Krawk Dress

Lotus Xweetok Wig

Lovely Kacheek Dress

Lovely Kacheek Tail Cover

Lovely Kacheek Wig

Lupe Knight Bottom Armour

Lupe Knight Tail Armour

Lupe Knight Top Armour

Lutari Gentleman Jacket

Mysterious Draik Gloves

Mysterious Draik Mask

Mysterious Draik Trousers

On the Go Cybunny Wig

Pinceron T-Shirt

Pink Blooky T-Shirt

Pink Flosset T-Shirt

Pink Kadoatie T-Shirt

Pink Walein T-Shirt

Pretty Spring Cybunny Dress

Purple Hissi Dress

Purple Krawk Cloak

Quiggle Tea Party Teapot

Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol

Shoyru Pink Aviator Jacket

Shrouded Draik Shirt and Sash

Snowy Xweetok Dress

Space Gypsy Xweetok Dress

Spring Time Female Krawk Bouquet

Studded Leather Uni Shoes

Traditional Shenkuu Hissi Gloves

Traditional Shenkuu Hissi Hat

Trendy Aisha Shirt and Trousers

Xweetok Popstar Dress

Xweetok Popstar Earrings

Yellow Avabot T-Shirt

Yellow Buzzer T-Shirt

Yellow Kookith T-Shirt

Yellow Moltenore T-Shirt

Yellow Ramosan T-Shirt

Yellow Sunutek T-Shirt

Yellow Zebba T-Shirt

Usukiland SHOP: 48

Air Faerie Usuki Doll

Alien Usuki

Astronomer Usuki

Astrophysics Professor Usuki

Bat Thing Usuki

Battle Faerie Usuki

Bree Usuki Doll

Captain Rourke Usuki Doll

Carniverous Plant Usuki

Collectable Usuki Enthusiast Usuki

Cybunny Scout Usuki

Cylara Usuki

Dark Faerie Usuki Doll

Deluxe Sledding Usuki

Earth Faerie Usuki Doll

Earthy Usuki

Fire Faerie Usuki Doll

Fire Faerie Usuki Set

Foreman Usuki

Fun in the Sun Usuki Reject

Funky Flares Usuki

Gardener Girl Usuki

Gondolier Usuki

Goodie Two Shoes Usuki

Gorix Usuki

Graduate Usuki

Grey Faerie Usuki Doll

Grundo Independence Day Usuki

Gruundo Fan Usuki

Hawaiian Usuki Reject

Jeran Usuki

Jeran Usuki Set

Jerdana Usuki

Jhudora Usuki Doll

Jhuidah Usuki Doll

Kadoatie Usuki Set

Kauvara Usuki

Kayla Usuki Doll

King Altador Usuki Doll

King Skarl Usuki

Ladybird Usuki

Light Faerie Usuki Doll

Lisha Usuki Doll

Little Brother Usuki

Lord Kass Usuki

Lost Desert Usuki

Magical Hair Usuki Reject

Mayor Thumburt Usuki

Meridell Usuki

Meridell Usuki King

Meridell Usuki Queen

Mime Usuki

Mystery Island Usuki

Nature Lover Usuki

Negg Faerie Usuki Set

Official Usuki Battle Set

Ornate Usuki

Outback Usuki

Pirate Captain Usuki

Pretty Pink Usuki

Prom Date Usuki Reject

Queen Fyora Usuki Doll

Rock n Roll Usuki

Rose Usuki

Roxton A. Colchester III Usuki Doll

Seaworthy Usuki

Shiver Me Timbers Usuki

Sloth Usuki

Soup Faerie Usuki

Strange Metal Usuki

Summer Fun Usuki

Super Hero Usuki

Teenage Usuki Reject

The Caretaker Usuki

Tiki Tack Man Usuki

Traditional Welsh Usuki

Tribal Desert Usuki

Trick-Or-Treating Usuki

Tyrannian Usuki Reject

Usuki Artist Set

Usuki Buzzer Set

Usuki Defender

Usuki Dream Bike

Usuki Dream Camper

Usuki Dream Jetski

Usuki Frenzy Usuki

Usuki Knight

Usuki Lawyerbot Play Set

Usuki Musketeer

Usuki Pirate Wench

Usuki Poetry Set

Usuki Reaper

Usuki Rogue

Usuki Spring Basket

Usuki Zombie

Usukicon Year 9 Usuki

Valentines Boy Usuki

Valentines Girl Usuki

Vira Usuki Doll

Water Faerie Usuki Doll

Welsh Usuki Reject

Werewolf Usuki

Wilderness Usuki Set

Year 8 Usuki

Year 9 Usuki

Ylana Usuki

Zafara Double Agent Usuki

Wintery Petpets SHOP: 61



Wonderous Weaponry SHOP: 100

Helm of Recovery

Words of Antiquity SHOP: 92

Crystal Tablet

Strangely Etched Tablet

Tablet of the Vampire

The Pyramid Tablets

Ye Olde Petpets SHOP: 57